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Holiday Travel

Dec 24, 2013|

Tom Parsons

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's shut down how -- the airlines are on the good old USA is. Folks fly around -- hoping to visit friends and relatives. Our guest on the live line is Tom Parsons the president and CEO of best -- dot com -- -- Good Morning America mr. Thank you get more Christmas see where does that rank up as far as the busy travel day it's not leave busy as -- that. No actually Christmas Eve and Christmas where are ideal daisy give dad died. Of the film that week. The worst days. Take off where this Saturday the Friday and Saturday -- last that Friday Saturday and come back a week later or. Even this coming. Friday or Saturday. He can -- some of the -- once -- offers seven night getaway even. But right now if you look at New Year's C news. If you booked today I mean course is in point gophers to a seven day getaway. The fares are probably pretty get on December 31 you still -- be there and then -- there in the morning and the great deal of app can be re a party where you wanna go but. That's still the out of buffalo at the last minutes. Today he's in. A week from today. Being on an airplane thing be similar for New Year's. Orlando to fifteen and Tampa at 249 -- and -- one plays round trip. You know -- New York City 45 and four large -- where it's been running about -- eighty degrees down that direction to 49. You -- for about a week. And take off New Year's Day beauty that is. -- used to get a shot that warm up then -- there from buffalo. In general talk about fares this past year was 2013 -- more expensive beer than. Say 2012. I definitely. The airfares that one up fuel surcharges and -- -- baggage and other fees have gone up. But an overall we have seen some wildly crazy special again if you're traveling during the major holidays like Thanksgiving Christmas New Year's spring break summer. The -- easily try to heal the juggler vein but as we go in this September and coming out of government in mid January and February. -- be seen those bargains come back to us there's probably five months of the year you sort of need that. Really plan ahead and hope he wins -- started doubly great airfare and -- five -- of the year the airlines have Thelma yeah that'll play compared to what they do during the holidays. Great victory I think. -- is no real good after the first of the year. McCain who's been looking real good all year long. But you know you can still get a four -- -- for -- probably in the 600 dollar range. Where on the beat is McCain could have the first of the year where many people today effort they've gone over Christmas -- pain like 1718100. Dollars in the same four nights -- hotel. You know my idea would be you know what he has bagged you have to travel go after the first year and that. And then the -- family of four at about two or 3000 dollars I guess he's pretty. Now I give the gift that travel do for the less money -- -- rightfully or not. Thirty or forty or fifty years sixteen Stevie and I hope that that eighty and Stevie is still -- -- is more important things rumors say you know Martin margaritas and survey -- -- down there. -- Tommy mentioned the best times to get out here to go somewhere where last Friday Saturday may be in the Sunday. No one did folks -- start booking those flies for those ideal day isn't to -- -- pay a premium price. Only I mean it's it's definitely -- major. Major -- different differential and airfares when you look at those days. Said that they were running double and triple the money as a as a leading on. Today or tomorrow. The airlines has started to waive the advance purchase -- -- that's one thing and it started well in advance particular. Beginning in 2014. Include. And -- 31. But I. I just think you appear I think 2014. Should be an interesting year I think you've got to be a little bit creative. I mean you'll look at airfares on the average on the European and in the month of June July and August which -- -- because Europe. 15100 dollars out of buffalo many cities. I've been folks who -- cheap he's still have. JetBlue flying nonstop in the Boston from Boston over two. That forty different cities especially in the beginning in June and also. The last part of August and the whole month of September were seen roundtrip fares -- 712. Yet at those two numbers in my you'll put that extra 5600. Books in your pocket per person. -- little creative open as we go -- airfare. And I am well opinion do Boston magazine goes feasible to baseball stadium the old way of America or handle lobster roll because of the day the team probably is Dublin nice premium little hotel and everything that -- -- that makes. Okay Tom good to talk of the merry Christmas tree and around thanks thank you Tom partial presidency L best fares -- com.

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