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12-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Dec 17, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

While. Or why didn't you tell me that after. Those power ordered implement doughnuts on the left behind two weeks ago did you -- -- this it's a white powder underneath my nose. It was French kissing the Pillsbury Doughboy for example over the ball -- -- -- -- -- -- we're told eventually it -- like electric Coke for. If the shoe fits that -- -- it is all gone now. Try to explain that we're -- or not not mr. officer really it was a powdered doughnut. What's up probable cause. It is 609 at furiously to like the case that there. Can expect. Anyway I am glad you're here with us and up by the way. You know been doing this a long time and wanna thank those of you who. Have regularly and consistently may be a part of your date it really is fun most days and I I hope obviously you must get something out of it if you come here Andy spent some time with me but I never take that for granted. Even though sometimes -- get in the performance mode and might sound like I do. -- I really don't take your progress and I just wanted to thank you for now let's get back to -- On a cellphone and -- had an interesting point because we're talking about whether or not you believe in vitamins and supplements. And I'm gonna stop taken the daily multi vitamins I will continue with the vitamin. Because whether it's a placebo or not I notice a difference with those two things. But now we're also talking about what is wrong with America in 2013 approaching 2014. And a gem you raised a point about people and the work ethic and I'd like to continue along those lines. And especially a great fit what your show last night. Because -- -- -- when you're talking about the right note that -- the protest but -- that -- -- this -- -- it'd make -- think. It what what the Republican Party have laughed been committed work that they -- that's teaching somebody that. You know I got preschool what you -- with the kid and -- start work -- when I was thirteen and I haven't are well why because I didn't want to get preschool wanted anymore. And it. I don't know. God given to build from my parents that what -- but I'm very fortunate thing about work ethic. I wanna look at the current Republican Party like you're talking about it but I am a registered Republican and I'm not a right now. It. I would expect the Reagan years and reaganomics which could debate that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I think what we have right now of an America that teaching people not six feet. That thought about -- are paying a lot of dollar and impact that I didn't hear Obama. And -- in Iraq and help by fellow men and I would help. I was -- -- charitable pertinent and work hard import candlelight. Don't pay a lot of money and a lot of time -- organization. But I hate being told out. You know and. I have to tell you that everything you're saying is resonating with me. And a I -- it's really funny just how life comes full circle because. I just had. -- this same conversation. On an airplane for Montego Bay to Charlotte with a sixty something black lady who if you think I'm a conservative she puts neither shame. -- she basically is a self made person she didn't say so but my guess is she's a multimillionaire I don't know how she did it. But she is at issue is just she was just going off. And how many lazy people there were expecting other people to do it for them and she said look at me you know I started out with nothing -- crappy little town in Pennsylvania and -- the Washington. And I made something of myself she can afford to go to Jamaica like every other month. Okay. So she's got me she's got something go on on. And she was just adamant about the fact that she would never go back to her old neighborhood because she didn't wanna be called our house blank that she used the word. Because she can she was black and she didn't wanna be called an -- top as opposed to uncle Tom -- she was just. -- and I was just. I was sitting there like I was talking to a female black version of myself. And everything I've always said about black conservatives was embodied. In that woman the issue is strident I wish she'd run for officer personally it was done I hope I ran into were again. And it. Black white purple or met one couple people that are. They're black they're white that are out there and I had a partner or -- -- I don't think the social -- the -- out. But it. -- that -- -- wrong you're going to. Knock deeper but it. Why the ramifications obesity and -- It really great and simple war card annual security. Camp -- he sampler and what part are now sure it's all I did the back in the late eighties I was in college. Out of legislation from -- and the bush. And I can't believe it down all. But it is started when the -- but the family unit. And the inability. To heat their children are -- -- -- the habit that they're really -- clip that comedy that it's. -- HBO. And it shouldn't. Why America that country in the world and that that show. Is a couple. Opt out there operator wouldn't let him go -- just stimulus. That -- watching it back. -- in the we can't. We're not the -- That -- I'd -- -- and then Matt Ryan in production at that and that yeah. When you think about it aren't -- My grandfather grew up. You know -- they've survived the depression. -- aren't that hard work paid and now unfortunately they're learning. -- airline -- Not working hard and it there need to be if we need somebody. The other. And I realized that we are great people we have a great story great work ethic and we just need to reward. Okay now a couple of things. Boy I mean you just open up a whole can of worms and the shown by the way if you -- react to what Jim is talking about 803 all night thirty is a phone number 8030930. Start 930 on the cell phone 180616. WB and just a couple of things that I would like to follow up upon number one. You know