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12-23 Best of Beach and Company Hour 3

Dec 23, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now back at the Beijing governor is yes that's everywhere everywhere Don asthma and black out or always heavy sacks I get it. And let's see also in the editorial section of the buffalo and those of booster fans team sports black our rules unfair. In an error awards taxpayers. Support James. While I do agree with -- -- -- is unfair but are ruled as a make any sense to me regarding. Why when we're building a stadium. They insist that would be a large seater stadium at one time. The Ralph was 80000 seats I think they they hear converted some of those and threw more exclusive settings that cost more money. But it's still one of the larger stadiums in the NFL we have the second. I think the second smallest population next to Green Bay thank you -- Green Bay relief feeds off of Milwaukee. Which is twice as big as buffalo so if you get that. You understand that it should be a percentage of the seats. Filled. Before any black -- occurs not a total sell off because that that seems totally grossly unfair. But having said that the last thing I want. Is the government -- -- mind the FCC is the government they certainly have a right to regulate broadcasting nobody's the -- -- bat. But since when do they have a right to tell you what you have to carry in this kind of a scenario for contents. I mean I'm sure this wasn't promised in the CBS license renewal. This was promised in and money. The networks pay a combined total of above three billion a year to broadcast out of our games based on a nine year deal. In 2011 worth 28 billion box -- as we said. I've said this many times people don't don't always understand this but the NFL. Could put up padlock on the doors. Of every stadium entrance that they have. He could have no one in the seats and they still make money because of the TV deal on the TV deal is a split equally. So you take remembered seeing them and you split it among the TV revenue -- did nothing to do with anything else that is absolutely you know the other things are. Our -- more individual to the club but the TV is equally divided and when you're talking about a kind of money so we're gonna make money no matter what. But because somebody successful doesn't mean that we have an automatic. Entitlement. To -- product for free. Now I know they take taxpayer money. To either enhance their facility or build a new facility and whatever and public funding for sports is a hold their subject and I'd be very evident. Get into -- someday because I'm not necessarily believe -- Because if you really get down the nuts and bolts it's about -- ecology. About ego. It's about the fact we're in the big leagues and your not. It's not really based on dollars and cents I think that if you traced. What you've given what you'd get you'd find that it's not a great investment like that. But it is call -- were bigtime. NFL was city. And that means a lot and I think we ever lost the bills for instance it would be devastating. Not financially but psychologically. Because it would seem like Europe -- loser town. So I don't mind the spending taxpayer money. To enhance a stadium. Although it's questionable whether we should. Because it does give us -- into other. Psychological advantages I don't know how much it actually translates to our -- treasury if it does at all. But the bottom line is I don't think we're entitled to say we are entitled to watch every game that's as clear as I can be. Are what are you got to -- Chris on FaceBook please. This is from Charlene she says for money we -- to the government with local and state taxes. We should be entitled to watch any NFL game I subsidized product and the release of venue for me to play and I have a right to see it. Well that's what will disagree because as I said what if they were are subsidizing -- What if there was -- government our government grant to Shays. For educational. Or entertainment venues. Do we have a right to walk of the box office examined taxpayer gimme my free tickets now we don't do that under our house. Ways sometimes. Subsidized businesses expansions of businesses things like that which will we given tax breaks. In order to keep business viable. Do we ever -- to offer space if there contributing now. We have a right to have products that there were subsidizing through that office space now. Why -- the bills -- the why would in this case the bills being the only exception. This is this the second black out this season in the NFL was the Miami game as it turned out the -- in Miami game was one of the better ones. Don has been on has been going to walk down the line of we need to sack the black -- rule the local -- defines defies common sense. Denies us a product we pay for and underlines the power of the NFL monopoly. OK so here here we go now the the the NFL does have a monopoly. Yes it is powerful but this will be at the big business monsters right. The TV blackout rule which bans local telecasts of games not -- 72 hours before kickoff is just they'd ship a -- golden monopoly egg. But it's a crack in the shell and I'm happy agency represented Brian Higgins go after. The buffalo Democrat on Friday launched an anti black a bill that targets a piece of the NFL's a monopoly. The bill -- bipartisan backing comes on the heels of last week's. Black out attacked by the the FF CC neither congress nor the FCC can dictate to the NFL. Which gives you some idea of who's got the Jews in Washington. Against Don doesn't understand. The role of private business it is private business it is a monopoly. But the bottom line is these concessions. The monopoly concessions given for a