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12-18 Beach and Company Hour 3

Dec 18, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backlit vision coming up sandy beach and their Christmas is a wake. Away and so lots of people are into or finished their Christmas shopping or ask these questions. Did you know that you can haggle with -- with retailers now on the price of things that would be about. A big name stores things like that they are accepting have going now as a form of doing business. And this article from the New York Times is what we've been working from idea Hilary stout. Employees are being coached to recognize when a consumer needs to negotiate. And to spot the consumer. Getting ready to walk out the gore. And that's that so you can -- you've had people calls saying that they do angle I did not know this is common practice but then again and show them. And idea of horror story regarding coupons. Stock and some of our staff members here and one of them in particular was all problem that she had the exact coupon she wanted for the exact items she wanted. And she waited in line and went there -- -- as she's presenting the problem is that all story. Coupons good for this -- -- the door buster. And then look in the back of a coupon and microscopic. Friends you know like the kind his seat. The disclosure of things -- seen on TV what lawyers ads on the bottom there's no way you can read them. As the same thing here it says knock on -- door buses so mom or sometimes your coupons are good until tomorrow when you're there a day early. Yemeni -- horror stories do you re gift. A re gifting is evergreen subject a lot of people -- if you get something that. Just not appropriate for you you don't like and it's the wrong size -- blah blah whatever. But you have it. And then suddenly an unexpected as a gift arrives at your house and maybe you get out of the closet and given as a gift so do you re gift and guys. The shop for ladies'. Oh what's -- intimate apparel -- that the best way to say it like Victoria's Secret kinda things. And are you comfortable doing that. Guys who are very you know. Sure they're not forever but. You know. Tony's. Tony has done that Chris is -- but not for intimate apparel for something like perfume and things that I've not done all we've got a combination -- But you accountable because -- manly man. And that's it was no problem and the genie like the gift she lets you still haven't. Homes and with whom -- have been out on special occasions report -- -- -- And that miracle motion did you know I mean it's like command and give them aliens for your work yet exactly let's go do -- Bob and Lancaster -- on WVN. Good morning Andy Alban. Every get this. The story elements is that not about Victoria's Secret. I was in the army. And air into and it reserves and get a bunch of good friend and reserves and I was shopping. For. I'm like I don't that the women don't Wear for long kind. Damage. Has become -- out quick OK and and not. It was one of very trick that the calendar reader she was there. And I am there or lit up. That white -- -- or what but yeah. Wish it cola. Reported the totality but it's OK and I don't get a -- that they lull. And that and how that might call my -- and yet. All well and there are. That your many bitter about what's out there -- it was a wonderful. While she was voted earlier most like to -- -- where. I'm glad that's why that's why -- -- a big supporter of the military we went. -- Not intentionally or not okay thank you -- it reminds. Great I love our military stories. The government. -- I wouldn't have good taste of that stuff things that I'm gonna get your opinion both you guys now. A lot of guys think are really sexy. Doing nothing form. You know other garter belt kinda thing and had -- thing I'd rather see you know football jerseys. Then gardeners and high heels and -- and change the laws that -- and does nothing for me really not think. -- -- -- -- sunny from me I'm certainly not gonna give it to anybody because -- Do you buy stuff so you can see what looks like on on your -- for different way do you like that kind of specialized the stuff or are you more. A regular guy. No I like a lot of different things like the lingerie like for the football shirt like little more orthodox and pickup trucks -- then also walks in the beating out in slow motion me. What the shirts all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe -- -- check out Irish way. So we have never used some people think it's a big turn on to me it's not much -- nothing there I like the mark. Normal locked in on the body is what Meeks. And you -- -- If it's the wrong body. That's true that's true yeah exactly. You know if you if you took filet mignon put in the spam -- it wouldn't be the same thing. That's a pretty good analogy confident deals come after me. I like T shirts. Or football jerseys things like that that that's the ice is Bulger. That's nice look and it's a normal markets not a hey look I'm trying to look like hooker. And -- can be done very well -- I Wear. It like today. As the -- of that. She it is seeing through it is generally that's why they're guys that go -- let's go to. I'm -- in north I don't want to share on WB yeah. Hi I should. And are actually waiting. -- of the art and pop. Outfit like that children -- okay well. They eat and item in the back room at the so you're under the ground you actually bought in the fire and while I eat out -- You aren't they like they Altman. And the background that that -- -- the -- -- really I didn't and you must be bush operative I never even heard of that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Art that. Well I wonder -- are not there are right. Three currently in it or not and I went about. It that are popular. Yet I get -- I thought well. But by far -- -- and beat although my ankle went the and they don't. While 65 bucks a minute -- discounts on it pays to be alert and aware shopper like yourself. And your coupon person. -- -- Jerry Merry Christmas they have your wild times and -- sixty dollars I mean you get some decent bargains like that. I did not know he could even do that I mean I guess she's doing wanted to but I didn't know there be any chance it's okay. Because I didn't know until I read this article I was surprised by but apparently. I'm so far behind the curve on on shopping on retail shopping that everybody's -- them at least I recognize that we'll take a break will be -- more would be to company. A casual man who likes casual intimate apparel will be back after whereas -- several questions do you have a goal. -- department stores for price. I did not know he could do this but apparently can and more people doing admin and the department stores are understanding it. Ideal horror story regarding coupons. That you thought or the exact rite coupons and you read the small print and found out there weren't good for the door buster. Or they weren't good till the next day and you were disappointed do you re gift. And guys you shop at places like Victoria's Secret for intimate apparel for the ladies. Eyes -- have. Fine with it and that's okay. I'm shy regarding. The shot is the word hesitant on call for uncomfortable. I could joke my way through that but you know. What you'll wanna look anywhere that's the whole thing you sit in there. And you really focus -- -- look at the tiles on the see exactly concentrate like you do in church Fiat company numbered a stimulus ceiling and a yankees wanted to but he canceled and now looking at. And today they've got the women that work there there -- attractive obviously they're wearing as some of these things they're designed to have you look at them so. But they don't want to look at them like your Warner Bros. cartoon character were to rise on spring's general. Name name name. They don't want that guy and you wanna act like you just shouldn't fall off the turnip truck and this is not your first rodeo. But it's hard to pull that off if this your first look at -- I don't provide anything in store. I mean you figure why you're going in there. To get something that's going to I think you should Wear a mask that -- gone -- in Nixon mask or something like president -- you're in the mean they know why you're going in there obviously to get batten down plus aren't you always concerned that you know where someone in the public -- some people know we will look like him. -- isn't that Tony Caligiuri buying that provocative line item. I mean don't you worry about that yes the united. Go and not going at all with it since I was and Chris out a huddle at -- you. Wednesday a story for us in Holland savior on WBN. -- -- that nobody got. About twenty years ago in we shot that you're. And Victoria's Secret and restore. Eight article that I looked in the the record -- -- -- legal -- the alligator and I don't. Yeah yeah. I have a I am so we're richer by is that. If your equipment will. -- -- -- What what. They. Along the same -- a I. Am so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As chip and so. -- yeah. I am I got re emerged. Back into the shopping area they're really -- and we welcome. And I. -- -- -- -- -- They've Geithner -- very much. I will -- east of I've ever done that have you done that. Gone into the -- in normal way of live your life now. No have you Chris have you ever -- with his -- that's. You've got a lot of lives outside of my -- wanted to. I wouldn't. And -- that would if it. Can handle the truth. And the Jack Nicholson. It takes sides rifles and lightly packed up -- weeks ago -- it's not all it's no. It's embarrassing. Is that the guys like fat man shop they don't even have -- fold doors anymore. In the dressing rooms -- -- -- saloon doors which are open and the job and open at the bottom and agent's cover you from the guy who wrote me letters of this. For Munis -- and Apple's okay that's all that's part so people -- your in your face and your. And below -- and eighties and that's a modest than them I think. Aside united. Are crazy about that and that's kind of changed right. Which usually you know when a lot of women -- ago -- shops have. Common dressing room. Of course we guys