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12-20 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Dec 20, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WDD -- Great -- should be everything you did this to -- a land where a man it's okay don't believe she can live on a land where we -- every time. Lance -- seventy miles is not walking distance and I Lam rim meals I'm not purchased from a truck and then eaten in a different track. All right all right major points. He's getting a little offensive. And myself. And that's okay. Each person listening. -- -- There's news to me -- You know how old radio studio six locals aren't games on the ballot I'm thinking they can -- the front. Does the news radio 930000. Now everyone understands the WBE. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess our radio works Edwards talking. Me and the dead -- story. Would benefit cuts are out of there was Richard from Canada might be its nine minutes after three at news radio 930 WB and hourly with view. On -- and -- it feels like march and I. I just wanna thank everybody. And in media and in local politics for making this a very easy holiday season did you talk -- don't Kirk. It usually the kinds of things that his debt. For talk show hosts well like Christmas. I know nobody's gonna call me so let me just like Christmas songs well I'm not gonna do. I -- -- or alive local talk show. And if we work and Christmas songs we workings of Christmas on my plans at Christmas -- unless ordered otherwise will be to be here where you are they speaking voice on the radio I am not elegant on Christmas tree. Now the other 500 shows I'll go on the -- but I'm not gonna relative on Christmas week so up anyway. In -- that. Or at which it is his name Richard note HH here -- And it -- -- and somehow so anyway folks that's ever Jack. Is -- lacrosse players. Today. Because that allegedly being a serial sexual harasser at the office which in his case happens to be in Albany. Now all I have to point something out here folks before all get a beginning and the cluster and the train them via the the bandwagon -- ago. The bandwagon to go after. Dennis -- Jack I wanna point something out. And I -- calling -- one issue got the better desk average check is on our side. On the New York's. He is on our side against New York State and is a part that wonders if maybe this is kind of payback for the industry average act. For going against Andrew Cuomo now I know what to stretch out. That book I know at the stretch. But I don't put anything past via a Democrat machine and its willingness to do anything even including destroying people like dead -- his average act. If they go against the emperor Andrew Cuomo. Again a stretch. I grant you that but it's a possibility. Now I also wanna disclose something here. Bad I think you know because always gonna give -- a full disclosure if I think -- day be a conflict of interest in the you'll be the judge as to whether my opinion it's a skewed because of what could be considered a conflict of interest. Dennis and I lovers we have been. No not that not Dennis and I'm here very close mutual friends there is a nexus between us. Dennis has been very close personal friends in one family this is a family with which I have close personal preference. Now -- Dennis and I close personal friends now. Sure we met maybe a couple of times but that's. But that that is the only thing -- can think of that I that you should know about the fact that we share a common way as a close group of friends. So does wanna put out there just that nobody can think Jeremy thanks again. And saying hanging. Because -- again folks say it is believe -- you gotta be honest about this stuff now. Now what do we know that it comply has been filed a notice of claim. In other words they were telling you were questioned use and how we've got a two year to file the papers. It's against the Cheektowaga. Assemblyman. -- excuse me folks -- swallow it wrong and I think I might be giving her bosses cold. Or it's from your points one area I told her I told you guys the silver tubes and Petri dish depth. On which I've spent thousands of -- what can -- thousand miles in the past the a couple of weeks. Think about 121000 miles. Very. I I told -- gonna come down with something it is Avery will be this now which is pretty much the list and meet. But I did send that's average via text message this morning I've invited on the show offered his comments. Nothing. I'm saying this about a Democrat. Nothing. Has been proven -- against -- average -- Nothing at at all more overt strong -- Best average told staff member isn't at all on his Willie. -- average actor a staff member to a strip club so why. Best average act made inappropriate remarks to female staffers so -- And I say so why because there's a guy. It is revered in the Democrat party even today who got or or or in the White House Oval Office. All freaking what. And -- had to -- all that any American president since JFK. -- is on her he has -- a shot in the Democratic Party absolutely a guy. And I submit to you that receiving. Up from a concern in the Oval Office is a far more serious -- She wasn't even thought that would -- to open it but. It's. It is. I I just don't I don't get it. I'm you've got a guy who is the ultimate serial harasser of women Bill Clinton. And he is worshipped in the Democratic Party. And Dennis Gabbert Jack Sutley is persona non Grata because