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12-17 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Dec 17, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well I'm not the. Others have attempted to but politics of course but. I have a question for you all on -- is doing you take vitamins. What if you. You don't have you not. I don't know -- Anyway well actually I don't. Because. You know all the things about. Education is that when you have a great teacher or -- late great flight instructor the things they teach you stay with you. Forever and I will play in my life I have been blessed. With great driver teachers like Ted that Jackie -- Protect and I still harbor. Should I tell this story I'd better not let's just say that we're driving one of those student cars. And is that knob pulled up next what you gonna -- next -- -- like he wanted to drag race and I kind of looked over -- again looked over me and kind of gave me a subtle little -- so yeah I can beat him off the line at the red light. Not that that ever really -- must've been a figment of my imagination but Hampshire Ted remembers it well. Anyway. It's a flight instructor at any little thing they tell you you remember it just at the voice reverberates in your head. But that out of talking like dot. Is publication of these people from Amsterdam. And it was kind of funny because today they spoke English OK but they spoke German much better. So it was just bizarre in so many ways speaking to them and a mixture of English and German and -- big debate in and a mixture of English and German it was just so weird. And you know it's even weirder ladies and gentlemen. Is the fact that if you ever learn a foreign language or even take a few years of a foreign language. It's amazing that if you have the right teacher house some of the words welcome back Q when you most need them. And you also is amazing to and I promised to be true with that a lot of Americans is. People who went to school and learn today a foreign language Spanish or French or simple like that. It's really tragic that many if you don't want to use it because your steered to use. And -- just you know what I said the opposite approach. Because learning is a lifelong process. And if you don't use it you lose it. So every chance I get. If I can find a way in some way shape or form to learn more German speak German. I do and I'm certainly not what I would call fluent in it. At all but I know enough that I can make ideas. I can communicate ideas and I can understand ideas. In German. So. It was just kind of bizarre. Speaking to these people in this mix of English and and German that we kind of made well Amsterdam has at all that far from Germany. Just a few dikes -- way anyway it is bikes in Holland. It is -- twelve minutes after for a WB so what vitamins what are your verdict on vitamins. Do you I vitamins did you take vitamins and apparently if you take vitamins or wasting your time this is a story that's actually available at WB EN dot com. Chances are you or someone you know swears by vitamins as a way to stay healthy and live longer but new studies. Show that. Buying multi vitamins may just be a waste of money. Pharmacist Brad Arthur with black rock pharmacy says despite what do studies may say vitamins can still be useful to many people. Generally speaking there's a very valid purpose for vitamins in the marketplace because if you were depleted of nutrients or vitamins you need to replace them. Now this guy the pharmacist says that an average healthy person should be able to get the vitamins they need through their normal bias. But many Americans don't consume diet that is nutrient -- others may take medication that deplete the body of certain vitamins. This is to say the vitamins are without their hazards. Let's see what else here. So how about a mixed bag. Now this other guy the executive director of the pharmacists association of Western New York. Agrees that vitamin should be used as a supplement to make up for something your body may be depleted of habit. His name is Dennis calypso and he says that vitamins work best when you have the right expectations. There's a lot of fault or medicine out there so aunt Betty says all I took vitamin C accurately -- you have to take vitamin C all the time. That might be true for her but it doesn't necessarily mean there's any scientific basis to any of those stories going around our. Well there's a national story. Reported by the New York Times that basically. Also about a multi vitamins -- waste of time and a waste of money however the verdict is still out. And this is in the New York Times so it's got to be true the verdict is still out on specifically vitamin. And it didn't hurt that people educated people say. That one of the reasons why we seem to have so many cases and I don't know what the data are on this but it's only cases in Western New York. Multiple sclerosis. -- And a whole bunch of auto immune disorders. That there is actually a body of thought out there. With certain physicians and medical professionals. That is exploring a relationship between a lack of sunlight. And a proclivity. Toward having some of these auto immune diseases take over your life like multiple sclerosis like bloopers and many others now. I I don't know. We hear the re search is on back. But I do know that. If you simply were to rely on the vitamins from