are used to from sports that's fine in sports. But this is -- sports. This is this retail shopping but it it's nothing in its origin on the -- out of their new home but that's fine but. But -- women -- that's what they do that's rapidly changing common rooms. And but I'm still not comfortable. Doing. Happens I. These guys -- going to -- -- don't and so. Now sue and Elsa as a buffalo out here on WB yen. Good morning broad appeal to tell you are my wife and I purchased these beautiful watercolor. -- we went to distort that is known for having a beautiful area where the actual picture frames. In long revolt that was on Sunday in the Sunday newspapers there was a coupon for 50%. Off. Of everything in the store so we problem that correctly. We're hoping with that we plotted. And lol lol we get -- Chip -- all you can use -- Cuba because they're particularly in already the and so it'll. All -- they would give you a double discount them. Well I went to church means the old Torre is that the -- parties and that I could use. And goal at the Apollo. It. It's all so glad I do I have the sort of -- accurate loan can be able to manager -- forwarded cheeses. No we can't do here at world -- replica of a couple hours in the New Year's super. There's not a policy and she kept repeating that policy. Org suggested -- -- did they record the music and the Utica and just keep in Cuba is going over little where it's well. So I think you know war I don't want to bring in -- And as dodger policies to be. To be taken advantage of thank you go right -- Yes this is a door buster version of the Asian company until noon today tree you know. Anything -- if you have a coupon will be back -- of us. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WB -- -- -- now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 error toll free line is 1806169236. But back religion company and we don't do weather forecasts that this break but I wanted to do one now because we have a new -- weather warning from the National Weather Service. The National Weather Service -- bubble -- issued a lake effect snow warning. Which is in effect until four this afternoon at the lake effect snow advisory is no longer in effect is now all warning. And that is for southern Erie Wyoming should talk on camera Argus. Accumulations another three to five inches of the most persistent lake snows today. A leaving two snowfall talked a totals of eight to twelve inches in the most persistent lake snows. Visibility will be down to a quarter mile. Impacts a travel will be very different all the time with snow covered roads. And near zero visibility this includes interstate ninety between sturgeon point and Brockton. Which is down remote west trailer on the air. So that's that's always have that of the advisory has been turned into a warning so be prepared as as as best you can be in use common sense. Let's go to Joan in the -- Joan here on WB yen. Yes. You're -- game. Andy and people -- triangle. And but I'll might -- -- -- that I needed to cast and I he would go in. To his favorite color or anything else -- Not here anymore. They've -- men and they used to help keep -- RT yet. -- clothes. And he would ask. It would anger field lady in order because it was there's a lot and and he would be at the manic street -- if he could barrel her. He would pick out the code. She tracked him well -- out -- on my body yet and I'll probably get bad every Christmas. While that's it that's great that he would take that kind of ever it is great that the manager. A lot that -- that's that's special service. Well -- this thing out make it worth your while. Call -- -- you must beat fatigue and sometimes you know when when your petite it's hard to find things and if you're a narrow -- it's hard findings. And so -- good that he he didn't Ed now did most of the stuff written you'll like that when he got. Out that way and let her out if things he would laugh at things or eat it out. And -- up giving. Well -- I am glad that they. Well. -- we can't expansion show. Me. Actually older and and they say yeah I'll we'd light and -- I'd say I don't really like the way -- at them my the end. And so we can't separate it. I -- there. -- It was nice digitally added that he took that time and effort to do the right thing you know thank you petite tempers and that is rebelling Persian. Yeah when somebody gives yet that does this kind of get TO. When somebody gives you an article of clothing I think this is a guy thing because it's definitely is -- it would me okay. Even though I may like it. Even I'm I like the color of it I'm like the style that's probably some don't know where they always wanted to try it on right then. And I was put off trying on things I really do us that now dumb policy I'll buy a few hours for a dry run after dinner. And then after general fall asleep. You know watching football playoffs. And stuff like that then I'll sneak up to the closet and hopefully they forgot to ask me to drive on again. I have things in my closet now. They have tags on them for five years ago. OK it's just the way it is