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12-24 Larry Hunter Hour 1

Dec 24, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The wind. -- -- -- It's a 21 round. As opposed to -- hey -- -- as opposed to a -- Why why did the music fade so quickly. -- Wait that's a good name to have a Christmas isn't it -- I didn't even think of that the the beamer man. Is in control today everybody welcome to the program if Saddam -- show Tom is a little bit under the weather unfortunately so this Larry hunter. And if I sound a little bit like the guy who filled in for sandy beach this morning that's because I'm the same guy. -- output cut in here and they gave me some Christmas cookies -- and milk. And said have some cookies and milk laid down and rest and come on back at 3 o'clock and that's -- idea itself. It's Christmas Eve I'm doing a double shift. And I don't wanna hear about the people who want fifteen dollars an hour at McDonald's. It's Democrats after 3 o'clock we've got snow throughout much of Western New York right now some of the little heavier and others if you are planning on traveling. This afternoon. I would advise you to go to W -- eat and dot com. And click on our weather and take a look at our radar we've got three screens up there for -- -- metro screen in the local screen. And the state radar and you can see what the weather is like snow wise as you're traveling so if you're going. Say down to sell a banker Jamestown or silver creek are. If you're going over to Rochester Batavia -- CEO. If you're going up to Niagara Falls or across the border may be over into Hamilton under Toronto. Our radar will show you where the snow is and maybe I help you better prepare and plan for your evening travels if you are. -- returning to Western New York for the holidays. Or hand or if you are visiting. For the first time welcome we are glad to have you here and I am just -- older and I really think the word is thrilled I am thrilled and that it appears that we are going to have. A white Christmas when I was a kid it. And people would say Larry. What do you want for Christmas this year I would always say a white Christmas. Now in Syracuse. That happens like 99%. Of the time. I. No matter what you think about the weather in buffalo. In the wintertime it is worse in Syracuse. I guarantee you anybody from central New York will back me up. Hey if you're from central New York -- -- listing umi call 8030930. Start 930 back me up on this winter weather. In Syracuse. In Central Square. In a swing go in poll last guy. In Portland in homer in toll. In skinny app lists. Into it mango. The winter weather is worse. Then it is in buffalo and by -- worse. I don't mean real bad but what I mean is it's colder. And it's no lawyer. Always. It justice. And part of it is because it's in land further. Lake Erie even though it gives us that lake effect even though we get a lot of snow early in the season from the lake being warmer than the air aloft. Once it freezes. It diminishes the chances of snow here and the moderates are temperatures so much more. Then inland areas. Like central New York in a course east of Lake Ontario in an area that's referred to as the Tug hill plateau. It is the snowmobile capital of the world. And and I'm not pulling your leg on this one. Tug hill plateau. Many times gets up to 250. To 300. Inches of its no. In the winter season that's an area directly east of Lake Ontario. So all we've got a little snow. We're gonna have a white Christmas and in most of the area of Western New York. And that's something that I've always enjoyed I just think everything looks a little cleaner looks little pretty here especially the decorations that night. When there's a little snow on the ground so looks like we're going to have a white Christmas and by the way. Thank you and congratulations to all of you. Who took the time to put a few decorations outside. Your house it's always so nice this time a year driving around it. In the evening when you see some lights and communities and houses all decorate -- -- and so many. Different kinds of outdoor decorations. Today compared to when I was a kid I mean these big. I don't know what you call blow up. Balloons with Santos and and helicopters and and snowman and and stuff I don't have any of knows. But. That's become kind of a big thing that the last few years and now we have the LED lights. As opposed to the regular light the LEDs give give a different brighter tone. On some of the the colors. And stuff so we we have the the reindeer. Now that we never had years ago army years ago we had I don't know that -- -- where they seem nines is is that what they were called the big outdoor. Christmas lights that usually put country I mean these balls were probably. Two and a half to three inches long they were big bulbs. And most the people hung them on the edge of the roof. On their house or her on trees and you don't see many of those. Anymore I don't even know they make those anymore. I probably have some home in the basement somewhere. But I'm not sure they even make those anymore but anyway it's it's so nice to see so many nicely decorated homes. In the Western New York region. I must. Defend -- -- do re there I have right here for maybe you're hearing this I have a ten. In front me. That shows -- little Angel and a and a little acting -- on it here and inside this TNR. -- bells and like half moons and all kinds of things that are on sugar coated. Christmas cookies you know -- sugar cookies with a frosting on them. And this morning when I was