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12-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Dec 20, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are at it is. The under is ready at 930 WB and you know they have sexual harassment stuff generally it's a woman vs man thing. And I thought that if I have my own business I would probably simply hire old bald man. That there's anything wrong with the ball just like I'll retract that statement I would hire older men. That's what I would do. Because. I wouldn't put myself in the position. Of being alone in an office anymore with a woman. Because I know that immediately. Anything she could make up any storage you want to do it should be believed. Especially because I am a self confessed lover team. -- -- you know how easy would it be. I -- like the other night when he drove it in Nortel and I grabbed. Now he's gonna believe that that actually happened. So you can go to the cops you can file losses against me but nobody mobile I was all over you and car. But it won't let my -- my career would be over. Unless -- entered politics it is at ten minutes after five. And changed -- named Clinton. That's hypocrisy folks. Is Germany's Olmert as elderly leader of the Democrats in Erie county what a fraud scam sham what a phony. Bill Clinton. Ladies -- element is a criminal. He's occur at any other world Bill Clinton would've been in prison. For what he did all those women. But among the Democrat faithful he's a guy. Me to the media Barbara Walters the most fascinating person in the world. You know is the most fascinating person of the world I am you know says so my cat. We're gonna do a ten minute after traffic got traders -- And yes we do. Fogged out there we may even say and we'll see a freezing rain situation over the weekend be advised -- and the thermometer and just know that there's no vehicle on the face -- this planet that -- well in a freezing rain situation believe me. Where reminds me Christmas 1989 stuck in Jacksonville Florida in the holiday in -- my ex wife's dog in my cat. Three days. Three day news and the reason. -- a -- Like the Dominican Republic. Except that in your career. It's a twelve minutes after five and and I say this at least one today just the public service message to not go to the Dominican report. I love the people but they are not ready for prime time. Not. Now they're not ready for prime time. Everybody knows into the Dominican Republicans up with diarrhea. And in my case it was because of at least stored -- I believe. They also not discovered the joy of retreating meat. Seriously I ended up budgets that it will this situation I had the only thing they got rid it was super. So definitely victory infection and it was nasty. That meant to them well and 65 -- Keep losing. My doctor -- get it in some late now. Stick figures are right it is thirteen minutes after five at WB yen. Actually Joseph it's just recover from my method action I didn't wanna say that publicly are right. -- that would. That would be like the definition of frenetic. Those people are not well. Okay backtrack reset. First of all folks -- a shift things around a little bit because we've got a nasty traffic situation. We had a nasty traffic situation a couple of out of days ago on the mind the and now we've got one that is it's not. It's definitely a huge road. In the ninety's but it's a huge broad -- -- -- Basically folks if you got off the 29. And headed south. On Miller's work otherwise known as 263. First of all you're not going to be able to do from the 29. You can't do. Others are -- Right by sheer -- if you're heading south it's right before -- traffic like record torture and the road is called park for. I think it cut across -- sport. And goes in back of the yet at the -- shipment. And it with a long and short of it is about an hour and a half ago. This accident took place. It involves what I'm seeing -- -- -- pictures are hired her to web vehicles both passenger cars. One of the cars looks as though it is at its roof sheered off. I can see the damage on the other one now based on the placement of the vehicles. And only that my educated guess would be this was eighteen bones situation. Somebody ran a red light that's -- -- yes but that's only guess. -- you've -- what's going on there I would like to know. Obviously it's a serious accident. Are there fatalities. I don't know. It would not surprise me if there are serious injuries in this accident wouldn't surprise me in the least. But the police in Amherst and ego blow smoke too -- you know first of all -- -- via. The worst police have always been. Just above and beyond the call of duty. Whitman especially late. -- just then -- just. I can't say enough about the numbers. And -- you have an excellent accident investigation unit. And they will absolutely positively figure out what happened. But to do that they need the road closed down. Unfortunately it happens to be right in the middle afternoon. So if you're in that area or you have seen what is going on. Feel free to call the because you will be giving information to my audience. And I don't know if the closure of Miller's ports highways between. Basically you BE -- and I don't know. If that is having any residual back up back on the rest of the traffic pattern on the 29. Now the -- -- now do not ride the cast of the person right Friday. Because they may be somebody not listening to