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12-24 Larry Hunter Hour 3

Dec 24, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- a way it's Larry hunter. News radio 930 WBE. Welcome back it's our final hour on this merry Christmas Eve here in Western New York thanks for joining us Larry hunter for sandy we're going til noon then Rush Limbaugh. And then Larry hunter for fifth at -- at the we're doing -- double today folks. We're going to be sitting in for a town this afternoon as well because Tom is a little bit under the weather unfortunately. A bad time year to to be under the weather so will be doing a double today Chris would you. Check my contract. When you have a chance and see if there's anything. In -- about having to provide Christmas cookies if you do a double on on Christmas Eve -- -- we get donuts if you are just just donuts. I I think -- wishing -- Christmas cookies you know the cut out sugar kinds with a -- nominal sprinkles and stuff to incarcerate him makes him -- Which he got on Christmas they've like that yeah that's right dirty book you mean where -- you set for today yet. Yeah it would -- go -- I'm I'm sure -- there's not much traffic today so should be a problem by the way if you're out there in traffic today. And it's kind of bad you feel free to give us a shout -- at start 930. And let us know. If the traffic is okay or not okay I know yesterday transit road. In the Clarence Amherst. Lancaster area was just all bumper to bumper job I just heard horror stories about transit road yesterday. And as well as parts of Bob Walden and union and Niagara Falls boulevard I hear was just Bob -- terrible. They were you could walk faster than the cars were going yesterday so if there's a problem out there with traffic. Feel free to share this will pass it along as we have a bunch of last minute shoppers out there and I remember years ago. On Christmas Eve stores. Would close around 4 o'clock in the afternoon and I noticed recently that stores are staying open there are some stores open now -- 6:7 men and 9 o'clock tonight. It's like. They're open on Thanksgiving and their their openly till Christmas Eve it's like. I I feel bad for the employees but that's a whole other story. Christmas gifts. What was your best or what was your worst what do you remember growing up as a as a kid this one Christmas gift that was just so special deal. Let's welcome mode chip to the program from North Carolina hi chip. -- you don't. Yes I am. All I'm sorry -- but it -- Jim I apologize they had to -- they had you doubt his chips the HIP. Actress. Well -- -- it's your voice you know -- didn't -- indeed to learn to speak English is spent too much time overseas. -- -- -- Just in case someone is listening in don't understand Jim and I have talked on the radio for for years so -- I'm I'm not trying to be a Smart Aleck here where it. We've known each other for a long time Merry Christmas Jim. Merry Christmas later. My favorite dark Christmas gift when I was a little kid with -- -- rep here and football -- Never forget at Christmas. How old were you I would abandoned her great yep -- great. Now I'm not I'm not familiar with -- Jim did did it actually fire anything. At play at became involved in you know the -- reverend a movie Gettysburg yeah they showed them. We haven't heard Tim ball on the barrel up with a -- rot in it yet the confederate battle flag it was really. Popular. And I was like you only kid in the neighborhood edit -- rep -- and I mean we used to build tree -- and we tied a rope too much -- any reps in and we bring it up in the -- And -- and the reason we get more on what they're saying we could pull it you know anywhere we wanted to go. Jim how big it was was the cannon. I went in came out of I mean it was it was -- it was made out of you know plastic but it was well put together it lasted a few years worked well I wasn't a few inches longer was a couple of -- don't know what it -- -- I don't know too long whatever. And if we go about it. And and in the in the debate it all like it is a picture. Of the human. Can get a little kids play. That it is the real of course but -- that we're Smart people would be injured with a -- tighter rope for our orders are it was a lot of on. Now -- hadn't were you told by your parents not to use it in the house. It's a better Pickler trampoline USB that question. We export to buy it in my sister one girls as the babies younger. -- -- -- Told me specifically to take care and in that would have suited my -- script the -- but to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think every condemning the -- in -- it has -- that the so why wouldn't Lipitor can provide care and away from reform -- web -- I -- my grandmother would. Now -- the other obvious question here Jim is. Did you break anything in the house when you use the Canon indoors. Albright group better -- echoed by mothers that's for sure he'd take it away from him in my mother's like from bad actor you'll ever see your keyboard. Which it -- part of one quarter here. You would think that that I'm gonna whip you with the switch that would -- that that we always listen to work that was the last morning. You are reminded me of when I I must've been -- 1112 at the time. When I got some much trucks for Christmas one year and of course you can't do much would trucks out outdoors and