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12-24 Larry Hunter Hour 1

Dec 24, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- a way it's Larry hunter. News radio 930 WBE. Hey good morning and welcome to Christmas Eve 4013. Will be with the two of them today filling in for sandy sandy is all for the remainder. Of 2013. And we will be filling in for him for the remainder of 2013 except for tomorrow. When I believe we're just going to provide some Christmas music for you. Nice to be with you again if you're out there on the roads this morning there are a number of highways. That are kind of slick it's not that. Floppy big -- snow that's coming down it's kind of that fine. -- snow that has -- tendency to stick to the roads pretty good and roads are a little slippery here than you would anticipate. Give yourself a little bit more time as you approach intersections today anticipate that the light may turn red. And you give yourself a little bit more time to breaks you don't slide through that intersection and cause a problem well the last thing you want on Christmas Eve. Is to have an auto accident right c'mon so. I don't care how much of a hurry you might be and to get that last minute gift today it's to take your time. And make sure you're able to enjoy the evening. And tomorrow as well some. I think get a good news is interesting news for you this coming Sunday. Due to the change in scheduling. With the networks the Buffalo Bills. New England Patriots game is going to be at 425. In the afternoon that's the starting time for 25. And that game will be heard right here who's ready at 930 WBE and so for those of you who enjoy the -- game on radio. And we will be broadcasting that live starting at 425. Here WB and and we will also be carrying. The post game bills show as well. So hope you join us Sunday and instead of searching all over the dial wondering where the game is it'll be right here. On WBE and the bills with a two game winning streak the sabres have a three game winning streak I don't think Chris is -- three wins in four games -- missed out on three straight because he Boston Los over the weekend okay. -- so what 33 out of four it is in bad. Especially if it comes to gifts I mean if you were to get for automobiles and and like three of them that's that's pretty good chris'. Used to things like that I I would be getting like one bicycle one tricycle. One little scooter. Here you're shopping -- -- on Chris it is all my wife. Is she's got -- December birth very -- Sandy is Randy bushel was actually December 7 so I'm forced to shop very early and Angelina aren't quite -- it is that's Pearl Harbor day. Well when Randy bush over announces that he says has to do live in infamy but that's just because. He's these guys get up there and ages sandy said on the air. This is a sandy B Stewart that got -- IQ is almost messed up and his aides now. When I don't agree with that followed were very Visio. I wish my golf score was matched up with my age -- be on the PGA tour. A limited life absolutely. Speaking of golf what a lousy fall was for playing golf and it was not Goodyear for golf too much rain this year -- it -- it got cold quickly. Chris are you. Rain or snow person in the winter I've talked to a lot of people about this and I have said for years I'll say this upfront. Any thing. I've heard the same people say anything's better than us now. Well I think this weekend proves that that's not true art art are you acceptable for snow and the winner you'll person who I'd rather have brain. I don't like this no blog I hate -- mean if it's gonna rain I'd rather be fifteen -- and I hate the rain where it's like 38 degrees and rainy and it just sticks to you. It's just awful specially after its nose and just the snow melt combined with a ran as an absolute disaster so. I'd rather deal was a little normal snow band just add. Disgusting downpour like that although I guess we'd be buried forgot all of these snow for that would have a -- from the rainbow. Well. We'd have a lot more snow but as it gets colder there's less moisture in the air as as well so that rain that was coming when it was in the upper forties and fifties. There would be less moisture if it was colder so. What we might not get -- as much as you think but. I just hate that the -- news and and the weapon you can brush the snow off -- if it's knowing you go inside you brush it off your jacket. You can't rush the rain off view. And then you walk through some of these parking lots and it's water everywhere and some idiot. If you you know what I'm gonna say senator some idiot who goes by. 1520 miles an hour and hits a puddle and from the waist down and you are saturated and dirty at the same time and you haven't even gone into the story yet and some sanity get the gas leaking into the puddles -- discussed yeah. Yeah it is I I'm sorry but. You know we get rain spring summer and fall that that's enough I just hate the rain. In the wintertime. Now what we're getting right now. We got a readjust all over again and this may be. Create some problems for those flood prone areas right now especially around town on -- creek because it's going to get cold again. Very -- again down in the teens. And some of the flooded areas but water's going to freeze which means it's not going to subside it's going to stay there. So those of view in the flooded areas and parts that are Clarence in Amherst and parts of Niagara county. You're going to see I I think. Some problems kind prolonged themselves due to the colder weather. And the water freezing and not necessarily subside in the wrote the rivers in the creeks are going to subside somewhat because they're moving. But the area where the water is