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Holiday Shopping

Dec 24, 2013|

Jill Schlesinger

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chances out with Christmas -- upon as most folks are doing one of two things today either traveling to family events or maybe just maybe still rushing around. With those last minute Christmas shopping parents to take less or bring in CBS news business analyst Jill Schlesinger talked a little bit about that part of at all good morning Jill. Good morning boy they are scrambling if they waited till today right but love the sport that that's what I've learned it's like the same people who cut a big Black Friday. It's -- at the same personality to wait till today. Is it worth it or is it just the event the fun the excitement the scramble. Well I mean not for some people it's not worth the anxiety that it -- by I think could be in pretty good deals this year in particular because. We do know that the -- and the holiday season hasn't been great for retailers so far Huckabee could. Certainly see that turn around but early indications are that not such a good holiday season. And that's that would kind of interest thing about that is that other data are really pointing to a pro. The economy so we get -- like sort of -- urgent data point. That they retail sales in November -- strong. We have the GDP increase in the third quarter we have sentiment rise thanks. And yet it looks like holiday sales may not be quite as good as expected so we're not sure exactly why but so far that's what's happening. In -- mention you can understand why somebody would win until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping but you know what that's bad. You would think that some sharp retailer might spot that person and maybe take advantage who knows. I don't need to hit the but I think they -- they really can't because what you could take advantage of that person comes in who may be actually the one who rescued your season. You know that's what you're trying to do need to cut it. Give you -- reason to shop. Or maybe even maybe say your government your shopping but boy had a great deal for you. I mean it is clear that there was large load up on inventory for the holiday season. And many retailers are going to be stuck holding the bag unless they have -- and that means that they're going to be some pretty good deals out there. And does deal could be happening today -- could happen you know in the next few days after Christmas but. You know what's really important is when you look at this it's that might have been a major enough the economy right I -- -- know it's important retailers make up. These outright percent of their sales occur with in the last in the holiday season but. Overall. We are seeing improvement in economic reports and that's really the more important -- -- going -- when you look at the big trap. So these shopper track numbers this morning that say retail shopping is down during the holiday season. Overall that's more of a blip that sounds like you said. I think it is and I think dating we're gonna find edited them I think it's good if you on the docket are retailing company but I think it's. What's going to be far more important coming into 2014. Is not to. That shopping was down two or 3% from where they thought it was going to be. I think it's more important trend is going to be employment just looking. The economies gathering steam. Sentiment is improving and overall that's what's -- assisting -- in 2014. If we have a great holiday season at the expense of having don't -- become the first quarter of next year that would be bad side. I don't wanna point gap that last week channel advisors said that the online traffic is up pretty dramatically Amazon's same store sales up 39%. From November 28 through December 15 compared to last year. ELE date sales -- up nearly 21%. -- it may be that the brick and mortar are really starting to lose out to the online world. And certainly at the day before Christmas I imagine that people are going to be very busy getting online and -- significant -- -- and not breeding those crowds out there. Where you know it's a lot different now to return gifts to abolish people shopping online authors there's going to be a -- day with a brick and mortar stores. You know gifts finding their way back into those stores but what about people who receive things over ball on line out of a handle. Well you know at some of the free shipping both ways turn into a huge bit UBS said that they -- returned were tracking much higher than last year and I think that's because online traffic adopt. So you know what's amazing is you can have. Years haven't thank you again after you've gotten to get and all the sudden you go online you print up that return receipt -- put it up. Slap it right on the -- drop up to the UPS story you'd United States post op at. I had to wait and going to the story just say a great that I am going to and returning and that and I and I have to deal that. I think that what's going to be really interesting. Is seeing what kind of follow through there is coming out this year where we -- home prices increased stock market increased. People feeling better it is sentiment indicated it was a five month high that we released yesterday. Is this going to be a better economic here for the United States 2014. But maybe not quite good here for the stock market that's what the big question. And right now as we moved between fourteen and I think we know someone who can watch that force banks to yeah. What do you we will be in touch thanks that's CBS news business analysts hills lessons are on the WB and --

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