of claims which have not been substantiated -- proven facts yet. And I'm defending a Democrat -- I think you should ask ever Jack stick it out. Should -- should -- again average act resign or should he stick it out I get a stick it out. I don't because nothing not a bank has been proven by these women who have come up against him. Boy no matter what I say that it's gonna come -- the wrong where I was yesterday. I had the chance to use to my paper work yesterday and -- even. Because Russia to use them and -- -- if Russia is using them it's not really rebellious for you so I went the other direction I went -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So. I'm trying to figure out this inconsistency. With Democrats. -- Bill Clinton. Can be hero. And we all know what Bill Clinton and his curb you know what all about right. We all know what Bill Clinton says he's a serial -- -- Not that there's anything that it's just the way he chooses to live his life. And -- To Hillary and I can only imagine what Hillary's -- you're -- but. Dennis average -- is not now he's an enemy. In his own party. For doing far less than what Bill Clinton a hero -- you talk about double standards if he's been guilty of doing. Here to defend that I am here to defend them -- reject a little -- Only to the extent that these are only allegations. They have not been proven. And if you don't understand the difference between somebody making allegations and somebody probing allegations in a court of law. Then I guess you forgot about the course on the case. That's a great example let's agree like lesson in the difference between what -- charges and what are in fact proven believable facts that are supported and agreed with by a jury. Soul I invite that his average -- come on my show our promise you what will be fair. I won't be a putts I will be as reasonable as I can -- -- -- -- the opportunity to speak -- given the opportunity to explain. To apologize if you think it's worthwhile or -- -- that -- this stuff. But I AM not going to jump to a conclusion. Based on simple allegations. Against average. Especially. That that is really in my mind right now. Is. Is that. I you know I I don't put anything past. Well. I don't. No that is if you don't -- -- -- average act his dad was what may or slow and I think if you go slow and he's been in politics a long time that has ever Jack is 62 years old by the way at one point he allegedly told a female staffer. That his -- part was responding to an infusion of blood causing it to. To a special trip. And I got to tell -- is not the -- 62 years old. Good for you -- I'm I'm proud of and needed 62 you can still do that you you're sort of wondered. But. Anyway so they have the a -- -- -- about this and maybe I shouldn't be because you know nothing nothing tells a female underlings -- Nothing ever ever says you're doing a great job. Then to give a solid smack on the ballot box. That is the way a man should show appreciation to one woman at work right. That is what women really want don't want money raised what they really want it nice for solid spank them. And don't get all mad at me that was a joke of the fifties. Human resources movies it was on Family Guy with. Put put together -- who relived Seth MacFarlane which always made me laugh. You know Seth MacFarlane who also wrote the song you've got -- -- HIV but full blown aids you know he sings a song about people -- of aids and the -- says oh that's OK -- that -- -- McFarland. If I could've -- about people -- with -- -- asleep. -- my god I would even have a job I'd I'd be dead a mystery. Again double standard. But there's a double standard here play for that is the average. -- -- I don't know any other way to -- Davis. But Bill Clinton whatever Barack Obama the man boy the man child whenever he gets in trouble what does he do we -- to Bill Clinton. And -- Bill Clinton folks were running for president right now he would win. If Bill Clinton could run for a third term is there any doubt that -- -- And look at his track record. This guy's head or tail the marlin Perkins. Neutral about all presents wild kingdom. Marlin Perkins used to be the head of the buffaloes who -- -- but anyway I don't mean to get off topic but. The allegations against that is average act. My voice last through the entire show. Let me just this year with you some of -- this is gonna become like dear penthouse forum. Because if it does I'll try my best to. Called ultra. My best to filter there's so Richard tender sensitive ears are not damaged by this in any way shape or form. But there -- three women have sent a notice through their attorneys to the court of claims and the attorney general. That they intend that. To make your claim. Against -- -- average Q when you're suing the government or government body you've got to file a notice of claims the window closes quickly on you least that's my understanding about. Of the law in this case as it applies to. Litigation lawsuits seeking. Damages the claimants these three babes. Were subjected to a hop style and offensive work environment. By their employers. New York State assemblyman Dennis average -- the new York state assembly in the State of New York. The behavior was so severe persistent and pervasive that the claimant had no alternative other than believe -- employment. Due to their constructive discharge. That's an unfortunate term in this case. Debt due to their constructive discharge. Claimants