hard work is only part of it. You have if you work hard. You have to work hard at something that is going to bring you a realistic chance of the kind of success you want in life. Some people are very money and materially oriented. Other people are more spiritually oriented in every capital have been one bedroom apartment as long as they feel that their life has value in helping other people. You have to work hard at something that is gonna give you the results you want where you at least have a you know a better than 5050 shot in achieving the candlelight you want. Number number two. Hard work is rewarded you know here's the thing. That hard work. Can be rewarded but the more people who have their fingers in your -- The less your hard work will benefit you and your family and the more it is going to serve other people who perhaps don't have that work ethic. I think you're exactly right. And I I think but but again I try and and I have to mumble like they're trying to teach them. Work hard at what you enjoy. Because you can make a million dollar. Total annual be happy you can make a hundred dollar -- love what you're doing you'll be you'll be much happier. But again we have to have the freedom to didn't bet and you know taught there are quarterly tax -- what I really get my era. Just and it seemed like a broken sentiment and I'm sorry but I'm not but I have to really the baby -- like I workout schedule. At all it -- I don't closure on beat your wife at my house after work so make your user and I'm OK -- all right thank. If you could do better I mean seriously if -- what's going to be with me and you could do a lot better than me okay. I'm glad you called Jim thanks. -- by. Believe me somebody's gonna give it back to me by the end of the show so if it's -- circle. It's a circle of hate here we try to Foster on the buy hourly program a circle of guys breaking each other's Nantes. Here is like buffalo on WB and Kathy thank you for holding talked to me. Are you -- oh excellent. I have an issue with that entitlement. And not working hard it drives me absolutely right. My parents all worked in factory all their life and we had we were raised with. It's a factory mentality and as long as they were the dirty trial at the current united -- and that is about that you collect data didn't matter what you get. And now it just seems like nobody cares. Nobody cakes are right in the work that they -- Well let's let's try to analyze why that might be first of all when did you start to notice that people were taking pride in what they did it. Com while I am I bet you I would say probably IE early thirties I -- to change. Young people coming into the company. It it. They don't care it's like compared to push her out all our -- calculator and they want but they're trying to get their track at least and they're -- Actor -- our sport there's -- what the job needs to be completed state all of -- You get a -- And you do about the church and and are -- crazy. But you know Kathy what I find interest -- news a did you hear before I was talking about the people I met from Amsterdam. I heard a little bit but I'll -- I just turn on the radio. IA is a big shot in this company that sells farm equipment and they sell a lot of it in Eastern Europe. But the guy told me in a combination of German and English she said. He's having a real problem filling job openings because nobody wants to work he said these are good jobs that pay good money in Amsterdam and nobody applies for the because they'd rather just suck off the system. So it's not just the United States. Yes that's that's Scott -- There should be. You know I firmly believe that there are feeling out there that need help. And they are nothing rock quit helping. Somebody out but. But there's got to be a time limit. I mean lack. And the opportunity to maybe go back to school -- after two years you've got your era your got a flat out. Let's let's get some systems that place where -- you've got to monitor a single mother she can't afford daycare let's pick a harder per day care. But make her work or is that our maker ballot here forty hours a week you have do. Do something in order to get out. I think I need to hold on for a second because you're you're onto something and I think Alan Harris is onto something to do better on something here's -- a look at traffic gallon. And AccuWeather for tonight cloudy lake effect snow accumulating two to four inches bands will shift south of the city overnight the overnight low 21. Tomorrow cloudy and windy flurries and a heavier snow shower and thirty -- were holding a 28 degrees -- news radio 930 WB EM. All right we're we're talking about a two things number one do you believe do you take vitamins and supplements. And you know it's interesting because for every every search that you'll see bashing vitamins or bashing supplements there is an equally convincing argument that they have some efficacy that there there are legitimate reasons about why these things -- benefit also asking you what. Is wrong with America. What is wrong with America in twenty. Thirteen and please don't tell me there's not enough time in my -- cover it. Because you can pick whatever you work. That happy but whatever your particular focus of anger is and talk to me about it. 8030930. Start 930 in 180616. W media outlets get back to what Kathy who. Basically says yes there are times when people need a helping hand but when they start dragging you down. When you offered a helping hand it's time to basically a cut cut their arms off -- the wrist. I agree that while little is. We need still you know. We need to show people. That you'd need to work for what you -- I have a house speaker. I work I get a paycheck I pay my mortgage if I have another -- but com op. I adjust for that I don't -- -- credit cards I don't live off a line of crap that they don't borrow money it caps on the barrel. And I know that a lot of people are in the position but we have to start saying not enough. Because I