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12-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Dec 23, 2013|

Hour 2

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Aha. I promise. Which is something earlier. Today and I wanna make good on by -- planted -- before we bring a border area. A very special guest although very special Christmas Eve eve -- relief program. Because right now this time of the year. Everybody it's. They're specials you know. So up anyway it -- people try to hide this stuff and I just believe to be honest with you guys and I pride myself on B a one take wonder. Right now there's an ex girlfriend saying you know one minute wonder. No -- a one inch wonder I mean a one take wonder. And I usually do get a piece of copy. Of the rated advanced -- is do it in it sounds great. Sure -- this for 33 errors. So anyway today. I had all what you're copy and I'd -- but -- at a record. Under so I come across this one script. And keep in mind I can think and read the same time. So I come across this one line. And this one line to me made absolutely no sense because it benefited the client not at all. It was a lie and that was thrown in. And I have to tell you just in case and other salespeople are listening and I am so gonna rag on my brother for this. It was thrown in by my brother. Now I have to confess. My brother is a great salesperson and not just saying that because he's my brother. My brother makes me a lot of money. And let our brother a lot of money together we make account a lot of money. And my brother is a great writer. Please understand -- And I would not do this if it was anybody but my brother but because he is my brother I have opened I have carte Blanche to rag on him. So he put this line. That to -- he -- I can say is Wednesday. A self pleasure in line. So I read this line. And that -- pause. And I went into. A tirade. I can tell you that I didn't but I'd said. But as I'm doing -- I'm realizing. All my gosh this is great stuff. Unfortunately I cannot play it on editor. So a lot of this year or if you please listen to the very end because the end of it that is the kick right there. So ladies and gentlemen has recorded about ten minutes before I went on here this more this afternoon. This is your humble host going. Shots over a line of copy. That did nothing for a client. But was simply a pat on the back by my brother to himself. Okay. -- -- It just the. I'm sorry I know it's me. I know that this -- made that very few people have ever. Are at -- a lot of these numbers shot up to up. -- more time it's I think it's funny well I'm sorry but if you can't laugh at yourself in the stupid things you do. You're not -- -- lap but the stupid stuff I do. You got embrace your entire personhood you can't just look at the good stuff. Crappy stuff too and I'm sure which you even though I don't have to do because basically although anything for cheap -- A stupidly say. A client. That do the job. That's -- at the classic -- -- the unedited version however is a lot bloodier. However the beeps every beat you here is exactly the words you think -- used it -- it. And so to -- be our outlets let's have somebody who's more mature than. This is. Get back to the average at that. But I want to bring aboard does Steve -- not from sculptures committee on political education. Full disclosure I have a life member of scope. And they pull out life member of scope. Yes they actually let me carry guns anywhere one in the amazing our rights are well. Any -- it's I want it's legal to do it. Joining us now is Steve also out and Steve. You know we have. I have talked numerous times about. The state police we talked about the state police field guide to enforcing the unconstitutional. And -- save -- law. But we had a tragedy affecting the New York State Police last week and most gun owners. Are responsible. Gun owners most gun owners are very appreciative. Of the work done by police at all levels including of course the state police we respect them. And we support them when they enforce laws that are constitutional. The tragedy last week involved an on duty trooper and sadly. Most. On duty -- with law enforcement are motor vehicle accidents and this one last week definitely reinforces the fact. There is no such thing as a routine. Vehicle stop even if the person you're gonna write up. Is a decent citizen who's not gonna have to yes still have that traffic just whizzing by you. And that we lost to state trooper last week in the state trooper was a dead at some young kids and I just cannot imagine this family going through what they're going through right now. I mean just days before Christmas to you tell us what scope is doing. Well we're up partner lists. And like to say the Christian coalition and that New York revolution a revolution. To. To do something which -- -- -- entrepreneurs like not only too little most her sister her law abiding respectful of Oakmont course that most. Most options. State troopers. And are opposed to this -- actively support the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Syverson so. With this terrible accident. He had two young children last -- workers -- -- well are there. And that were part