lost their wages health insurance and other benefits in addition said claimants now suffer from emotional distress. Mental anguish and stress as a result of this matter -- and average -- conduct rose to the level of sexual harassment in violation of the claimants federal rights under title seven and numerous workplace rights under New York State law. I'm gonna name the names of the women involved. Because if these claims are in factory I see no reason to embarrassment for. If there are true why they're victims. At the -- point. If these claims are true there victims and unless they choose to come on my show and talk to me I just -- not use their names if I don't have to. Even though there on the WB -- website. I just give -- a little wave planned of a play in the game. One of these women began her employment in the office of New York State settlement that is average act in May 2013. Not that long ago as his director of communications. Former first employment until she was constructively discharged. She was subjected to continuous pattern. She kept the job for. Five months she was subjected to continuous pattern of sexual harassment by assemblyman Gabbert actually reported the inappropriate behavior to her immediate supervisor -- -- -- as chief of staff. Rather than report the claimants concerns to -- acetylene and locker told the claimant that he didn't wanna be -- of sexual harassment complaint. And that she should talk to the assemblyman herself. Now if this is true. If that's part is true then Adam woke her. Has been negligent in his duties and he is gonna have to pay the piper is the music at some point. She. The female involved. Then made an appointment to meet with the assemblyman the next -- to discuss his behavior unfortunately. It appeared that mr. locker tipped off the assemblyman. As to the topic for the meeting and he never showed up to meet with the -- Well if Adam walker is average next chief of staff he would also be negligent in his duties to his employer might. Well again average with the meeting was about. Go blind side your boss. Greg. This be like me Greg Reid got bombed so so and so wants to have a meeting with you will about what and I can't tell you. That's not the cheapest that does. Chief of staff is supposed to be your person in the trenches what you. All of -- because that would wanna get your phone calls I don't know whether or not to -- these claims against average act if they are true. All I can say two words Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton two words we get a few more words Chris leak. -- resign like an hour after his. Photographs. Came out on that one website that I haven't heard from since. In retrospect Chris Lee should of stuck it out. He should. Just -- yeah you know. I have a alternative lifestyle. That kind of stuff towards me and so what my private life fight. -- respect so much a politician who was just honest. About the way he or she lives her life. Anderson as you know what you're my beliefs here's what I will represent you about. My private life my personal life frankly is -- your damn business and not your -- concern haven't I Tuesday. Once just once I'd like to see where you're. All right so. What do you make about these complaints against that dentists -- average 62 years he's a good look at 62 I have -- -- must've taken good here and self. Maybe I'll get a tattoo. He allegedly at the tip to. A certain part of his body. -- -- 340 via exactly 326 at that WP welcome to Jamaica mother have a nice pick -- WB -- 330 or news radio 930 WB and you know I I I really wanted to go here but that when I was I NC. About a Scrooge got a guy Americans Christmas like this the ghost of Marley and he said yeah I'll wanna have a -- on. But I don't think that was the Marley too which Charles -- was offering that it might have been Bob -- the rated guy from way back when and his son Ziggy. The -- aliens in anyway. It's a 334. And the first assembly basically has become -- dynasty under shields over and it. Sexual harassment complaint this time. It's a local guy -- average and a reject this morning you know I'd -- this afternoon you know they're evidence -- I draw all the reporters all looking makers together all the media it together I walk to the podium after keeping them waiting for a half hour I look around the room. -- -- I would like to speak and applause. I keep on doing this for five minutes -- I just say Bill Clinton and walk up disparage that's what that. What that average act is accused doing is so lame compared to what Bill Clinton actually did and Germany's elder. I challenged you as head of the Democrat party to say Bill Clinton has no business being ever again in your account. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm curious. That's what really it is I find this very interest. Because. -- Cuomo. The governor of New York totalitarian. And -- in general. And that is second pop reference I've used today but anyway. Wall ball is -- understand folks the man is a big babies. He is insane. Andrew won't -- just take it from Ike and spot somebody who is not mentally well. I've got mental illness radar. Andrew Cuomo is mentally -- Okay he is just because you're governor of New York State does not exclude you from being mentally -- He's a borderline personality. Narcissus. I know because someone but I I know this because of how he speaks I know this because of how he acts. And I would not put it past Andrew Cuomo. To say you know what. This minister ever Jack guy he's not on our side he went against me on NY say he's got ago. So Germany's elder what did you -- -- that. I wanna hear you today be consistent and your philosophy. I wanna hear you'd Germany's -- say you'd never want to see Bill Clinton in buffalo Erie can Cody again. Because Germany's elder Bill Clinton raped a woman or to. He is eight -- best he is a serial sexual Paris or shall we talk about Gennifer Flowers shall we talk about the multiple women. Couple women who said that Bill Clinton raped them. That he engaged in sex with them actual insertion without their consent shall we talk about that. You wanna tell me about the Republican war on women with Germany's -- You wanna tell me that Bill Clinton is better than -- ever -- Germany's -- please call my show tell me. Tell me. Showed some balls tell me that you don't wanna see Bill Clinton in Buffalo, New York ever again. Because what he has done to women far worse than what -- average act is accused of doing and that you call for average -- resignation. -- I'm -- if he's guilty. I actually put that in there. 030930. In the apple started 3180616. WB -- I'll talk a lot with this complaint because frankly it's not -- enough for me I'd wanna go to via. I'd -- I do wanna go to the Albany times union newspaper's site. And I wanna share some of the specifics of the claims against Bennett's -- yet. Assemblyman accused of sexual. Bullying. Let's see debt that it that it that are -- off all right in the spring the 2012. That would have been -- over a year ago. State assemblyman -- average announced his support for a law designed to crack down on psychological abuse and intimidation in the workplace. He said you need to have an environment that is stress free and conducive to doing the job that needs to be dot. The healthy workplace bill aimed at making unlawful for a supervisor to bully and cigarettes at the same time. Several of his female aides were in anguish. Over the way Gabbert Jack indulged in sexual comments inappropriate questions and on want to social invitations. Young women. Endeavor Jack's employees at the time and later said he did not practice what he preached but instead created a hostile work environment. Day want an investigation. Now I said Deborah Jack was 62. He's actually a sixty. So we now faces complaints from three former aides. That if -- ever Jack is married father of two adult children's. And a court a children's. My there too adult children and he allegedly. Did things in front of these young women that unnerve them and cause them to complain that top aides in the office who allegedly did nothing. Now these three women expect assembly speaker Sheldon Silver to do something else. You can do something in one hand and wish -- the other and see what happens first in a notice of claim. They -- average -- the assemblyman and the state as people they may sue. In a court of claims case. -- -- ever Jack is not comment. At this time on the allegations against him. Dennis you've got my cell number let me call me there is no better venue for you give -- your side of the story out in my show. No better place to get it out. Because I have no preconceived notions and I've already told you the best defense you can possibly use. All Clapton. Bill. Clinton. Bill Clinton and I think assemblyman -- reject you called journeys don't era. I think you ought to say Germany. I wanna hear you say Bill Clinton. Should never again become the New York State. Demands -- rapists and a serial. Harasser of women. Dennis the thing to do now is to go on the offense. The thing to do now is to go on the offense especially if these are bogus claims. And I hit the breaking -- to your folks but just because people make claims does not make them true. All we know as a fact right now is these women are alleging that these acts happened. We don't know that they actually -- it that has not been proven yet in a court of law. Hasn't been -- nobody's well you are under oath when you make a statement. So they were under -- But is part of being cross examined. As far as providing actual tangible evidence I haven't seen any I don't know what exists. So. Let's. Let's move on here to address to a story from Albany times union. Let me get to their delegates -- to -- this stuff here that. News is the tawdry stuff to keep -- listening in the filing any complaints mailed -- Sheldon -- the three women describe an office led by an elected official involved in sexual innuendo and talked about other women and sex obsessively. I'm not using the names here even though they -- public. Get average actor commented about women's anatomy and physical attributes often spoke about going to strip clubs. When asked -- public disregard ratio. This. -- when he asked freewheeling. I'm sure it is used -- to retrieve information from his cell phone or iPad. This woman would find information about escort services or pictures of naked women. Average but that which he claims -- Jack once -- to female staffers for their opinion. About the relative sexual value of a woman with nice breasts but ugly face. And tried to stay on the subject even after the women became uncomfortable and told them to drop. Now he at various points allegedly suggested that some of his female staffers share a room with him. No I don't remember a guy who got into trouble as a politician because he slept over what it and in -- to house