still. That's going to ice up now so if you've got water on your driveway that's an inch or two deep. That's going to become ice that's not going to make anything better. So some problems are going to exist for a while I had them. -- basement problems on Sunday. We had drains in the area where I live kind of back up and I had some. Water problems in my basement and that is a pain in the the area right you've got the spot it really -- six and a half hours. I spent cleaning up the -- six and a half hours. On Sunday. Good thing I sold my bills tickets because I would have been just exhausted. To go to that game what a great game allies was not a great game nineteen -- Yeah Miami Joseph beamer was there are excellent yeah brave the elements he's -- -- -- rain and still alive game time it's so he got Elvis delegating and without Fiat. Without the elements out causing too much or problem. Although wise as he sought to the other action the rain in the Carolina game was much worse the way to do what -- buffalo yeah. I went. To the bills games back in the while late seventies early eighties. I I was not living here -- I came here in the late seventies. So most of the seventies I was not here when Miami dominated buffalo but I was a bills fan at that type cell. The team that I hated. And I think -- it is the appropriate word during that time period. Was was Miami an ever since then I have always said at the bills ever go to on fourteen I want the two wins to be against Miami. I know a lot of people don't like Tom Brady they don't like New England but believe me. My bills history goes back to Miami and I don't care who's the quarterback what that team is doing. I personally don't like Miami in -- weakened beat them it makes my season joyous. You are a lot like a lot of very rainy bush over feels the same way that we have we talked America also Mondays and Fridays along with mirth. To do the you know the preview in the game -- Kelso well not even take. Even if he thinks -- or when he will not pick. The dolphins to beat the bills ever if you ask him for prediction of the game you'll say he's got a record as saying no never picked it is overdue bills. And I have then. Where Thurman thomas'. A number of times and I won't talk to Thurman Thomas because he left buffalo went to Miami for one year I didn't think it was just one here that the last year and then when Miami came up -- -- play that game he he didn't play in that game me he was injured but I -- Hold it against Thurmond for going to play with -- Miami our arch rival it's just one of those pet peeves I hate Miami. I don't care what their record is I don't want him to win I want the bills to be on you and -- -- a good trivia question for. What National Football League has had more teams are more games rescheduled or canceled due to weather. Is that Miami yeah. Don't be doubted that I did I wouldn't have known if we were just talking -- the two teams sport that's why do Americans think about this the Buffalo Bills have never canceled. Or rescheduled. A home game due to weather Miami has so the next time you talk about how wonderful the weather is in Miami. Remember. Buffalo. Has never had to reschedule. A gain due to weather. Miami hands. Now. And think about it. So you you can have your hurricanes. Or tornadoes your forest fires. And people who don't speak English 17 after 9 o'clock -- WB and it is a sandy beach show on this Christmas Eve looking forward to talking to you in a couple of minutes I got Chris taking care of the controls today. Who's who's answering phones John or to John John John's gonna answer phones today for you so when you call John make sure you wish him Merry Christmas and ask him. What what he bought -- house. -- all of a sudden his face turned red. And will be back WB he had Larry hunter in foreigners sandy beach on this Christmas Eve 2013. After shopping done -- DeLia DeLia -- If you have. Do you have all the gifts wrapped -- do -- how do -- ha Chris. Are you do now for the -- work in finance -- gonna -- -- on me out. Yeah home today air growing our -- estimated at what this Atari four I hit it I guess that's an MB during afterward that we're Joker is. You could've brought -- man and Dunham. During the the the breaks you know you could -- some of the Gibson here so nobody would have seen them. That's true although I haven't stashed in the leg various places at a house. So she -- Northern Iraq. -- I'm also that she hasn't seen any of emeritus of the Reverend -- -- on I eight I think I'm in a minority. But I long -- wrapping Christmas gifts I don't minor happening and I just terrible. I I really do eight. I wrapped gifts I've been complemented a number of times on the gifts that I rap I rap gifts. To indicate that this. Is special I won't put two or three ball was I will put a special design I will make sure the wrapping paper. Is a certain way so there's a scene on it it it shows just right. I'll take half a lower. To wrap one stupid little five dollar gift just to make it look really special so you couldn't do you use of the skill to duets. To rapper fractionally as they do with the morals birdies it would take to. -- I would do exactly. I have every color wrapping paper you can I have colors of wrapping paper that don't even exist there's not a named for the color I have it. All kinds of designs. Bowl is always -- three and four different colors in them. A ribbon with with two or three different colors in them I have -- Buffalo Bills. A -- been there. I have all kinds of of different and unique things. Disney wrapping paper Disney always. Or whatever it is I've got it to make that gift look really unique I love wrapping Christmas -- it's really where I have to start. About