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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>12-23 Sandy Beach Show Hour 1

12-23 Sandy Beach Show Hour 1

Dec 24, 2013|

Hour 1

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh hello what is -- company and I'm sandy beach I'm really surprised. That that's scalpers that was a non deal road show is big new show on Sunday I think he would have been right at home after -- whatever show news. Hard line the way it -- region company I'm sandy beach yes I'm working I'm working here for your enjoyment today. And there's only like four of us in the entire build nuclear weapons and. Yes we have a hallway in which you are just usually just. Preceding holidays the doors are all close and I'm thinking today nobody's door was open except the news departments so we're here. Ago Chris come aboard united and and is this John word you're saying yes it is Buick if you know me and John -- going to we're going to carry on until 12 o'clock today. A first saw my first question to you is Roger make out during this arm. Pretty well actually it was nowhere near. Ban in south buffalo as it was in -- counting. Thank you we didn't of I don't -- are evident we got -- -- a rain. But it never really throws so we had to deal with a lot of flooding and all the snow melt and the rains so is my god. You know double whammy there in the -- a little damper on. We got out okay luckily not a ton -- vice. Good well that's good for you so I find out that the worst hit is locked for well outlive him -- and I live in Pendleton. That's what Pendleton as part of -- a couple of so I get up in the morning I get up on Sunday morning. And I'm I'm always anal about whether I have everything right I have -- gas tanks -- vote on the car it's pointing -- you know in case of us know. I have shovels ready and insult on the walker I mean I do all that stuff I'm I'm always preparing for any kind of emergency. But I get up. On Saturday morning at first all my outdoor thermometer says it's 35 point five degrees are figure -- should -- -- it's above freezing -- look out. It is not a heavy coating of ice on the trees but there's a coating of -- So I'm thinking OK while because it was 35 point five. Probably nothing much happened which is good that's a good thing OK so ice doing what I always do a walk around the entire house. With any window facing out in an area I haven't seen before to check and see what's happen. I have a truck that looks good just a little bit eyes on the driveway and has not -- without the side of those trees have a little eyes but there's no branches -- And I -- directly in the backyard. It and -- a couple of branches down I think major just a couple of branches nothing at all like the October surprise. But then. I'm in the sun room and I look over to where my. Motor home as part my motor home is par prepare for the offseason plug in my own business. And in front of the modern home I see what looks like a rain forest collapsed right in front of it. And I think. A treaty. Welcome hook up. But. But it's fairly light so I can't go up there now because it's too it's all ice. The last thing I mean it is as -- filed out of brick my neighbor and my ankle break my leg whatever. And have a -- follow my -- -- -- delegates -- Up at 5 o'clock in the morning so it looked out the windows at first -- produce it takes forever to get light. Well finally gets light and I see that wow wow I really lucked out because this big. Huge branches turns out it's eight inches around. Okay fell right in front of my motor home but I'm thinking why can't be that likely. And I wasn't. Because when I got what my boots on went outside I found that. It my motor romance those big mirrors like Casilla and on eighteen -- okay those big huge mirrors. Well my motor -- one mirror took the whole assembly right off the thing didn't break the -- -- I'm glad. Did not doesn't look like it even did much with the pains or anything else did not fall on top of the motor home phone front. So I got one mirror and I'll have to replace and that's it so I I think I'm kind of lucky compared to some people because. I've seen now houses with trees on himself like that them. It was not good but -- thing. Older age I'm getting milder. -- younger everything had to be fixed immediately. If I had a scratch on my car. I would drive immediately to the dealer get a loner haven't fixed okay that's just the way it is that's just the way it is. But what this its insured it gets fixed -- that so I'm I'm comer but them treat him -- Not a good things are you know. Oh you are watering your basement did damp basement and you had to take a shot at us Niagara county resident -- and I was driving to my in my breaks sometimes when it's really wet they don't work great program right example -- the other grab all that's too bad it's after the first person stoplight I -- A break sort of -- -- I don't Amanda made very locked up sometimes I don't know when you don't expect it uniform -- humanity where I don't spray them with the oil. That'll be good were but anyway we hope that you got through. I of the electricity never -- out which is good. And I have good thinks that Dominic -- -- I took his advice years ago. I used to have a battery I used to have a battery operated backup sump pump because. On my sump pump is quite active okay. And he said. I would recommend this business because section has siphoned tonight because it doesn't rely on electricity. So