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Political PR guy Michael Caputo

Dec 22, 2013|

on the allegations against Assy. Dennis Gabryszak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's focus again now on the situation with tents campers act. We've brought in Michael Caputo in addition to being might get ledger here -- highlighted here for a couple of reasons in addition to being such an. Eloquent partisan and someone who can bring in the Republican perspective. You're also someone who -- your core perhaps. Is a PR executive a guy who has managed the communication efforts for politicians. When they are in some sort of trouble. Let's start there. What advice would you give to tennis gamblers back right now. Well I mean I agree that. Whatever one says that the legal process to will be borne out. From a PR perspective from a crisis communication aspect. The pertinent question in the case are ultimately -- respect at acting program any of -- is true. And here it is true he to resign need you that we saw that -- A bit of a gamble in Washington that the congress. He made an immediate move -- You know not whether. Not clear whether any of true delegation -- him he -- the damage to party but there were offers. And the damage to a spam it would be too great in resign immediately. That mr. democratic attributes pick you right now. And you think he should basically hold a news conference at some point. Well I did not necessary you call recently and there are many others don't necessarily have. -- current problems and brought more attention so they don't have don't down in -- like and leaner -- Obviously -- respected simply resign -- Personally resign -- written announcement and and are they don't save it. It's something that should be done -- -- in other -- you know for the sake of it and spiritual. -- couldn't -- guilty just need to resign. What about the other side of the coin what if he wants to stay and fight do you then hold a news conference and say. Listen this is now what it appears. Well if that is true it is not what it appears and it. They're always heard. -- Truth -- in all rumor -- all -- -- ruling should -- so there's going to be some treatment here and some rumor and some things that are not true and you know. What you -- that it -- side that -- -- -- then I eat an apple crust upper absolutely unique -- family with him. And it is family is like in particular can't stand beside him are he shouldn't attempt to move on. Put it in a partisan context forming now. You are obviously also a Republican political operative someone who is a commented on a lot of that sort of thing. They even here as the occasional guest host on WB and every. Excuse me New York State Republican chairman Ed Cox wasted little time. To attack Sheldon Silver in general and the assembly Democrats he put out a statement earlier this week saying. The pattern of abuse facilities by Sheldon Silver is a dark stain on our state. The idea that the assembly and assembly Democrats have more for problem here bring that -- for me. Well paid American side that point as well of course we know that Sheldon silver's leader under -- corporate leadership. -- assembly has turned into just. Absolute. Are those actual war. Harassment we've seen it happen over and over again with other assembly members. I'll let operative that you know beat these kinds of it was kind of inappropriate behavior are all party lines and the other side of the court this reprehensible and general. Every one Republican and Democrat and not exhibit. The into the market there will leader and elected speaker of which went. And if we get the on the part of jet pollen and that. We wouldn't be a lot of -- -- of the nation which we are today everybody in the United States' laps all year and corrupt cool. Out of your suck -- your politicians and -- point. -- -- respect accusations yet respect respect or respect and to work support that point. So we're basically asked one of his days to fast tracked this through the assembly ethics committee. Do you think that so a political decision because the criticisms that he's taken earlier this year. Every decision but I went -- over wake up in the morning and -- -- tight at the political. Every bit there's mixed. It is political but it is stick absolutely you -- To try and show our system to address these problems is working. Correctly -- not work correctly before so why are you referring to immediately after making a big stink about putting -- correctly. Well bragging about doing your job. It is just harbor is that the political prisoner -- -- got nothing to do with. Whether or not Mitt silver as I want to get the bottom these things we already know -- what car will be in there party every. How damaging do you think it is -- silver and the rest of the Democrats because I can imagine Republicans pointing -- this and saying oh look another case. But another case at least being raised. Well all over the assembly Democrats have been rolling around. Did in the let the cat litter box for a long long time so sorry to another. -- Cat litter -- -- is not the enemy and think in order yet more possible I don't think this game -- in the re activate it and all that it. From all the past transgressions with all the other Democrats who have done this are Vito Lopez Europe. And and -- of people -- the Democrats in the assembly don't care about sexual harassment they keep reelecting -- -- They're raptors. And -- there's just really I don't think it really hurt. All right Mike we got to run thanks for your time this morning. That's political. Communications expert and a commentator Michael --