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12-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Dec 23, 2013|

Hour 3

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Man how much time I have today is really kind of dictated by Chelsea master controls and again for the constantly vacationing Joseph Bieber you know don't takes more time off -- Currently I -- four weeks vacation it seems like Joseph is off. Anyway we get to work with Chelsea -- master control she just does a phenomenal job. And a Tyler -- is your call screener but again Tyler you know it's -- knows the game Tyler was trained by Chelsea Chelsea was trained by Joseph. Joseph was trained by Connor Connor was trained by me. And call screening -- use very important any talk joining -- I think it's the most important job on -- at auction. Now. I'm looking for that guy from Sanborn. But he hung up and maybe it's just that huge. But if you are the pros and Warren wants to talk about the family of the trooper who was killed last week the -- the family. I wanna talk here. A -- give your name on the -- because I don't want people pretending to be you. But the phone number is 180616. WBE. And that's -- for. 180616. WB -- the car -- car -- -- all might. OK Chelsea please committee -- just punched me. I guess that car fault. On -- my ex wife's a slot which by the way it was quite freaked and car in the day. Dad had a car phone most of -- that its phones. So -- anyway cell phones start 930 and the land line 8030930. Well first let -- go to Brian in Ontario. He of the white license plate with the blue lettering. And he's talking about the how they do things in Ontario and they've got something similar. To the move over law. In Ontario. And Brian. You wanted to talk additionally about the. Yeah it's it's a bit of a procedural change it looks like it happened. I don't I'm not connected like you are ready to meet completely out -- But they they seem -- over on -- art you know -- 400 should be highly appear at VW whatnot or one. These seem to kinda to a a -- like I can't block. Fatal hole in line anymore street behind the vehicle they they. Got it up to a three feet too -- -- -- -- could park their car. So they're not directly on the road and hopefully the -- -- -- -- -- You know audit and try to get close to the -- trailer or the shoulders -- all to give them that. So. Again you are are guaranteed like you should be or how are without you know a popular soccer convert our speed limit. About an hour now you you might I'm a slow down to thirty mile route sixty and I might want it and it. You know your paper but it's not against a lot comedic look at it -- you know. So you're right subjectivity -- a little allowance you know driver. Stupidity and we don't need -- out there but it seems to have done done a lot better -- but we had any. On highly. -- -- Well idea I have seen. I've seen both. Techniques used I've seen the you know perfectly in line technique used and I've I've seen idea that. I don't know what the name is somebody's gonna help but the technique you're talking about which is -- I guess they call the offset. Technique that a mature as the official name. That was sort of just think you can bet on it up I would enjoy checkerboard you know but it's not -- -- border -- not -- checkerboard. If you're like you know what -- I wanna just I got a lot of troopers or email India today so our guys what's the technique known as officially were -- when -- -- over vehicle you give yourself that pocket of three or four feet so you're not directly lineup with the wheels off to the left a little bit. They don't know the name of that technique Thomas WB -- that count. Once -- idea what a -- or week. Well right you don't. I feel like we just made love -- -- left their home. -- -- -- If all appeals to fulfill our -- Right up but anyway folks I work. I wanted to spend some time talking about the fund raising -- for the family the trooper who died last week in the line of -- pull somebody over. And a semi tractor comes along kills the troopers seriously injured the motorist who was pulled over. And I don't know what is. That makes cop cars in emergency vehicles magnets. For other vehicle's been hit despite the blinking lights I don't know. But for whatever reason it seems to happen the way too much. And just offered to other bits here for that I've. I hope my friends who are. Constitutionally. Upholding the law enforcement officers appreciate what I'm about this. A lot of departments. Including the state police they've got one a trooper one -- vehicles. Now I want to put yourself in the position here let's say. Let's just say. You're on maple road. And it's two or. And you see a copy -- somebody pulled over. And you see she met. Dare -- be trouble -- -- -- what I do well you know what you can guess what I do. I've always keep my eyes on the situation and I am usually aren't. And if I see it -- this is not happened yet but if I ever do see a cop. Having an issue. I will back up the cop. I've got just enough training to know how to do so. I would encourage everybody. When you see it up. With somebody