the first or second week of December 2 usually get all of them down what do you do if you had such a reduction would you would have to. Yeah and I don't know where it started from I don't know how I got that initiative nobody in my family has it. And I am not good when it comes to art. At at all -- art class I was never good but for some reason when it comes to wrapping gifts that is my expertise at the end of the year. I will say that. -- -- first wrapping gifts they looked terrible battle against terrible anymore. -- it definitely makes a difference I think my wife doesn't care she's gonna get the wrapped gifts as he gets as she'll she'll do it. But like you you're out of you're giving you get to like a -- Robert does make a difference I think of it looks. Like you actually took time to -- it as opposed to just throw together. And it's funny my I used to joke with my mom when she was alive because my mom. Could not wrap presents bought. She knew how to Scotch tape it together and I tell you I would buy a stock. In Scotch tape company. During the holiday season because my mother would put wrapping paper around it she wouldn't worry about about cutting it to fit. She just -- and it's tape that there would be more Scotch tape. On the her presence than there is salt on Niagara Falls boulevard when it's no. Let's sounds like how when I started wrapping presents I used that method discoveries have been together it would close. I'm getting marginally better -- none of my -- level of expertise that probably -- close to -- I'm surprised she didn't. Used duct tape sometimes just to to get the president wrapped it was it was so funny we used to joke about that. All the time that it took longer to undo her presence because there was so much tape but she gets I don't want it to come apart. Well so that that was always a standing joke with mom hey do you live in an area. Where Santa has already visited. Have you abandoned the -- Williams bill area lately you know they've been driving around town with a fire trucks and Santa on them. And you know -- that is the kids love that they take the fire truck down the street. The the the first fire truck and they're blowing the horror. -- You know that that bighorn. Fog horn and then they bring the -- latter truck behind him and -- -- in the pocket. In the latter and they go through the neighborhoods and have you been able to enjoy that this year did you catch that. That's that's a neat thing to do I know a number of areas do that -- Williams still has been. Doing that lately and I just wanna say. A big congratulations and thank you to all the volunteer firefighters. Cool and it notice I didn't say fireman. Because I used to kind of be stuck on that but I've learned now that it's firefighters. It's like stewardesses they're not stewardesses anymore their flight attendants. But the -- volunteer firefighters. From Williams bill and a number of the other companies around Western New York. Now I get -- on the fire truck and taken around the neighborhood and the kids love that that is -- -- just wanted to say yeah a big holiday wish to all the a volunteer firefighters. Who take a little time to them make the holidays a little bit nicer and enjoyable. For the kids in in the various community nice job guys and and and -- you you do a great job throughout the years and if you live. In a community and you thought about your volunteer fire company what it's all about check them out. Stopping in at some question maybe you would be interested in joining it's it's a great service to the community. You might save a life some day and it's a good thing to do. Volunteer fire companies thank you and men and women for helping out. Art communities sanity chilly this Christmas Eve everybody I hope you're having a great day as safe state drive carefully wrote are kind of slipped out there. And we need to be here very careful on the highway. Larry -- in until noon today on news radio 930 WB EN. Balls here comes Santa Claus here comes panicked as the night. The thing. And colleges are paying their fuel and your stop and then. While the beauty -- college. The season. British foreign. Come to. -- There you have the Disney characters. Here comes Santa -- my favorite Disney character. Chris -- you should know this one right off off the bat my favorite Disney character is through -- real ideology. Are you kidding me. Go goofy. Makes a mess of everything. I've made gulf skiing. Machine it doesn't matter what -- does. He's my body. I can relate. Have a great picture of me and goofy -- is. Disney I I went there when I was fourteen. And I think I Starr Barbara a lot of farm bureau does not -- -- -- and it has -- sandy beach now I know. Dot I -- I think on the other side of that one. I'm I'm a big does that affect ladies and gentlemen if you have kids or grandkids. One of these. I think most enjoyable things to do around the holiday season. Is go to what is called Mickey's very Merry Christmas I've ever heard of that Chris at all. Ever heard of -- not that I experienced that OK it's. It's a fun. Fun event at the magic kingdom you have to have a special ticket for it's about sixty bucks. Now normally. 