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12-24 Larry Hunter Hour 2

Dec 24, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- away ancillary content. News radio 930 WBE and -- got your skis all waxed up not ready to enjoy the holiday season doing a little downhill or cross country. No snowmobile Lane's going to be a little tougher now with a lot of snow being gone but scheme doubted they KB and a holiday valley and and go all the areas. Looks like he'll he'll be able to get outside and enjoy it. Especially during this school break a lot of the kids looking forward to getting on the slopes this holiday season. Larry -- in for sandy today. We're gonna be and for -- the remainder of the year has sandy is off until January the second it is Tom today does does anybody know -- Is time to additional hours I forgot to ask him. Bomb he was supposed to do but I'm not sure it's gonna have more than now we call them a little while ago and not feeling very well okay I'm not sure what's going on just yet -- -- -- Planning stages of the would double. The effect that everything you've done that before October surprise storm night yes -- -- was probably more than double that was that all those to triple all. And that that was a surprise wasn't -- 8030930. -- are numbered WB and start 930 of free calling yourself what your best Christmas gift. Tomorrow's the big day and I thought it might be a little fun if we go back and look at our childhood. And reminisce about that one special gift that you got years ago that was always special war. That one gift. That you still to this day cannot understand why. That person gave it to you. That one gift that was basically. It may be the polite way to say it would be. Was totally useless that useless. Inappropriate. Or rain why in the world. Did they think I would want this gift. -- you know we've all got hot and Adam. And -- that give did you keep it or did you wrap it up and give it to somebody else next yeah I know people who've gotten that. And a the -- well they told me they they did -- so I'm assuming that they did but like to go back -- to your childhood or are those teen years. When you were growing up men and about one. Special gift you got. That you still remember to this day what it was like when you opened up that gift and Vera was as like all while it's like. Everything is good. Everything is good now let's remember if you're probably over. What 3035. Or sell when when you're a little kid growing up. You don't have cable TV. You just had the three or four networks as as fox came into being. So. You didn't have your computer you didn't have your video games sell Christmas presents. Worse so much different years ago. Then they are today for children. Now I remember when I got my first Lincoln -- set. And I couldn't wait to to build a Lincoln -- captain. And I remember when I was a teenager. My dad gave me my very first that a golf clubs. And so from saint -- think while Larry you've played golf for years and have a view it's like no all. I did -- for awhile and then didn't and then eventually picked it up again but. When I got my first that a golf clubs. From my dad what he did was. He wrapped up the clubs I had a one I think 13. And a four wood and he wrapped a mop. And I unwrapped it and like I got these golf clubs is like all look at this is really need. And that he brought out of prison and that was the irons the set of irons August the yearns to. And then brought out a golf bag as well. I'm a teenager and I've got a brand new golf set this is the greatest thing. And soul we have snow in Syracuse. Syracuse always has no. And I couldn't wait so I took the club outside. I think it was my three wood. And I just wanted to swing just to swing the club so I clear off some snow. And that took a little snow and made like a golf ball seven on the ground. And hit the snow with my three now let me tell you saw that as a kid I stunk at gulf okay. I was absolutely terrible I was so bad at golf they wouldn't even let me caddie I mean that's how bad I want it. But. I wanted to swing this club and I it's made another little snowball golf ball and hit it. I thought this was the coolest thing. And then I swung and hit a chip a -- and it shipped to part of my golf club and I was so upset. And I tried to hide its own my parents would see that I already chipped my wooden golf club seat back then. Woods were woods they weren't metal as as they are today -- you you golfers -- but that was the big thrill for me. When I was a teenager might Michael's. -- what did you get for Christmas as a kid. That was just. Fabulous love -- maybe you still have a today maybe it's worth a lot of money 8030930. -- 930 is a free call on your cell like actually and what does this morning Merry Christmas JoAnne. Mary crypt that -- with a little career top cat it's would treat Al. The power plant a tree out. With little white people Lynette and a little how. And today I think about CNET will -- or are they getting little out. Too little baby body and we are back. -- that's out -- it was that fast at our. How old were you. It was probably about -- and it. Now it was their Christmas tree house with mice and it. It was a little wooden house like it like that trumped up actually eat that opened up. A little down power out but it had a little apple. It was real -- Share with you -- wonderful. At. It it after I ask you the question