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Fall-Out From Gabryszak Accusations

Dec 23, 2013|

Jimmy Vielkind

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's welcome our next guest on the live line -- -- kind -- senior political reporter with capital New York dot com Jimmy welcome. Assemblyman Dennis cameras -- -- to walk a long time respected political guy. Now caught up and allegations of sexual misconduct making inappropriate advances toward female members of those -- -- and also the -- we live in times. When charges are filed scandals boiled over the accused. Are cooked even before the chargers are substantiated. But we also and other charges like this are not leveled recklessly so with that said. Where does this leave Dennis cameras back right now. Well it -- -- from the minute that top spot. Top Democrats including -- elder at the -- your attorney Democratic Party as well although the governor. Said that if he's delegations are gonna be true then it's our protection resigned from law that. Of course we don't know whether these are true. The matter has been referred to ethics committee and that is something which could you at least substantiate. Some of the charges and that to -- did -- charges against former assemblyman Vito Lopez. -- -- Seem to lend some credibility to the chargers. One that are multiple people telling them similar stories Tuesday may need -- into legal filings. That they have attached their names to. So it. On the skill of accusation that the politicians fact that we -- More than one person coming toward changed toward them that there was attached and into. I think that this. It does what he -- them in the top spot that doesn't compute not that anything publicly. About the church and yet. Based on the way you have seen these sort of thing play out in the past. What do we expect from the ethics committee how they conduct their their probe but that's even what we call. It will be ethics committee will call people there and possibly happened at five. It -- reviewed documents that are documents are available. And that it will recommend a course of action according that you should -- own internal rules. Include complete. Usually a matter of -- but perhaps since. You six to eight weeks in this case was the proteins might. Disrupt that timetable that. But I think that internal review will be on going. There will be a cloud over most drivers. Virtually stalled in accordance with a special next month. And Jimmy as you mentioned mr. got resigned his client hasn't sent -- thing is not talking now is that the right thing to do the little longer. He remains quiet people especially his constituents. Begin to wonder. Well and it's certainly isn't allowing him to go about it is in the normal way. There -- political figures who faced. But in general they should more stable than. Some are open than there open and their two cents in after the minister of others or not. Typically. And generally goes to a more open and active -- that they have action that could theoretically be defensible. Have veto locations a pretty. Shock and I appreciate them so it is cute that the people -- two it's a moment moment sort of its best it's just -- up so much it is usually country again in the newspapers. Put this on the context of the scandals that have come before it in a year Vito Lopez does Dennis -- act now face. A tougher time in all the proceedings to come. -- that you pointed out this is not the first time we've had this similar fact pattern in this number. The fact. To have rejected the third person this year should be to a embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal involving his employees. -- the first Beagle has forced to resign. -- -- my children from Manhattan. What the City Council race probably important in major part to the allegations against him. And and I think that would really doesn't it's it's it reflects returns -- two children over. The long current speaker of the democratic dominated chamber of and how old what the cloture is and what he has played in either abetting a culture change -- -- Now so brigades have is that they -- of these allegations of these action until the lawsuit was Arnold. Well. -- there is still its fuel for the fire. And mr. -- who will be appearing in public today at 1 PM in Manhattan so what you -- yet about addiction that. -- -- to come on this story no doubt about it Jimmy thank you for joining us. John thanks if Jimmie we'll kind of senior political reporter with capital New York dot com.