the bar really show. Which means you automatically should let them off but they think they may be somebody not listening and totally unaware that they're -- we will get off heading south and sport. So they might certainly slowed owner of my favorite hit the brakes on the 290. So give yourself some extra following distance but if this is affecting the rest of the traffic pattern I would like to know. It's not the ninety's. But it is a early major way people get home in our area -- for -- and I know that it affects the people -- -- But. Definitely would like to know a lot of people I was under the -- for the -- electorate. A lot of people will you be at night nighttime classes typically would break right now. We've got a lot of people binder sabres jerseys in merchandise now that they actually scored eight goals and risk games. 80330. Start at thirty let's go to Tom in Grand Island Tom what do you have forced by way of information -- Well I was just shouldn't be there. The universe police so there's a -- are bad accident at the intersection of -- forward and -- and it's pretty somber about it. Something down not -- on Miller's sport. And he said that it is invigorating and turned -- conflict ago has an area or continue to go on the 29 US. So the united way if you're coming out went as the mayor you can go straight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well that must've been a while ago because right now they've essentially closed down made for want of a better way of saying yet that Miller sport between UB your habit at the 290. And I shared. Well it's not that came up I think up Miller's portraits intersection -- -- and I rolled out in Indonesia. You can go you can go through here as long as you're getting after the nine US. As you go on down -- for -- religion those spots that are fifteen minutes ago. Yup because you wouldn't be at the accident scene and then you just get right back out of it to an idea heading heading westbound. And they are they letting eastbound 290 people on to unveil his port. I don't see that I can see where they were doing and I don't think so does that seem like a pretty somber that there -- pretty. Serious or are actually that the Miller sports -- fact that intersection. The doctors understood what I'm saying on the effect on the picture I have of seeing two vehicles involved one of which appears to be very seriously damaged. -- from the top on -- from the top two about the the window line. We'll see what other people have to say but I do appreciate what you have told us and I I just hope that everybody is is gonna survive this and hopefully with a minimum of injury. Yup all right Tom thank you very much an -- up and -- If there are any children involved. There is no cop in the world that is gonna go home and not have a couple of drinks tonight. Because that's that's like -- hell when easier and injured cute and I'm not hearing any reports of that but. If that is the case. You know I I can do a lot of things I can't deal with injured kids I'd lose and an emotionally I just can't handle. Twenty minutes after five at WBM let's find out -- the official traffic word now from. Alan Harris Alan we're having people call in on this accident at that -- sport in Hartford because. It it's just nasty from what we're hearing go ahead. And I definitely -- out there about a quarter of three quarters of a mile visibility by now and a freezing rain may be a possibility over the weekend and of course freezing rain and melting snow. You might wanna move this stuff off of your basement floor like my cardboard boxes that are right in the dream path that I put on the basement -- like an idiot. Alright folks look I know it's frustrating those of you try to get hold on -- -- but just let me just take a little something about accident investigation. So that I was a police academy washing out I learned just enough. To make me sound intelligent about the stuff. But in order to do the accident investigation first of you gotta be trained for a secondly. You'd need to be able to investigate without worrying about traffic coming up. Because they're gonna take careful measurements photographs and everything. Each and every aspect of this accident so they can figure out what happened. So responsibility can be assigned the charges can be filed if warranted and of course. There is the implied consent notion. Bet you getting behind the -- simply implies your consent to blood testing alcohol testing so no doubt that is going to be in the future. Were some of the people involved in this accident. But the reason enough to close it down bottom line is if you're going to be doing an accident investigation. You have to close the road down especially busy road like -- sport. You don't want the accident investigators to end up by getting hit by car so please understand they're doing their job. And they you don't get a second chance to do with scenes. Once that scene is on its all you gotta do now when the scene is still there and will be serious injury at least accident. That's what they have to do. So -- cut him some slack. Let's go to the public service announcement on behalf of cops let's go to Dennis in Amherst on WB yeah -- -- -- Well I'd I'd feel a lot better if I knew that everybody was okay from the -- While I was heading each start Sheridan. Approaching -- is -- it was basically a parking lot site turned around. And went out. Tried to go