reason. There's a there's lots of things that we could look at and say this doesn't make any sense until you look at the bigger picture and you find out. That it's it's -- it's an investment in the community rather than just helping one business. Of the combined pressure. Of Higgins counting judge John McCain among the bill senate backers should be enough I suspect the second -- in -- rule that denies us the entertainment we pay for. Well see I think I think more and more on different tracks on this we don't pay directly for entertainment we are paying in the new lease. We're paying for stadium improvements and they get. At least scoring the only sort of three million dollars a year for disclosure a nice guy. But there's a reason that investment is made -- to keep the team here. I don't know how many options the teams still have because of the franchises going for over a billion dollars now. And if you need a new stadium that's about the going rate to start at the start of stadium knows about a billion dollars. So I don't know I don't know that but the bottom line is because. We have taxpayer involvement. Either by via by lesser tax is being paid by the end of the year actual. Commission of writing a check for. Via this team it's not like we're buying tickets for the game and and I disagree with that I'd like to have him. -- like to have mall on TV. But I don't think we're entitled -- that we come back we'd like to hear from you so president disagrees who have made the buffalo. Magic editorial board disagrees me. And most of you probably do but I'm sticking to my guns I don't think it's an entitlement and weren't an entitlement mentality right now will be back after this and well we're talking about whether video or whether we as. Taxpayers. Are entitled to watch all of the bills games I'd like to know that because first op if you want to use that as a template. How many people don't pay taxes at all. Almost 50% of the people don't pay any federal tax I'm sure other people -- fall below the margins the -- very many taxes. So would we say you'd have to be a taxpayer at this level in order to have a a say as to whether the games are televised -- free. -- and that that's a real slippery slope. Well we have at taxpayer assistance to businesses that are not going to fail without it and there are a lot of examples -- wrong about this. We're doing it for the good welfare of a community at large. And -- has been falls into the same trap as a lot of liberals do. It says he Arum. The NFL's obvious move is to pump the black dog rule -- billionaire. Team owners don't like being told what to do so there -- ago. There we go we have the class -- Billionaire team owners do most of the people that own teams in the NFL a lot of money oh yeah absolutely not question about that. But there again is that class envy card that play who's played by Ireland by liberals a lot and I don't I don't get here. -- really don't. If vote if if we support -- -- taxpayer dollars. Is because the decision was made that it's good for the community it's not because the owner is on life support are collecting their government series. Let's go to Dave -- lock forward -- -- on WB yen. Let's say today to get much ice there I got a I got a little bit and impaneled and how'd you do. I had acres hysterical saying to your branch came -- in the backyard and I put -- -- it perfectly didn't -- erupted into a house. This clearly -- it was really the less fortunate. I'm happy for you there today about what he got zealous today. Well I -- 65 years old and you and I -- 65 years old I know what to Wear. I got big years. If she didn't think it's for over 35 years. If you hit bills well -- it take its not like me. I -- I'm -- yeah I think that. The deal should be as it is between the networks and and the National Football League and government should blot out and Merry Christmas the day of archive of I yup that's the part they're really bothers me. And government intervention on contents. That's the last thing we need. Now there are certain promises made a win now on licenses are renewed. And those promises should be capped. However in all the rules and regulations should be kept. But down last thing we need is the government deciding what we have to watch or what -- he is going to be televised. And what isn't going to be televised we understand the rules of decency and profanity or whatever. But once we get on the continent that is a very slippery slope and to make it a populist argument people like has been talk about the billionaire owners. What I think that if you look at businesses generally using very. People. -- gone broke starting their own business and -- people who have done very well starting their own business. But I don't know where Don thinks the jobs come from except these remorse in the arsenal are probably thinks all the jobs are government jobs. Which is not the way it's supposed to day. They don't -- 9301061692. Through six and -- 930 so it -- Collins says the ideal. Behind -- 1975. Role was the pump up ticket sales on the -- that some fans if all home games locally televised would stay home instead of using the stadium. The policy made sense back when the bulk of the team of the teams take came from ticket sales in the current NFL mega billion dollar broadcast deals. -- it's three billion a year for nine years. That's split up equally. Means that -- share equally in the windfall local TV blackout is as archaic as a leather helmet. And so it's. -- got to understand it's not about the business going out of business if you don't support them. It's the fact that this is the cost of doing business. Now I I would like to see every game televised outlets say no black outs but I don't think we have. The