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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>12-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

12-23 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Dec 23, 2013|

Hour 1

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Radio 930 WEE and we interrupt this program to bring you a special message from the new. President of the world greetings unwashed masses I am now in total and absolute control as -- Rudolph I demand complete servitude and exactly three cookies before -- -- They have something to say to me pretty damn sore and have something to say and -- I am very basic let's get one thing straight this is my show and it's a serious intellectual our discussion and -- wanna keep it that way he's -- I don't see what the problem is Thomas a wonderful man each local. How -- the best man. Undoubtedly he's obviously some sort of Superman I just need to know if he has any shortcomings -- make me feel better news radio 930 got a dvd and that's not -- voice -- voice. Its hourly under Missouri -- 930 WB yet they did say it worked. Was because I did not have the Radio One I I honestly don't know of any work or be did not work -- what you did. I don't remember. Because -- umpire I was like right. I spent most of the weakened -- you -- dealing with but whether the power outages the roads the tree limbs one of my listeners ought you know. -- But getting feedback from my listeners especially about my sponsors who are awesome. And -- listeners sent me a note that Don. From my. -- the plumber. It down the plumber that as we call down the plumber. Are you actually went out this weekend. And fixed the guys some. Because of all weekends for the sump pump the diet -- with the weekend it died and I am so glad that might -- as you know what. When I open up my email. I saw this notation Don but the plumber and it was -- I think yesterday morning. And I'm thinking to myself oh great here's another email from somebody who did not write the number down. When I asked the right down. And now I am going to be the bad guy because I don't check my company email on the weekend I try to detach myself from my career on the weekend. And also Monday through Friday but that's another store. But anyway opener of the email. And that he says some very very very nice things about -- on the plumber as one of the -- on the plumber thank you it really is an honor to be your guy. On the radio. -- folks up. Problem oil failure to hike since when but seriously and I mean this. Mind. The people I do. When you -- -- doing it for rose -- forward John law for a cure all ideology or any of my other sponsors. Please understand. I don't do ads for Jos anybody. In fact if you'll notice that John Locke and -- say that I've been a customer since 19920. Because and there. A cure ought RG I say that I go there because I do I. So that this will sound self -- I turned down. More clients -- I except. Because. My day goes with that client. Here's my guiding rule in life. As far as my eight endorsing a client. If I would not recommend that a prospective client to my old mother or family. I will not do their -- I have only been burned ones in my life. Right talk somebody who turned out to be a huge -- that was recently. Other than that. I got -- tourism. I have a terrific. Track record. Well Williams Iraq when when when they were what they. I did all the work that the head on. That I set I had done. And you know that's. Of course my other role as once you leave me you don't come back on with me that's my other rule -- -- taught me that once a client says try elsewhere -- -- I will do a pretty much -- that I'm totally serious. Ice but. That is how I operate. Because if I'm putting my name. Attached to a business. I have to and hope. That it's a -- -- history. And Hampton hole that I would recommend. Back client to my own mom in a fight can't -- And if somebody. Leaves me. I don't take them back up I say -- outlook you -- you didn't want me you want to -- amount don't. Basically folks I guess I am one more. Because I think you have a right to know. Animals are trying to kill some time anyway it is the only person working here today. I'm start to wonder because we've got Chelsea master control we've got. Great we've got that Tyler Saber at -- at that the call screening duties. But don't worry Tyler has betrayed by the very best Kelsey who is trained by Joseph who is trained by -- We have a dynasty of calls for have been through here who'd go up our leeway because of the most important parts of this show just like running the front which sport is one of the most important part of the radio station. So anyway we a lot of things I hope we're gonna get into this morning and I really don't know where your head is right now. And I'm gonna start out with something that either is going to sock or it's gonna take off and it really is up TU. But they're gonna have to tell me how -- weekend weather affected you and more importantly whether it is still up. -- top market -- the news that he went through the