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12-23 Best of Beach and Company Hour 2

Dec 23, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah holidays ever Christmas I've checked out my -- everything's safe and employs 11 more thing I'm having -- -- something to undermine. And I hope I -- delivered by Christmas because I wanna see his eyes light up on the -- truck pulls into his driveway and nice because I care a really do. It's a season of giving now what I'm suggesting is that I would love to see all the bills games on TV. I don't think the bark of the blackout rules are fair either because of the size of our stadium. And where one of those smaller and were won the two smallest. Some agreement. Markets in the National Football League so it seems like we're being. Held to a higher standard of widgets not really fair. But beyond that I also don't think we're entitled to watch all the bills games I think the decision has to be made between. The clubs. -- -- their networks and their contracts and whatever. And I know we use some taxpayer dollars to help with stadium renovations and even new stadiums. But I'm saying we use taxpayer dollars for a lot of things that we don't get any direct benefit from its indirect community benefit. So like your opinion and also what you're thinking about it I'd like to -- your storm report. Did you or did you have much damage that your house or did your. Seller for -- -- watered them a tree fallen handling our treaty. I gave a glancing blow to my motor home. Luckily it landed just just barely in front of it but totally took auto mirror and the mirrors on his motor home -- it's like a bus. Go way out they're huge mirrors and -- gotten. And I was just. Praying that the -- windshields broken and it wasn't. -- and that the pain wasn't that wasn't damaged and it wasn't but the -- The big Merrill have to be replaced but that's that I saw a lot worse in the in the media there were -- live satellite I don't feel too badly about it I am happy about it obviously. But I'd like to know are we entitled to watch all the bills games the Jerry's -- ski. Column says seems likely to opponents of the rules of the FCC will likely stick what his plan to get rid of the restrictions. Which occasionally bills fans frustrated I think the fight is won in terms of the government's involvement. In the blackouts those -- the words of Brian Higgins. This is a victory for fans and the community that have supported teams -- public funding for professional sports ventures. Changes in the sports industry. In the last four decades of call into question whether they sports black out rules remain necessary to ensure overall availability of sports programming. To the general public according to the FCC's. A ruling. Effectiveness for sitting we will determine whether the sports blackout rules have become outdated do the marketplace changes. Since their adoption of weather modification or elimination of these rules is appropriate. And now goes to a sixty day public comment period the National Football League obviously gearing up to fight that they don't want that. We will strongly oppose any change in -- says the NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy. He told the Politico. We're on the pays for our historic low number of black -- and the policy was implemented forty years ago. I think the bills Miami game was only -- -- one on the NFL this season is only one game left. In the regular season. The change would have a particular remaining in buffalo because we play and one of a larger stadiums we have one of the smallest fan bases we have a fervent. Fan base and their big big bills fans voted in in pure numbers are smaller. So we -- a smaller number of of vote fans and a larger stadium. Doesn't seem to fair to me. Two games of blacked -- last season. And a total of nineteen bills games have -- thousands 2000. The NFL's television contracts. A block local stations from airing games in a team's home market if they don't sell. It's 72 hours before armed kick off now they've worked around that they've given extensions. They've also the video of the owner. Occasionally we'll buy tickets. Benefactors like -- Salvatore buy tickets when the owner buys them by -- I need a percentage. That is enough to cover the visiting teams cut. And that's that's where that goes even if the FCC gets rid of the black out rules sports leagues broadcasters and cable and satellite providers. Will still be able to negotiate their own deals the black -- local sporting events that they don't sell out. FCC action could make it hard for any legal broadcaster to justify it but that's what they -- do. So what we're saying is we we don't need the government involved -- this as far as I'm concerned. I didn't understand why the FCC got into it at all to be honest we -- this is a deal between the -- The owners which would be the National Football League and their television contract. Now they're governed of course the broadcasting's governed by the FCC but when they get into. Must programming. I mean what the government told told Channel Tunnel that they had do lump. And that they had an air show on mosque a mosque -- Rejuvenation in the area once a month assuming it's ridiculous I don't want the government involved with program and but they're going to flex their muscles and and and the politicians of course -- step right up because