pulled over and you've you've got that sense. That's and stuff is gonna go down. Keep an eye on the situation. Now you may not want to get personally involved at least call 911 and hang out. You know from a safe distance. Because. Sometimes portable radios don't work. And sometimes you can't get back to the car to radio if you're right in the middle of dealing with for -- bags. So keep an eye on the cops especially these single officer -- cars. You may never have to do any thing but I always like to provide some extra eyes to the men and women in uniform. That does not make me a special person. -- does not make me a special person. Just makes me a human being. That's it. And all by the way. When you are. Pulled over. If you -- are probably got to follow the dictates of the trooper. Pulling you over where the -- pulling over. Now the last couple over. Was over ten years ago in it was on actually maple road in Amherst. And I have a headlight out to edit lit up as I was going to get it repaired bad -- Now I couldn't stop them maple road. But there was a driveway in 28 business. Right off to my right and it was very well lit. And I understand police officers and I understand the stress they go through even on a routine vehicle stop. So like pull into the well lit parking lot I turned the inside lights on my car on. I ship the engine off a put the keys on the dashboard and I put both -- on this during. Why -- I have to do that now I did it because I want the -- to know. That I'm okay majors coming up to the car I want them to know. That I am not a threat. And I understand. Police procedure and the stuff that they would be looking out for. You see a police academy and again I eyed boy I -- you know what. I honest to god I never -- going into it and I never regretted quitting but I'm grateful I went into it because I learned a lot of stuff might ordinarily wouldn't know. There are actually people who leave their motors running. And when the cop comes to the car. They'll pull forward in the they won't back -- the cop car to try to kill the engine and then they'll take off. Well when you put your keys on the dashboard and you shut the engine off the cop knows you're not gonna do that. And one more thing I'm sure these little tidbits maybe I hope -- someday maybe they won't -- all but even a couple of weeks ago. And I had just had the president's on my show. We're -- issues at my house. And now that it's in the Amber's beat. Basically my house is under surveillance have talked about this before by private Dicks. Who are cowards by the way. Absolute cowards. In any event. I have on tape these huge bags trespassing. On my neighbor's property. So they call the police. And the cops got their pastor and I thought they -- And I noticed a flashlight coming up my driveway at the exact moment I'm feeding Haley can't. I don't the -- So I see this flashlight Calvin and that I look over my shoulder and -- its uniformed members cop. And I said officer I've just feeding my cat. And I said I know -- kind of sounds dirty -- it that I closed the cage and I said officer Joseph you know I am armed I'm not a threat to -- And he's at whereas that I said that to my right hip he's -- -- thank you very much for letting me you know I didn't have to tell I was armed and own property. But the idea is. Why people want the -- to it all jittery. Now if I had not said anything. He was gonna see the gun. And then suddenly. It changes from a routine. What's going on 20 my gosh is this guys and kind of a cycle. A cycle but. What I'm trying to say use a little common sense in this world can go a long way. And he did say please keep your hands right -- -- I -- OK fair enough -- put my hands together. I first smaller storm front and back my hands that I didn't have anything atom -- -- when I was standing in front of putting together and I did not -- them. Because I wanted him to feel safe. I will likely his last name his first name starts with the letter. Cops have a lot of their minds. Because believe it or not there are a lot of bad people out there. And if you're cop and it's gonna -- like about my knees and for -- cops but I understand the psychology I think better than almost any civilian. Based -- Bad people. Being bad. They also seat usually good people at their absolute worst. So it does tend to skew your view of humanity. So just where it. Are -- go to let them on WB and Tim thanks for holding Europe. They can make other bit and a lot inquiry. If you -- sometime back about. Canadians about -- and it about it and are immortal or cause. -- not being that it is it that the truck drivers that struck that trooper what Canadian. Go -- you do research and that it will back in. Toward the -- -- seven acre up the night. That might to retreat to present were killed on I. Under the age certain repeat it people stop me. -- art but the way. But that's the north where it. Right it was not -- -- all three of its uses and no. Where in between all but he. And like that which is about sixty miles north of your city. Altria those guys were were opt out of -- -- -- -- well there -- back. But it is it -- all -- these secret of the art statement that was literal laws but. Well. All around and I have been at least that are law enforcement of current and retired a lot. Law enforcement then now. It is it's pretty area there. Is the only they they -- her aunt or at least about it are. You know I don't mean to generalize but I have to do and if you if you're Canadian. Please don't be upset with me. This is my subjective. What I have seen it personally use. The Ontario. And Quebec truck drivers are the worst most obnoxious. Most law breaking truck drivers in the world. They drive much like crap. Up there for awhile they could do. The -- on the trucks. Or pull up to trucks. I I gotta tell you it whenever I see a truck with a Ontario or Quebec plates I didn't play near Rome because I know whoever's drive and it is a dumb -- Imagine these guys noted. Middle East and that there adapter for those guys and get the truck. Others want to roll over attitude -- one time going help but not a not a lot yet at all. It's at -- there they're there without the truck like one -- about the truck and here -- another orbiter mellow -- -- problems. Spoke English. Yeah night sir I could not agree with you more -- my apologies if you are. A a francophone. Quebecers who can actually drive. Or in Ontario truck driver who can actually drive but I have to tell you that you guys need to do little self policing of the cowboys out here because I'm. -- -- Tim thank you very much. I'm glad you called let's go to traffic right now and the malls where you're in the cowboys now you. Stable horse right Elena Harris Allen what's up. All right -- are done with your Christmas shopping. We'll look for something that it can't find it and by how you're not gonna get it in time for Christmas unless you spent a lot of money to have especially ship but no -- -- looking for. Are actively trying to track it down for I do this partly due to do this every year and I'll do it now. Why. Isn't lazy and it's two days workers. We do have the flood warnings continuing but only in certain spots and then having -- be that bad this from the National Weather Service. -- Black creek at church will -- wanna precipitated it and at rapids -- after creek at garb but GA RB UTT -- Probably you say it. Anyway the rest of us are cloudy and holder to a much colder tonight and tomorrow flurries currently recovering to an inch any player in the area. And a lake effect squalls will give us three to six inches if you were in the southern Tigger and I hope so for the ski industry. That industry. -- in a lot. I don't know how you guys even stay in business between the taxes the equipment the electricity the other utilities the employees. And then you've got X number of days they actually -- That's a tough grind man. Anyway overnight low tonight seventeen high tomorrow just twenty degrees but we can handle it for we are buffalo and you right now still 32. At news radio 930 WB EN. So -- Well I guess -- really open -- -- at all out here. I've got all I've got angry truck drivers now so just there's no confusion. I just wanna make it really clear. I think truck drivers in general are the best drivers in the world and they should be because that's what they do for a however. Got to tell him eight disproportionate. Number. A truck drivers. Who have Ontario plates or Quebec plates. Are menaces. On the road. They drive too fast. They do stupid things and I honestly don't know how they got their licenses. Especially -- And sometimes Ontario. In my guess would be and this is a generalization. My guess would be many of those people do not speak in Indo European language. Being. -- -- Okay. -- Yeah. This feet. -- -- -- Good Philadelphia I. Let Chelsea. I let. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I like it when Chelsea picks up Christmas music and certain other songs although -- let's just say the Chelsea's taste in music as a young lady. Is just -- At different than my taste in music and let's just say -- highly sabres tastes in music. I actually said that Tyler one as a Tyler I was listening to the best of -- -- Am I really didn't understand -- single song you played and who did and what ones. And if I don't understand it I guess in most of the people who listen to me don't understand it either. So that's why he's reverted to a lame ass rock and roll. I said Tyler if you want your lame ass rock general listen in 97 rock in the play with they play a much thank you are right in. I've started to my friends over there another announcement this I'm kidding they know why am I mean. You know -- this report that life is too short. Two argument that the matches with other people in the business and anybody who's been in this business for more than five years. Deserves my respect. Seriously I don't care -- they take shots at me. Doesn't matter right. Shred Reagan now what why what I hate those guys. They don't like big but I don't get into that -- I respect them for what they do. Why has it -- delivered a long time. And it takes at this takes a lot. To stick this out in the long term and I've seen a lot of people coming ago. Over thirty