road closings. He talked about some power outages that are still have a few pockets of people that are still without power. And it all of the the flooding in all this nonsense or to be expected because we get the ice. We had the rising temperatures we have the snow -- and I had a fair amount in my basement. Now I have a high ground. Which is strange. -- ground usually pick the low road -- weird is that slightly above the higher end my straight. Is like it's kind of weird if I live on. Like the hill of the street. See -- -- -- about a fifteen foot elevation. Where I am now as compared to when you looked on the street. So it kind of surprises me that I get any water. Even -- if you drops in the basement but he gets them. This weekend but I think catch my cat is listening right now -- you always leave the radio -- Ers are you can hear her her her master's voice. My cat. The litter boxes in the basement. Now you might think that you'll get a big kick out of wading through the Rainwater the snow melt and and and and traipsing through my whole. She does she gracefully. Leaps. Into the basement and then Greece gracefully leaps. Of the basement of course I'd like to think that's for me that I realized she doesn't want your -- -- But if the weather messed up your plans over the weekend again this is either gonna is gonna get calls or nobody is going to give a flying. 8030930. Start 930 and 180616. WB -- at the weather mess you up at all this weekend 8030. Thirty. -- -- -- -- At 180616. WB EN by the way I. -- Christmas gift. And I'm gonna play after I listened to it. I need to listen to her first major passes at the the test. Before I came here today. I had a -- some commercials. Am. An -- play it out -- we will not play it until I have a chance to to. And sometimes if you've ever seen behind the scenes radio stations or maybe in college in -- one or whatever. If you have ever seen anything like that. I did and I'll take today. Because I pride myself and you can ask it but it with whom have ever worked in production. I'm usually a one take wonder I can take a script cold read it -- it's holds great. And it's done in exactly sixty seconds as it should. Well today -- -- across a lot. In the script I will not tell you which top which client. But I'd read the line and then. I went ballistic because to me the line made absolutely no sense it did absolutely no good for the client. It was all about making our sales person look good. So I believe I won't even mention the salesperson was my own brother. And that's important dimension I suppose it's because I'm not pick on anybody else you're just gonna pick up my brother because it's gonna get us to talk about a Christmas -- The dysfunctional -- -- family Christmas which suspect who's going to be even more dysfunctional this year but in any event. I'll play the optics later after we make sure that all of the bad words have been fully excised from. Right now the look I'm getting is that the bad words have not been fully exercised from a and I I guess I hope you guys get a kick out because it is funny. And but it's gonna sound like a tirade. And if you were in the wrong it's really gonna sound like a pirate. But the guy with who might work out Brody who agree production guy he knows me. And he knows that sometimes I just have this need. To go into these obscene. Nancy. F Lleyton monologues when I screw something up when I think that something is no good. And -- always saves and everything I do that is an ultimate. Now people hide these things they never want them to see the light today. I want to entertain you and I think you're going to be entertained by what I'm gonna play later if it's me going nuts in the production room but. There -- you have to listen to all the way through because the ending is hilarious. In fact it was so funny. Have you ever said something that you go back and listen to it on paper on video and you make yourself laugh. We were in hysterics fifteen seconds after the tyra when we replay that for ourselves seriously. So up -- that with you later on right nobody. If opening it was affected by the weather and certainly not going to bother any party whip. Topic. Where the weather has affected you adversely this weekend it did absolutely nothing for me. In terms of about it did not like it didn't screw up -- actually maintain power. And you know I wanna give. I know this might not be politically to. I don't work for the electric company. And yeah I I don't work for the electric company but. I'm. Well I mean I don't know I think maybe one of my mutual funds as I don't know I just don't but I don't work for the -- electric company but. -- is up. My old neighborhood -- It was pretty much put together 1920s. Through the 1940s. And and win the surprise storm in 206. We got -- we were there and I know everybody likes to say this but we were the most talking diligent Williams. It. We were the most hard hit area. In the October surprise storm -- -- years. Well -- everybody's moderates. Was the first. The National Guard went -- when they went into deployment mode. After