filling in for sandy beach here on WB and I had jokingly said. Two Chris Johnson. Doesn't it say in my contract somewhere that if during the holiday season. I have to do a double shift. Which I'm doing today. That I get a Christmas cookies the frosted kind of Christmas cookies which -- -- I just jokingly said it to to Chris and I figured -- management would get a kick out of that. And while I was a way in between shifts. And I I just mr. unfortunately. But a woman came in from Lancaster. Who had made Christmas cookies this morning. And brought me a whole hand. Of the frosted. Sugar Christmas cookies a whole team and full of cookies. Just because I I mentioned it on the air that I like it. I -- and she did not leave her name. So I can't say thank you. Ma'am. But I can say to very charming. Delightful. Suite woman. Who lives in Lancaster. Who brought me Christmas cookies. Honest I was touched I was so touched and that this is the type of thing. That. You just don't hear much of anymore and you can't imagine. How much I appreciate this I mean I really. Wish she would have at least left her -- -- -- so I could sender of the the most delightful thank you card because that's that's the kind of thing that really. Is is special to me. And that's kind of the whole idea of Christmas it's it's kind of giving and doing for others and in sharing. When you don't expect. And the last thing I expected was for a a listener to make Christmas cookies and and bring them in. When I'm doing a double shift so. From the bottom my heart I sincerely mean this use you are delightful person. And to do something like that ID I wish you tons and tons. Of good things. Not only during this holiday season but in the coming year because that is his soul so nice speaking of of Lancaster. Com. On this morning when I was -- for sandy we were talking about the on windows. At -- -- that used to have the winter scenes in them with the move being characters. And we have some people call and tell us and remind us that some of those windows. Are still in existence on central avenue in Lancaster. So if you have some time in the next week. And you're out -- and about with the kids. And you might like to stop and and sees something kind of traditionally used to be a big part of buffalo downtown buffalo in the windows of a amenities. You may wanna drive out on central avenue in Lancaster. And look for those windows that have the all time Christmas scenes that used to existed in downtown buffalo. A memento of of days gone by and something that I think -- tradition wise was very special here in the Western New York region. Until -- is. Are you through our I have you to divulge everything or. I I I you know don't -- erupt huge yell but I think. It would be appropriate that we also think mrs. beamer that your wife. But -- beamer. For all the goodies that as she sent in today as well what what are some of the things that Xia. You brought in that she made -- Well she -- Sorry some the particular large -- ever balls some cookies and some rocky road. Yeah now thank you and that's assembly and what others made that goes. Beamer mom. The -- we -- the beamer made. And we thank you -- -- Larry. We've we thank you as well I love those are subpoena but -- I really do those are are so good so. If fly away a you know pound and a half more on Thursday -- than I do today. I just want us thank you so much for making it possible can. -- -- this. This is delightful when when you're single. And and years you're not twenty years old anymore. And you get some of Christmas cookies and and munchies for the holiday. Believe me if it's a real treat it's it's great so thank you mrs. -- and thank you. Mystery woman from Lancaster. And wherever the rest of your family is who we're going to have. Some of the cookies that you made for me they are lucky group as they are delicious cookies. C'mon guys I mean admitted. Us guys we like Christmas cookies okay. Gals you wanna you wanna make -- -- just give this Christmas cookies really just let us sit in in the recliner. Watch football. And eat Christmas cookies and we are happy campers that's just the way we are we're not that complicated. Were really pretty easy going guy. Milk cookies football recliner. Man. Life is really good on its swat eighteen degrees. And it's going to get colder tonight. And I just want to remind you that as it gets colder tonight. Salt on the roads will not be effective. And so I suspect most of the minister municipalities are not going to be salting tonight. Because incorporate a more dangerous situation on the roads what happens assault is effective to a certain temperature or. And after that it's really not as effective it can melt some of the snow. But then as he gets colder that moisture freezes and the roads become -- And soul. -- that in mind if you're going out tonight be a little careful on the highways. Because we are going to get down in the single digits there's going to be moisture on the road and there could be some icy patches. Throughout Western New York. And I just don't wanna see anybody have. And frustrating Christmas Eve when it comes to -- any kind of accident. We wanna try and and prevent that. As much as possible. Still some flooding in the area with a -- to creek. And that is going to be a problem with a cold temperatures too because. Even though the creeks and rivers are -- recede somewhat. All that extra water that's -- out on roads and driveways and and yards that shouldn't be there. Instead of running off some -- that's gonna freeze. And so you're going