01 day one park admission to Disney is about ninety dollars. Mickey's very Merry Christmas party is about sixty dollars. And you have eight hours in the magic kingdom you can go at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and the party Christmas party starts at 7 o'clock at night. And they have to parades. -- those Santa. Coming at the end of -- -- all kinds of floats with the Disney characters. They make it smell. On main street during the parade which gives them a very neat. Christmas affect they have free hot chocolate and cookies throughout the park to make it kind of Christmas -- like. They have Christmas show is they -- the castle with 200000. Dangling lights to make it look like icicles hanging on the hassle. It's really beautiful it's it's a great on time. It's called Mickey's very Merry Christmas and if you've never done it. And you have kids. It would be a fun thing to do with your family in fact last year I flew down just for the date has to do -- -- my video camera down. And videotaped a bunch of stuff so I would have in in years to come and it's upon party so. Just does something to think about next year they only do it for about. I think five or six weeks and they don't do it every night it's like three or four nights during the week. And the nice thing is. You know how certain times of the year at theme parks like Disney and universal and Six Flags and -- it to -- crowded and you wait in the line. An hour an hour after to write something for three minutes. The nice thing about -- very Merry Christmas party is they limit. The number of tickets. That they sell. So they have a maximum attendance so it's not super crowded so you can see the parade and see the shows and enjoy the events and have your picture taken with the characters and stuff so. For sixty bucks. It's it's not a bad deal if you like the holidays and we have here it's just. Shared with the on 18 before 10 o'clock A team just before -- at WBE and Larry hyperion for sandy beach today we've got there's still some road closings in the area and I wanna pass those along to you this morning because if you're out there. I'm going to do -- she. Is still closed between Brower road. And rapids road that's in the town of Clarence resolved due to flooding from the rains over the weekend. Salt road at northbound and southbound. Is closed between cedar road and rapids road also in Clarence. Rapids road. Eastbound and westbound is closed between Taiwan a creek road and -- corn -- it. -- EE get some of these names they're all kind of similar so we're all talking about a a similar area here. Tell Wanda creek road eastbound and westbound is closed between salt road and rapids road. Clarence center road eastbound and westbound. Is closed between shimmer -- and Goodrich. A dodge road in the town of Amherst eastbound and westbound is closed between Glen oak drive and transit road and Erdman eroded. Eastbound and westbound is closed between Akron road and black church road in the town of royal ten. And those are some of the -- roads that are. Still flooded due to the weekend's storm. If you're not sure of some areas. If you're approaching areas where there appears to be. Some extended water. Pounding on the roads. Don't go through it just don't take the chance it's not worth -- one of the problems right now between the warm up that we've had and then the cold again. Is the pothole problem and if you can't see the road because of the water then you shouldn't basically drive through the road because. Part of the road could be deeper than it appears and you just don't wanna get your car stuck in water especially this time a year. With the temperature are supposed to be down to seven men. Tonight so. Little common sense and your holiday should be fine. Were really taken early break Chris -- take an early break and then we'll come back. And we'll look for your calls here at WB Ian and sandy beach -- From news radio 930 WVD and Larry hunter for sandy beach for ten minutes away from news at WBE and the and yesterday. I heard sandy. Talking about the blackout rule for a football games in the NFL. And I and -- I didn't give -- to listen to all of the show but I enjoyed. What I heard and I couldn't have agreed. With him more and I thought -- maybe we might just carry this on for a few minutes today. On the program if you didn't have a chance yesterday to discuss this or. View was at the end of the show and you didn't have a chance to get -- if you want to share your thoughts on the NFL black -- rules. Which did affect the buffalo and the game on Sunday. Give us a shout now 8030930. -- 930 years of free call in yourself. 180616923. Sixes are hole offering number by the way. If you wanna check out where it is snowing right now don't forget you can go to WB EN dot com and check out our radars appears the F through weight eastbound. Is it's snowing pretty good right up to about to Geneva so if you're traveling eastbound today in the -- way. He will encompass some snow and if you're going westbound toward an -- Or Jamestown. Looks like most of the westbound -- -- from buffalo is also. -- getting some snow was wells a little caution today give yourself a little extra time to drive. The folks in Washington. You know that the people who feel that they know what's better for us but they'd make a separate set of rules for themselves. There is talk about the NFL blackout rule. Being eliminated. I'm from Washington which means every football game in the National Football League. -- would be broadcast which is not really true because there are other things that can happen. But as I was reading the various articles. In the Buffalo News. Written in their editorial section written by down as -- And I was also while listening to our sister station WGR. A -- guys in the morning show talking about the blackout rule. And I was real. -- surprised. At how. So many people seem to feel that getting rid of the NFL blackout rule would be a good thing. And my question. To you this morning is. If the NFL if we got rid of the NFL blackout rule. And if that meant. We were also get rid of the Buffalo Bills. That they would move to another market. Would you still want it would you think it would be a good. Thing. Because. I'm sure you've heard some