up north aren't we all live at the same thing is very very happy. I think you said it was Hartford the block north. Sheridan. Yet it will Hartford there's a light at Hartford and -- sport. And the next life would be Sheridan if you're heading south. -- Well it's. Everybody's trying to get around that area now and it's it's I'm looking at maple where near where you guys are very busy busy all over around. Yeah well you know what -- absolutely correct I said earlier that this is probably one of the worst locations to try to root around. Because no matter what you do if you get off the chair and Harlem if you're on the 290 heading eastbound. You're gonna run into -- -- If you're heading west -- of the two and I mean he decided yet to go off the sweet home you're gonna run into a back up and what you said even sweet home north has backed up. Yeah I think -- once you pass over. Indeed if you kept going on sweet home -- Maple or clears up on that try to coach or UB to get home. They'll be careful because quite frankly too many of the UB students crossed the street without looking with their damn ear -- him. Eric thank you have thank you for the call. -- idea. I'm amazed at the number of students from QB who cross maple without even looking with their earbuds and as -- cars can stop on a dime and everybody's sober. I wish they would build a pedestrian bridge over maple. From Flint to the UB campus. Here is our Christine in Amherst Christina. I -- Tony. Why you're so I actually thought there were -- -- I. Amateur and you know exited the -- -- -- area where Egypt and then there and actually get there. Not what -- eat out. It's actually -- over -- It's. Part of summer when he. How are at 5 o'clock. And there and it it's. Out or all that it's been just. -- it's going. You know light -- -- Sure RO -- that. Now there are a will be normal. So the -- it has. I appreciate that for much so that might be attributable to when Alan Harris told us earlier before this mess started. That that looked at like a lot of people went left early on Friday before Christmas so. I'm. Why don't our office as I mean -- Ivan I haven't seen anybody with whom I worked for the past five hours I think they -- a really long lunch until Monday morning. Thanks for the call that your -- -- Yet today's deal of the day from my buffalo purse is a sixty dollar certificate to -- -- the ball club at Niagara on the Lake Ontario for just. And dollars. If the perfect holiday gift includes complimentary driving rain -- of play. Go to WB EN dot com click on the my buffalo -- -- -- John Lennon imagine all the people sharing all the world. -- -- -- talked a hypocrite. It's 534. -- ready at 930 WB EEN. Let's now sport has reopened again. Miller's for Israel and again. And I got a couple of nice text messages from some Amber's cops and you guys are welcome because you guys deserve the praise you deserve the credit. And you've got wanna help the local police department and the story. Here's pat in the and and by the way. Never. Have I had asked for any. You know courtesy. Can I drive like my old man here is a patent tunnel on the WB yen. Actually what I usually do -- say you know I am because that's a guaranteed headlines anyway you -- WB and hello. I -- as senate bill might buy them if -- go to court was open registered not -- accountability -- hundreds of buckled now. I'd -- eastbound on the through -- and I'm my way to Lancaster and really what normal back up and not the more than that. Well I'm happy to hear that now -- did you notice because there's hope to debris. Or is my father's drill instructor used to say Deborah it's a whole bunch of debris in the road -- swept all that crap up. Yep that's all (%expletive) up. I didn't see any of Polaris starting and there adult police officers go around but I eastbound entrance of the fairway but -- turning onto itself. Good ball. Hopefully they're over Tim Hortons insured and get some coffee or bottled water grab a sandwich or something for the rest of the two -- Yeah look. Yeah well first responder on the fire fighter and I know. That's got to meet up such a -- that they can -- You know what I hope you're not and I I don't claim to be some kind of hard as that -- grownups -- -- deal with have -- a lot of bad stuff -- my elected jet that children -- her children mighty Eiffel appease. All right pat I am so glad you called to affirm and confirm the gardeners. All right thank thank you very much and again it blows smoke at the -- cops but. I think it's open. A -- top -- job. With accident investigation they really do. They are. Made -- state police they're also they've got an you that is outstanding. And to go to the -- cops and in order to properly do an accident investigation. Remember this one remember this one phrase if nothing else when you're stuck in traffic -- they've reopened -- for now but. You'd never get. A second chance to reconstruct the scene of an accident everything you do has got to be done at the scene at the time. And wrote like -- -- -- half the -- that now in order to do the proper investigation. So they were doing their jobs however inconvenient it was warrior. They didn't have a second opportunity to do it they had to do win they did it. So again that's. I know I know it's frustrating. But. We may be talking about situation where you know there there's going to be some civil liability and that may be criminal libel I don't know