the October surprise storm so I'm not just you know pulling this out of my arts limited actually happened. But I will tell you that -- that store for. The power outages in my neighborhood have been big -- ball. And National Grid has embarked on this really. Diligent program. Of trimming the trees that could be a problem. If we had storms as we head this past weekend. And again all I will say. I really did not expect empower all weekend but not even a flicker of the lights. And I have to attribute that to the way they re wired everything after the October surprise storm and it the continuing effort they make. To get some of the old established tree branches and limbs away from the wires should date fold out. And a very sensitive to that stuff by the way and it's a 21 minutes after three at WB EN because -- I don't know how many -- you ever dodged a bullet in life. Oh my gosh that's a topic right. Have you at odds and I'm not talking about a physical bullet I'm talking about a metaphor -- I'm not go under your belt our past. And that. Our -- there I'm laughing to myself which probably did you actually but. I had this cultural views have been the Norwegian maple. I could tell was wearing wooden shoes it was a Norwegian maple in my front yard now this thing was so old. That it would not surprise me at all if general Winfield Scott had urinated on that tree when it was done. Seriously it it was a it was an agent to. But after right -- did the house you know the roof the site you know after I turned basically a fixer upper into -- -- -- I look at this tree. And I saw these giant limbs hanging over my house. I don't know what possessed me to do theirs. But it was the fall. Actually -- it was -- The storm knocked resort of in the fall but this time not that different about this for a minute. I'm looking at this tree this established. Old tree. And I realize. That you what we have not had an ice storm. Of note since I was twelve your goal. And then I'd look back up at that tree in those each hole arms hanging over my freshly -- house. And I made an executive decision I said. I think. Sooner or later. These giant limbs are gonna come crashing on to my house given a big snowstorm. Store. So roughly two months. Two outs after I had the tree taken down by professional -- -- I -- by professional -- service. That's when the October surprise storm. I have never felt. Like such a psychic. As I did it when -- storm came coming down. Because I know about out there that when it was it was Thursday I was out there as the there's. But I was out there. As the sun was down. And the snow is to -- -- talking about October 26. I'm hearing all these crashing limbs throughout the neighborhood. And then periodically you here's the you know. Like you know an electrical transformer -- is going down. And that you see the skyline and it's diesel flashes of light like lightning except for transformers blowing. Man. All I could do. Was look like -- front yard and that myself for actually anticipating. That such a thing might happen. And it just to show my heart is in the right place. I spent most of the storm after it cleared up my own driveway spent most of the storm. Are going around the neighborhood and helping people when -- was not doing the extent -- here at WB yet. So. I thought Maria. Yes but nobody in my audience right now is affected at all by the weather so that's. All right I don't get a break -- coming up at 325. At news radio 930 WBM. All. -- -- information. I'm via allegations. Not. But the allegations. Made against a Cheektowaga assembly. -- average stay with us. Details might want your kids not to listen for humans on WB. Seat then dragging him I think now. He begged her not to go. All of -- Your Mac. You know ball club until your grandmother gets run over a rain here on the site somewhere out there that somebody is highly -- Ended by events off so. There is going to be Hewitt whose grandmother -- Get run over by a reindeer and des arts and it's. Are right it is at 334. Is ready at 930 WB Ian so you know I I just -- I -- about threads in the state police -- even teacher -- now. The really. So anyway one of the guys sent me a note. Saying here's how he thought. I asking questions about whether it was gonna go from Asia. -- It affected tens of thousands it all. That hole. Anyway. Moving on. -- as ever yet now we talked about this on a Friday. Guys -- fight didn't as I would sound like I'm doing the show from Florida or Jamaica. There is zero chance that I ever have this dream about doing the show from the wintertime integral Jamaica there's zero chance that I have that thought my back in my mind somewhere. But anyway. -- -- -- Thought Tyler I'm on knowledge about the gonna Chelsea Chelsea are blocking you out Kelsey. You don't you're not even on the -- right now I want to cover your ears because we have some we have some great -- and now. Ticket and up from -- I could you. Ask them. Don't know -- -- you know being at the time but that's another story altogether. Anyway I've -- -- very Kelsey you -- now re open your years. Seat