the price as the ones -- batteries -- to work until the battery dies in the and they don't work. -- that might last a day in my last two days depending but he said the site and system little pricey but you know on the worry about which president. And I had that put men and it's good it's great peace of mind if you have especially in active. Some pump system. So I had them a decision by -- come out and and Royce put in industrial. Some pop he said these are the kind of pumps that they use a construction sites that can run for five years. Without stopping. Site that today. They suction siphoned -- back up I felt good about that. And I think I'm gonna call -- -- and haven't -- -- actually. -- -- Yeah a lot of things until they come back and bite you. Project you're buying a house what do you do you drive right up. It's usually the women mr. Davis I'll look at the beautiful trees until they start falling on things as though is Joyce are rotting. But anyway -- mammal. I'm feeling a lot better and I'm getting -- treatments. We'll take a break we'll be back with the -- company under -- read united thirty yard WB. I got the competing a the cells here. At the of the SPC a remote every year. Gina Browning and her lovely mother always bake it sells and they get them to us and their their their much appreciated it much wanted. And they're good they're really good. It's out there was some behind the scenes drama that I didn't know I didn't know that her mother and herself. -- kinda have very. Different recipes. Different styles of its cells -- there were always a good and they were always together always and so it has meant what kind of the cells this year and I described in those mothers that you've got to try mine and so she just a brought him over and thank you very much four that. Yeah I guess there's some behind the scenes intrigue there between the Gina and mother over the issue of casals they like dot dynasty without the -- you know that's all I'll I'll give you my opinion when idea. Come back at the beginning of the year with thank you -- genocidal. -- is to be our intern. -- was problem aside and she is very good and -- is. Iowa -- -- hear him what -- many goals. Wanna receive. For holiday season. Who cares about colonials but a -- they always point to millennial. Those are the behind as -- fourteen to 34. Okay yeah I'm Bob hello okay here's what they want 36% of -- money. Honey okay an actual gift 26%. Want an actual gift gift cards 21%. Experiences. Seventeen what does that mean it's it's is. Experiences. 17% -- have you ever gotten an experience for Christmas -- it is just likes to dog for a walk during -- somebody. Not here for a little -- -- like to take -- slow walk on the beach usually. At Christmas time because nobody else is there. -- but that's at -- I don't know what that would mean. For experiences. How about you but I. If -- talk about cash or gift cards. I prefer gift cards about to. July because you could catchers very nice so thank you it's -- thank you you put it in your wallet goes what other cash. But when the gift card the odds are you're not gonna have another gift card and that's something empowering about a gift card. It's like getting your first charge card divert first won my first charge card -- see years okay. And I had that card in my hand and I walked into a Sears store and I said to myself. I can buy anything in this store it's really empowering because if you have cash even if you carry more than normal. You probably can't buy anything on -- are okay with just what is a stick -- go there and get pregnant that again that I get that then that. And it's nice and there's something about gift cards though. If I did get cars for Christmas. The next day I'm out fighting crowds -- the men because Asia's eyes -- there's something about it it's. Area -- is very rewarding so that's at the millennial one money 36%. And actual gift 26%. Gift cards to only 1% and they want an experience of seventeen. And and I Evans is that is. Now preferred method of conveying holiday greetings remember it used to be there was like one methods you'd send somebody -- card. As it. You would go through probably the drugstore. Maybe later on a card store if you really care but usually the drugstore. Guys pick out the card that's appropriate it's actually closes one door with a real cars like women do. But we just it was as -- for my sister OK it's says. Sister OK I'll take that one you know if you're married wife OK give it would give it a white one you know that's good now get me out here women. Low later in the cards section all of this is perfect for bill bill was just love this car because this is bill and and some of them gets old. I don't know it's sadly they really do over the top at all. I didn't know what life was until I met you oh. And you know that kind of stuff. Like I cards that are. Meaningful but basically IE. -- the ones closest of the door here is how people are aren't conveying their holiday greetings now. It'll tell you where we've gone as a nation. 