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Erie Dem. Party Chair Jeremy Zellner

Dec 22, 2013|

on Assy. Dennis Gabryszak

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Jeremy Zell Miller is with us now he is chairman of the Erie county Democratic Party. When the charges were first raised earlier this week on Friday against assemblyman Dennis -- -- Jeremy you came out and basically said. If these are true he's got to step aside. Yeah I think it's important. You know certainly everyone has their day in court but these are very serious charges -- seen through multiple people involved. And a lot of details. And so you know -- these charges are true I certainly would like the assembly numbered step down immediately and I just wanted to make it clear that our party does not stand for that. No one that we deal -- would. And you know this -- seemed to be dealt with swiftly and and until we hope mrs. overlooked so. Now you issued the comments publicly obviously to folks like us in the media. Have you talked to -- at all. I am not nobody that I know parents and I have not spoke. To what degree is this a personal disappointment for you'd have to stand out parents say. -- one of our guys may have screwed up here. Certainly this is you know -- apocalyptic. Accusation here and what is the most disappointing thing is that this is actually what people. Practicing politics and government about. They they don't like to see this thing this thing leads to a cynicism that people already have about politics and government and it and it hurts. Everybody who involved in this we have a lot of great elected officials in our community. And any time that happened that just think everybody look abroad for. How hard is it for you to look at the loss of -- what what some people -- it was a rising stars some guy that. -- run for other offices down the road. Well and you know we'll see what happens in this case. But certainly at these featured are true then you know what I'm glad that we don't have to find out about anything like ghost on the road but. You know it's right now we'll we'll we'll have to see what happens could be killed here. Are you in any way concerned about the ability to replace him to get another candidate and there are few steps down. Well I mean at this point that's all speculation but I know that there are several people who. Mark good strong Democrat took. Strong community ties didn't that would wondered what alone for that seat and it will we'll talk about that when when -- When and if this stock becomes open. At what point do you want me. Calling for publicly to step aside is certainly. Lowering a bit of the hammer but is there a deadline is there something down the road which you'll say. Hey we've got to move on this or is it really now just a matter of waiting and seeing innocent until proven guilty. Well look at said that Friday I think the only person who knows whether these charges are true or not as the assembly member and I think you know -- We are having a morning I'm not sure exactly what happened with the telephones they just suddenly went blank unless there. You were saying in mid sentence there. That that obviously this something you've got to speak out about but at the same time you underlined the innocent until proven guilty part of it. What does that mean it like it so the only person that knows all of these accusations are true lieutenant -- respect him. He he you know I I hope this is dealt with swiftly. And if they are indeed true I hope that this would be done sooner than later. All right very good Jeremy thanks for joining us this morning -- while you -- mid sentence either. That's Erie county Democratic Party chair Jerry's -- after the break we're gonna talk a little bit more about the political ramifications will bring in a Republican political commentator. And a guy who certainly knows public relations certainly knows how candidates deal with damage control Michael Caputo coming up it's hard line and we'll have more weather to. I'm news radio 930 WB yet.