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Bills Blank Miami

Dec 23, 2013|

John Murphy & Mark Kelso

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now here is a Monday where it's fun to talk football time for our regular Buffalo Bills recap what the bills broadcast team. John Murphy and mark Kelso with us now on the WB MI -- they're brought to us by. Value home centers on speed experience and winning team shop fast shop Smart shot value on senators. Hey John let's start with the was we always do you have called a lot of bills games through your career was this the best offensive performance you've ever seen. Oh well I mean I don't know article. The a lot of games it was a very good defense. -- The field itself and could not do anything offensively that they'll shut about the -- shut out in a couple of years -- -- that couple interceptions. It was almost appropriate eager to get into the air filter and it's sort highlighted everything. -- defensively which is take the ball away in -- pressure on the quarterback. And yesterday -- -- through -- keep the belt and running game project which has been an issue could have you know adoption broker also yeah I'd say it's the world that's steep that it intimately. And -- you know one guy who really stood on Monday yesterday and it was obvious -- -- -- two sacks three tackles for a loss a huge pass breakup. And that was just in the first quarter -- -- have such a big impact. Yeah he wrote a terrific young player it's that a couple cut them on. Really shocked to diskette or undrafted but he was though a lot of people bourses as -- -- -- create into the in the because of the side that he's really kind of that he hasn't practiced Hutus were a little bit short we have such great quip that's. He QB can -- this it's really nicely of the defense of Pakistan region and change directions and accelerate. There's so quickly and make plays its feet made plays all year mean yesterday I think which is the culmination of everything he's been -- dispute that and that's because technical orbit. They've used a little a lot of very situation and -- bring -- -- they rushed more than more than four guys very opting yesterday couple product but what they -- -- -- bring -- over will be up. Slot and they dropped it's not like Jerry Hughes or Mary consummate drop them on the other sides of -- -- Russian orbit they're bringing it from different angles and and he had a great day absolutely and and account as a met personally and through and find a way to get that a quarterback or searching -- note sent yesterday it. They I mean this -- -- as a team defense of leaders that's has some of those performances I've ever seen. From -- bill payment and they just they control everything from from the word go and and against that kind of a depleted offensive line for the dolphins -- -- taken consideration but. But it was a dominant performance. -- that Lewis was one of the big stories heading into the weekend he lost a couple of receivers in the game still pass for 193 limited his mistakes overall what did you think of his game. But it's a pretty well but he got -- -- a bit of a slow start and then. Warmed up -- -- little luck authority you have some -- were. In the game -- -- -- electric really good solid passes he's got a good -- arm and strong arm and he's not afraid to work. To pull the trigger. The but overall it is pretty well for a guy who has not played much in the league and abruptly quit this year there were a couple of shots down field including -- Big player escalate to a Robert would still -- -- our side went so overall I think got played pretty well. Fred Jackson rushed for a 111 yards and a touchdown -- -- her former player. How much an effect does that have on the rest of the team that's got inspired now. He's unbelievable I did you know I got here believe so basic and do it and watches from the blitz pick up -- and is that those corrupt and pro football -- he is that the complete player and and you know -- some miles on now he's just it's contact -- -- the -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- basically. The bill are triggered the last couple weeks to see him practically well Tampa last week played OK -- -- play well yes it makes some great blocks. It's Fred Fred kind of set up the -- could do it -- He is because the weight -- he -- stretches the defense and that allows is not that solemnity gain leverage in any pets behind that. Unbelievable what he can do and how that helps -- in a running game. A solid running game really helped the passing game I think that's what happened yesterday I don't law. In the end up like at looses it means you'd start really strong but when it and we want -- -- -- game it was tough way to win was awfully. Strong swirling and that was what was going -- on the ball early in the game and make it and expect that -- Some pets got away from them but yet there's just an overall stroke reports and they controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. All right guys blood can only hope that the next weekend we have as good things to talk about them after England. Thanks so much John Murphy and mark -- Brought to us by value home senators want speed experience and the winning team shop fast shop Smart shot value home center.

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