the sunshine in Western New York for vitamin. Two -- to get your daily dose because look at it right now. That's going to be the way it is now until roughly April or may. I may be exaggerating but not by much we won't see the sunshine until 2014. So it to me. I do find myself wonder and this is simply wondering without stating a fact just wondering quiz likely wonder. Does the fact that we don't get a lot of sunshine around here. Does that result in a greater incidence of MS and lupus and other autoimmune diseases like no the answer no I do not. But then I kind of action I also wonder. If there would be a higher incidence of these kinds of diseases in a place like Alaska. Now what do you know. Alaska. In other times when the sun doesn't set and there are also times -- is extremely dark for very long periods of time. And people walk around with those with those satellites. Seasonal affective disorder lights to try to give themselves some light. Again I think that would be a very very interesting study. Comparing the incidence of autoimmune diseases in Western New York. With the autoimmune diseases in a place like Alaska or some other place that also does not see a lot of sunshine to see if there is a correlation. And if I were so inclined I would take the ten places on earth that are populated. -- at the least sunshine and compare them to the average. And see if in fact there's a relationship between not enough sunshine and too many cases of MS where lupus and as far as I'm concerned one cases is one case two men. But I will confessed that part of this is selfish. Because I just ran out of vitamins. And now I don't know if I should buy them again and if you don't work listening to the earlier part of our show. I've been taking vitamins now for many years multi vitamins for many years and the only thing I can tell you is that. I will definitely say. And I approve this no but I know my body and I will tell you that. The multi vitamins since I started taking -- they do make my fingernails grow faster and my hair grow faster that I've noticed. Now connect pro but no I just don't really have the inclination to do so I know what my body is doing I know what the usual to fingernail growth rate is and I know the wanna take vitamins it's more. Now. The question -- is that worth spending the money on vitamins. What do you do to stay healthy because you know we're getting it at that time of the year now. And those of you who don't work out in gyms -- other sweaty people who don't like to on the machines when they're done. Those who were the you know those people there you're -- usually in January because you know that in January. Your health club is going to be mopped. Because everybody has that idea at the same thought. Come January after the holidays Dominic get my -- the shape ought to lose weight out of become Charles Atlas -- to be Jane Fonda. Without the Communist heritage. I'm going to be you know you're going to be in such great shape but universally what happens -- news the health club is jammed in January. By about the third week of January things start to taper off and then by February you're Jim is back to the regulars. You know how that works because exercise takes a commitment. You've got to -- in -- you've basically got to be addicted to exercise. You can't just to hear and there are it's got to be something that is part of your routine. X number of days a week or perhaps every day you've got to do. But you know call me. Called old fashioned work called me forward thinking -- -- exactly where this would fall. But -- one of these clowns who actually thinks that if you really really want. A healthy life. And you wanna live. Long. Time. That a lot of it. Was taken out of your hands. At the moment of conception. That for good or for ill you are the year or terrorists. Of generation after generation a generation going back to adamantly. Of all of your families positives and all of your families negatives. In terms of a genetic predisposition -- And as I've set -- in the last hour I was told many years ago when this goes back 2030 years buffalo cardiologist doctor David dean he told me. You -- a long healthy life choose your parents well. And that's kind of a rhetorical statement because none of -- really choose our parents. -- but if things just gonna happen the way they happened. And unfortunately some of us have great genes some of us that lousy jeans and some of us have a mix of the two. There's a reason why people on that one part of Russia that used to be on those yogurt commercials there's there's a reason so many of them lives soul. Because they're insulated. They're isolated. And they tend to -- people within that same our -- So yeah it's not unusual for somebody a 110 years. Because the gene pool in that little area. Basically. Is genetically pre to host to a long life. I should also point out that there aren't many fast food -- there. Don't know you'll -- the pop lives in that part of Russia that used to be in the old yogurt and it's. It is a twenty minutes after 48030930. Is the phone number 803 on 930 start 930 on the cell phone 180616. WB EM. All right let's -- let's take some phone calls and that I think we're gonna do a little while we're gonna talk about what's wrong with America in 23 -- which is going to be a follow up in my opening monologue. Let's go to Scott. Lancaster on WB Ian Scott what