of a two race. -- respond. We're going to put into radio. -- About unplanned for the future of these two young children. Steve I know we're gonna have people listening who you know may not have a healthy respect for people who enforce the law -- say how come -- raising money for the state trooper because I mean you know his family's going to be well taken care -- -- -- kids are gonna be fine how can be raising money for the state trooper. Well initiative came. Initially from -- like to me a grassroots coalition and and we've talked to them and and we greet them that would be it feels good gesture to supports. That trooper in his children and we went along with -- -- are using a web site just were set up we're already -- donations online. And actually do you do it donations -- chipped it just opened right dot org. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh they're absolutely a man now -- I also know that. The New York State Police. PBA. They have a fund that is also dedicated to troopers. Who have lost their lives in the line of duty. And there surviving family members and I think in somebody's gonna correct me on this I got a lot of troopers listening I think it's called signal 48 fund. I'm not real label to respond. -- drivers independent of that and -- security and management to children. I'm sorry signal thirty you know what -- signal thirty. -- so this is an independent of that. We -- player so that surrounds the Scopes. In the air pollution and election rates. And I'm. It's independent of that we're waiting at least this is sufficient to chuckled and set up bombs and sort of. You know I find this actually I just -- Steve I just think this is a great idea the state troopers union does have that they've BS signal thirty fund and you don't have to get trooper. To donate to that fun you don't. You know also I have this fund. That has been set up by the gun owners scope. And why. That scope and -- dot org the website effect I put a link to the donate page on my FaceBook page. And do you have a goal in terms of fundraising. We didn't put a specific dollar a vehicle on which is gonna you know put it out their orders and owners and sportsmen. And civil rights. Activist that. Two to reach out and do some of these kids were Christmas -- mean what a terrible thing one week -- week of Christmas and travel. I mean any line of duty death and -- you know week we remember certainly a trooper Dobson who died on the 29. We've had other state tree the go to bed year for state troopers and from early with motor vehicle accidents. Yeah yeah and I literally hit pull someone over or traffic violation and -- Check -- trailer came both along and get them in the it's and at that you know the driver was severely injured the officer was killed in the the tractor trailer earlier this sort of you know wasn't seriously injured. So it just imagine -- -- out there and senator Patrick -- -- don't -- -- Well I mean I've seen very close calls and way back in the stone ages believe it or not and that's what I'm talking about the sixties year. Used to be a game with some of the eighteen wheelers can I go fast enough by the trooper to blow his stats and off. I'm serious and I am not take the supplement -- to speak corporal war to which have been privy over the years. But you know we have the move over law in New York State which. Unfortunately people don't get it and here is what it's all about. It's supposed to prevent or to reduce the chances of these things happen. And if you cannot move over into a left lanes to give the trooper. And the vehicle and the vehicles that are pulled over some space you must reduce speed. Now if I can't get over to the next wave upon blocked and believe me I don't care from driver might might my sports car or my Jeep that Jeep -- sports -- -- down to about 35 miles an hour. Because I do not need -- cops death on my conscience. Yes such subsidies so it's -- emergency vehicles are now on. Well. Some sort of running just -- eight relatives. It was so. Such struck in the Georgia this Syracuse just in the last here that loses their source -- access. You know what we had a similar similar accident to on the 19 the by the Dunlop plant a few years back I was coming back from the casino. And -- guy who is being kill our guy was killed was just operative flat but that were tow truck so. You thank you -- pointing that out you're right it is all emergency vehicles. Other vehicles -- the flasher is we have to move over if we can safely do so. And if we cannot safely do so we have to reduce our speed and I'm not talk about one or two miles an hour if you're on 55 miles an hour. Please. Slow it down to about 35. Please I mean I'm I'm just make that number up 35 because that's what I do. Any any word I know what the total is so far Steve. We just put it up bombs on this Friday. We're up a couple thousand dollars so far would like to see quote. Higher -- net. That. It's Eddie is saying they need to do you know on this suited for Christmas. Received for the necessities to poor kids will be appreciated you know whether it's just couple dollars -- acceptable to a middle 15100 dollars -- time. Right now we're we're a little over a thousand dollars