they know this is a populist. Question people. Will knee jerk react by saying hey. The NFL makes nine billion dollars a year we are taxpayers and we contribute. To their stadium to -- renovation to the upkeep whatever how come we don't get CMO for three. Because. I just think that -- are many things that are taxpayer invested. Would dollars that we don't get our direct benefit from. Also besides your opinion on that you may think we're entitled to -- like to -- Tony if we're here he and I -- via. Disagreeing on this vehemently. Even off the air he feels very strongly that we should get it and yet. He's not a big guy on entitlements. This to me is another entitlement. Where where our nation now more more entitlements. I should get this and I should get it for free. I don't have a telephone I should get an Obama phone for free. I don't have this I should get it for free I don't have that it should be provided to me for free and so -- if you believe. That's no way that we are should be a lesser. A nation of lesser entitlements why would we have another entitlements of -- -- I just don't understand that. Also give me your storm report especially in -- count him guessing. What's it like it we still have a suggested. That you don't drive unless you have to drive and -- sport. And I live in Pendleton. You know part of log -- The road wasn't bad at all when I came into work today but -- the mayors saying there's still have some problems with -- -- and there's still some ice on trees or whatever so. -- your storm report bigotry fought. Did did your did your -- basement flood. Call us now I don't three Montreal on 8061692. Through six start ninth. Today's deal today from my buffalo -- -- and Niagara finding tour is voucher for one of three unique tour -- Of the best Canadian Niagara region wineries this Hillary's and microbreweries. Each story includes tastings and Emil stock at an individual voucher for 42 dollars. -- two person voucher for 75 dollars go to WB and dot com click on my buffalo perks logo. Are we entitled to watch all of the bills games. -- the FCC is a moving along that path to a they're going through a public comment period in congress were also broke probably get involved. And we're asking whether we're entitled to those of you. Who don't know what the numbers are the networks. Pay a combined total of about three billion a year. To broadcast NFL game is based on a nine year deal in 2011 worth almost 28 billion dollars. As I said before. The National Football League have put a padlock on the stadium doors and make money. Because of the TV deal which is split evenly. But the bottom line is I'd love to see them I'd love to have them but I don't think we're entitled to them. We'll see what Scott things and wait until Scott here on WB yen. India I'll I'll try to be as brief as possible you know I I felt as you do it at one point and I certainly don't wanna see. Congress getting involved in private business that's ridiculous. But on the other hand. If we don't need to subsidize the Buffalo Bills. The Buffalo Bills are not Amtrak the -- peanut farmers they don't need any public money whatsoever. The only reason -- take public money is because we get it. And into the direct well -- -- -- me I'm gonna move picking somewhere else I'd say but we'll Mateen somewhere else because. Have felt that not meet Armani and we're going to continue at taxpayers. Provide money to be out step and really need it. Then which at least get something short and I'm not saying that you need to televise every game but -- the -- the Buffalo Bills make it a little more fair. They haven't agreement that -- sellout is complete sellout but a percentage of the stadium filled. -- to the fact that we are -- market -- I like I like I like what you said first of all your right they don't they don't have to be subsidized. And they do it because for a long time when other markets were clamoring for their own franchise. It was a choice issue either you wouldn't pay them or they leave and so you make a business decision oftentimes is not a good business decision but. You keep him here but I think what you've said is correct and it should be a percentage because here we've got a big stadium and a small population where held to a higher standard than. Philadelphia or Chicago or the others. Yeah I mean it the way things are and today's day and age Indy you know the public needs -- much money as we can hold on to. Because that every drop at work -- somebody else our hard earned dollars. So let's try that. Come back in a desperate look at Scott that's a common sense and that the common sense that is and a belt does not need my money they get enough money. Without -- rocking the public. So yeah they remembered during video labor things they they -- nine billion dollars a year so as far as the while if we don't support -- they're gonna go lot of business that's not really are really very rational and I -- review thank you Scott thank you very much. It's not rational and we can get into the whole thing a public funding for love for sports teams in the first place. Mets are different ball game I'd settle a long time ago it's it's not financial. It's psychological. That's what it is it's psychological. The biggest entertainment venue we have now is the national football. Some might argue Hollywood but I'm saying as far as as far as the general perception of the public