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Travel Advisory Remains for City of Lockport

Dec 23, 2013|

Michael Tucker

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We open up the WB and live line now welcome -- city mayor Michael Tucker to talk about the effects of the weekend storm -- Tucker good to have you with -- sanctions. Before we talk about how long it's going to take to get things cleared up in -- should give our listeners. An idea one of the storm began what was it like and then once it did hit. How long did it take you realize that you're going to be in trouble for awhile. Well we stick on guys 1 AM. The morning it was raining heard you know started changing over to freezing rain and think started ice over as the temperature dropped shall we replaced -- call ourselves to about 1 AM and built by early morning. You know although I should really started to build up time. And trees and branches and -- and you know things just started to deteriorate from there are so. You know we knew early. We're going to be -- over a rough go and we have -- and you know continue to work. Maybe you and I chatted yesterday just before noon here we are from 121520. Hours later. What's the biggest change have you made progress if so where. Well they get some progress but it's gonna take a long period of time I mean we still have you guys to have the advisory in effect for enormous -- travel. No I understand that you alluded before Christmas Eve and if you know that student to release of that city triples for some people -- People have to go to work so. You know that regard I would tell people just you know use extreme caution you know the streets are still full of debris. We still have several lawyers down we have approximately you know plastic TARP would not expect about a 150. People still without power in this city. Will be restored at different points during the day everybody should be restored by midnight tonight but. It's just going to be an on going process in the -- tickets a couple of weeks to get this stuff mean we have. He can't really go fifteen feet ten without trying to and a pile of debris. The -- city was hit very. The citywide immediately no legislative area. There's a wasn't in prayer and told restore them so. You know it just to the Dixon you know we're trying to get the streets open still -- street took a closed. You know still very large. Limbs that are down maybe you know we actors and -- them up as we go that a matter of just movement could occur. They get them out of the way so it's going to be processed by the going to be a couple of weeks before. Everything is taken care of but -- relations advisory. We're just keep -- place -- -- lol will reevaluate this afternoon. And see exactly what we wanna do that but at the moment. Additional unnecessary travel -- Laporte. On top of the fact that Laporte did take a beating by flooding in October of -- Tucker. Would you consider asking the governor for some assistance here. I've talked in the state talk to them yesterday. You know we have good relations with -- -- -- get we get got to get -- of the group relations are way. I would to have good relations programs so look you know. But keep in touch with them they're keeping in touch with us. You know -- that they -- -- -- -- Whatever conference call -- this morning. A little to side with the unit with the best step is to go there. Okay we'll be checking in with the -- for an update thank you there are lot port city mayor Michael Tucker.