but. Just wanted to share that with. Anyway it is up by 38 at the WBZ. And actually the entire Everett police department lives in my house afterward. -- inside Joseph probably two inside anyway. And noise in the headphones. Now that was my year. Okay. Now what are the big news stories today and I hate that we all serious with you on -- Friday because of serious all week long. I've had so many mail in topics that I wanted to do but -- Lipton which keeps getting in the way. And one of the big topics today is state assemblyman Dennis average -- Now he's been a politician. For ages is there it was the mayor of slow it was said the governor Sloan is that with the mayor of Sloan. And debt -- average act according to throw a twenty something female staffers is what we used to call a male chauvinist pig. And a serial sex terror answer. You know what. My skepticism is out on this story. I am not a Democrat. -- -- -- There's always been a friend to this year. -- average act has called me literally at midnight the give me information I needed on stuff. We share. A mutual family -- to which we are both close. I will say that. But do we hang out together now we just happen to have this mutual family that is a friend to openness. But that being said. The allegations against Dennis Garrett -- are simply that at this point allegations. Now he allegedly told these young women that he has a tattoo on his Willie. He allegedly took one of his young staffers to -- quote on quote massage parlor. During her first couple of weeks on the job. Now massage part. That can be very fiery expression. See some people actually call licensed massage therapist places massage parlors which by the way licensed massage therapist do not like. Now -- massage parlor. Probably employs illegal. Asians. Women who. Give you happy ending. That's -- aside for. A drug but. I don't want anybody. But in any event. It's probably give better massages in the license people -- number of people but bubbles -- that but just the way ago anyway. He also allegedly had women grab his. IPhone. And his. IPad. And there were adds up allegedly for escort services. Allegedly allegedly allegedly allegedly. Now these allegations get -- -- ever Jack has not set a thing public. Dennis I'm sure you or your family your friends are listening and I know that you know that I've texted you multiple times. Dennis average -- I'm simply gonna say one more time you're not gonna find a more fair interview that what you're gonna get from me. Speakers you and I have talked on the phone. You and I traded texts. And if you want to make a statement. You don't want any questions I will allow you to do that. If you'd like to answer some questions I'd be happy to ask those questions. But I have a great deal of skepticism. As to the veracity. Of this story because frankly it just seems a little bit too convenient. Dennis ever Jack has been opposed to NY say. He's been opposed NYC it. Andrew Cuomo. That is his baby. And Andrew Cuomo make no mistake about it folks. He is one of the most mentally -- Narcissistic. In this -- a vindictive bastard ever to hold office in New York State. The man -- it's a little Mussolini. He -- And he cannot stand. People especially in his own party blocking him. That is why I voted for a Democrat Tom Lofgren. For Erie county legislature. Because I am a man of my work. And although he's a Democrat. Tom -- -- joined the majority on the -- county legislature. Went and her ball low interest in week came to Erie county the same day Erie county the legislature was having a vote. On the opposing NY saying it. And topple program a Democrat. Cited that win at the constitution. I voted for Democrat Tom logged -- for the Erie county legislature. And I did that because when you are with me on a key issue. I'm not gonna throw you to the wolves. Because you've done your job. Now -- -- reject. He. Courageously. Went against Andrew Cuomo the governor in his own party. That's average -- happens to be. A state assemblyman for a very safe Democrat mr. If Dennis -- -- was the district where Republicans could gain it's a foothold. This story would have been an afterthought. But because -- -- -- is in a safe Democrat district the Democrats have nothing to lose. Because they will gladly throw him under the bus. Because he's opposed NY say they know they can find a sock puppet. To take his job who's a Democrat because people in Cheektowaga our -- will be in voters' -- look at Democrat I'm voting for. -- that I'm sorry but they're stupid voters. What do you want to say -- I'm not gonna hide my feelings. I feel. Democrat Democrat Democrat Democrat Democrat Democrat Democrat that's what they know so that's why that is -- -- is expendable. He opposed them -- say they're for because he's in a district where Democrat can't lose he's expendable. So that -- skepticism about this story comes in because I know what Andrew Cuomo was all about. If Cuomo could bring back the S that he would. That's what he's all about. Now. The hypocrisy. The local Erie county democratic chairman. Germany's -- Is perhaps it's funny and so if this wasn't so serious it would be funny. Because if if Germany was gonna be consistent. He would also say Bill Clinton is not welcome in buffalo. Erie county. He would call out Bill Clinton. The Bill Clinton is no longer the president of the united aggregates. He's no longer the president of the United States even