so national football it. And because of that if you have a franchise. In the National Football League. That's that's a tickets of the units at a big time because what your teams and go to not yet to see not only go to emergency opposing teams coming into. And it's on national TV and everybody watches the Super Bowl ya ya -- but to get an idea how -- the National Football League can be. You're not going to hear any local advertisers. Ever say. You know come on and do this for the super boy you're gonna hear the big game. Why because the National Football League is so damn pig he. That they will suing you if you say so -- say it's Sandy's pizzeria. We just open. And I'm thinking why table like pizza I'm telling you this is great camera by a few commercials get a pizza from Sandy's pizzeria. For the Super -- it will come down on you like a ton of -- That's the way they are there piggy you'll hear us you'll get a season's assessed the lawyers will be involved and if you -- don't have those of you. And bottom line is he can do it that's why any local advertisers you oversee the only ones that say. Super Bowl are the national sponsors that are already there with the national volley you know every -- locals say you know Super Bowl they're gonna say the big game. So that's helping you there are so as far as. As far as concern. I think the whole question of public funding for sports teams can be opened up. The specific question we're asking today is are we entitled to a I don't think we're entitled to it. But I'd like it that would be nice and an argument can be made that -- it where one of your supporters. But into -- and I'm very. Very leery of using the word entitled. John and Williams builds on -- on W via. AT&T. In the US and the point here. The FCC. -- and every now and listen to anybody whining before. Even when the ability Edgar gave me. Achieved in four years and we had bike out then people write about. But the basic -- feared they'd com. The NFL would not support Obama in obamacare. So what reason involved let's cortex MI. -- taking. He'll be lowered demand that this does control of people don't want to go to the game because of the weather are. Stadium. Like this this week and every yeah it didn't go home basically gain. I'll probably one of the best games of the year and I'm sorry we missed -- -- you know I don't know why the FCC's got their nose in this at all anyway because look like this if the networks decided you know what we can do without the National Football -- where we don't have a contract with them. The FCC couldn't order them to lose two loads of broadcast I don't understand where the jurisdiction of the SEC comes in -- mandate. They regulate all broadcasts the facilities we understand that but once again and -- con tent that gets me very nervous. Well actually -- regulate worm -- and all Doherty you know what they show on TV is you know not being cable -- -- What -- you know what we think -- olive garden now picking your head up. You break -- you bring interest I'm thinking of throwing in the pot will chew on thank you John thank you very much we'll be back with more -- -- -- Now we're back the -- -- there it is a -- coming of sandy beach and I'm just thinking I'm so proud of myself by. I might take a part time job would Dominic Ortiz because I never knew I could be so handy. My -- the mistake of asking my daughter what you want for Christmas time. She wants something they don't make anymore in July of that she wants or issue -- retro gift. That they haven't made in awhile scholar -- lamp I don't know if you remember them -- lab and looks like it's a round going it's almost a birdcage. And there's some kind of statuary. Inside. Or water Leo or whatever and you put to a mineral oil and that and then as it warms up. The drops come down surrounding. The scene -- it looks like it's raining I mean this was very big I think the seventies. So -- as you wanna -- those odd thing okay that's easy. I'll just go to Google and find out who sells them only answer is nobody sells them unless you find the use current. The only new ones that they make are made in Taiwan. And it cost twice as much to show them as as it does. The -- some -- well lighted on our jets are not going to Taiwan and I'm thinking. If the opener of questionable. Quality maybe I'd I'd try and find -- use one here. Which is what I did Danny never tracked one down for me there's an antique mall on and Orchard Park and he says that the guy has won here -- to -- and I once dominant organized then it wouldn't fit the car. Because you can't Tippett it was too tall to fit my car but I managed to get into her house and not only that I get to our house Saturday. Hi installed yeah I had a broad tools -- -- first of all I'm not used to handling tools. Except the staff meetings here I know I'm not used to handling -- and all. I brought a drill a screwdriver I I have exactly what I need and I even had a stud finder. I actually had a stud finder I turned it on an appointed to me no I I I know you were you'd put across the wall and then when they're right over -- goes. It's been. At -- okay there's is that you can also go -- -- a boom boom boom and allocate neither the stud in and out -- little small pot hole and there. With a screwdriver in the arm that's got all the things and that put the screw in the -- and -- and I -- -- and it works and it looks good and