the Chelsea here. Chelsea. Demands. With. Even asking for a respect I'm not Chelsea is are more like I say -- on Friday she is our moral compass on the show. She really -- she is the opera she she is our -- them from Saving Private Ryan. On the hourly program you -- moral compass keep us in the right direction except I know that sooner or later. Sooner or later when my hands are up she's just gonna. Taker and one -- just -- -- I know that though you know I got to keep that in mind so Denis every Jack is is in the news now. Again if you if you well when listening to the show. On Friday. I talked about this Friday. And I don't know how much you wanna talk about it today. We just have some additional allegations. I think in the formation. But. These are allegations. Made against -- average -- Dennis in the out in full disclosure. And I did mention this on Friday but I'm gonna do it again so nobody says yeah didn't say. That's. We have. A nexus. Of a mutual. Friend family. Afterwards I don't think we very well that also knows Dennis average -- very well. I don't even know five met Dennis maybe I did an Albany and a lot of people and in in Albany I just I don't remember. And though that's not a cop out answer I just when I was doing the -- -- ratio. I have no idea. But in any event. More information. -- Information slash allegations. Not to -- that has ever jackets 62. Not funny it was sixty keeps on vary from sixty to 62. Anyway the allegations are tormented three workers with you mood antics. He allegedly. Sent a video of himself. Supposedly. -- if you have kids could you just maybe turn off the radio for a couple of minutes and then come back to me. It's really I'd seriously this has grown up stuff that he for kids right. Do this in 321. Like -- so anyway Dennis allegedly. Sent. A video. Which showed himself. Supposedly. Receiving a Clinton. Suggesting -- shack up with him in hotels. In other words share a room with him at a hotel. And allegedly talked about a -- two. On. A very sensitive part. Of the male. Anatomy. Now I'm going to ask you to continue to keep the kids away from a radio right now this is a quote. From an article in the New York Post. Quote. I got a Boehner. What I walked into the office today. When I saw argue. That is allegedly. What he said to his band director of communications. He also allegedly said you're so hot you know what I want to do with you. Now these documents. These documents were part of a notice of claim. That legally and formed at the assemblyman. Bob the women's intent to assume we're talking about three women who allegedly. Were victimized. Buys sexual harassment in the workplace by -- average. He has been married -- for almost forty years he's got two kids they're not really children are grown adults. And the reports in the New York Post on the court documents. Claim the -- -- -- started harassing freewheeling. Now I'm -- neighbor today because your pictures right there in New York Post. At least freezing. I freely rather there was not a double entendre and released a freely within days of hiring her. In late 111. -- Jack allegedly told for. He was sending her a recorded message deployed to his constituents. But instead it was a -- -- him in a bathroom. Either receiving. Or pretending. To be receiving a Clinton. She quit. After -- five months five months but she quit in May. After complaining to. Mr. -- Jackson chief of staff to no avail. There's another 126 years -- she took over for -- job. And she says that within two weeks Gabbert Jack invited her. To -- massage parlor. I raised this point on Friday. Wish my boss. Would take me to massage parlor. What do you mean by massage parlor. That's a loaded her. That's a pejorative term. -- to go to traffic right now WB and here's. -- note for you wanted to break when a threat. Ought not do that. Now. I know but yeah I thought when you did that -- -- always go late now. Unlike unlike all the women -- knows I'm always like a few minutes late and then Tyler goes in a panic. All right so anyway. Where was -- now. Oh -- parlor. -- parlor is a loaded term. Is there are licensed massage therapists. They don't run massage parlors but you'd be surprised how many people think. A massage parlor is what licensed massage therapist says that unless you've actually been trained and licensed in this field. You don't know the efforts. Now are we talking about licensed massage therapists. Are we talking about. Asian ladies who. You know. Do the entire body beside us to completion -- go anywhere is at 342. At. I mean not that I would know anything. About those places but. Part Asian and you're simply gonna have to respect my culture. It is WB in its hourly arch up Chelsea is like crack in the Whitman she's my plots -- break. -- WB yet. It's forty. Thirty WB end. So -- anyway -- average Eric has gotten some attention in the New York Post. And some additional information. About what allegedly did in terms of harassment in the don't workplace. And again guys if you're listening with kids. A good quality the advice you're giving divisive and just