do you still have that today. You know I'll I own. And I -- -- -- market -- anti market -- what we're -- that I ever -- that I -- Because that sounds like something -- would still be kind of unique and enjoyable for young child today. Absolutely I mean that it's only know it until it. Back in -- on I'm now at despite. So the president that. You gotta press just recently and I think I know what you might be going to say biologists say it. OK so you -- All I am your breast cancer -- occur and military brat what -- the morning and I get it and are out and Hillary is negative. English and so what they eat there at because now you're out particular -- at the act of -- current. Jock straps to have a normal person now. Well that's now I thought you were gonna say but that is great. I I thought you might be going to say that you. Became a grandmother or an aunt or or something that someone in the family just just had a baby that's what I thought you were going to say. LPL I don't know. All I needed here. I thought oh that's great that's wonderful news congratulations are very happy for. And that's great story the the wooden tree house who would with the mice. And yeah I I'd never heard her or seen anything like that but that's. You know what kind of makes Christmas unique in so many ways is finding that special unique gift. That kind of stays with -- for years and years to come. Fertile ground that lab animals that was just a little world. Now do you have animals now. Oh Sherry out we got by -- not check it and you met. -- expect as. Sounds like a whole big family there. You -- writing in this -- -- -- riding in the snow at all. Yeah how we usually what we do it to retire or to let her get through the air helping of course there's. -- -- -- All that that sounds like -- I saw in -- The one of the beat papers I think recently where somewhere out in Clarence. A family has a a sleigh ride. Place where they give you can go like a one horse open sleigh. Or have a two horses -- a -- in in the wintertime it's like I haven't done that in years and I'd love to do that again. Only each candidate has the Christmas they have right there is a Christmas. -- start especially our day like today that -- -- Yeah I agree hey thank you JoAnne have a wonderful Christmas. By by -- went out and Clarence what did you get for Christmas as a kid. That you remember to this day that was so special that just lit up your holiday what what type of -- years ago did you enjoy. Getting for Christmas oral what type of gift may be as an adult. Have you received that just wasn't. Anything you could news or want. My dad used to get a gift every year from one of our relatives. And it was like a standing joke because he couldn't use it never needed it. Didn't want it and every year he got the same. Gift because he was afraid to say to the relative. I don't do this I can't use it. 8030930. Is our number at WB and start 930 is a free call on your -- 1800. 6169236. Were talking about. Christmas gifts this morning on Christmas Eve sandy beach show would Larry hunter. Your best your favorite the most wonderful list list. There's such a word Christmas gift that you've ever received especially as a child 8030930. Star 930 a free call on your cell. Or. What's the worst. Christmas gift you ever got something. That. Made you look in the mirror and say Hong. Why would they think I -- could use our or one that. Christmas gifts today due to the electronic. Technology industry are so different. Than what they were years ago but I've got Ted on the line from Toronto and Ted. Is seems to like go one of the things that I've always enjoyed all my life good morning Ted. I'm very sorry -- don't do fine thank you very much out. And our particular weight age but when I was four years old which should be ninth. -- 48 my father started to. As did my aunts and uncles over the years activity Lionel electric train equipment and that's what -- That evolved through 1950s. Album welcome back. My dad and I actually had five levels at a complete from full of praise to the service to run -- And then that he moved from that I was -- I bet that basically to this stay eight. Blackburn and don't -- and every Christmas morning I'll get up and that. Enjoy -- for awhile -- -- reminisce about old times. Ted if you were a little closer I'd I'd drive up today just to see it because. I don't know what it is about trains but it seems that guy is over the years a lot of us have a tendency just. To love old trains and I too. Got a Lionel train set when I was a kid I think. I think it was in the sixties some time and I still haven't I haven't put it together in years so I don't know if that works. But Lionel trains from I'm sure the forties and fifties I'm sure they are extremely. Valuable today. As they are and terrorist when he yeah -- no operation was out of New York City. Back in the fifties and then. Now that you did so I believe you just felt by the but there we would refer to the news mock pops EP. -- -- Like the -- cars have the specific numbers on them and you could -- -- Par is. You know being a passenger cars or feed a freight cars that you could basically what that like simulated rock bottom well I was ever end of that quality of the train crashes so all of my equipment is 100% authentic and that original and if it and in some cases I have the original boxes which actors are really into -- or not. I don't items