do you do to stay healthy -- I -- Well no well work out an hour elliptical machine in the basement. And you know we picked by demand that it had to do without being in there and -- But when you hear the stories when you hear these doctors saying that multi vitamins the case is closed the verdict is in their waste the time what is your response. Well I think you know out to a -- didn't they might be true it it might be at eight. Each one about as. It's almost like an estimated eight of -- You know you're gonna I have cancer at some point barrier and he had the Stanley and -- talked about genetic though. Some of it he can't control but rather but it apart that we can and that is if you can do a little coherent Arab. Outlook and our other than you know literally flushed out of boil it. Well which is I guess what these doctors are saying about the multi vitamins for how long have you been taking vitamins and do you would you say -- healthier than people of your age you know. I did take -- you know three year that'll vitamin C vitamin B area and I help -- I'd I'd probably say not I wouldn't think I am. So all are just say I. I'm kind of of -- dilemma -- -- because I ran out of vitamins I was going to -- vitamins but now having seen this report I don't think I'm going to but I'm gonna continue to buy just the vitamin. Right there at all well it's our -- bank where people where I am. You know like that you you've probably noticed certain things that and I think that's probably. But usual I don't think -- people and say -- feel any different for taking vitamins or go to. -- -- You know that you put your finger on it that Gloria because I take vitamin -- other -- you know the idea of a darker yellow screens than normal. Well because if there's no empirical data that supports any health benefits of taking a multi vitamin -- why spend the money. And I -- I think that that that -- and got there at that multi -- and I I don't do that I have a ticker -- C. I take from vitamin. This time last year I like that diagnosed with Matt one of the things that state. Although they don't know what caused the one of the things that they think it has something to do that it's vitamin. There's there's quite -- you know what blood and we don't I don't know what -- -- -- at the they'll. You know I I kid I kid you not I don't have the data on this and I wish I did IA. I have never seen so many people with MS is I've seen here in Western New York I know people all over the country and in Western New York whatever reason it just seems like every other person has MS. It's scary the not the that we never dull spot outlaw although we you know you hear that. But never sent by elected diagnosis and -- mentioned it to somebody ought to have my sister has -- -- or or have my mother because you don't -- it. It's just so prevalent than eight. We now we are fortunate to go to bed that they -- wonderful people there but that sort of thing that the first thing they point out. Although it has it it's scary I don't know which for most people. Now whether they're you know solitude in the fact that you know that people here at it you know it's very prevalent what they are. Well and you know it's it's like it. Personally autoimmune diseases that just destroyed some people and other people are able to keep on living for example -- 90% of the people with lupus it will not destroy their lives 10% in the road is is is fatal. Now why don't I would those people. All right I'm glad you called -- and many happy years ahead of you. And Merry Christmas to you -- I'm glad you are called him. It is 426. At news radio 930 WB -- today's deal of the day from my buffalo Burks is a thirty dollar certificate to neighbors public and more revenue for just fifteen dollars from stakes to birders neighbors -- Offers Buffalo's finest -- at an affordable price go to WB EN dot com click on the in my buffalo -- logo. Great studio group Boston. If you watch it live performance at this during the band's -- in YouTube. That's why I say great studio group. It is 434. Nothing wrong with that amount you know it's just laid there are very complicated stuff they had the user -- it before too and I believe. So. This. -- -- It is up for 34 news radio 930 WB are -- do you take vitamins or are you just it literally and figuratively -- your money away. Continue to take vitamin. As I said if let's see if vitamins are worthless why is Gary recommended daily allowance well. The issue is vitamin supplements are a waste of money because what you'll find out is that. Anybody eating a healthy diet. Chances are. They already have the proper amounts of vitamins in their body the supplements are meant for people who I guess aren't eating. -- -- -- Who need the supplements. That makes cents. -- spoke with all -- vitamins but the question is do we need vitamin supplements. You know when I think of vitamins I think the polls of people today as opposed to the nutrients and vitamins that are contained in food that -- -- Let's get back to your calls on a WB and who's next it's a common buffalo Tomas -- WB and vitamins or not. -- hello vitamin well yes that's the topic. Are you I'd been thinking well. Tom Gordon I think that I'd been taking vitamins for forty years. And that I read that article. Concerning vitamins. And I want to enable doctors are really nutritionists that they didn't make that understatement