don't understand how we have so many people that are living opposite -- and other people like myself that are just barely making I'm making it by. Come on. It and pop up for the white put the pick up any -- could be quick aunts aunt and do what you -- is a picture yourself and you can't. Has sucking up cupcake would be one way of saying. Exactly exactly and stopped you know knocking out of the vote. It that you need help we're here to help that's what America's about that -- systems are played by Matt Gabriel at the back. You know it's funny because you know I hate to keep referring to -- -- problem. Outs but I've often said that in terms of learning about real life deadwood and The Sopranos are too great places to learn. And others this spot. Actually written for -- and it was well it did does that there's there's a time when. Tony Soprano was talking to these other mobsters about. Why these other mobsters ought to take over some of his garbage routes and Tony Soprano says. Basically everybody's got a story that's why we've got the fixed bid system in place and you know what. Everybody's got a story in American now about why the need help why they shouldn't have to work for something they want everybody's got a story -- pulling on the heart strings. Cuomo knows this that's why he passed then why say. Now now let's not get -- and that's what you just a yeah -- -- different but I think a lot. They do it how you raise your children. And -- that they can get -- -- and he you know you don't always win you don't always get a trophy you'll have to work for. Did you a little bit more you have to a little bit more -- -- toward that and if it. Don't exceed the first time you keep trying and you don't give up we got. Let me ask you question Kathy this is kind of a trick question. Do you work a thankless job. And -- now. All right we didn't fall into my trip because. The expression I work a thankless job. I always think that myself wait a minute. Every two weeks or every week or every month Boettcher thank you would call the -- Exactly. Exactly and it I want -- bigger paycheck. Extort a little bit harder. Which jobs switch careers. Why why. But I do think there you know I I do think a lot of people leave jobs for. Quote unquote a better job because there -- -- he -- earned dollar mark our. All I I believe. In speaking with somebody and you know loyalty goes along -- and I don't think a lot of places have employees that do that. Well again -- loyalty is a two way street. And act and there are some companies that frankly sought to work for. And I don't blame anybody for one other those companies. And there are some companies that know how to take care of people. Exactly and it's your job to find out company out -- the New York. You have to put the timing effort that you have to -- to -- forward and honest with people. And you need to read people and if you feel like you're being taken -- are based on -- That -- added that work out outline. Over. All right Kathy has sounds like Gary you are are armed and ready for battle with bee parasites of society I wish you the best. Thank you very much there's a Kathy calling into topics today number one do you believe in vitamins and supplements. Do you believe in peanut butter you better believe in Peter Pan also we're talking about which we simply -- nurses tool to me we're also talking about. It about America and what's wrong with America in 2013. People -- giving a damn about the -- they do people want something for nothing the currency system has come up and I didn't quite understand that my brain wasn't in year on WB. The -- that killed beavers election on WBBM I just went the distance myself a little that that from that that that one might take some getting used to joke. 634. At the WB. 634 WB yen to topic number one vitamins supplements do you take them do you believe. And you know it's funny because that this group of five doctors having done a search has proclaimed that multi vitamins are a waste of money. They've held the door open about vitamin. So I really don't think I'm gonna take multi vitamins and more the and I forgive me if I'm repeating to those who have been with this all afternoon but the only difference -- ever -- -- -- the vitamins multi vitamins -- that that. My fingernails grow longer master and my hair grew longer pastor. Other net. They were not a panacea of good feelings. All of the vitamin. And others also boasts that it -- -- there I can completely relate to what some -- you said that. About. Certain things working for you because I think a supplement called pro Camden. Yet when I look at mine. There are no clinical trials. There's no clinical research there's no double blind studies peer reviewed that suggest there is any efficacy whatsoever to protest but I do -- wanted to take it I feel better. I feel more energetic I feel more alert feel more alive. I guess it's pretty much made up of cocaine is is that what yeah thank you but in any event. I can definitely relate to what some reviewers say that the science. Is one thing but how it affects you though is something else. Mean all of our body chemistry -- are different why do you think some people are allergic to penicillin and other people are. Let's go to Robin. Buffalo on WB and hello Robin. I am I'm magnificent in everywhere. Well that's dead. I think I'm a little bit about what that Britain. About like welfare boot camp. Now like making somebody. While -- have a child volunteer for hours and -- act. The problem I think with American and play and buy it -- Robert and I added that both sides are not. Actually listening to the other side and not willing to actually think about what it would be like to -- in the other or issues because. Thank you believe that there is a problem. Wit me welfare system we have in America. It's hard beaten heads. You know without the welfare system I would -- be alive -- I can say that. My comment that getting any. They. -- Larry it's cool and I are now masters in computer science