46%. Make a phone call. A -- -- way. Like if you live a long way away a phone guy -- -- -- -- -- live upstairs and your that was downstairs or vice verse you callers and Merry Christmas that's a little cheesy don't event. But it's 46%. Text messages. A little bit extra effort on that 119%. FaceBook. Into it at 18%. Postal mail so this is where you that we would have -- traditional card. And -- only 8% that's at 8% but it gets worse emails 7%. Now here's the you know that you are not that important to somebody. Lawyer -- or you judges and -- properly. Twitter instead Graham and snapped chat. 1%. Do you do snapped -- their regret I have never done snap Chad or mr. Graham leader mr. Graham is late. If FaceBook was only pictures so imagine how awesome that as part that is so that's 1%. So that's -- but I would I would of thought. That the 46% by and large twice the next one. Our phone call so I guess you call you call it added that the holidays how are you how's the baby that kind of stuff. Like I have two sisters. One in Massachusetts and one in Florida vote. We call anyway but they also do other stuff not just the phone. So that's that OK guess what I have I have a ticket giveaway yes. I know you're out there saying I've been trying to win those TSO tickets for ever. I do not want. -- the concert it's the first one of the fourteen concert season because of trans Siberian orchestra will be playing December 30. At some of you might look at that as an after Christmas concert and look at it as the first. Concert in the next season at 3 o'clock in the first Niagara -- a value of 75 bucks general content rules applied tickets on sale now take -- -- 6449875. And the twelfth collar. Will win. Ma -- Because they remember they put the twelve Colorado last week because they didn't know -- 930. They thought that we were 12100 or something. But anyway regular stop now and we'll take care of that for you. By the way if you would like to -- remarks. Fund raiser remarks. No noted news person in news director Bozo WGR here at WB and also -- to channel four. And has worked -- radio is and that. Are -- policy open Niagara county and Erie county and they're having a fund raiser because he has leukemia. It's a twenty dollar per ticket four adults and ten for children under. Ten years old -- be Saturday January 11. 1 going to 6 o'clock at The American Legion post 88 a poll at 2912. Legion drive in Eden. -- door prizes -- Chinese auction music raffles 5050 food all kinds of good stuff. If you wanna call to purchase a ticket that would be 6754766. Are you could go to JB. ROS. And the 98 at AOL. Dot com okay we'll be back getting the show rock and roll and on the beach and company and news radio nine there. The home of Sean Hannity and buffalo all we -- seven until ten news radio 9:30 AM. WBN. News. -- this time I saw this pink pen and hair and I'm thinking this would have to be -- -- roses fan because. Real men don't carry -- depends you know remain. And it's apparently John's expense cousin says that Victoria is back on and that Vick is his wife oh by the way. She is some kind of baker. Friday out of here first of all I missed all the parties they had a party earlier in the week for clients I'm not a plan a wasn't there okay and now the other one. Was -- video of the ladies in the front office have their party. And they added this year and don't edit when I'm -- I can't go there so I get off the air. And and now it's known the parties are over and I walk through and those department to go to cut some commercials and I seat. A tray full of goodies I mean pin whales these -- whales are like light flaky and Wales with raspberry and lemon -- them. So why I went to get a -- I heard growling. And are growling in the background it was Tom pocket. He's like a junk -- dog if you're trying get food on the nose or I'm just telling you I think he's been on the by people he -- and we've had bad shots. It is easily give him a shot. But he's standing their glaring at me and I said. Where did these come from I thought that they were from the the party he said Vicky John's ex wife made a mall. Think she's maybe four is still precious and -- and shake and -- she she can be a professional baker she wanted to. So I am taking them and Tom obviously. Regretted the fact that I even saw them a but he didn't hide them as I took -- -- moment we -- and they're very very good Vicki had nice job mum on those pastries. Yum yum yum but maybe the pink and isn't quite Johns caller what do you think is -- -- -- He gave that away I think god there is one day we'd -- guessed that was needed a -- I walked out there has been here and I got that pink panties stranded at the bottom moderate -- I -- the grip and it's just that pink is really our -- although when I was growing up. We we wore pink shirts. And suede shoes and stuff like that because you know I wouldn't that were -- him. That's -- of anybody game as hard and we would pummel Joseph Baylor where it still does the but it does -- -- bank although measles. It's it's got a coveted -- might not not quite -- I expect any word he's really excited to find out what the Utah votes -- -- And I don't beamer is a pin directly to the that you draw. States. Election commission to find out it's going to end up now here is dale. Tony is not here today. If he -- he would violently and vehemently disagree with my position. -- -- take on this because people always say. By these guys never disagree what we disagree from time to time not a normal things that we've we think alike now a lot of and it doesn't -- we agree or disagree that's material. Point is we're discussing something and. It won't matter whether you agree or me or not although I think I will take a beating today and can definitely going to be in the minority on this one. If fuel our -- if you were watching the bills Miami game yesterday you were doing it. In the weather under the