and put everybody as a square peg in a rumble. Well individuals we all have art needs. I find that vitamin C and B complex are very helpful to me. And the unique part about it is. Humans to not make vitamin C like other animals. And the unique part about it is that I'm talking to you right now king child needs what nutrients and what by dementia by the east now because your body -- and give -- feedback. Isn't it better to have something a little bit -- -- it is they -- you can at street I'll vote in comparison to having the deficit that's all the time. Not without evidence I mean not without ever made these these doctors Justin get together and say hey let's screw the vitamin industry I mean -- They have written a paper that is based on search. As far as is there a difference in health between people who take these supplements and people who don't. And if there's no difference than why waste the money. Well here's here's the other part of that circumstance our food chain has been changing as time has progressed. We have our genetically altered food now does that have the Biden -- nutrients that are necessary or not there's a good question. Number two since our our. So oil has been deeply rooted from a lot of the vitamins -- normally in the soil are you gonna keep and armed farmers live artificial. The fertilizer. Let's put it that way. OK I personally myself open to -- vitamins and mineral supplements. You wanna check one. Source. Its consumer lab dot com concerning vitamins minerals and supplements because -- could. Consumer reports they are nonprofits and they give reports on every specific vitamin and manufacturer. If a person this is where I would rather have -- -- the FDA. Because I don't trust the FDA and here's one question I would ask you to ask your doctor. Okay. How much. Does she -- -- nutrients chances are he's gonna tell he took of course we expect when he was in college that's what the doctors I've asked have told me. So what do they know they know probably lest I know. That was that art and do you know your body. All I leave me I know my body I I -- my body better than anybody. And are you going to be on somebody or possibly don't we just know what I will depend on -- -- will. This is the question of me vs them to question of sheer raw data. Data is simply numbers numbers cannot have an opinion numbers are simply -- statistics. And if there is no correlation between vitamin supplements any longer healthier life I'm certainly not gonna waste my fifteen dollars every few months. But the question -- are you wasting it. There's the question it can fuel you are old and you're gonna quit. But as far as I'm concerned icing on the results I've done my research for me concerning the -- well vitamins I'd be willing to say and you also are -- -- Don't don't Don I'm already drowning in a -- of paper do not anything you -- he's gonna go right through garbage I'm drowning in a -- of paper. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In a sea of paper and a I discuss come out wrong and his people but I throw things out because I can't I cannot have any more paper in my. Has been a continuing battle with me and I just. Let's get back to the calls here is let's -- who's next. Wrote buffalo WB and -- well. -- And you -- all the time when trying to but no would be night. Because. I don't ignore it blew -- out at only about thirty years ago. Content and it really affected my fat in. Light of about. What happened here at all I an -- And -- entered. UB equipment and. It doesn't matter to what's the point. I didn't teach and that that -- enemy action at the year. And -- -- without perfume on the he actually went into remission and I think it shouldn't come as early right now where I'm out here. You're gonna have to explain what SLE means. -- In the what does the. -- I -- alerted -- and a bit like yet. So what what went into remission the lupus horror. -- OK but now here's a question I have to ask you. People with -- personnel that there are times you're okay and times you get flare ups so my question is was it a remission that would have taken place anyway given the natural cycles and vicissitudes of the disease. I'm well you could end credit and I -- an error on and yet Larry -- like it. Our seven year. There and this is what the vitamin. I am right now I'm. 101000 unit that vitamin. Every. And that has -- that you haven't had a flare up since that. Now do your doctors attribute that to the vitamin. No they attributed to the vitamin. Change. While that I think that's very very interest. I wonder how widespread that is any lupus unfortunately is is that the disease which I have more than a passing familiarity where. I really wish I didn't but that's neither here and there. As far as. You know else's interest about lupus to me vitamin. Exactly -- I would. Out of the sun and years and why were my adding that the -- vitamin would be. I -- -- I are kicking in our area I don't. Seem. I only went down. My eight it'd sure -- didn't rule. It went -- You know let me. -- in this most recent study. But I've been quoting from a today. The multi daily vitamins these doctors say the case is closed there is no need for a multi daily vitamin but they did leave the jury out and deliberating specifically on the vitamin which is help you vitamin. Why did but I have continued to -- vitamin B internal that they got because