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Obamacare & Gabryszak Fall-out

Dec 24, 2013|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's Christmas Eve but this year that falls on Tuesday. And if it's Tuesday that means it's time for our weekly chat with political reporter Dave Leventhal at the Center for Public Integrity in Washington good morning Dave. Good morning and a Merry Christmas to guys. Since you are you back here for the holidays -- in DC right now. I'm not still very much in the belly of the beast here. Well that's a good place to well look at things like obamacare and they the deadline extension tell us what happened there. I guess everyone gets a little bit of a Christmas present I suppose it's you're in the market for health care. There's quite where our extension that occurring in place for people who want to have health care and then be ruled by January 1 which is bland. Everything really get -- thought out American and still. He'd been rolling all the way up until March at the in the ability prevent these kind extension that they GAAP. In order to either get a role at all for obamacare either in the state exchanges. Or in the federal agents but that it -- something that was very quiet. It was not rolled out in any public maker weight to it effectively a computer change that was instituted. At the last moment then -- the White House and federal officials are saying it was really itself up votes to Mexico what happens if people. A little bit more time that there were some computer troubles for some more which is. But a lot of critics of Obama error saying that -- it's another. Broken promise another last minute change that's occurred time and time again with you are a lot about our. Do you think the change was because of demand or -- their glitches. It's so it is probably a combination of both what it comes down to it -- have been so many problems that this website there have been permanent collection is. And gotten better of course for the past many weeks. But in the final caution people actually going and finding out. -- covered in trying to enroll of that as does offer whether it was consensual or not there regardless of what police who was. I a couple of will provide people with 88 some volatility electric go ahead limited ability to go ahead and tighten up or -- if they are awaiting like -- And they have been reading that congressman Paul Ryan has his sights on becoming chairman of the house Ways and Means Committee in 2015. And they're probably the most powerful and influential. Committee in congress who needs to get out of the way from Paul Ryan. -- Holiday pick up the go ahead and -- -- the -- again the Republicans are right now it's a pretty big challenge for Democrats and already under so much politicking going on. Emails that were getting fundraising notices went before Christmas and yet even in this season and everyone is. Doing asking what becomes that there -- Republicans and Democrats a light out at number one but he definitely -- The -- but it's. The topic is what it comes. It's -- a Republican and for that slot these plots all the change no nobody is here it is flop although many people of certain chairmanship for a long time but. Parts of the former vice presidential candidate it's been one of the most notable Republicans certainly out of representatives and arguably over on the country would be -- life. I -- -- DC based story but as long as you're on the line with us as long as you talk politics. Give me your take on this unfolding scandal the sexual harassment allegations around Cheektowaga Democrat assemblyman Dennis -- -- You get respect in the world right now Andrew Cuomo -- come out union said that action like that it's it's true it's not going to be tolerated. On the court that I read for a -- Cuomo is in doubt if this is true. And that natural sober thought as the assembly speaker that they released a statement saying that these accusations are quote very disturbing. And that cover that -- he will immediately forward these allegations. Through the ethics committee these things typically you know and went oh you can look at somebody like senator David -- currently yeah bill. I company prostitution. Scandal and was able to survive that's still serving today. But for every bit better there is an Eliot Spitzer or -- Anthony Weiner or -- buffalo. It's clear air mass allies the typically what it was looking pretty bleak right now and it it is -- disturbing situation it to Europe allegations. This worked for for anyone in any context but particularly in the public's fear that is going to be as public as -- All right very good go to next Tuesday Dave thanks. -- Merry Christmas that's Dave London Leventhal a senior political reporter for the Center for Public Integrity in Washington DC and.