of -- -- I just have them for fun and it is in the neighborhood of course while Ted as -- -- something optional. All I I would look hard to see your operation they came in and it wasn't it an orange box but Lionel trains. With white. Background of a neat area -- said Lionel trains. -- -- -- and I have side because of my residence now I have not have them up on a display yet track. But I do actually have a complete running back running about. The square feet. One good. Small compared to 81 wave and that's what I was almost like my father. That was over 250 square feet so to -- five different levels and tramples on the whole the whole nine yards. Off at I I don't know why it's so fascinating to me it always has been. And I'm I'm assured always will be even. Like going down to the arcade and Attica and in doing the old steam locomotive train ride or do we get up at the at a around deck railroad up -- offend Iraq and near old forge. There's something about trains that since I was a kid I just fascinated by them I have to ask you Ted. Did you have one of the locomotives that would throw out those smoke. Actually I have three of those. Through them yet -- he used to that line elements now is that it. Have like a pill or tablet that would put down neat -- the back of the old bad. The old engineers and -- Because they've become a little less pollutants have probably got out running in your basement for awhile. That it -- -- and other item which was elect would did you put -- with an eye dropper that was much more conducive with the a general air quality if you will. Oh. Great fun hey it's a bygone era that they were -- super say. Coming up there. -- seven years of age now -- Elbowed out and that is missing people come over. -- -- and everything works out attached young all operating cars and all the accessories everything is 100% functional. I would put my train set up in my bedroom and have it go under the bed so the train would disappear and then. Come back out it was just a single circle wasn't very big. But that was to me was really cool of that train went under the bed and then it came back out. Sure that would be your tunnel effect of course yeah all of its people like on the you know they have -- on the -- and -- at all whereas. Yeah but what I wish you all about the same as fast down that every Vienna and the other stuff about -- got. Thank you so much that I appreciate your call. -- -- enjoyed talking via -- whole bunch their train -- you know I even forgot about it how much I enjoyed trains as a kid. And there was another company besides Lionel. That did trains but they were miniature trains and I can't remember the name and and maybe. You might remember the train company that made smaller scale trains they were about a third societies. Of all Lionel trains and if you remember that company gives call would you 8030930. Star 930 a free call on your cell. We've got to Iran standing by in -- Derosa I've got a break for news and about the fifteen seconds so if you'll stay on with me. I'll bring yeah on right after we come back. And if you'd like to share your best Christmas gift or worse Christmas gift. They give us a call 8030930. -- 930 is a -- -- on your -- Larry hunter on Christmas Eve. Sitting in for sandy beach. -- -- -- In the bullpen mound -- real world -- -- Follow us my hands my face. Alone. Lot of content there and hand them that this. To -- great big men in time. This. It's -- That's where I want to be. Snowballs thrown me and that's what I did. -- -- -- -- This. This new houses that seem to be news you know. Womb. C a mom wouldn't comment. And -- this. Mine is Christmas -- now. This now. Like there's there's there's no. -- -- How -- the van with snow yeah. I want my yeah. Man who has the surveillance. Rather -- man that's made. I'd love to stand please give I recommend that includes who's his team. Snow and I -- I. As from the motion picture white Christmas and ironically we're just talking to Ted in Toronto about trains for Christmas as Christmas gifts. And that song was done on a train. As they were going I believe from New York City to Vermont. And of course when they got to Vermont what did they find no -- -- that was part of the uniqueness of the whole thing of Bing Crosby Danny Kaye Rosemary Clooney. Of course the great traditional movie white. Christmas hi everybody Larry hunter for sandy beach this morning happy. Christmas Eve merry Christmas -- is it is that which is improbably merry Christmas Eve right out of gas so it's. Because they were -- a Merry Christmas that would be happy New Year's Eve service would be merry Christmas Eve. -- Chris Johnson at master control today. I got to John chairman taken care of your calls that give John a call and wish him a Merry Christmas as well 803 on 930. Start -- thirty of free call on your cell. We're talking about a Christmas gifts kind of appropriate. What did you get as a kid that was your best Christmas gift for most unique Christmas gift. And we're talking to Ted -- I set about to trains and thank you for the calls from people who. Told me or reminded me that the a miniature trains. That they also sold it for years was the HO scale train that was the a miniature one and I have -- I still have. My Lionel train set I I think from the sixties. That I I got as a kid. And I also over the years started collecting some HO trains. And I got some as gifts. From. One of the -- I dated every year she gave me. In addition to my -- notre train set there. And so I have -- scales but I haven't taken them out in years and I really should. Do it do women. Like trains at all. Are or is it just a guy thing are there any gals out there who think having to train set it is a neat thing or enjoys watching. Miniature trains. Or is that just a guy thing I mean I don't think it's a bad thing. A lot guys could be doing a lot worse thing that watching a plane with a train -- right c'mon give us some credit here. If if we like trains it's not all that bad let's say good morning to Russ it's not a lot of Merry Christmas -- Made two very cautious here. Anyway. I'll bet at fifties I'm 62 now -- we have quite a quite large and we looked out our county. So it would -- get -- that there -- some certain years some -- -- -- -- narration. That goes nineteen get excited employ about four years old. And I got this police car. And then the door is open about it everything hoping -- it and we use. If they go light on -- -- -- use will retire as we'd like I expect chart Kmart well. You know and that they an actual real straight about it it was made I mean it was a very ought to victory and the eight against. You'd -- couldn't sides and made -- -- the outpost in eastern make some of these. Was the police car a specific model -- of borders should be -- -- -- -- It looked like a -- like gesture every. Let them finish 57 model. Or either earlier version of its charity. Well shut Intel or whatever what is it was awfully sharp and all the right colors -- -- And all the lights were arriving he could hear this higher. All the siren a little bit of that it was it was a real story -- what you -- assume -- -- It would solidly and looked like we are now -- do you still have that. No I -- -- it they did they give it to my grips he's. He's my grandson Eric Anthony's got a collection of cars. They're the -- launch these tiger fighters although he'll take those cars will -- up to -- -- -- their budget three other. A lot of or it will still a couple. But -- great candidate. But I wanna that you don't comment on the quality in some denies saying that. Young kids should get that were very valuable it hard to come by -- -- Yes and in you did mention a word there that that there's a lot a lot of reality too and that is the quality Torre's. Years ago were really really made to last because so many of them were made from metal. Where today -- made from plastic. That's right this is made of metal and it really afraid my. Bedroom you know -- rubber tires on it which moved. Can already get might still lights and that type like today currently use so it all came -- that's great shot at like these terrorists -- sort of play. Thank you -- appreciate your call here at WBM sandy beach show would Larry hunter today we're going to Jamestown. And say good morning to Dave hi Dave. Should your Christmas to you and yours. Thank you. Under very welcome on the worst -- -- -- -- lecture journalist in -- -- or. Was a trip to the Persian gulf war. On December 27 1990. Oh sure -- -- two weeks prior to that they. Were unloading. Supplies equipment then all -- so what else. So nobody where apple there's literally no my church stroll. In inclement weather. From -- to New Jersey. Station. And I got to share this is the pastor. For a whopping thirty minutes for -- weren't -- it. Well. Now that was we just before Christmas or was that on Christmas. That was December or racial and all we know we're going more prior to what ever will be or how long were you stationed over there. Over thing. -- -- -- well yeah we're station for six months. But I was losing. I spent seventeen years or ILL. Do a lot. Did you get to see Super Bowl 45 when you were there. Absolutely not the ownership of we it will definitely general information and now. Turn our computers sure -- achieve in -- gonna get Everett -- Kitchen pieces of information from across the wire wage. You know it was a place here and I later another place. You know whatever -- -- forty yards. Bill first edit the -- -- something like that OK and then. Four plays later. I -- -- find out what score -- and into the ball more than ten minutes you're getting. You know got a picture. But yen and at what age I don't know three more or whoever was out out bills lost -- great. Ball. State yeah. De Dave thanks for your service had a Merry Christmas. I'd -- -- 98030930. Our numbers start ninth thirtieth recall on your cell appear outside the culinary local calling area. It's toll free 1806169236. Larry -- -- sandy beach. On Christmas. 2013 we'll take a break and be right back -- more vehicles where about seven minutes away from news at the top of the hour for news radio 930 we're talking about Christmas gifts guess why. Because tomorrow is the big day we're asking you about the best Christmas if you ever got as a child. Or maybe the worst Christmas if you ever got as an adult my dad. For ever for some unknown reason every year. He would get a box of cigars. From a distant relative of ours and my dad never smoked a cigar in his life. And it was always a standing joke when we -- the gifts that -- went from. That dad would take the gifting kind of shake it as a joke saying I wonder what's in here. And -- freak you hear it was a box. Of cigars my dad never smoked cigars. It was one of those weird things so through the years. If someone had had a child