times. You you get what you ask for. And then you find out you're sorry you asked for it. I think in this particular case. That if the NFL blackout rule was lifted. That we would lose the Buffalo Bills. And -- my question is watching home football game on TV. Is that so important to you if you think you have that right. That you're willing to lose the team. Hawaii. Why do you say that -- Well I I say that because. I would ask you what's the purpose of having. An NFL team in your community. Let's let's look at that what's the purpose. Of having an NFL team in your community there are only 32 of them. And there are only 31 communities because there are two teams in New Jersey. The New Jersey jets and the New Jersey giants. They play at the same place. So there are basically 31 communities that have 32 football teams so. That says we're kind of special. We've got something. That hundreds of other places don't have. What's the purpose of having that. An NFL team. Is the purpose about having that in your community so you can just sit home and watch it on TV. No. No it's not. The purpose of having an NFL team in your community. Is to have the opportunity. To go and enjoy something alive and impersonal. Yes I know I've heard it taxpayers. Have funded it. Many of the expenses. For rich stadium. And Ralph Wilson Stadium. We have also funded -- Our arena where the sabres play. And when Justin Bieber. Comes to tone. To do a concert. Or early Kenny Rogers. Comes to town to do a concert. And it's at the auditorium. Should be shown on TV. Why do you buy tickets to go see a show -- chase why do you buy tickets to see -- show. And our arena. It's because. There's something special there something unique. There's something fun. About being their life in person. And Chris. I can all I can assume you've been to bills games yes I have always at the Bengals game this year okay. And I'm assuming you've seen bills games on TV much like demand it now. I have set a number of times and people argue with me all the time about this. But I have said you can see a football game better at the stadium and you can on TV. I actually really like being there myself and it's just you know and hassle of going in -- morning you know that I. It is great to watch the big screen TV -- I mean if I had tickets and -- weather is -- to be out there now people who haven't been to a game. Consulates all it's a much better on TV. They think is better on TV because it's so close it you get a lot of close shots plot. You know how little of the game they actually show on TV. And how much. They can't wait. When the play is over with to show you something that basically has nothing to do with the game yet and I mean when you're at the game is well liked. You can see Alexy the coverages I like seeing were -- defensive backs drop back and you only get a real small sliver of that and on the QB releases the ball. So the camera follows the ball and you don't know how the guy got -- you know who to blame you don't know if it's his own coverage of -- man like I like seeing out of the kind of a chess -- -- If you're listening simmer for -- on the radio and Alex when it's you which -- right after watching a game on television the talk about -- -- after the game is here and authority in Windsor. You know any nonsensical delicacy for whatever -- -- You can have your own production workers because that's exactly what I was going to -- when you're at the stadium. When you're at a sporting event. You get the whole picture if you want to watch Mario Williams. Or Stephon Gilmore on a certain play. You can highlight and watch that particular person. You can see. Where the receiver is as soon as the passes thrown while the TV is following the ball. You can see whether this receiver has a stamper two on the defender. The the atmosphere and the visibility. And the opportunity to view the whole game. Is so far superior. To what they show on TV plus. You don't have to listen to fill Sam's. You can talk to your friend your friend might say hey did you see that over there or did you see that our I caught that there's a flag over the how many times has there been a flag thrown. And the guys on TV have no idea tell all all suddenly official. Is announcing that the penalty has no idea what's going. Or someone's injured after a play but they're showing some idiot in the stands with her shirt off and -- keeping the camera on the field and my rikers. Dad and I like to see you when they went there is a specific flag I I'd like to -- replay to find out why the flag was thrown. Like if there was it was a hole for instance like let me see that so I can determine when I was a good guys wanna see a wanna know what's going -- like. I did not I don't believe they call that -- but I mean we had plays this year ball where awful Demi and I can't there was one on -- Williams there's like illegal content -- to touch a guy yeah like. I wanna know why that happened I just going to assume that the penalty is legitimate I wanna know what's going I wanna know all the information I can possibly have. How many times has AM fourth down play ended they plotted. A timeout and they go to commercial and when they come back they talk about the player who was injured in carried off the field. -- you have no idea what happened you didn't see what happened they didn't tell you what happened. Because they're not paying attention to the game they're following their their format. As soon as the play is over with -- on TV you'd have no idea who's coming into play on offense who's coming on -- Let me tell you folks being there. Is so much better. Larry hunter for sandy beach -- news radio 930 WBZ and.

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