and where something in salute literally disintegrates. The last thread holding the sleeve on violence as we've got a good bye that was his sleeve that I have to toss. But if you get me something to Wear and US -- to try and gone to see how it looks. Not gonna happen I can just I hear you like that. While luckily people don't ask me to try to -- okay fortunate that they just give it to you -- -- to be the hope that it's in yeah -- -- run fine on -- and let them -- and that big long heavy. -- -- going to be a trial on July. About Ukraine is that you you're big on trying things. Right away I hate doing in my wife is its army Finnessey buys and they I don't. I'm like you all stick it in the closet got power -- one where -- I don't want you know and it's just putting this year down or the pants whatever it is just a -- do -- it's a hassle that's. Good point and I think I know work comes from. With me anyway here and here is -- may well and I was a kid. My idea who Eric. August the end of August were still hot. My mother and pardon me would take me. To get my -- school close in my school clothes were a couple of shirts and and a pair of pants I was there okay. And I had to take good care of them could then the last -- school here. -- the pants were always well -- the warrant wool pants. In August. Personally you walk around like oh like a Frankenstein. It was stiff legged because the wall kind of pics that your -- and you know it is not comfortable I hated them and I'd go to school. Of this is before blends. You know so I'd go to school when I -- my legs out like this and could hardly wait to get home and change quote out of my good close. And output on you know jeans or something like that. So that's probably why I hate wearing clothes that are just it felt like that. But that was that that's the way it works now there are more more comfortable fabrics. You know cotton is the forever alive did you know that. I'd break into song every time -- Think of how many sheep had to be -- for these fans just don't look at guys. We'll take a break over backward more with -- and company news Michael Jordan would he thinks he's. At 930. A were asking about shopping -- hagel. You can haggle prices we know we could have let the car dealer we know it of the flea market of a garage sale or whatever but Hulu. Except people season shoppers it's -- angle. With a lot of stores but you can. They were asking if you do that also do you have any horror stories regarding coupons. You're so excited until you find out of the exact item you wanted is not covered by that coupon. Which you thought it would be you but it's not because it's a door buster look at the small print no door busters. You re gift you get a gift that's inappropriate or want that you give to someone else. Technically is falling on the wrong with that it's just you know -- cotton. -- I of that. Because I got caught once I don't -- gift and I do not re gift. -- when I was programming WWW. The record companies at Christmas time would would give you a good bottle of wine. Or -- bottle of liquor. That's traditional -- what they'll do OK I don't drink. So what I would do is I bring them home. My wife and drinking water so we put him in a closet qualities and and win I would show us some of these bottles the people who did -- 10 that's really nice you're gonna love that I -- yard sale and put it -- -- right. OK so we had this closet full of blows and very good booze and good stuff I don't know one from another -- honestly. But it was good stuff according to everybody else. So once we got a gift that was unexpected. Some people drop by to visit and gave us an unexpected gift. In Seoul. I'm doing my quick thinking I'm I'm on my god I'm getting a gift from these people we're getting a gift we don't have anything for them we didn't even think we're gonna exchange them. -- go to a clause. And I get the bottle that everybody went. Lou. I'm thinking this is gonna impress OK so after they gave us again that's I went I went through the closet I got a bottle. And I it's in a box of very you can tell it's class all the way from the blocks. On the -- So I give them the bottle -- -- and the box and there's 101. Look at us now they're so excited they opened the box. Which is summing I should've gone because when they opened the box. On attached to the bottle inside the box. It says Mary Christmas sandy beach from Warner Bros. records. Okay. Okay okay. I was mortified. Let me tell you this because I'm not a cheap guy and I don't -- -- Iowa is. And if there was a hole in the is in the floor -- crawl through it. They like the book and I try to more market way out of it but I don't Leo is very good. And and so that's why MS -- re gift. I've used trouble is. I could never get anything else because the sizes where there's nobody else on the planet that would that size. Lol hey Larry Bird and it does give you like this eight -- sure. An argument is different tribes thank you very much. Let's go to a Renee -- in just walk away and -- in Cheektowaga -- you're on WB yet. RAL want to let everybody out there