entitlement. That there's some people like Brian -- think we have a toward a private business. Even that is even though some of it is supported by taxpayer dollars -- another -- we're going to please. This is from a variety says if a team receives any tax dollars that the game should never be blacked opera in order builds their own stadium the black -- or five as one of the other the -- a multibillion dollar company they should not be able to have their cake -- -- -- -- Well any yeah I here's the deal though I am just thinking that the networks are the ones paying Maria heavy freight. That lol while the NFL believe way. To work without an audience they could make a play NFL games empty stadiums and still make money because of the the equal split on the tax on the job. On the nine billion dollars as -- what is it. Three billion times nine years is 27 billion total okay. It's one -- seven billion dollars divided by the existing clubs equally. So that they don't have to have. People in the states but obviously they're business people and they want people in the states is that greed that's always the way it's portrayed as greed. Show me any business that doesn't want any. I mean I guess there are some who take boutique presences but a business that doesn't wanna do more business. A business that doesn't wanna grow a business that doesn't wanna have more money for R&D a business that doesn't wanna have more money for advertising. I mean the NFL is very very fortunate in the fact that because. Of the big investment by media in the NFL they get all this free publicity. I mean they don't have to go out and run commercials let you know. And they treat the media like crap sometimes the media as -- picking up the tab. A lot of that out. A because I have said this is Cindy you know this is an interesting concept. And lets you roll around your head -- this one. They treat the media like garbage if you've ever dealt with -- and they really do except when they need something. Imagine if and it's not illegal even but I'm just letting my imagination goal. Imagine if there was a conspiracy and everybody all the media entities the newspapers radio television everybody got together and said. Starting tomorrow. We are never mentioning the national football. Simply not we're not going to write about them and are gonna talk about him when our governor have the games on nothing. How do you think the National Football League would do you wouldn't even know who's playing. You wouldn't know who's in a team you wouldn't you wouldn't know who's injured you have to go to the game and take it from there and trust me if you are gone but again you'll learn a lot more about what's going on by watching the game and listening to the game than you don't by being at the game you wanna be -- the game because it's an event. And your partner -- crowd and it's exciting and stuff like that happens. But the bottom line is if you're really wanna know what's going on in the media. And the media pays big money three billion dollars a year to the National Football League and I don't think the FCC's. Get involved with content like that. Will be back -- more would be to company on news radio and I'm thirty we are WP. -- -- here there's a lot of commerce evolving National Football League it's super successful. Well and use some common sense the actual game sixty minutes. The broadcast -- three and a half hours. I think the other two and half hours are. Trying to convince you to buy something or at least something or whatever. I was listening. Should really be entitled to watch all the bills game should there be no blackouts. I wish there were no blackouts. I think the black rule is inherently unfair. I mean weaker cells 72000. Tickets were -- game and be blacked out. And somebody else to sell old 68 or 70000 in the games on so that's just not it's not fair I'm in favor of them. Reviewing. The Blanco ruling coming up with something a little more equitable but I don't think we're entitled to it that's that's the difference. Larry and Niagara Falls Larry here on WB yen. Yeah -- they are common. And that night I just heard you talk about what -- different. Population. I suggest that this awhile back but I never really get although mr. Reagan's. What ever. Games -- playing we played damned error and they play last year whatever there's so our thought is that's what -- should be. Oh that's interest thing have they were playing a team with a smaller stadium. That that population. That many tickets should be our -- are our breakeven point where we can televise are like that that's good. Yeah that's what appeals said the I mean if there 4055000. That when they come doesn't give you 5000 will watch the same game. Because I like your thought because -- if our new team comes at 100 dinner every team goes to a new location and they're talking about new stadium they want a lot of sit thank you gotta go. A lot of noise element I like his idea yeah if if a team -- another location hours about it contemplate a move. Believe me they're gonna want maximum seating and congress say you know what we like an intimate -- Let's make it 45000. Now happen OK they want every guy every to push to generate. Maximum revenue and yet that's held against us in markets are -- I mean Billy the draw. A New York City has eight million people and it just in New York not even count and they don't -- there appointment. Million people is an eight million familiar advocate or is it twellman. There are eight million people in the -- city now is twelve million. Well we get the population but it's a lot more than we have is that it's date it's OK eight million people there. We have okay. In the whole metro. Including the surrounding counties we have we call