in the snow in Syracuse but. Came summertime behind our house we had kind of a dirt hill and I. Took the trucks out there and and created pass and and move the dirt and dump the dirt and stuff went with trucks. And one time. It started to rain and I wasn't finished so I wanted to finish up with the with the truck so I was playing with the trucks a little bit outside. And of course the dirt got a little wet in the trucks got a little muddy. And so the trucks wouldn't get really dirty I brought all the trucks inside and put -- on the living room -- Mom was not a happy camper. -- But -- would have created that he would that be. You know yeah. You know I -- vehicles. Lou what I would I would secure it rightly been built stream there was this guy gets called Joseph up -- he had goats -- and went and so what about this spring in the grass or eight guys in them out that are present like you know like work Stuckey projector and and about as well that we used to be open. -- There was only technical they the only thing is that in that area was quicker with. Correct that it was just one gigantic field. And I I does that help pay act helpful ma -- -- -- in the summer so -- that there had just been more. And I want in my favor go. My sister my sister was the strip like tight rope from the votes that department. My from my mother did. It would you know -- went -- the Vietnam War my mother. Romney would both places respect those you'll get get don't I don't do that but I don't know what can get that air. But the boat out but it whether it will bring boats that -- out. Well I guess she got your goat. Jim. I got to run thank you buddy nice to hear from Maria. 8030930. Star 930 of free call on your cell if you're outside the local calling area 1806169236. Were talking about. Your favorite Christmas gift or the best Christmas if you. You've got as a kid something that has kind of stayed with view and brings back those great memories of of years gone by. Or maybe that one gift that you got that you never understood why in the world would anybody give me this. For Christmas and Jim just mentioned something made me think he mentioned distort twin fair. And I thought that maybe we could also add to this if you like. Some of the stores. That don't exist anymore Western New York that you used to shop for Christmas. And I'm sure we all remember and mayonnaise and the beautiful windows. The window displays that they used to have a Christmas on main street and I know there someplace. Again someone has purchased those windows displays and I thought. They were out and land castor. At a store somewhere and building. And if you I know where those so old beautiful window displays from a amenities went. You can give us a call as well as 8030930. Star 930. What were some of the old stores that used you'll enjoy going into when shopping. For Christmas and in days gone by sandy beach show Christmas -- Merry Christmas to everybody Larry hunter sitting in today -- twelve noon. -- news radio 930 WBE and I wanna remind you this coming Sunday right here on news radio 930 WB yen. You'll be able to hear the Buffalo Bills New England Patriots game the game has been scheduled. Four for 25 that in the scheduling time of the game has been changed by the networks so it'll start at 425 in that game will be right here. At news radio 930 and then the post game show will also be heard on WP -- It's about to 23. Minutes after 11 o'clock on this final shopping day for the Christmas holiday season. 8030930. Is our number and we're gonna head back to the phones and welcome bill from south buffalo hi bill. I -- morning. Like Jeremiah that Johnny red Canada as well and thought I remember that they note that would -- a blast it really wasn't a lot of fun without. A blast. That we literally that's a great upon their bill. At that. When I was growing up I had. How -- and I outlook argument. From every army from every time period. And what my favorite Christmas story. What. Nice city like. And it was a big -- medieval castle. Well. With -- some. And they were attacked by by -- and -- the real people that went around the castle about two -- by two foot. And just how well it won't happen. When I Wear it. When I worked channel four television. Years ago. I did a story and I think it was down in fruit is burg New York down along the southern tier. Of a gentleman who put together. At least hundreds if not thousands. Of military man in different formations in different scenes. And day he had this entire set up like some guys do train sets in their basement. This guy did military things and all kinds of setting and it was fascinating and I. I don't think I have a copy of that video anymore but I loved doing the story of the gentleman was so much fun and he had so many of these guys. And I remember. He was changing them and moving them around and setting them up forests to do some video. And he accidentally. -- one over. And it ended up knocking another one over in another way and it was like dominos and he didn't plan it that way it just happened and I was just standing there laughing it was so funny. And we got it on video. But I I don't think I have it anymore. Can you remember the person's name but. Now what are we talk and we talk in the 50s60s. There in the sixties. As you you made me remember -- -- one of the characters are some of the characters