one night. Because he was wrong. And that's all the allegation once. There was no indication and no evidence that the local guy ever touched anybody. I gave the benefit of the doubt you know what I think I was right and I think if memory serves as a Democrat. But I gave the -- I gave him the benefit of the doubt. And frankly if he was too drunk to drive -- the right thing by staying overnight. At the intern outs. As long as she was cool -- sleep on the -- I've I've done that because of fatigue ever because I'm waste. Right I have slept with and houses and on the couch and never -- that. Because they were doing a favor by let me -- so I can definitely relate that story. But -- let's let's get back to web. Some meals this other woman 26 years old who worked for average for five months. Complained that her boss to worker to a massage parlor in her first two weeks on the job. Now here's -- massage parlor now that's an incendiary terror right. Wish -- -- would take it massage parlor I don't wish com would give me give them therapeutic massage or -- Nothing better for the human body I think that besides. Now the question is where they licensed massage therapist practicing therapeutic massage. Or were they love -- long time happy ending places I don't know. I will say that some of those places actually get better massages -- the license banners. Are but they don't like Nolan and treat them. Anyway. There's nothing worse than massage therapist who knows every muscle and every book and massage particular massage disabled but. I'm gonna give you full full massage but you don't understand some skeptical -- is is killing well. I'm still gonna give you and who massage baloney you give me a massage out of Hilliard elbow and my liver that's how I like the pressure besides deep tissue massage. So anyway he took little massage parlor that -- In her first two weeks on the job reminds me what my great grandmother the or the Asian ladies that we love you long putt but anyway it. He also told her that he was more of but god and boobs guys. He Deborah Jack allegedly told this woman that he had a -- look. On his most sensitive male part. Reminds me the old joke about the guy with the tidy -- here. Welcome you're welcome to Jamaica won and have a nice that they are old joke with -- you know the -- your -- are. Anyway what else. I'm I'm moving up now she got engaged yes. She got engaged what are these women got engaged and that -- -- offered -- allegedly a six figure job to come to buffalo. And and work in buffalo. Are going to be well look. I don't know how real these allegations are. I don't know Apollo real. I don't know how genuine the allegations are or more specifically. If there is any basis in fact. For these allegations. But experienced folks is taught me something. Never trust and they -- bus driver but it is also -- made. Bad just because somebody says something does not make it true. Now I realize that these women have subjected themselves to the punishment there for perjury. If they've given knowingly false statements so I have to say all right well that that's some credibility to what they're saying. But what evidence is there. You know I hear a lot of stuff about a lot of people in politics I don't I don't care if there might bitterest enemies. The private personal stuff stays with me I will not use it against them but he. There are people who despise me and I've got dirt on them that I will never use I don't care what they say about me I will never ever ever swim in that. That's not me. What do. Probably because I'm worse -- there but that's another story honest about it. And I can just wants just you know that -- if you if you have done these things. Let let's just say these women are are are correct and you did all these things. I think the best thing you can do. Keep in mind folks Dennis average act and I we share a mutual family as friends close friends. I'm trying not to let that influence my opinion on its. But also not gonna jump to conclusions hey if that's average act with a Republican would you want me jump into the conclusion these women were all right. These women work were absolutely. 100%. The correct in what they're saying. Now you would not you want to give the benefit of the doubt until the claims are legally proven or legally dismissed. But if he didn't do these things which isn't equal possibility. That is the best thing you can do right now. Talk to your lawyer about but the best thing you can do right now I think is to come out and say look. I'm a politician I'm not a perfect person without going into details. Because you don't wanna wood bit and without going the details I'm gonna tell you that I'm not a perfect person. And that I've made some bad decisions and bad judgments in my life. I would also say I'm voluntarily going. To a rehab place that will retrain my brain. So that I do not act inappropriately. In front of women in the workplace. If all of that is your average act I say I apologize for any offense may have caused anybody in my career. And I'm gonna actively take steps to correct those bad behaviors. And I apologize if I've offended you. To Dennis most people are pretty forgiving. All I want is honesty in a politician. -- look at Roger stole. You can look them up if you don't know anything about Roger Stone. Roger stones my hero. All right it is about these kind of my hero except with a mix and that -- in the back kind of mixed discretion