the metro and survey we have a million. OK so many as eight times more than we do. And yet our stadium. Holes. Well I used to hold 80000 Ackerman was 8201 tournament. They reconfigured itself that they get more money out of sweets and things like that but the bottom line is. We have one of the largest. Stadiums. In regard to smallest population. So at the short end of the stick on this one. You really think about it. We have less to drop from -- -- -- -- try and draw from draw on whatever but that's that's accessed on talking about the US. And so I think the black rule should be modified. And maybe even dropped but I don't think were entitled to that that's McKee. Let's go to pat on the cell phone that Iran WB yeah. Much yeah I think I think you'll see up the black option that the rolling black out. If -- topic of the game to debate about and so people -- its adult are doing gut. -- people will go regardless of whether they can watch and keep your not to because it's an event it's a social event they -- that its site. So we can go to the rolling black out it's that they are doing it. That won't tell about it. If the bill shock like they do right now. Will just dot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know and -- and the -- on their salary. Sorry I got you so you make kids according to bear wins and losses that's an interest and that's and it has been. -- got. Like a sliding scale punishment I think George and that's what happened doesn't quite the -- we don't do well -- our jobs. They -- -- I don't know that much. You know right now. Rough right now rush -- Russia arrest brand is probably headings of a bridge that matters ties -- in mind whether comment I never a bad and that's the thing up and I give much. You always. Used against him. We Aaron when the teams really shocked. Lisa yes there was a gamble when they really -- -- people lost interest the so called super fan. Lowell what kind of a -- you are real man real fans -- the example I was as well as one of the bills -- -- or restaurant. And away -- as I got a bad mail. Okay well argument of a chance maybe you remember the -- was having and a -- go get another bad -- Which about it mail for thirty years and keep going to the rest of shortened. You would who some of your money that's essentially what happens now that the bills are showing a little satellites especially on the dateline yesterday. And that's good that that's a good thing. But I think especially in December the National Football League knows that this number games at the Ralph we're going to be very difficult to sell. -- because of of the way there. Because even if it's not raining and snowing insulating it's called usually. And -- we have a good spirit here and under certain circumstances. It will will transcend that. But if you think about yesterday the example I mean here we are we're out of the playoffs officially. Our row starting quarterback is injured again. We gotta get him some Sunnis. And does so we've got them back up third string quarterback actually playing. Playing the game and so there was nothing there that was really compelling except the event. They want to go to the event it's -- and national football game the excitement for a crowd the traffic those things. They're going to move the NFL experience what the NFL Israeli combating now. And they've -- they've even set it before is not affected the fans are lazy but the experience. Of watching it at home. With your flat screen big screen. With your super sound system. With a refrigerator full of food you -- parked in your own driveway. And not being charged five bucks for bottled water. And if you get drunk as Scott if you don't have the drive home. That's what they're fighting. They're fighting that. Because the experience for many people. Is far greater at home watching the game we know for one thing indisputable. Is that you learn more about what's actually going out of the game. By either television -- radio. They tell you exactly what's going on let's face and how many people of the stadium have vote your bugs in there listening. To the game or people watching the game at home know more about what's going on the most sitting right there. So that's NFL's fighting and they're fighting that they're fighting concussions. In the last thing in the world they wanted to do was given on the black -- rule. And so they're going through a bigger and word of Ruby Tuesday. We'll take a break will be -- McLemore will be and company in new Israeli human thirty where WB. Q thank you thank you for the muscle men's applesauce. I think I think it's Brian. And -- want to thank you he delivered a jar I was saying how good. Tony who is and I which are muffled ones and he talked about applesauce and I said. Have you ever had muscle -- He says no prices it is acts it is it just makes everything and in any mention of a -- -- -- -- like water compared must moment. I prefer the chunky but all muscle -- Apple's I was really great OK so Chris went on got some. Tony went out got some and everybody says organism that says -- You mentioned my summons applesauce on your program it is great Merry Christmas Brian McDonnell won so thank you for bringing them by. Yeah every once in awhile mentioned something that I think is you know. A really good worth your while random idea. I think it's an isolated good feedback like that. All right what are we got here we've got an editorial. In the Buffalo News talking about the blackout rule. Unfortunately. And this is this is where road you have to look at this carefully to see what kind of results we might yet. Unfortunately the end of the blackout rule might not mean the end of blackouts. Even -- the FCC pulls the trigger on ending the rule sports