they used to be able to buy also little little men were cowboys and Indians to. At fort Apache boat -- -- You know one -- with those toys is. 40789. Year old boy your imagination -- why. You don't know it -- a battle to battle it out over. And none other question -- irate little girl so I'd like to have the opportunity. With my children. -- -- Do kids still -- what. Army men like we did in the past. I can't I doubt. I I kinda doubt it is your video games and the technology electronics today there are. And I -- hundred you don't see arguments sprawl old for you want. -- it's kind of stepped it. It's changed I mean the entertainment technology is has changed. Things so much today with with children it really has it's I guess one of the best Christmas gifts you can give anybody today would be batteries because. You you keep using them all of all year round -- all the different games and toys and stuff. Buy stock and Eveready may be that would be a good idea. I billion have a great Christmas now thank you. -- same here 8030930. Star 930 is a free call on yourself how you doing on this Christmas Eve Larry -- in for sandy beach today we're about three minutes away from. Headline news at WB -- was the best Christmas if you ever again I mean you you just think of this gift and you smile and you re. Member opening up -- plane with -- -- or putting that some place special or. Did you get something as an adult that just. Didn't make any sense at all share your story with us here at WB and head down to the city of buffalo we got Dave -- this merry Christmas -- Oh Merry Christmas where Gloria good -- you hear Oprah Oprah bunch of things did you that the gentleman you just hit. On the phone. The that was made ghost stories. Made by mark. Pick in the fifties and sixties and they came syllable more like in metal carrying cases defamatory collector. Now if you can't any of those links and writes in the vikings. There was. Some sort of like an air force station and there was a metal caring she's sort of pitch either -- condition there were between four and 6000 dollars. That much money. But it's for it yet -- -- some old store so can you mentioned -- care to remember king. Two guys in the -- again. I remember two guys and the big -- don't remember king's at all. I eat I do remember king's I think it was on -- and haven't heard the maybe over the gallery is now I don't I don't know I don't know but I do remember that is -- Yeah I remember big and that in fact I think I. Have a couple of Christmas things that I bought it began and has a sticker. Price on it that says big end. Yeah you have to -- that story back -- -- and I'm dating myself here but well. I mean aren't we all at some point or another -- yet here correct me -- -- favorite gift I did receive it from my mother and father before rom. Years ago before it went into the navy it was musical pocket watch and I still have to this day. Oh wow. Pistol ever to the -- gives me right we're going into the navy Tom and I were here -- me. I'm except and a lot of -- -- -- seven right with me. My dad had a gold pocket watch and it was passed down to me when when he passed away. And I've just I've never used it I've just kind of kept it for sentimental. Reasons but. I almost wonder if kids they even know what a pocket watch -- No no it's just it's just like governments with a cell phones and all that other good stuff army if it flicked a wrist watch. You know and -- mean that might be a thing of the past two. Thank goodness radio isn't -- Oh -- and -- and there's. Thank you Davies to appreciate the call here WV -- We got what would you like to get up 30930. Start lying thirtieth -- -- yourself news radio 930 W -- And. Don't lie the law. -- Okay. Okay. Okay. Live very that is. This. I. -- Was. -- Okay. Okay. -- Is okay. Okay. Okay yeah. Okay. Team. And yeah. I. -- all. I. I. It's almost as if we turn down the snowmaking machine here when that song came on did didn't it. Instead of the little fine snow that we were getting a while -- all of a sudden we started getting the the bigger pretty snowflakes. Kind of drifting down here outside our studios when Bing Crosby came came on singing white Christmas from. The motion picture of the same title. Twenty minutes away from noted WB and sandy beach -- on this Christmas Eve Larry hunter sitting in today until twelve noon. And then we got Rush Limbaugh at noon today and then. Will be doing a double and sitting in for Tom. This afternoon as well we're talking about Christmas gifts I'd imagine that the day before Christmas that's what were discussing and we bend. Having some great calls and I want to thank the people for taking the timeout to to give us a call at 8030930. Or -- 930. Because I know it is a a busy time and and for a lot of view it's. You enjoy listening but you don't really have the time to get a call we appreciate hearing from you taking the time out. And sharing some of the Christmas gifts you've received over the years and some stories about the holiday season. We're also talking about some of the stores. That we used to shop that here in the Western New York region during the Christmas holidays stores that are not here anymore and I had asked about the oh windows -- the Christmas windows this blaze that used to be at any amenities downtown Adam elder man Anderson for those of you who. Maine out to be familiar with that department store a very popular department store. When I came here in the seventies and eighties. Everybody knew about it AM amaze. And they always had a Christmas displays in their windows. With the characters that that moved to. And similar to what Macy's still does down on Broadway in and 34. And I know the displays from Ayman days. Were purchased. And move somewhere and I thought they were. And -- a location out in Lancaster maybe it was north -- Wanda but if you happen to know where those emanate Christmas window displays went. Love to hear from you and and find out where -- hour or if they. Can be seen again 8030930s. Are 930. On yourself you're outside the local calling area it's a toll free number 180616. 