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More Snow and Flooding Latest

Dec 24, 2013|

Meteorologist Dave Thomas

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's get right to the airport weather station on the live line is meteorologist Dave Thomas good morning there -- -- this morning. And we don't talk do between -- and on tomorrow Merry Christmas we understand a flood threat still exists for. Forward floating along a stretch of tunnel on the -- tell us about that. The -- on the river continues to rise the learning then about fifteen feet and should go up another couple inches here through this afternoon. And that is that posting up putting problems along the riverbank. Isn't expected to get worse as the day or have we reached the high point as it pressed. What's still to come. We should be reaching the high point here this afternoon. In the preparation remains writing what stage right through Christmas state. -- illness and. This release floodwaters. If they do become floodwaters are coming from a newstead Batavia. Area traveling through -- on the East Amherst area now. In the news still Batavia area hills the creek crested there yet. It has upstream the creek has crested -- crested there yesterday that the media. And we're expecting to treat -- -- here this afternoon and continue -- go down through the evening hours. All the other waterways are pretty much OK today. Yes other waterways there. And also receding. No not much of a threat anymore from all the country. Not -- -- -- creek is also about falling in not much of a threat anymore. It's our understanding now we have -- snow advisory forum the deep southern -- affecting at least one county. The do you have lake effect -- advisory -- -- -- with -- looking for a person's no luck this morning. Upton along the Lake Erie shoreline here and now another person's still here and it's too early afternoon process silence here. Now that's lake effect the rest was sort of skipped toting dusting. Patrick appear near buffalo located. An inch of snow here today. Is that this it's around that we repeal it have like Christmas for tomorrow. And then that's good news thanks for joining us this morning and again Merry Christmas. National Weather Service meteorologist a day of -- by the way many roads and -- Akron Houston area. Are closed or impassable -- warning because of high water on the rules.