however many years it's been and anybody -- still here. Larry Norton. For example. My gosh you what you think you're gonna hate each other because we work -- competing radio stations. I respect Larry Larry respects me done I mean it's. I'm -- I can hear. I I can hear -- here this year in my idea in mind it's -- thank you. Not that I don't like hearing. Alan Anderson my headset but still. All right gang eight for being with us on Christmas Eve -- I know that you're probably -- your eyeballs and stuff you're -- -- -- to happen. What do you have to do between now and Christmas. What. You have to do between. Now and all and -- Christmas. You have to -- You have to set up for the family. Or are you still freaking shopping. Now I wanna make your life. A little bit easier. Because I realize. As a talk show host. That I could talk about serious heavy duty stuff right now. In fact. I'm dying to use the word Boehner again. From the Dennis ever -- story. It really would like to get into that. Partly would like to ask you guys what you dentist average -- do it you know what I would. Because I'm basically gonna shoot -- large. Up to try to spray. -- that there. Sport somebody -- just tuning in all we're thinking of right now is an old man com. Take -- back. I'm gonna I'm gonna give you an option here. Of whether you want. Serious. Or maybe not so serious stomach seriously is that if -- average. What should he do right now. My not so serious things are. Tell me how prepared you are for Christmas helmet which after the between now and Christmas Day or Christmas a lot of people the Christmas anything with their -- -- I do. One more thing because I like to help people. I really do I know that as a conservative area and I'm supposed to be heartless. You don't partial ladies offer clips and hold kids' heads underwater stuff. But. If you are looking percent. And you don't shop online and frankly even now it might be a little tough without paying confess to -- delivery charges to get what you want. I want you. To watch. Eight Juan. I want you to tell me. For what you are looking. Ariel looking for something I can't find it because. Here's how this works. You tell me what you were interested in finding. Fellow listeners. Who had seen that for which were looking at today. Or even yesterday. Can call -- and actually tell us where to find that for which you are looking. So it's kind of like lost and found except we're trying to find the stuff that you can't fine. Thanks to the -- of your fellow hourly listeners I've done this before. But I can tell you that at this point. Online IE. Seriously what -- hot hot -- gonna get it on line now it's that late in the season. IE I -- order anything online right now I think it's too late. I know storage will tell you otherwise but I don't like to take chances like that. -- 30930s the phone number that's too fast com or 803. 0930. 8030 my -- my cell member. Stations. I'll give you mine if -- hot start I'm thirty. CF free number under the cellphone and told free. 180616. WB at 180616. WB yeah. So on the serious side what should -- -- -- right now I have an opinion which it was -- regulator. What do you have to do between now and Christmas. And can we help you find any thing. You've been looking at all for something you can't track it down. My other listeners both them may be able to help you track down that for which you're looking. 8030930s. Or never start thirty on the cell phone. 180616. WB Ian let's go to sue in the DP. On news radio 930 hello -- Where else do it's almost Christmas and you say about Christmas. But. Yeah -- pretty much. So I do I have any Fiat the only thing I have that it was pick up a club. -- that blind -- met them at bats. We're al-Qaeda depends on another kind of why end -- in which you were entrusted. -- you tracked it down. I'm -- I doubt I. Actually when people are talking about what they need how where I get a couple like yeah I'm. My daughter and her fiance -- -- there -- anchored at the I got a brand doctor at the -- on. And basically. What I look at workers -- to make it simple for me it. I'd tell my kids do it donations to a charity that means a lot to you because I have an -- Can. What will at some I do it's -- out when I am hosting a celebration for family. If I'd begin to feel that I'm not I should do at the net. That iMac in -- and the that you know like you really argument not to hear your own self or your sanity. Wow and that's a great rule -- -- you know I find this interest in -- and I could be soul mates because. I host the hourly family. Fourth of July. And I -- Labor Day two now but before people come over. IA and a -- making sure that everything is as clean and as organized as it is ever going to be at my house. I'm doing -- yeah actually I'm sitting out. And sitting in the parking lot because one of the important things are idiots I'm gonna go right Mike port -- Eric talked GO because they had. Is something I enjoy and that light. -- the organized but I'd do it within reason and web -- and kids with other family I just kind of see where they want it. Is that play in -- trying to work myself