under a TARP or something because it was not telecasts it was blacked out and it was. Of all gangs we -- it turns out we you know we shot amount we really kind of threw a monkey wrench in in Miami's plans. To go further you know into the season. And so we we put -- original but hold on that. And our defense looked really good and set a record for a number of a number of sacks. In the on in the year and so the bottom line is we missed a good game but went to buy a lot -- like 161000 tickets that were not sold. I think oh bummer from the guys were saying or fifty something thousand people there. In the initial report was that there were 161000 asylum and they never it never gave another one after that so they know that. Even -- Salvatore wasn't going to pony up the money. For this because it was the end of the year. Last home game. We we're not going to go into the playoffs and so it was it was a tough sell as he usually is in December here but it was a good game has to that would messed it. But now bears they movement in congress. Well it movement starts in at the FCC. And it'll move through congress and Brian Higgins is a big booster this. To get the black belt laws. -- to get the black out law's declared Null and void and the local teams no longer have to so if this is the case. Would would be required. To. Televise all the games and -- the big question is. Are we entitled. And that's the keyword. To watch all the bills games. Now some of you will say yes we are entitled for a lot of reasons. We're entitled because. The reason that the NFL gets billions and billions of dollars from the network is because where fans and we watch on television. And the television cut. Is an equal cut among all the teams so it doesn't matter if you're a big market small market media market does not matter he got an equal -- television and its multi billions of dollars. I've told this before most people don't realize this the NFL could put a padlock on their gates and have nobody in the seats and still make a lot of money. Okay that this is frosting on the cake that's why they have stadium improvements may have is abuzz you know specialize -- box seats and different different ways to maximize. The revenue. Now some of the you'll say that because where fans and we watch on TV. That generates these numbers of of heads they need watching the games and that generates dollars and and I I can see that argument. The other argument is that we help. -- government money. We held stadium improvements in some cases. In the hands of some cases we just get the money. Like we. We have a new deal with the Buffalo Bills and those attacks a lot of taxpayer money involved because of that. Then and it. We should be LCL -- games because we are minority stockholders. And that might be your argument before we go to break I wanna get -- Chris Chris sells a lot about sports we know Tony's. Positions on his position is that we they we should be entitled to see every game. What is your position I would love to watch every game but I'm not sure that we're entitled to because there's a lot. Mean if you think. I in terms of just an entertainment -- of a football game is essentially a show I mean there are shows that Shays or show isn't in musicals and we can't watch those on television and it's kind of the same. Principle it's that it just showing a place that may or may not be text -- -- Payer funded. And as much as I would love to watch sports 'cause I'm so spoiled into watching everything. I don't know I can make the argument that we should be entitled to door. Well you and I are on the same page them because that's exactly the way I feel too and I'm glad. I'm glad that American people only -- we're gonna take a beating today I can tell you that. But my answer to Tony because we discussed it on Friday off the air. I said there's a lot of things that taxpayer money is involved -- -- that we don't get anything directly from. Because of taxpayer money is spread from Gordon welfare of the community. If we give if we give money to the Buffalo Bills for stadium improvement. It's because we believe it improves the community in some way shape or form I said Rocco we just got through -- arguments about whether there should be tax breaks. Four developers. Were different companies to keep the companies here because that generates. Revenue because we have the employees whatever we don't get anything directly out of that. So -- there are many ways we're taxpayer dollars spent that we don't get a piece of the action they take Armani. But we don't get to anything back so I'm asking you are we I I'd like Chris I would love to have every game televised had a great. Body fat as -- I would watch yesterday it was on but it wasn't. And I was a month ago there some -- So basically are we entitled to watch all the bills games in Austria and I Israel 106162. -- six and start nine there. So we're asking you basically -- with the mojo going through the FCC and getting pushed by members of congress including Brian -- To get rid of the blackout rules with the National Football League are we entitled. To watch. All the bills games you know 30930180616926. 