turn the radio down off so they don't hear what I'm gonna -- The money quote of this article. From that has ever Jack -- this is the money quote. The allegedly. -- -- was office. And told. He is at 28 year old director of communications. I got a Boehner when I walked into the office today when I saw. Not that is what he allegedly set I don't know if there's anyway to prove or disprove. Whether witnesses. Or is it just her word against his word. Now -- video if that video actually exists. And it can be shown. That he sent her the video. Of Dennis has a problem. Because there is tangible evidence. That this video was not his fault. Bought. How do you prove that he actually sent the vertigo. Like about it thing how would you got -- your fault. What do one of your kids was angry could you took the car keys away. And your kids sent the video of fuel perhaps in an unflattering situation. To a friend -- How do you lists. How do you -- Now look there may be corroboration I don't know because at some point he allegedly. Had a couple of people in the back of his car. And he kept looking at the rear view mirror allegedly asking if he if but they -- classic. Well then you'd have to people making the allegation. So I mean look this is interest pick I don't know what happened. Don't. I don't don't bet Dennis ever -- Hold up I've got a break here because Alan Harris is watching the malls around western new York and that he's probably becoming very frustrating that he's not they're doing his last minute shopping for what -- here's Alan Harris. And start up with what the National Weather Service has to say in the smallest possible print. The flood warning is canceled it for Allegheny river at all -- And Alec creek in William bill OK however the flood warning continues. For black creek at church bill title want the creek at Batavia and I want to creek at. Rapids. Also go up a lot to creek that garb. About -- tell you I don't have a clue were freaking garbage issues. Lived here my entire life -- three years you know regard it is GR BUTT -- I don't a look at up on Google but yeah. So up anyway it be advised. Be advised you want information. Let me get to the Batavia information the flood warning continues for the -- wanna cricket Batavia until late tonight. Am moderate flooding is occurring and minor flooding is forecast the -- continues for -- Ottawa creek rapids. Minor -- victory moderate flooding is forecast so -- we're talking about that. We're not talking about -- we're not talking about an -- -- You know looks like everything. Is going to be pretty much as it is without much exacerbate Sheehan. In in terms of about. -- It's southeast of Rochester -- thank Eleanor I appreciate that was so we probably many listening in our analysts are listening on line. But after listening outlined why am -- not -- flood warnings for a saint Charles Missouri. -- I used to live by the way you've ever lived in Missouri or Illinois. It's all well it's always fun. Tried to drive to Springfield Illinois to see Abraham Lincoln's tomb in flooding season. When I was married and living in Missouri. My ex wife and I spent I'm guessing nine hours taking what should have been about a three and a half hour drive. Because we kept running at a closed roads now when you talk about Missouri flooding you're talking about bringing -- -- new flooding. -- for the most -- -- your west of the Ozarks. But in any event just thank you Eleanor Eleanor is our -- resident that geography and -- -- -- time. Now again back to Dennis -- average I honestly don't know what he did and what he did not do. But. Here's the thing. Another calling the Democrat brass is calling for -- average -- resign. If he is okay. And I don't mean this went on Friday but it has to be made it. Every time. The man child president Barack Obama. Gets into trouble. Who Obama do they call upon to bail -- Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton. Sold. I have to ask you question. Did Clinton -- women. Sexually assaulting women. As a serial assault her as a serial sexual harasser over a long period of time. Mean anything to these people like Sheldon Silver. Andrew Cuomo. They are such hypocrites. Ladies ladies and gentlemen. I. Dare you old dog -- Fill up the real story of Bill Clinton. Everywhere Bill Clinton was. He got into trouble for allegedly. Raped and assaulting and making unwanted advances toward women. Over decades. Decades. Not talking about a couple year period we're talking decades. I'm sorry. Gosh forgive me for being a cave man but it seems to me that when Bill Clinton was the governor of Arkansas. And he met a woman and said to my home and she said sure. And a state trooper from Arkansas talker Clinton -- walked and Bill Clinton was wearing a shirt and nothing else and he pointed toward his can we say excited. Johnson. And asked her to place her -- upon us said Johnson. So to me that they -- worse than anything Dennis ever Jack is accused of doing and Bill Clinton's a hero and tennis -- -- getting the bum rush. LO.

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