leagues broadcasters and cable and satellite providers. Would still be able to negotiate they're all black out rules when games don't sellout. That would be unfortunate and it would signal a time for governments to here ago. Intervene. On behalf of the public. OK they're. They're looking for you wanna make sure that. You Al Franken are getting everything to which. You're entitled. It's always says that they might have to intervene. Indeed it. We'd be happy to see that change led by representative Brian Higgins of buffalo who understands the issues well and who praised the FCC's action as. Quote a victory for fans. Yeah Brian is riding this horse because of the populace wars. But let me tell you something. You gotta you gotta think clearly across all the different platforms. If it's okay for something you like it's going to be okay for something you don't like and if you're OK with the FCC. Regulating content because you like this. -- -- got to be ready for when they'll regulate content on something you don't. Because I think you might have a different tone sport's -- names are very powerful getting back through via Vittorio. And eight they happily trade on the loyalty of their fans so it was no surprise that the -- doing everything it can't. To continue -- treat angle leagues taxpaying television audience. But whether the league knows it yet or not it has been sacked it should just take the safety and get on with the game. So the buffalo -- fields. But that in aid. A lot in that any taxpayer assistance you should them. You should. Benefit from it by getting some news out of let me think clear going now. But noses on my warm -- Warren Buffett also owns Geico. Geico is -- as Florida highway and if I'm not mistaken there were. Substantial. Tax benefits there. Oh now -- tax -- All right and as they've added jobs and I'm happy they got -- but with this scenario. As -- and if you use a direct correlation. That means that. I should I should get my Geico insurance either for free or at a bigger discount them not taxpayers. And maybe because we're paying tax bears and the expansion a guy -- maybe we should get office space there because taxpayers contributed to that. You see can't pick and choose this stuff. If you're going to be fair -- going to be for at all. So I wish all the games were televised yes certainly. But I don't think the fact that taxpayer assistance as Jews to work there to enhance and anyway shape reform our private business in a successful business. Means that we have accessed directly. To. Sort of product. We usually go help out because it's for the good welfare of the entire community OK what else we have on FaceBook group please Chris. Are right dis is from Warren he says you're entitled to nothing we choose to get the lead our tax dollars and we know the rules going in and if you wanna -- began by ticket otherwise stop complaining well I -- -- wasn't Warren -- -- thing was that there would be at least a buffet or is just war. He has it may be at war in Wilkes I've become pregnant I was as soon as -- tucked too cute I think warm up it's hooked on this for -- reasons on the demands that it beyond. I'll give me you know employees. This is firm Frankie says. The government is a government of the people if -- of people while the black girls removed and those of are -- to get those moral rules removed therefore Higgins is a right to fight for its removal. Well I mean am I hinder his knows which horses to ride. That's for sure and -- -- In his column says in a real sense -- paying to see -- talking about the game. Under current lease terms county taxpayers show on an average of ten million dollars a year in stadium upgrades and maintenance for Ralph Wilson's private business. We also pony up our share of the State's annual thirteen million dollar handout we should return at least get to watch the product we prop up. Beyond that blacking out home games -- local advertisers. If the bills game hasn't shown here cut the size of the TV audience. That sees local ads in the stadium on the stadium walls or watches TV's. During the game indeed the reason team owners offer. Often offer. Our tickets the week of the game is not out of the goodness of their hearts but to ensure the local advertisers from car dealers to law firms get bigger bang for their -- If the NFL won't listen to reason it should respond to muscle OK here we go get the government involved have a government come -- and how about this muscle private business at the government come -- and -- I don't know dictate content sent. Of a media media content of sound like swell ideas. Because you're coming from the SEC congressional chop block on the league's monopoly is what fans needed. Finally Washington is speaking the language of the NFL on the stands. The NFL obviously. Does not want to interfere they -- nine billion dollars a year. But what you say if you look through these if you X ray these a statement here between as men and and the various columns about this in the editorial. Is the the class card being played being waged a class war being waged is rich greedy owners why won't they what you see the Miami bills game. A but they don't apply it to other things that's the problem and not consistent. You have to be consistent. Well that about wraps it up I will be back on the you know seconds. Of of January so this is -- show for this year thanks to Chris thank you a new partner here. Thanks to -- -- of filling in for Tony Caligiuri. Tony as you know if there's any bad weather at all. Is missing in action and we do have some ice yesterday. I think you plan that ahead of time so Merry Christmas to audio and though will see you. In 2000 important.

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