and and -- orders you know somewhat more people are are talking. Roy and I certainly hope. That -- one of the things that I love about this is the fact that you -- take the bull by the horns and I know. How gun owners feel about analyze -- and I know that. You know. I also know that as you said the most of the state troopers are against NYC. And I think what you're doing is great because it demonstrates our good faith and I am a life member of scope as you know. Our good straight toward the law enforcement community and I just wanna thank you for what you're doing is right on my FaceBook page are carried. Thank you that's now we appreciate your opener to us to promote that. Well thank thank you most people were doing and certainly -- sympathies. Two to the family and and all the friends of the trooper let's go to traffickers they'll. And it lets see I've got some good news. Thank you I've got some good news it was just on the floor that's meet my good news falls to the floor store -- African life. Up flood warning continues for black creek church bill -- I want to creek at -- savior not a lot of creek rapids. And the flood warning continues for. A lot -- at -- near Rochester thanks Alan Harris we know that the temperature for their child's. She's getting the temperature I'll just say that that the rest of the day because I'm too lazy to look at myself I'd rather have Chelsea during. Mostly cloudy colder tonight and tomorrow flurries -- covering. To an inch anywhere in the area lake effect squalls accumulate three to six inches in the southern tier and the -- tonight seventy and highs tomorrow twenty. Who it's 32 days -- news radio 930 W. Be the end. If you're just joining us my phone number is 8030930. Believe it or not I've got to really establish a topic I hope I've been entertaining for. And the last segment we did with Steve all spot with our shooters committee a political education I think is very very important. We did lose a state trooper in the line of duty in New York State last week no such thing as a routine vehicle stopped. And this trooper left behind a couple of very young children and you can get information on how you can help that family. Like going to be Tom -- FaceBook page or directly to scope. And why dot org. And also the New York State PB AR troopers PDA has the signal thirty fund which a play about coming up after the owners. You know that's -- in the in France. Comment. -- -- But news today. Most famous reindeer. All. Rudolf the red nose -- Head of every shot. Did you ever resolved. You would even -- okay. All the other thing you. Uses a laugh and call him okay. Yeah they remember that hello Bruno and enjoyment and your. And if you ever listen -- silently you would truly know he blows. It is 434. At WBB. And edit it make funny yourself to a whole war against whom can you may I ask you. A way to get serious here. The things you have to realize on this program. Is that and again you know people get confused by others. Because. I fourteenth. Advocate of the bill of rights. A U I am very. Very. Very into the bill of rights. Whether it's the First Amendment the Second Amendment a Fourth Amendment up at the amendment and god in 2813. A game but. When police officers constitutionally. In force constitutional law office. They will always. Have my support. I know a lot of cops I was a police academy -- I wanna fight through story. Learn how to do that later on -- -- my acts. She was a street fighter she taught me how. And that's why today Tyler if you get on the nose right here I will bleed like a -- So either learn how to do that -- I washed out a mean look everything happens for a reason. And people would say well that's probably why you don't like cops because you failed no. My failure in the police academy was one of the best things that ever happened. Because account back in to do what I'm supposed to be doing and it. I learned a hell of a lot. I wrote I really didn't including the fact that it is a helmet it's a bit of a job. And I'm not embarrassed at all by dropping out you can make by what I. Everybody fails. You look at any successful person on this planet believe. Any body in this world to success has failed more than they've succeed including your humble host. So I have a healthy respect for cops and a healthy respect for the constitution. The New York State Police. They a signal 35. Where it came up with mystical forties fund you know what I think that you actually the first 48. -- -- But it's the single thirty fund the New York State troopers PDA signal thirty fund. Was created by the police benevolent association of the New York State troopers the purpose of the signal thirty fund is to support the members of the New York State Police. In extraordinary circumstances such as a line of duty death. Illness injury and loss of residences to fighters were flights. A signal thirty is -- troopers radio call for help it is only used. When he or she needs immediate assistance in an emergency. The signal thirty fund. Benefits our troopers and their families the signal thirty fund does not spent any money from donations and administrative costs like salaries or marketing -- it is a federally recognized 501 C