he would pass out cigars. To different people throughout the year that was the gift that it was a standing joke. And it's like we could never understand why this relative fought. My dad smoked cigars. We were talking about trains. And how much guy he's enjoyed train sets and we were wondering if women. Like trains at all and we've got a couple callers coming up about that so stick with a -- Mike can tell -- hi Mike. They are you going that good. Yeah all the. Yeah and the work right now I only got a minute here but you're like girls and trains are Lionel I believe it was too late fifties it may be late Lionel it was a -- -- You know. And he didn't really last on the market so portal where all the strains are not open it up. Outlook they have won in the box lady lion almost all about you look it up on line there. That was you know there at the net and they can't try but it didn't work. That would probably be quite a collector's item today. Well I -- much like American pickers and on stars and all that. They they have these crazy prices mean your locker retire -- We yen -- a lady lion out pink train men -- that. That I I never recall that I don't think I've ever seen one but I will Google it later today and notify them. I didn't see them on TV but you know I'd I'd like they don't want anyone now for Christmas -- I could finally got up put some money down a two car. It really. Mike thank you very much to get back to attend a Merry Christmas. 8030930. Is our number at WB yeah let's bring in Joanna North Carolina hi JoAnne. I clearing recruitment thank you same to you. Well I -- my attention that changes to when I was young girl my father worked out for buffalo creek -- felt. You know he regards involved with trains and -- trains that you know under a tree and. You know I just provide fascinated with them I you know I think it was just fascinated me for -- -- them. Did you get trains for gifts at Christmas. No we didn't know we just -- hit this one alternative that -- And when my mother cancellation of moving I'm wondering whatever house first we can split up ill trained. That we get -- as a child. And we kind of you accept that up under a tree just in the little memento but I remember I have picked up though in my basement right now. I'm lecturing America the toy company made trains that. And I think I bought it sometime in the early seventies you know an -- is that stand up for myself but you know it I was a little older a teenager whatever. So I mean I think the fascination with the train that I have been there for me. Yeah I wonder found I have seen them. In some stores but I've never known anybody who has won but I know Disney. Has had I I think that train set with the -- different characters. On different cars and stuff I wonder if anybody. Has had 88 Disney train said it if they're valuable or are not but I know the old lion tells. And some of the old H -- is -- something old they chose the miniature trains that they had I mean they did. A fascinating job of of the different types of cars and and locomotives and and things that that always amazed me although I was more of a Lionel person. I I really enjoyed watching these the miniature scale. Train sets and I know. A couple years ago someone sent via YouTube. Video. Of our company I think in Germany. That in this old warehouse building set up this huge. Train display. And must've been out ten or twelve different trains going through valleys and canyons and by waterfalls and in the city's. And the trains would stop and there'd be a conductor getting offered they would load logs on the train and stuff and it was fascinating and I am wondering if I deleted that are are still have that. My my husband -- see Ali and maybe get the Jeremy to have. He loves to -- -- and he's got some of his little NATO and then things when he was a child out of unfortunate because mother. Got rid of some of the trains he is a child which I would have been more valuable now but. He he's not talking about converting her -- -- gigantic train thing you know car. They'll never happen by us. And we ain't got to deal at honey. I'm going -- it. But noted. That while it's a tremendous amount of work to to put out. -- together in two and an outdoor setting to create things and in bill that I mean I'm just not that talented I I wouldn't be able to do it but I marvel. At those who have done it and I marvel. At the opportunity to go and see train sets like that where they're set up through villages in and the train as a whistle. That train that the engine you know they did give you a little bottle for steam. Yes -- a lot thing we could just it didn't. I think he did do it automatically but it was now it's working for me but particular -- that the children and. Likely by train -- my husband Alec be by Christmas story -- that two years ago. So we intend that stand up under -- -- we don't have we Eritrea is not enough space available now. Our Joann thank you very much have a great Christmas. -- should appreciate the call here WB and sandy beach -- on this Christmas -- every 100 sitting in this morning. And we appreciate your calls at 8030930. Start -- thirtieth recall like yourself best Christmas gift worst Christmas gift we've all have them. And we're talking about trains as well appreciate talking deal look forward to the next hour right here -- news radio 930 WP.

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