kind of the ago -- 3149. At news radio 930 my gosh. Joseph artist a bright. Or. Huge ego mr. generous -- the time. Are you got a bunch of people calling it -- 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB -- folks I. I don't know what that is ever Jack did or did not do. But what I do know is an allegation is not a fact. An allegation is something that is not yet proven in the court of law. Now I've heard a lot of things about a lot of people and I don't think I've ever heard any thing about that -- average act being. This kind of guy now maybe the word just never got them. But. You'd be surprised at what I know -- a lot of people but I will -- folks I don't talk about it and I'll talk about knowing it but I'm simply saying I don't use. You know I'm like. Here is. Here's mr. Allen Harris the man I love and admire probably most of this radio station for the arduous schedule he works and the classy brings to traffic -- what's gonna. And -- -- winter storm watch is in effect for our core listening area. And -- basically freezing rain may be an issue. They my daughter if you're listening at -- -- if you're listening. Dot local drive and like you know two -- in Pittsburgh this weekend or right. I mean just save some miles on their car preschool. Very little bad message -- to my kid at local drive and it freezing rain even your dad doesn't drive and freezing rain body with the Jeep and all wheel drive okay give. So right now it's 42 degrees at WB EN I'm like that with my mom -- I've become my mom's -- Mom don't do that it's too late it's too cold it's too -- I've become the -- -- -- -- -- that of the family. I've seen it in print that never pronounce the -- -- all right folks I think that is average act is innocent until proven guilty. Dennis average act has always been nice to me he's always been fair to me there's been there have been times I've disagreed vehemently with that -- average -- he's a Democrat which you know what. I'm talking to do with the Democrats do. Because the Democrats immediately. With Republicans -- immediately. Start shooting. Because his Rush Limbaugh has many times pointed out. It is the severity of the charges and not the truth of the charges that -- well guess what not with me. Dennis if you've done these things there is a way out you can keep your job if you haven't done these things fight fight fight fight fight. Fight fight fight fight don't give up the ship. Dennis you should call me because it may be unethical but I am willing to help you through this situation. Because I am so good with crisis management. So good with this stuff. And I'm gonna tell you one thing real quickly. Deep down my friends you guys are suckers for the truth. I'm a sucker for future. All right here is. Kirk in lock for Kirk -- these charges. Well first of thought he would ensure dirt and the worst enemy got a lot better now. You know what -- are really wouldn't it's just not how I fly I don't care what they say about me I I can't I just there's something. You know what I just can't do. Not an. Opera. And pat pat pat -- -- I'm not gonna talk about summer camp in 1998. Here in the New Year's first ball a lot Cilic over what they can I borrow that Democrat people look at the picture he's 31. When you hate all this horse -- with taxpayer dollars to cover up of major. Sexual harassment -- And in New York Post to their wide open. A quarter -- remembers there reading a post also alarmed so the first thing he needs you call shall into the -- -- And -- -- over allegations. That just another reason why I'm Daryn republic. Well -- is Democrat. Oh. Don't don't don't want Cheektowaga. Republicans are executed and -- to log mystery and you might not know there. Right right what you want others -- years that's such a war -- computers. And I am pretty fast on Cold War machine on at all not at all so. You know exactly what I'd just. It may who want wondered at. You know a little bit of popular -- coaching job in all still call up -- All the mayor of Toronto nice pay at least -- isn't smoking crack. You know. All right Dennis or -- -- Yorker thanks very much appreciate the call. And the women involved in these complaints I hate to even bring this up. -- they have spotless reputations. I'm not anybody. But. I hate you guys this and I'm gonna give away some of my secrets. But. Without. -- -- -- To anybody or casting aspersions on these three women who filed these charges against -- -- Jack. I don't say this delicately. There are women out there. Who are suckers on. There are women out there who are groupies for politicians. Sorry but their car. There are women out there in the political community. Who want to see how many of these guys they can bag and I am really sorry to say it but I know as a -- Used to -- one old but anyway in nominations are right but anyway. -- it's cool that's -- good but there are women like that it's like there are women who work our -- bunnies and they wanna be with hockey players college. It's it doesn't matter their -- monies are women out there are more dead bunnies and are women out there were politician bodies -- -- politician. Your goal is to get him in the sack. And without casting any expert or I got a break on August viewed as a reality folks and I know you can't deal with a but the believe we have been around the block a few other around the block so many times that increases in my --

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