three. And your contributions are tax deductible. And capital link up to bat. On my FaceBook page -- That's if you go to my FaceBook page the top article will be on that donations to the last week. And you know. Tom are you the same guy who -- troopers to withhold their political contributions. Yes and that has not changed. Now it is it is absolutely not changed because of and why say it. Because I know that the New York State PDA. Troopers -- Gave a lot of money to Andrew -- So. I'm differentiating. Between the two in fact -- to -- and I would never name names in my closest friends in the state police know that I do not rat. Heck out of -- to -- and any details on that you guys know what I'm talking about I will never rat anybody out. You put in prison I don't care I don't -- The senator. You're -- -- fill these days that says something but. I don't. But what about the individuals that I know. When I was asking troopers not to donate to the political action committee of the New York State troopers BBA pointed out Tom. You have to keep the signal thirty fund in mind. Because I said don't give a dime to the -- wide in Europe they police troopers PB yet so this guy I know said signal thirty funded. Is something that. You really need to bring to people's attention. -- -- Sympathy is that I have to bring it to your attention today. Picker -- four or five New York State trooper line of duty deaths. This year I think three -- have been a motor vehicle motor vehicle related complications from motor vehicles. And we also of course they that the death in the training exercise. And that it's -- me ID. That one. You do an unexpected died in a training exercise. You wanna talk look every cop knows. Any cop -- there is no such thing as a routine vehicle stop. Never in your biggest danger they teach this and police academy I lasted that long your biggest danger make -- traffic stop is complacency. Because you really don't know if the person you're pulling over is having a real bad day and off mad you really don't know if -- felon. You're really don't know if they're just take -- to kill copper have suicide but you don't. Huge -- don't know. But could lower. You go on a training exercise. That's just not supposed to happen. And though my sympathies to their family as well it is just. Look there are a lot of dangerous jobs out there there jobs that are far more dangerous to be a police officer being fishermen being Leberman. I think sometimes -- overnight clerk at a gas station can be more dangerous job than being a cop. But the difference between a cop and a civilian. When everybody else is running from. The cops are running too along with the firefighters we saw that on 9/11 we've seen on many other occasions. So ID if you can't the matter for 200 dollars a thousand dollars or a couple of dollars if you can donate. To help out the family lineup. I can't imagine being a little kid losing dad. The week before Christmas right it is just it it it it's so sad or think about too much I'll start to -- And I don't care if dad died last week heart attack. A stroke. Motor vehicle accident. It's it's just tragic. And anyway. I put the information and how you can donate on my FaceBook page. And again folks. Never ever ever think. That because I say don't ever talk to police without a lawyer don't think that that means I'm anti cop I'm not. I'm pro police but I'm also pro civil rights and pro individual rights. And if you're ever accused of anything. Don't talk to the police without a lawyer. Bat is -- our constitution. Is set up. It is no I'm not going to Chelsea you know a break I'm gonna break at forty. That's what I'm gonna -- you don't -- it sets so that's why. Our a now or Chelsea around -- I feel like -- average. Sorry Dennis Nell Nell Nell Nell oh look I wanna say something about that is average -- But before I do politics and calls people wanna talk about well what we've been talking about donations for the state trooper let's go to -- well for the spam here's frank on WB and frank thanks for holding what's -- -- I am I got it all and Google but -- -- -- -- -- amendment that. Realized how ignorant and look them up and -- it well. First Amendment is the establishment clause and freedom of speech the Fourth Amendment. Usual protection against unreasonable search and seizure the Fifth Amendment. Is your exemption from testifying against yourself on the grounds it may incriminate you. And the tenth amendment is any power the federal government has not specifically taken should be in the states hands. -- remember that. -- -- -- troopers and particularly that they interpret them and then a year. Ago in the morning. That that they began with a radio that they earned about. The driver grow. In general word in or some such. And I don't let it -- about -- political over. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Opposite to a city. He's. Been. And where -- parking lot somewhere and not vote -- -- -- -- -- Situation. And I think that but what martyrdom and explode. To that. You know what I agree with you on roads like the 209 B -- 99 beat the 19 B where you're gonna have an exit within a couple of miles when you take the main line behind me. You could beat forty miles from the next exit. That's right I agree with public that naturally. People into the medium where the police that they are worried that there's generally -- every couple every seat and the mile they have Lovato. Well I did have you. By the way did you know have you German on the state -- way. East lately. Have you -- -- they have these cell phone zones. And of course no bathrooms but. They do that area is where you can Pall over and use your cell phone. Now maybe you can more those areas and the troopers can use those. To pull people over look I think you make an excellent point now. I -- I know enough about this stuff we're if I am on the young -- Sunday. And I do get pulled over if I'm close to an exit public on the way to the top. I've got to point to the exit -- getting off at the exit to make it safer for him or her. Because I I do not want that on my conscience and it's not it's obviously not gonna be a high speed chase you'll know that I'm that that I'm aware of him that I wanna make sure that he'd say that he's gonna write me a ticket and operate music. Yeah not a professional determine a wanted to -- that. -- church state park well this quote that part I mean how people are gonna all. Election campaign are taking over how many people have died in what were part I mean I'm just being a you know. Well probably about the same time they shut off Niagara Falls. But it just seemed at that place is so dangerous that people all in all the time that trooper that and it training mission -- bulk up -- It's been you know what I know that betraying you go through other people that all. Being you know. But seriously they're not gonna close it I don't think they should close it and a training exercise. That death come. I don't know -- To what that death has been attributed at this point whether it was equipment failure human error. Whether a piece of metal head petite or somebody out Lionhead fatigue and it. But that one that would definitely leaves a mark and if you don't train for that kind of stuff you're not gonna know how to save civilians. That drag it into -- my first -- what I did what I tell them young man -- I know that every -- and in the morning sun is rising and it's difficult. He. Thought and that could have avoided it. -- You know what. All right yep thank you Merry Christmas and I agree with you totally bomb bad -- bad accident that killed trooper Dobson my opinion and it was my opinion the day it happened. Wise it was the sun was in position. Where if you're getting onto the young men. You were blinded. And that's just. It probably the last thing trooper Dobson other cops are thinking about is hey will the Sunday in the eyes of somebody getting on the road. And it it doesn't make the tragedy and the last I know guys who were his best friends. And that they still miss the -- -- -- a great guy now there is a canine in the state police called dot. Picture of them myself put that might -- -- prepared to stay with us on WB. I haven't Rochester I don't know my way around Rochester I I couldn't find my way out of a wet paper bag in Rochester. By the way we have a guy calling in from -- Warren. He was going to be my next caller and I really hope he called back after five because it sounded like. I know his name but I don't wanna give it just we don't have any frauds. But to have assert is the guy from -- -- hung up. You were gonna be next so if you wanna call back after five would love to talk to you because apparently you've got some information about the line of duty death of the trooper last week. Knowing the family are pretty well and I'd love to hear from. But first. In the Ontario on WB -- L O'Brien. -- -- yeah I know that it's been a bit of a finger -- -- -- -- what you guys do once you lose a trooper we have. RO PP officers of the bridges around -- -- are trying to area and named after some. Opened the opposite that we lost. Doing just that are being hit. But they've got a couple things the last few years that. I think that cut down who first of all they've made it illegal. To stay in the slow -- With an officer pulling over a car -- he cherry he's got a carpal over. I think it's a -- 500 dollar fine if you -- now it's not a guarantee. When it is that like the move over law where you have to move into the center and see here's the problem here's the problem that in New York State. If you are unable to safely move over. You have to reduce the speed but it does not tell you by how much which is why I reduce at the 35. I do try I grew because I drive for a living at an exterminator and he went broke transport -- Nolan not to tell anyone and in an eighteen Wheeler in the you know what you said the the wash the air watch and suction. We always pulled -- briefing before the law. But so yeah you're right the -- it is selected left. With a -- safely and that's her interpretation. Hey hey Brian I want to hear more about Ontario because you were so much better than us in every way shape and form even hockey right now but. I wanna put John all the want talked after the break because of outbreak right now Chelsea will turn me into a woman and emasculated me on W media.

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