to see more ice in the area for the next couple days. And you got to be very conscious of that so especially if you're walking on sidewalks that were flooded. Or you -- out near the roadway that was flooded. Just be very very careful because that boy ain't much you can do with -- ice except slip and fallen and hurt yourself. And you just don't wanna do that. Okay. Let's see what I got another minute here. And just check in my schedule here OK a by the way Tom is off today. He's a little bit under the weather and so were filling in till 6 o'clock tonight. I'm WBE and and then this evening and tomorrow will have a Christmas music for you. Throughout the evening and the day so we hope you enjoyed that is our friends and families have today off. And then I will be back. Thursday and Friday for sandy from nine till noon. -- -- -- Would -- we got here all I want to remind you the on the Salvation Army. They kind of need a little bit more help this holiday season I know it's kind of last minute. But if you're out there. -- some of the ES supermarkets appliances or or around malls where you see these Salvation Army kettle and and the ring in the -- they really -- Need your help today so if you have a little extra change left over or a dollar bill has -- sticking in your pocket don't forget that those fine folks who work year round. That's help others we'll take a break Larry hunter for Tom -- -- on news radio 930 WBE and. Calls your guns and a close here you can send -- writedowns panic. And in colleges are paying their fuel. While the beauty full -- The season. These. -- -- -- Some of my -- favorite people right there including big goofy and and Donald and making in the whole game. And here comes Santa Claus and -- won't be too much longer before they jolly old Feller. Does arrive with all kinds of goodies. For our Western New York his children. Golly she doesn't it take you back to your childhood I mean seriously doesn't really -- it take you back. Two when you're a -- the holiday season. Doesn't make DA reminiscent. A little bit. And remember when we got three feet of snow and nobody thought anything of it and the schools were still open. And everybody rode the school bus to school and set of half the class being brought to school by a mommy and in the SUV. Of that that's another thing to. Have you noticed since the schools have been closed this week how much less traffic there is in the morning on the highways. Did you ever think it's may be because of all the people driving their kids to school instead of having them take the school bus. You -- around any of the schools. At what 8:39. O'clock. And the traffic is hideous. And people are complaining about the traffic. Went to people complain about traffic. It's when their in their cars. And they are part of the problem. I don't get it. I just don't get it. You know you're supposed to be apparent. So why do you have to drive your kid to school. Our taxes pay for the school buses. Are are you afraid. Of -- I don't get it I I really don't. All I gotta drive Johnny -- Cool why. Let him take the bus let him grow up. There is a good story and I wanna share what you just in case you missed it this past week. You may have heard about the blind gentlemen. Who fell on the train tracks in the subway in in New York City last week. And his guide dog jumped down on the tracks with him. With a train coming. And I guess that is the dog lit them and convince them to state -- And the dog got down and the train went over them and their ball OK. Did you hear about -- story a true story. Guy fell down on the tracks is blind his dog gets in the light down the train goes over them and their okay. But the guide dog. It's gotten to that age where it's not able to be a guide dog much longer. And they. Were planning on. Retiring the dog I don't know what they do would retired -- dogs but they are seen I don't excuse me but they usually. Take them away and and give them to another home. And I guess this gentleman didn't have. Sufficient funds to Tryon and keep his guide dog before he got a new one. And the people in New York City raise sufficient funds. So he cannot only get a new guide dog but so he can keep. His current -- dog and retire and and stay with him and the guy dead dog's name is Orlando. It's kind of like I kind of liked that name for dollar I think it's kinda cute. I think it was. Retriever. I'm pretty sure it was a retriever. And the gentleman he's 61 years old. And a spokesman for the guiding eyes for the blind. Says that this gentleman will keep Orlando as a patent. After Orlando retires. And Williams the gentleman will be getting a new working dog. Early next year and I just thought to that was a really nice story to kind of share what you during the holiday season. So -- I get to have his -- and NN new guide dog. And he'll get to keep the -- that basically saved his life that's good story. About tournaments before 4 -- twenty minutes before news of WB and Tom -- show Larry hunter sitting in today Thomas a little bit under the weather. So we will be here till 6 o'clock today. And this evening and tomorrow we will be. Final casting with one of our sister stations and you will get to enjoy Christmas music for about what thirty hours. Or sell our president is in Hawaii. And I just where I wouldn't wanna spend Christmas I'm sorry but I kinda like the idea of a white Christmas always have always will. But while you're president why not spend millions of taxpayer dollars and spend sixteen. Days in -- YE. I would like some organization. To find