are no -- cool I'm great York anybody. Interest dead in last Sunday's paper that leadership group and you can go to -- -- get the DPX can use every -- are what index product. The double total amount comes out to two dollars and 88 to educate them by the deodorant for two hours eighty. -- so you know your -- bonds. Woody -- got most of your coupons. Jut from the get from the operating and you. On the computer. Stuff I am a little -- I'm very. Right issues -- well. The new whose van was found out that the coupons are the most important part of the paper to lots of lots of their readers and and obviously you're one currency get good deals -- what are good coupons even to a novice like me. Our Bed, Bath & Beyond because those are as good discounts and got a good variety of things there. -- once you really really know your annual -- -- mean money. Manager eighteen. In. The accident apple. GOK. He -- to be at our program. And that is good that -- and I thank you very much now. You have and see -- know you've got to know how to do this they have double coupons triple coupons. Coupons is another coupons you can download coupons you can print coupons you see where they were room they bust designed for local or not. On the news I'm trying to think I was and one of those phases where I was half asleep and half awake. In -- may have been a national story where they busted some people for counterfeit coupons. If you think about it the let's say at a bar code on them most clerks would Miller Connor. Conference coupon from real I wouldn't I -- you know that but if it's got a bar code I assume that's what they used to bust them -- -- -- that. Let's go to a fill in Pendleton failure on WB yen. You'll know what's what's going all of you -- right -- I don't there it is being one okay and it was dom. It was a few years ago and I'm sure Kurt angle that. Something -- like skateboarders where adult products are you okay brand. I like well you are aware that felt. Either the new look and don't use. Opulent kind of you know eat you feel outstanding you quote. It will sure get you know you stop. So -- he did he know that it was re -- it. All and my mom didn't know either so. I think this. It wrong within inherently. But you just don't ever wanna get busted by giving it back to somebody who gave it to him the first -- a couple of years later. -- -- -- Oh you'll pull out. He needs to populate I would don't like -- well because -- have been you know I think now -- my -- -- -- a little. -- good -- that's very good thank you thank you very much. What I can do I have a story regarding a clothing good when I went to work for NBC on San Francisco. I had bigamy because we -- -- -- there for thirty days. They got me an apartment beautiful bird organize overlooking in the market Darrow has its own balcony had a private elevator at sunrise is where you -- it was -- -- -- Yet I had to go to a certain dress to get the key for. And so I drove up from Southern California and drove through seven no one in the -- -- of the coast. And I going to get the key and I get the key for -- come out in I've been robbed. And my car was there at ten minutes -- Packs and they -- broken into it and stole all of Michael's and these are clothes that I bought here -- bottom. Because my -- is an organ from BC I wish some decent clothes went and bought a three -- -- A really nice clothes they measured that kind of stuff but whatever. And it was on the car. And it all gets stolen before I could even go to work the. First day and then I'm thinking. If you've -- San Francisco on a large population in San Francisco's Asian. Most Asians are buried. By a much smaller cameras -- -- -- thing. How they gonna do -- you know it's six X Charlotte. I mean that we -- this thing out of the trunk over current and of and it's dregs or whatever but it then why is far was. Diet go to work on my first day with clothes or two days old because it was -- order get anything. So I have been wearing these clothes for two days and I going to court that day and I see the general manager. He's had no problem he says we have the equivalent of a -- mentioned aren't so he took me there. So I don't know if I don't really fat man ship while the fat man shop in San Francisco. They're not that that okay. So it is Asian guy comes out and I tell right away I know on my sizes I just bought clothes I'll tell you what I want in -- -- -- the measurement. He has the measurement on our right takes a tape measure out and golds. Attempts to put it around my waist he can't reach around my waist so what -- Does is he has movie holes the tape measure on my belt buckle and he ran around me. You -- app. Wrapper around me I was mortified. And at that time I would've appreciated some re -- but I'm thinking. Somewhere somebody in San Francisco probably wears. A size 38 is wearing a six -- I wish I could -- them someday because I'd recognize those -- anywhere -- that about wraps it up. We'll see you tomorrow on news radio I'm thirty Arabia. We never dreamed could be used she.

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