I did so congratulations them. Next year maybe should like a coat or something just a little easier to find but she was very -- -- that black out rule needs to be sacks all says Don -- So Donny Osmond has a column about it the buffalo and goes has an editorial about it. Most fans want that the only it was a don't want it ours is the NFL. And what are we talking about getting rid of the black out rule. Because I'm asking a question are we entitled. To watch all the bills games on television. After rob we do support team and and most community support their teams though with some kind of stating improvement stadium -- money. But because it's taxpayer dollars because of that I don't think battle alone entitles us to watch the game for free I'd like to watch them. I'd like to see them all on his turns up the Miami game was one of the best that we've had this year but. Anonymous thought we were listening to -- And and it was good game but we miss that. -- only via second blackout game this year but they play games or those -- is stadiums on the cover of the seats like what are they pretend that they're gone that's not -- It's in Jacksonville I know for a fact they -- that he that he just -- prophecies I don't know how that's allowed but yeah they work something out with a league where they can do that end there's a new rule. I think they put in place this year where you can circumvent the blackout if Europe 85% of your tickets sold. But the problem is the reason the bills are doing that is if you do it and you don't sellout. The you lose like your share like the visitors are coming get more -- -- the cash or -- we'd end up losing more money that's the that was the spin but it actually looking and it's probably the truth as well as -- going to be losing money -- small market like this can't afford to lose our dormitory. A funny story about -- them doing something like that Jerry Weintraub as a very well known was a very well known. On for for nor any was a real big time promoter. He finally got a a meeting with colonel Parker because he wanted to be able to promote a concert with -- Elvis okay. And -- -- -- -- the colonel saying -- he didn't know want trouble eyes and he says tell you what bring me a million dollars in cash. And we'll talk about Elvis has got nothing -- -- Elvis or the show is remember in boxing world. So weintraub when mountain rounded up a million dollars was an -- okay. So now he gets the concert. And McConnell says we've got to sell it out. He says I don't see one empty -- here or will never do business with you again it has to be sold. And so here's what they did Elvis was hot obviously at that time. But as luck would have it there was I think those shown Florida as luck would have it they Wear shark a couple of hundred people. And he knows that if Elvis looked out and sought any empty seats he would never get to promote again so first thing they did is they want to grab anybody that they according gave them tickets and brought them there than here you gotta sit here it was still short like fifty people. They were like fifty MBC's they didn't -- -- you know they did. They had the maintenance crew remove. It at the month's column from a Florida and take him out of that out of the arena because they Elvis did not wanna see any of these states so I. I think that it may be the national football -- should do that. Instead of having fifty people -- shovels. A shoveling as they should have fifty people ascribe drivers unscrew and the chairs and on -- while the National Football League continues screw us. We'll be back what more we want your opinion. Are we entitled to watch all of the bills games -- SEC is moving toward that. And Don Asman says that that should be gone. As the editorial from -- on -- that it should be gone. I think it's it's unfair does not much question about that. And whether I won't shed a tear or is gone but I also don't think we should be entitled to watch them will be back after -- Well some politicians are calling Florida and going Brian Higgins. Donna husbands calling for the buffalo on those editorial staff is calling for a they want an -- black rule. And believe me I wouldn't flows and asleep by Alexis Alexis is a go to -- but I also don't believe -- You know if you have a belief -- that transcends. You know different subjects at the basic belief that. Entitlements. Should be few and far between. Okay and I don't they were entitled to it. We used taxpayer dollars to support other businesses. Office space all kinds of things that we have no direct benefit from. The community benefits because it keeps the tax base wider keeps a business here -- maybe a more employees expansion whatever. But we don't get to use the products that the video we're helping them with. Especially -- Friday. So I don't think we're entitled to what I'd like to see it happen. I'd like to see gains but entitlement. Scratch that weren't okay Chris we've got some postings on FaceBook. This is from penny she says no it is not our right to see the games it's their business that Iran and how -- like this is another instance of government trying to regulate. Yeah I had a -- and if you look. Government try to regulate. You know -- in one area is is one thing. Government regulating the media I mean they have oversight the FCC has oversight. TV is licensed -- for broadcast. They don't they can oversee them they don't have