out for me. If this president. Has spent more days away from Washington than any other president in our history. Because it seems to me like he's never in Washington. He's always someplace else. But fortunately. Our president made sure that in case you didn't sign up for Obama care. Yesterday he extended it another 24 hours for you. I mean all the way from Hawaii. He did that just for you is that incredible line. So instead of taking care of their Christmas holiday. And enjoying friends and family. The president gave you 24 more hours to sign up for obamacare. Of course if you don't sign up you know there you're going to have to pay a fine. And that is through the IRS. But you also know that the IRS hasn't figured out how to -- that fine. Is this system screwed up a lot. Is this embarrassing. The excuses that we continue to hear. As to why. Obama care is not functioning the way we were told it would after three years let's remember when this was passed. And let's remember how long they've had to get this right there hasn't been a couple of months hasn't been a couple years. It's been over three years. They've planned. This out and they still haven't got it right. Now fortunately it appears that a good majority of Americans are beginning to wake up activists. And understand. That making health care 16 that your economy. And having it controlled by the government. Which is never proven to be extremely successful when it comes to. Big financial operations which is why we are what eighteen. Trillion dollars in debt. Well. This is. This is what were in for. And I'm I'm just astounded. That there are still people who think. That this is going to be good for our economy and good for our country. I don't see it and I don't see it not because. It is. A program that was encouraged. By our president I don't see it because it's a program that is so flawed. And has so many problems and has so many exceptions. That. When you pass along. A federal law in Washington. And then you let big. Companies. Be exempt from it and you let elected officials would be exempt from it. And then you involve the IRS is part of it. I mean really. Do you honestly believe. It can work in a responsible reasonable man if I was a doctor right now. I would just throw my hands up in the air and say this ain't worth it. Our government doesn't know what the heck it's doing it shouldn't be involved with health care in the first place. And it's of it's basically a Ponzi scheme. And I'm really really surprised. That no one in the media. Has had the guts to stand up and say it is a Ponzi scheme. It expects the young people to put in enough money to pay for older folks. Yeah I don't we have a system like that called Social Security. And isn't that expected to go broke in a few years. And so that we do the same thing with your health. If I was 20/20 five years old. I would buy into this crap. I would hope I would be Smart enough to know it. But the way our education system is going today. And the way the media is sending out all these signals. About. What needs to be done and you should do this and you should do that and it and it's good for you. I mean how many lies can you keep telling before you finally grow up and realize. That this is a farce. It just ain't gonna happen. And if Madonna's. It will be bad for the economy it will be bad for business and it wouldn't be bad for young people. And it if you gotten out -- high school and you're trying to pay for college education and you got a part time job and you're still living at home. Now you got the government telling you gotta do this to. And maybe you're out of college in May be got a full time job maybe here. Just getting married maybe you plan on having a couple kids. And you gotta pay thousands of additional dollars because the government says if you don't we're gonna find you. When is this stop. I hope real soon. I hope real soon. We we have to wake up. And realize that there are no roses to smell in this program absolutely none. Of Joey we need to take a break. At you want to go to a break at at this time OK and then will -- Harris is here this afternoon he will keep you up to date with the traffic conditions. And of course we'll keep you up to they would weather conditions as well throughout the afternoon as we see what's going on with the the final big push. For those last minute gets a let's take a break on the Tom -- show and will be back on Larry hotter on news radio 930 WB yen. We have a L lake effect snow advisory in effect until 7 o'clock tonight for southern Erie Caracas and should talk with companies. AccuWeather says lake effect snow showers and squalls. And windy late this evening with a total accumulation anywhere from 48 inches and ski country. One to three inches in the south towns in about an inch or so around the city of buffalo. Tonight it'll be just African cold folks down to a -- seven degrees with a wind chill possibly below zero. Tomorrow Christmas Day -- snow shower in the afternoon with a high in the mid twenties Thursday we'll get up to the low thirty's however. It could be very. Windy. I'm thirty Thursday with the gusts over forty miles and hours to plan accordingly eighteen is our current -- eighteen degrees. From news radio 930 WBE at about eight and a half minutes away from news at the top of the hour with Tom pocket on this Christmas Eve. Larry hunter sitting in today for Tom hourly and hits. Larry otter said in -- -- is is basically what it is thank goodness we got seats because I did work for radio stay at one time where you