got a great job. We rat welfare at the time without that she wouldn't have that I would -- you know -- not -- alleged that I am right. How long were -- -- how long was she on the dole. I don't bury. Secrets but if it means I'm probably around him to complete the victory he -- the. Problems due to tight time out time out I think that also people have got to walk in the shoes of people who work for eleven were trying to -- or their own families and who are seeing their paychecks shrinking entry. I'm staying at said both sides are really looking. At the other -- issues the -- both sides because I've been on all sides. So. The problem right now it's like food stamps and welfare and government announced that then can. Medical care is that they don't really offer you a way out. Lachey. Hey I was. You gotta find your own way and you've got to have your own internal GPS to find your way through life. It might hurt -- you're talking about people not listening and entered guilty of the same thing. All of us as adults ultimately we are responsible for the choices we make and the decisions. That we live by. Nobody is eager you know to be a mom or dad to -- to say here is what you have to do mean there comes a point when you grow up. Where you have to be responsible for you. And point -- something that I think would help fix this problem. Which is which I haven't well I think that like for example when -- health care. Really really really expected it especially if you don't have a job and see you get a cab and he had. You know your health care through the government. I had Medicaid or whatever I am healthy New York. They can't play immediately. When you get the job and they show up you don't -- you know health care act. Or at a minimum three months and somebody with a medical condition but I have to not get help. Well it depends on your boy it depends -- your employer to I mean here I was covered from day one. Lucky -- -- they just. It will -- from dateline but every play like that that's the problem I think that same for in and now. They don't your company that shocked and outraged that they should -- era and in the middle ground it's eight it -- Insurance. Right away -- the awards to its way out pay health insurance is trying to catch up from everything from the floor. -- act together. But -- also but now you also as a grown -- have to assign priorities to your wife and to the limited dollars that are available to. -- and in the priority health insurance and my primary ballot thought god -- -- -- insurance bike you know. That doesn't really leave any out. Money -- our rent or food. It -- looking edit seat looking at a from my perspective. I mean if you wanna be empathetic. I just look at it from my perspective for me because. I I I worked hard. I I I have worked hard for over thirty years at this particular career. And when I see what I have to pay for health care when I issue I have to pay for co pays and they see somebody who is not working who is on Medicaid who basically has better health care that I do and yet I'm paying for their health care as pretty frustrating. I totally understand because I mean. You know I get out of new Yorker or whatever and now I'm paying for -- -- and playing hypertension. And I thought and it worked -- perceptions of the month. Strike under and that a department. -- doesn't now ultimately congress. So that's why I think. And you can tell my company opt out -- in the middle thing giving health insurance for pre. I don't think that's fair I don't. That did you. Yeah Robin your situation I am not unsympathetic that you're situation because here you are trying to better yourself. And basically your reward for bettering yourself is for three months you're going to be on your own solo for health insurance. God forbid you recollect I get there -- socks did you know that going into the job. Hello I am expecting a child. It's not mine don't come look at my year. Is just another paternity Odom it's. And -- and probably. Other. Eat. But what Robin. And I meant it and. Robin RI CF IG inspiring and I also find you not you but I find your situation frustrating. Did you know about the health insurance stop before you took the job. Yeah I I'd army head that went out what I -- right. Need. To get out of that I don't want to leaching out. At selecting that I want and inspirational. My only choice is simply the I don't want to and at this report more than need to. But I'm an animal health care for it that low amount of time possible. Well you know I -- -- -- -- actually probably gotten hit by that I work. But what if if you don't mind my asking what line of work are you in. Or well -- so that is where your qualifications. And where your specialties are computer repair. Lane. I'm also. I I -- at or near any UV four and pharmacology and act out and break right now. I'm pregnant mention -- argued ball by you know -- And intelligent part and I like to -- me just because other people coming intelligent you are you -- -- and intelligent. -- -- -- -- I'm the judge of intelligent and you're intelligent. It's just you know I'm here and my best to try and get. That career my greens which are being packed house yelling and they just made it very hard to get out of the I do realize that there are some people that take it band that I do not some people -- take advantage of it but it just -- Everyone is poor -- to that same pool. Because not everyone -- it and -- I'm lecturing out of it. Open you know what. Robin I don't think everybody news I'm putting you into the same pool. -- -- but when you're talking about generation after generation after generation. And they basically work the system like the rest of us work jobs that's a problem. You clearly -- not fall under that heading the I mean I think you've demonstrated that you are -- that you don't want to live that kind of a life. Now what Thomas and what do you think the answer is as far as you or. Getting the health insurance from day one. As I've gotten with every