the rules for satellite but they set him for. CBS NBC don't those. Those tendencies. And they certainly set him for radio. When they start getting into content that gets me very nervous being a radio. Personality. I think the government should should make sure were operating legally. And operating according to what we promised we would do -- our license. But as saying no you have to carry that. I'm not I'm not sure that that's in their domain but that's where it's going. They're going to go out after voting for -- initial ballots are going to a public. Comment. Period for about six months or Syria or goes after that. But I get nervous when the government gets involved we're broadcasting content. It's bad enough. That you know an innocent performer has. I'll -- malfunction. She is minding our own business and who amongst us as never had a wardrobe man and a man malfunction. No I was in which a one time discussing subject. -- my home -- as rips my shirt off or no I had an adult I mean -- things happen all the time. And so hole I mean remember of the stations that carry that even though they didn't know there was going to be a wardrobe malfunction. Have fun and by the FCC now I don't think that's very fair. -- I -- Justin Timberlake actually paid any money himself. The guy who caused the wardrobe malfunction but that's another story I'm thinking that regulate. It's of the parts of the need regulation make sure that we're compliant with -- rules and regulations but. I don't think we need any help with programming from the FCC or Brian Higgins either for that matter. Another -- please Chris. This is from Lois she says anything with tax dollars supporting it should not have a black -- -- they want the ability of black things out -- -- return all taxpayer money to the people. Cause if you believe that okay. I'll without getting into names and just use this as an example. We just gave tax breaks to a builder. A very good -- violent. Developer who was going through produce new office space for a very well established company. Taxpayer dollars. In concessions went into that. Okay the company will move into their new facility. The big tax breaks will take place because we want the company to stay here was what they add to our economy. But we don't have access to Google's offices. We don't have access to what that company does for a living will get any event for Fareed. If if the government gave Shays a -- Asia is -- A long O'Donnell on -- grants to remodel we don't get to see the -- -- a change of Fareed. Why would the bills being any different now we lost the bills. And they are business make no mistake about that. But that's the way it is that's just the way it is I don't think we're entitled to see their products for -- Now of the networks I think would have more. Would have more standing in this issue they pay X amount of dollars as a matter of fact they. Paid 128 billion dollars. In 2011. Through code to. Its -- -- the games for the National Football League. And that loses they said 2011. -- so that it would have this three billion dollars a year generally. And then the National Football League makes nine billion dollars a year but between them and networks but we're part of that. Because in order to get through the numbers when they're negotiating may have to figure out how many people going to be watching these games. And they do what was called accumulate they look at the total number of people that are. I've been watching these games and they figure how much it's worth of the network to charge their sponsors and that's how the money changes hands. But beyond that we don't have a direct access to every taxpayer dollar that we've invested in some business. There have been no notable some restaurant failures in the city of buffalo but while they were still. Going while there was still going and that seat than anybody get the going there any free. I don't remember that I don't think you do either so I don't think that's a good enough argument. But my prevailing argument is the last thing we want I think is the government involved with programming. With contents. Because that is a very slippery slope yeah you're looking at the plus side now he is saying he wants the National Football League. It's America's game it's the Buffalo Bills this is our team. But that's the content you happen -- like. What if you -- the government starts getting involved with content you don't like I think we should be more inclusive. And we should cover more Muslim events. Because these involve a lot of people in the earth that are a billion Muslims. It's important that we learn more -- educational process and programming is must carry you must carrier. How would you feel about it. You probably wouldn't be too comfortable about it analysts much you really. And an active interest in that contest so because it doesn't affect yield directly. Is reasons and not being intrusive and because it does affect you directly as a result should be interest that you should be interest. -- intellectual basis do you want the government. Dictating content. To a private business and through networks. I don't OK I'd like to have a but I don't. I think they should be revised the rules should or reflect a percentage but rather than an absolute flat number. And I think that would be very helpful will be back every.

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