had to stand your whole -- They felt he would be more energized by standing and at the end of this year if you were more sleep by east. Then and standing there you nearly six hours that absolutely not no no way. Could I possibly. Do that wanna lines sailor to Jeff and Amherst Jeff he got some thoughts on obamacare. It should already know it's already collapsed. I don't think I'll ever yet. -- people need. One -- signed up and looked exactly how government run. -- your clothes she was exactly right. Democrat passed legislation. That sound. -- he is especially. And then they figure out. How to make it work. They start putting band aid that -- would have a hundred billion. Next year. Top government works. Why would did a young person even buying into this today. No idea. What what exactly do they think they're they're going to get out of it. Not -- product. Is that it's really substandard they -- this all reported that there has been. Sure it was -- under this -- But the thought they were done all the bells and whistles it to. People -- special interest. The thing -- you the thing unaffordable it's collapsing and it's of the old way. Jeff by I got to interject here I just got this news bulletin from Washington DC. Says here of vice president Joseph Biden has announced that if you like your Christmas tree you can keep your Christmas tree okay that's that's. -- Now now it instead just that if you like your Christmas tree you can keep your trees Christmas tree. I I think that says that's great to a announced that on on Christmas Eve. But you know I'm I'm happy. With -- might doctor. I'm happy with my medical coverage. Why should IE or anyone assume. That the government can provide aid something better when I'm already satisfied. Socialism that -- and that -- it power grab. -- they think they know bash. It is true socialism. And for years now. A number of people have been saying that our president is a socialist and of course the media has been trying to deny it as much as possible. But I think this this proves that he is a socialist and we've seen. The problems with socialism in Europe we've seen countries go bankrupt we are already seventeen or eighteen trillion dollars in debt the president. Who didn't want to vote for an increase in the national debt when George Bush was president. Now he feels that it is okay to more than double our national debt and then create another government system. That is 116. -- skis he won six. Of our economy. Our president has been a total hypocrite. And the media it has not held him to the fire for this and it bothers me and I don't care -- a Democrat or Republican it it. It's irrelevant. When you are trying to basically change our government. And our healthcare system. Into something that you'll refused to be apart of and therein lies the hypocrisy of it the people in congress and the president. And the elected officials in Washington don't have to be a part of this program at all. But the little guys us pee -- who can't afford to go to Hawaii for sixteen days at taxpayers' expense. We have to split the bill and if we don't do what the government tells us that we have to pay a fine. It's ridiculous. -- to opt out like congress. Yeah exactly. Exactly. There you don't thank you Jeff have a great Christmas. 8030930 days are numbered WB and if you wanna get in and and share on some of this I've got another gentleman from Amherst it was with -- high yield. You are you there yes I'm very high. I I look somebody -- -- young man -- principle our spirits when he hears a litany. And somehow nobody directly out of my duty but I was a musician. And I. Played French -- And the last seven years so that was -- Understaffed more than eighty bandit Washington DC. And we we do a lot of things you can imagine as a musician. I played more Arlington cemetery -- -- gates and I can even think about it and most of those. Where usually very no matter how Al Q where it -- an -- cutie. It was the most it was quite. Moving. A moving experience. Also added. A lot of I expect. -- and it appears in Hawaii. And that's so crazy place has been Christmas. It's some of the beauties. We were in Washington. -- slate constitutional also -- -- a year. And I Christmas time we played a concert there and the -- and I remembered not as a musician. Oh we were supporting the concert band playing there. And the one of the last year I was there. We were constitution Ali bought shoot twelve foot artificial Christmas trees -- to build and decorate. And when the time came to. Eric. We are volunteers from the Brandon and there weren't very many. We were taking mystery. Well Asia ladies in the ban came over. And said they they -- she wanted help -- the trees down what you want to do. This girl what you take that treats the -- it and here's the boxes that go ahead in the -- but the branches in the boxes -- -- all the way. They come completely apart they took the the artificial. -- off -- -- little pieces all this kind of it took -- until Easter. -- get some reconstruction put away properly. It was just reminders. Big deal with while. Like Christmas we were there ends. Q I've got to cut you short I've I've got a break coming up here. And I got -- on time so I I appreciate your time and thank you for being a part of their French horn which I always thought was kind of a a unique is instrument had done. Was not one of the easier borne instruments to play. Because I played trombone and I was terrible. But it before for a news or denying thirty WB EN.

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