9236. We mentioned some of the stores like it to guy -- Big and kings twin fair I remember settlers remember settlers. It was a beautifully decorated store. And of course and mayonnaise and then there was -- hands. Was another popular store I've told Astoria a couple of times before -- when I first came to buffalo. I didn't live here I was living near Rochester at the time but I first came here. I came here to see a show at -- hands. And I think it was Frankie valley in the four seasons I'm not a 100% sure but I'm pretty sure was. And it. I really didn't know a whole lot about buffalo at the time and went back to Rochester and eventually I got a job and and moved here. And somebody told me one time that they bought -- for their husband at -- hands. And I thought to myself gee I went to a show it -- hands and I didn't see them selling any close anywhere. And for those of you who lived here for awhile and and are familiar with the area you know the -- hands was a department store was a men's store and they sold some very very nice clothing but. I didn't know that. And like a little kid I got confused with one thing and the other. And I finally understood that there was a -- musical -- and there was a -- hands clothing store. And both of them. World great venues for the the buffalo region and of course clients musical still exist today and what a great facility that really is a wonderful place to. Go and see yeah a show concert and enjoy the -- peel the buffalo philharmonic. Is there a number of times throughout the years in fact I saw what was the challenger 33 dog night. Was in town. A year a couple of years ago and performed with the buffalo philharmonic. And that it was a great show in the course they do -- some Christmas shows and so if you are fairly new to the buffalo area and you have never been to a concert. At -- musical please find the time where there would be something musically that you would enjoy. And go enjoy the music there is a great concert theater here for the city of buffalo. I got appears. In -- port with a high pierce. Hello. Are you doing fine. The way it was in the late thirties. And we were very poor and the Great Depression everybody was poor but we -- my father had -- And my mother did not have any money for Christmas skips and the local fire department who -- dead. Rebuild broken toys to my brother and I got a rebuilt from -- For Christmas and we -- so proud of that -- And we would all. Ashes to the down pat for a dime quarter that people. Head where they're from their coal stove and we thought we were rich. The fact that it's a well of course. A dime back Darren was was a lot of money so you got a rebuild sled and a. Yeah assault painted bright red that the local fireman has rebuilt. You know no -- at night I think of that because I got -- one time for Christmas too and we had a big hill. Up behind our house I mean how big hill. And we -- it would take is probably. Ten to twelve minutes to get to the top of that deal it was a big deal and we would slide down on our sleds and we could probably slide down for. A good two minutes all -- I mean this was a big big hill it was so much fun I forgot about sledding. And how could you forget about sliding. It in the snow and Christmas time. McDonald's. Well I don't read my number that's letting where that that we. We had to bushel baskets. That we would put that misled the -- debt limit people's anxious. And that we just heard the dime you make. Made the money sure you were an entrepreneur or and you didn't even know what at the time. It thank you pairs Merry Christmas to you appreciate the call here at WB and 8030930. Start 930 is a free call on your cell. You know where the the characters the moving characters from any -- windows went I know there someplace around here. And what about your your best her favorite Christmas gift of all time share your thoughts with us here this morning on the sandy beach -- with Larry Thompson. John just rushed in here John is taking your calls today. And he would just rushing here and said Larry. We've got about twenty phone calls people telling you. That the -- display window displays are inland -- -- central avenue thank you for the twenty calls we appreciate that. I I knew they were somewhere I forgot where. And if you have time during the holiday season if you would like to take here young children. It to see the way Christmas is kind of used to be in stores. I'm sure they'd enjoy if you go over to Lancaster on central avenue. And see the whole window displays from a Yemeni state they were really kinda special. Brings back those childhood memories. Where about six and a half minutes away from news of the top of the hour at WBE and Larry -- for sandy today and we'll go to a dandy and Sanborn hi Danny. All. -- -- as always for man and -- wound up and I'll open but also tonight involvement there. And -- dealer. -- just sold about three years ago all -- Home inspectors and a dining room right now. It was the oh boy and girl about. Early show. -- country car. And they -- mechanical. Or. Our little probable. 