around that so it minimizes the strap and it all works out. Its interest in which you started off with because so -- stressed right now because. Every Christmas. We buy a gift for mom. Every mom gives us money and I'm making a phone call tonight the mom and -- teller look mom I really don't want the money. I'm not gonna give you one thing because to me that's not what Christmas is all about I would just as soon that you give that money to people in the family who need it more than night. Absolutely because when my appearance side -- yeah. Some great charities they came men and we're supportive went back and Aaron. We got to know people personally and it's like you know it's doing in the memory of -- per cent. To me I get up and not and it actually. It creates -- -- for everybody. All I can say -- I'd go to the gym tomorrow morning to work out do and I'm not even dropped to. For yeah oh so you know what it's not often I get to say to a caller without evil intent as I hang up. Pays too little. End at the horse you rode in on. You're a -- You don't let me out riding this spring. Are you going to invite me out riding the spring and. Well I can't I had my only thought about what surgery and I'll be out outright victory on doesn't mean I can't. I I write out your -- well. I wanna do that. I love riding horses I have a special relationship with Porsche is loved me I don't know what. Well you out of great are so on everybody wants some recorder strap though. Well let's put up on -- that's a big has worsened. Yeah that you got. A really -- personality. And. I don't know if you've got any sheep but if they talk they're all lying about me anything they say it. It. They lie about oh she -- absolutely. Thank you. -- good luck with your surgery thanks for calling and I'm glad that you have kept your sanity during this Christmas season. Et all keep being yourself that terror and that everything floats -- air. Man -- blues. I'm you know I kinda learn to take time to lock. -- find out you know like. What keeps me going on the inside and then everything else will follow the light. You -- in other words -- what I see at the end of every show when I say know yourself. About that. All right so let's call thank you. I will have a wonderful time and her Christmas. 8030930. Is the phone number -- -- What should Dennis -- reject -- right now that's my serious question and the other questions are. Service that other questions -- what do you have to do between now and Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Take two minutes out of your life and tell me how organized you are if you're trying to find something. And it has to be bought you have to edit in the end today or tomorrow you tell me which have been trying to find my audience will tell you where to find. 8030930. Start -- thirty and 180616. WB EM. And the flood warnings continue but only for a couple of places and checking. And yet not -- of that. I -- -- -- -- doing -- -- -- -- -- amounted to anything black creek at church built flood -- -- a lot of cricket data and it rapids flood warning but even the worst -- going to be some big deal. Otherwise it's got a cold overnight so any water there is an untreated surfaces you'll be able ice skate on. Hey like in your basement for example. Mostly cloudy colder tonight and tomorrow worries should leave recovering to an inch and they were in the area lake effect squalls. Will accumulate three to six inches in the southern tier. Low tonight seventeen -- tomorrow near twenty. 32. -- news radio 930 W. UBE and by the way any major traffic headaches. Don't forget to call traffic hotline number is 8030321. We do have a letter the translator orchestra targets I should abort your way tomorrow -- remember. Let's. The top -- -- on -- -- something serious harm your WB. Everybody. Out of the shopping guide. I won't let you know that debt should you get a couple all year or court. I know what you're saying I disagree with you on the second part of the keep going. You know portability and -- -- should court because a great guys they get up every opportunity. And they do this goal you know. They can -- -- long been doing very pleased and everything you know it's going to be like above the -- Tom why should Dennis ever -- quit when Bill Clinton is a serial sex offender. And Ted Kennedy -- Well without the guy -- -- the money. But I'm sorry that -- but physical rape sexual assault and homicide even criminally negligent are a lot more serious than allegedly setting a video of yourself to a woman. Where you are supposedly. Getting a Clinton. I grew -- -- I agree with always. But like I read somewhere on the way you know predict that up until the good lord -- more. -- -- But Tom after the news I hope I have time to explain what I think Dennis -- project should do would you be listening them. -- -- -- Some grapes. -- And there via the red seedless thank you. Our brother banks I will well I'll explain why today after 6 o'clock on W yet. We haven't -- -- don't understand the Christmas Eve eve show of support to suck can be boring.

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