930. Like for stents because there is taxpayer money involved. A lot of tax remark was involved which days. And you go by and his does show -- one Agassi do you think -- entitles it Fareed. You know I mean there are certain things we spent extra money for its forego welfare of the community. But you don't have a right to the free use of a product. I -- and I do know that we count on the -- because we watch football. On the billions and billions of dollars that the National Football League gets which is split. Evenly among all the teams as Jerry's ram -- -- sports to your rules could become history FCC takes a big step for ending blackouts. From about -- The federal sports television blackout rules move one step closer. To the graveyard. As the FCC voted unanimously to eliminate them. I came seven weeks after the SEC announced that it was considering such a move. And now to go into a month long process. They'll be public comment involved in things like that and when you get the public comment a lot of it is going to do -- They make Ben and I I think nine billion this year but no mistake. Nine billion dollars though why why don't they just show out of it well. That's the same thing is saying. The rich person makes too much money why doesn't he share it or she shared with the rest of us says the same thing that entitlement mentality. The -- you know they're doing very well it's a great success story. And there you can question whether taxpayer money should be involved with stadium building and we have in the past but I'm thinking. That is not a guarantee that were entitled to us. This is my friend Don and Pennsylvania Donna we're going to have a disagreement over this. We've probably well you're my -- -- third -- I can't believe after all your serve army like a -- on -- -- -- I thought the that -- -- case. So that you can watch dollars television. Programing of what pro football the advertisers. That's correct and if I was an advertiser. I would certainly want my product to be seen by as many people as possible. Well yeah and you would think the NFL would to know because when they add that to the Curome. I'm sure of it in their negotiations. On the television contract they have X amount of people. Watching like that's why I'm surprised that there's still is in the team in LA which is a huge media -- Gorham. And so theoretically. You -- have a black out and every game. Did it in a particular weekend and they wouldn't get no one would see any thing that they paid big money. You know what I I the black out rules I think are unfair in this regard. We always hear the size of the market buffalo on Green Bay are probably the smallest markets. And whatever but we have a state we have a stadium. That's as big as almost any thing in the NFL. I think that it should be a percentage of the population -- percentage some kind of percentage when you reached that. It should be an average shouldn't be -- people numbers because otherwise. We're at a distinct disadvantage. Yes there are distinct disadvantage. Now I've -- you -- for the Eagles that's Philadelphia Jews around the fourth largest media markets -- you have no problem at all but. Buffalo. Has slipped. Who weighed down the latter as far as media markets are concerned. But we're still held of that higher standard because of the bigger -- bigger stadium. Well that that's true and and you're right may that may be a big that's a good way to do it is is. A certain percentage of the stadium is filled and you show the game. -- other I mean that would be fair meanwhile congratulations the Eagles are still alive and kicking. There's still alive and -- but they've got to be arriving chicken for at least one more game. They play the cowboys the last game. Yeah that's going to be -- this Sunday night game because it's it's for all the marbles provoking so let's just. No you know just have to be shown because there's gonna have a lot of veterans. Well of two things I'll root for the Eagles -- because of you 12 I hate the cowboys so this. That -- rooting interest will be will be Eagles are you have a good feeling about this game or not. Well it's based on last evening's performance -- certainly have a good feeling about it but it but it's an away game for the Eagles but that's not a good thing. Well we'll -- lord knows you and I have been national football fans forever. And you think that all the game should be shown and I think that day we will not entitled to an idol like it happened on the -- will be good so. Our first disagreement on after all these years. Well. They. Got there at some disagreement on the otherwise people would say well what's going on. Yeah dad -- yes absolutely W well if I don't talk to you a Merry Christmas my friend and good luck to your Eagles. Thank you very much like why you by I had met there met him in third grade and there was another member. Of our trio we're as tight as you can get and those sold sobered them on the shows over and talked to him he's ambiguous and -- lives outside of Philadelphia. I want to know from you know if you think we're entitled to watch all of the bills games I don't think the black our rules are fair in regard to the affected. The owner says we have we must have a large stadium where the all kinds of lucrative us -- -- whatever. But then it's held against you if -- a smaller market like we are. I think we support the bills a very very well aware held to a higher standard despite the fact we have less people. Able to go to the games. Because of the -- Number of seats so I think it should be some kind of a different formula for black -- because I don't think the black our rulers. Is a fairway and as but I also don't think were entitled to watch all the games will be back after.

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