though he steals the stage for Barack Obama every time he goes on stage. They've ever does that. Bill Clinton comes out Barack Obama simply fades into the woodwork. Bill Clinton has more charisma than Barack Obama could ever hope -- Bill Clinton would win the presidency again if he could run. Yet Bill Clinton is he rapists a serial rapists he is basically the bike path rapist didn't kill anybody. At least that -- his own two hands. Bill Clinton is an absolute stumble. Bill Clinton is the ultimate the filer of females. And he gets a pass. -- I I don't really know which I've forgotten -- maybe you were young when Bill Clinton was it was getting. In the Oval Office -- take it back down memory lane coming up in some of Bill Clinton's greatest hits. He hit that he hit back at bat coming up on WB. -- BW on time. -- -- -- -- 547 at WB EN it is cowardly for the buffalo demo group how -- like a white Christmas. Sorry my friend Desmond this is -- -- racially tinged commercial. -- -- -- white Christmas you can have a white golf for Christmas white heat for Christmas how. Wanted to go to the buffalo dental group. And by a whole bunch of gift certificates for teeth whitening. 199. Dollars. Now here's the special part of the buffalo dental group they love animals in fact doctor how -- Both of her dogs are rescue dogs from the ASPCA serving you recount -- you know that they are and the buffalo dental group is -- giving. Each and every penny. About 199. Dollar teeth whitening thing to the SP CA serving you recount. That is a tremendous and magnanimous act of generosity. From the buffalo dental group you know they do care about the community. I can think of businesses that are help a lot bigger that don't do a damn thing for charity the buffalo dental group. They are all that and more. 199. Dollar. Teeth whitening. Every penny goes to the SP CA serving recount so you help you help a loved ones and -- all the animals who need for its. The SP CA serving Erie county will get every single -- all the buffalo dental group. 63412346341234. In the village of Williams bill and in that UB south Canton ten more area. It's like no man's land the news first try to describe where it is but it's not angle -- You know the buffalo dental group doctor. 39 degrees right now as Alan mentioned some. Fought as thick as C April. And I know it's pea soup at the other -- so much fun here. And I also asked him freezing rain potentiality. -- over the weekend in particular tomorrow not to mention the melting snow and the terrain and the cardboard boxes right in the drained out of my basement and put her like a whole rigmarole. It's so interesting and so has such a revelation and so revealing. About Democrats liked the local or county Democrat party -- Germany's -- by the way efforts of other interesting things about previous Democrat party chairman in Western New York. You wanna start talking about people's sexual arresting young boys and stuff. Well I could name names but I won't. Anyway. I guess. You wanna play this card I'll play it right back get your Bill Clinton. Everybody -- -- -- because that Catholic ever but he knows nobody talks about it anyway. We haven't charging Bill Clinton. With sexual assault. Since it assault. Harassment assault. -- is a Rhodes scholar. Oxford at thirty years ago. This is from 2004. Juanita Broderick. And Arkansas nursing home operator. Told NBC she was raped by Clinton. Originally NBC Shelby interview with then finally aired. Broderick took her story to the Wall Street Journal. The journal published to account of the brutal rape at the hands of Bill Clinton and then the Washington Post did and some other publications. Capitol Hill -- the web site. Has confirmed Broderick story is only one account of many attempted an. Actual sexual assault by Bill Clinton that go back thirty years as a 2004. Eileen wellstone. On nineteen year old woman from England who said Clinton sexually assaulted her after she met him at a pub near Oxford. Are retired State Department employee who asked not to be identified confirmed he spoke with the family of Eileen wellstone and filed a report with his superiors. Clinton admitted having sex with the girl but claimed it was consensual. The victim's family declined to pursue the case. In 19720. Another woman 22 years old told Yale University campus cops she was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton. A law student at the college no charges were filed. Are you sensing a pattern here. But the retired campus police -- contacted by Capitol Hill blue confirmed that the incidents. In 1974. A female student that the universe a University of Arkansas. Complained that that law school instruct. Doctor Bill Clinton tried to prevent her from leaving his office during a conference. She said he groped her and forced his hands inside her blouse. The student left the school shortly after the incident. This list goes on and on and on and then there's Carolyn Moffett. A legal secretary in Little Rock in 1979. Who accepted an invitation from governor Bill Clinton back to his hotel room she was escorted there by state troopers and Bill Clinton was there. With only a T -- He pointed to his penis and told her to. Two broader about the. -- -- I challenge you. If you're gonna go after -- ever Jack I challenge you to go after Bill Clinton but you won't because you don't have the balls.

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