they're. Mary Mary in the AFC. -- -- Yeah you'd be here believe me I'd use your -- I know what you speak -- All right well thank you up thank you very much and I'm glad it worked for it and that's an interesting information I'm gonna have to look that up during the break. -- but thank you let thank you very much you know I mentioned MS before. And you know it it's really interesting if you if you do the research on multiple sclerosis. Here's the bottom line in this is also true with lupus. You know that even the best medical minds in the world who've been studying these autoimmune diseases for years. Do you know what the bottom line as with many of these diseases. They are the hope that means the -- don't have a -- -- This is. They've done studies geography they've done studies of and after each search they still don't know. I think that's a frustrating placement and if you got MS because if you've -- and that's. I'm sure you asked the question why what. Is it environment is it nature and unfortunately even the Mayo Clinic site. It's nobody really knows. That's frustrating. If you're going to be that was -- at least like to know why. If you smoke a pack cigarette today -- get lung cancer that pretty good idea what happened but within minutes. Almost like crap -- And AccuWeather for this evening you expect some snow flurries that again I'd probably say that every day from now until June some snow flurries. Lake effect snow actually took -- four inches and bands will -- south of the city overnight Bjorkman -- when he -- tomorrow cloudy and windy flurries and a heavier snow shower and thirty. Joseph restore point five point five degrees at news radio 930 W. You would be the end. All righty then let's get back to the calls were part -- vitamins and there are. -- in a report out by doctors. Five and who have done their research and they say that that taking a daily multi vitamin supplement is a waste of money. If there are no health benefits. And that you should save your ego. Some of you swear by vitamins. Can -- the vitamin. Imagine that vitamin. WB and hello. Well I'm I would like to suggest that a a couple of the problems we got in the United States. Are what's causing the issue here first of all. Supplements. Are not very well regulated. In reference to like medications. So it's extremely easy for their could be a white. -- -- Quality in the products you purchase so be very difficult to do a study to begin with and let you know exactly. You know what a supplement individuals are gaining. Because they're not medications. That manufactures. -- her hands strong when I'm doing studies because. It's difficult for them to make any Clayton. As to what the supplement will not do for you start to benefit goes. Now aren't as an example in Germany. They're heavily regulated most of this supplements are considered medications. And their studies are substantially better idea I used to purchase. A lot of literature for a medical library here in -- and they always every year would. Yet the the German. Supplement guides to go to their studies. Counter indications. Benefits etc. I I I think. Dad beat doctors either -- they just how steady. -- in the bag for somebody else I've got a wonderful posters here my house showing -- doctors. Claiming the benefits for Camel Cigarettes. Well you know you can't always trust and just and to work Alaska. You know I don't but if it but again I mean statistics and numbers don't -- mean it's impossible for a statistic to have an opinion. -- you're arguing about your argument about which vitamins specifically. Did they tax which mock which brand name did the -- to me that has some validity and I don't know the answer -- I would suggest -- try to get older some of the documents out of. Other places where they restrict that supplements. And medications because then they can do very very precise studies. Some of the outcome all of -- on the markets. Garbage -- it it's just outcome. I tell you for most of the calcium products on the market. Should not be allowed to be on the market because they're not even bio available. You -- physically no benefit from most of the calcium supplements are being sold in the United States to keep speaking -- -- -- -- Now I played though as somebody who -- multi vitamins for decades that again the only difference I noticed was my fingernails grow faster and my hair grew faster and that was it. Nice and I attend -- vitamin. Occasionally vitamin C the rest stop if you try hard you probably can't get most of it I'm in not in a -- legitimate diet. -- I think -- I'm glad you called 803 on my third oh. I guess I've got a big break coming up on news it to 5 o'clock. Now this is interest and we a lot of people interested in vitamins. And we also a lot of people if we don't throw topic and see it is see if I. -- footer up the good topic but I got to add another good topic to. Because I was gonna ask you guys what's wrong with America in 2013. As we head -- -- 24 to. And maybe -- well. Maybe shell. That's -- interest. I mean they're interest and vitamins. May be I can do Mongolian clustered dance with topics. It 030930. What's wrong with America to -- my FaceBook page report to their questions if that's any action if not -- -- -- vitamins. Which I don't they can stop effective today it is. Doctors say that'll work. On WB Ian.

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