job I've ever had it you know full time I was health insurance from day one. That would mean. I think my solution that you rightly or what what is the answer. Well I think picking at their. Top concern -- -- Through three months sounds excessive I think the most of ever heard about his thirty days. I've had to wait I had to wait three months and I -- three months. Health insurance and I found out I was pregnant by the time but I actually qualified for the the about the idea quick and it -- the pirates are meant -- -- So nice things to freelance thing and my boyfriend and helping to support. And I'd been paying health insurance. Now this is going to be your first child. Well that this is gonna be your first job. That we are not pregnant oops. OK but now. Here here's a question ago and I hate Estes but what is this pregnancy going to do. To your future because no longer is it just you as -- now you've got to be -- And if you want him. But at what is it gonna do to the future you had planned because you sound like you're young enough. That you've got quite -- -- Well I mean what it and you want to make it stronger per cent treatment that I never. I mean I'm on. -- person I it's either going to bring it -- thing because I don't eat at. Winning an effort or something out here. Why try it you get at that. I don't have that thing. So once again thank you -- -- in an element leading by one at that support pilot boyfriend. I'm up at school finish my degree and hopefully. Now. Out and -- -- -- -- we've -- -- -- I think I -- -- Starting with just getting to -- against Microsoft. We should be very easy for network administration. It's just. I'm probably end up dying for that it's really doing -- -- I am. I -- about it you know trying to make money. Well you know. What you're saying you see now I I have to ask you and believe me -- I'm not one of the moral majority crowds and conservative but only from the waist up but I have to ask you the question. On this man is the father of your child I presume he works a full time job with health insurance. There's there's an answer here what do you think it is. I'm not yet qualified to be out of his health insurance because he is technically like Adam separated. And they're getting a divorce officially. In eighteen months -- the expansion of. Of that is an extenuating I was gonna say he ought to marry you and put you on his health care. And which were working. For right now. You're you're. Everything I think -- go to work. It's it will work out at work out but seeing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All parties -- you think a little bit deeper and you situation. Right. You know the law. But you don't law and public policy cannot possibly take into account every single contingency. You got a unique set of circumstance. Old one judging -- -- when we talk about burning you at the stake that's not judging. Through this it's a joke around and kidding I'm kidding I'm kidding. It. Well I'm kidding I'm just. Robin you have been I have to say you have been a very very interesting call -- something of an enigma to me. And it for payment. We. Well I hope you're laughing at the jokes. And now obviously -- -- Well I -- tell you -- -- interest in caller I'm I applaud you for for two and everything you're doing to try to betting your circumstances despite the avalanche coming your way that seems to one block Hewitt every -- at every pass the pregnancy editor told her infertile and harder. Anyway and probably -- call again and I'm going to win that you and your boyfriend over to our side especially once you start earning the 75000 dollars and you see how little of -- you actually get to keep. Yeah I I. Ideal -- that he. Like I got honey I've got to go up I gotta go on I'm short on time but thank you very much been a great call really and I do wish you the best 640 united WB -- Well terrific we haven't talked about today. I mean. Up all over for last minute calls it 030930. Start -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WBZ and -- should get Robin on longer. She says she listens for entertainment. It. Everybody's got a story. Well we'll say now I checked my FaceBook page right checked out my FaceBook page as opposed to checking up. But my question why is it is almost 2014. And I want you to tell us what is wrong with America these days sixty comments so far. And some of them I find interest think somebody's head people. Nice nice. Somebody else hey let's list what isn't wrong bat would be easier. There's. Too much to mention in this venue. So I disagree. Because if I did do a solid two or so hours on this I think we can really get to the nuts and bolts. Of what exactly is -- the United States and what the prospective future of the country would be I think that's a cop out answer quite frankly. Policy. I don't see -- and I don't think there are enough hours in your show you'll have to do the abridged version. Now I like this one. Political correctness. Nanny state mentality of elected officials liberal stupidity. Arrogance and closeness of the elected lead. As to how people really live. Say to that I can say amen amen amen. Because basically. In in many cases politics has become a a rich person's game. And if it's not a rich person's game once these people go to Washington. They do in fact lead these instantly lives. Filled with Washington socialites. And parties and people calling -- senator or congressman. And frankly they lose track from whence they came. And they are. Gradually. Broken off from the circumstances. Of their birth. Childhood and maturity and the given to this Washington bubble which prevents any semblance of reality from penetrating this. And that's unfortunate we cover this'll work tomorrow if let's opened huge our future our thanks to Joseph Bieber. And master control thanks to Chelsea. And I shall leave you with two words which have always done me well. Those two words are pretty simple. -- yourself.

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