80%. All. What they were regularly smoke it quite good shape and my mother welcome them. Probably one of the few things it would never solved. But they did that they did that what company AM what does it made only one bowl. Oh. Now as expect kid I don't know how old you are but I mean as a kid did you. Ever go down to see them -- am amazed are you. Well yeah yeah property -- old lovable little young but I remember them. And I remembered them what do you key. Know quite well what we want them to go out there are actually were -- welcome our entry level. And -- may unity confirmed it would -- -- Well and all of a -- after all they've acquired him. But there was quite a few that I am so yeah currently. Formal did not make it Lancaster my daughter played them. Well that's that's very unique and wonderful for your family make sure you. Take good care those for years to come. Yep I don't think they'll be going anywhere and it thank you. All right Danny appreciate your call thank you very much at WBE and a department store these days is to. Make window displays like the Christmas ones that emanate. But do seasonal ones for spring summer fall and winter and and and Christmas. And so every season you'd wanna come back to this store and and bring the kids to see all these different mechanical displays. And do it seasonal he could do a great summer one. Outside and would doing. A theme park doing a beach. Whatever the the winner you can do skiing spring you could do all kinds of a flower display and and stuff but. Would that be kind of need for a department store promote. There of their windows about every three months create new windows scenes with the season mechanical ones moving things that kind of -- story. There I go thinking again it's shouldn't be doing that on Christmas Eve. Joanna Wesson or Joan I'm sorry Joan in west Seneca high Joan. I'm telling you good thank you. Can't hit and miss her and this to use -- -- about how many old story that I can remember. The Italian. Hangers. -- -- downtown. Dayton and other the idea story that I've earned it. How I got -- -- that was downtown I think they've relocated but it's not that good. And don't anchoring from the downtown. Hit a beautiful story. Has -- while you bring back a lot of good names there that die for I was trying to remember hands and Kelly's I knew there was a store with two names and I. Not racking my brain out here has and you use save the day for me it was one of those things where I'd be asking everybody else the rest of the day what what was -- -- had two names. Yeah there's also hope Beckett next -- that players and then there was WT grant and company thought. All good old WT grant that wasn't a local store that was a national chain I remembered WT grants and in Syracuse we also had eight. A Woolworth's and in Syracuse I'm I was -- yeah yeah okay that was -- chain. Brandon as well but today hands and Kelly and of course anger out how could I forget now one. But the FLA it. It sure people get after it happened advocate that shot -- little but not just stuff. I said down when area filled in for Tom a few weeks ago. I had said that if you ever go to New York City you should take the time to go into Macy's department store on 34 because they still haven't escalator that's wooden. And IE they have never seen. A wooden escalator anyplace else in the country except for Macy's and it's a step back in time it's kinda unique and and I think kids should realize. What things were in order to appreciate what things are. All right great thanks so much junior and a Merry Christmas now -- kind of advice I got to Joseph in buffalo on the line with the -- joke. I thought I -- -- I think that the pathologist doctor. Here dimensions -- one that I was on the back and a little bit to help. -- And now I think they went on main street that I can think of about three blocks away equity department store wandered -- place. And they had a displayed like Clinton. One -- and he went and hit medical records I don't want to handle that it OPEC it was a cross street. Compound. The the department store. Flying -- -- right across street and it had a big and you monitors that have been. Bias -- cloture and at a hospital. Went -- -- I didn't view. We go to that we went there first it it would. It hit it it would not only. Corporate late at night and -- that that was what they're wonderful story and Geithner. Geithner was next door to. And storm claims yeah. Right Joseph is gonna be cut you short but I I gotta I gotta break here but thank you very much for -- -- thanks for all the calls they appreciate you taking the timeout on on Christmas C. Merry Christmas to all of you and your friends and loved ones and family will be in for Tom today at three so maybe contentious then. And hope to talk to you soon have a Merry Christmas everybody.

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