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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>12-17 Sandy with Carl Paladino

12-17 Sandy with Carl Paladino

Dec 17, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have Macrovision company PS Anthony joy always being -- picketed by probably -- a mostly Republicans that's a strange scenario because he's a Republican fund raiser generally. But he decided that congressman Brian Higgins should benefit from a fundraising effort. And obviously -- many people do not agree with that. I including Carl Paladino former gubernatorial candidate man about town is on the school board and always is that not hesitant to share his view is Carl thank you. For college before -- before you found out about this fund raising dinner what was your relationship with Anthony joy -- where you uneasy allies or your friends -- what. Now why they are currently. You know for him. And I was very very does. I looked. You know you're making it there. But it really was sure he said. Well you know -- has given more of the republic of Republican candidate when he beat got that opposition to what I wanted to do it again. And I said well OK I will because I don't think it's right. I think it is there's an -- open. And these. -- hoping. For illegal 00 which. Which would've brought up -- -- should we elected dog out -- and we're all kind of additional. Retail development. -- at all. A bidding for glitzy. And eat and Jordan Levy -- want -- deal because lips he does want an intrusion. -- site -- main street look back fifty years think of all the news. When when they were talking openly about football stadium at the clock. -- I've -- and you look at obamacare and you look at all the other political. -- and it could support. It but it's on. Obviously in the allotment to people seek -- the buy him all the more access whatever. -- is just old law -- it was hold themselves out. And. Are we public in all these years to -- in charge of the Republican. To give money to. Brian that was -- on. -- Open ambassadorship in the past he's got himself all kinds of personal -- All right well now able to do that. A ticket was was -- statement to say. Deputy oil out there right now he's got -- yeah Republican and long. Would you would you say that the people who went two of a dinner whether they were Republicans in name more Democrats in name. We're really -- sellouts if if indeed they supported. This kind of cross pollination from -- enjoy. Well the Republicans it was there was never read -- body. Obviously. There were in some cases they were saying thank you are -- in -- some kind of an inspiration and a medical campus. But. Guys like. Ronald Ronald little obvious now you're expected to begin to these people so we can actually. But. Or -- need to take some of these other Republicans say that. These are right people and historically would -- and has -- he took a lot of checks from a lot of good Republicans but we're not sure we're. Presented to the candidate he would -- -- that -- people so he called it raises a lot of money that it gets an ambassador. And he disappears. Really can't provide access to although although people that they've put up that money. A lot of Republicans anyway Anthony -- In the past and the past people who need. To make sure they're represented Edward for whatever parties empower have donated to -- to both sides have have you ever supported Brian Higgins in the past. I've donated to both sides are supported Bryant hit good morning it was a compliment yes I think it definitely wish him to go to our. I I I would want -- biggest supporters in Ellicott. -- -- While I think I'd never heard I'd never heard that story about Harvard so you think he's this leopard out name Brian Higgins has changed his spots. -- right here -- became arrogant. And make it became all about -- Greg is a certain people right Hagan is the guy but it didn't jump at the envelope he bandwagon. The old -- bill admitted that it agreed. And -- and report it -- okay against the best original W constituents -- So I I know I didn't -- sensitivity to the idea -- not to do when when when it was happening. He told me to -- Like -- don't and that and and and I it. And then when I was running for governor. It was the guys. Who gave those those leaking now and everybody was or from different people different people. You don't want to get them to that what's in the dark -- media people don't get a well Barbara it. Yes I -- -- that we had listeners call before obamacare have been voted on saying that they went to Washington went to his office to tell them that they did not want and this border and he wouldn't even see them any kind of -- out so they -- -- find them. And at that point if you have any respect for him standing up. Four before you if you voted form they went out the win Ohio I lost all respect when he did that. He these cowardly and and it the biggest issues he'd beaten erotic -- But you know the simple issues you know where we're medical campus think I -- he chose not what the big one the most important one. The best quote there. You don't want a political pick up -- and. Yeah I he wrote that he wrote that final letter -- yeah that's absolutely right and happened right after the final letter yeah. Wait to -- Larry question. What happened from. I don't like in the deal is trying to get economic outlook. The get up and not as what you're gonna get all looking weight requirement any -- that I have been on the the umpire which would be total -- Okay I admit what they've been able to compete pretty all all spinach. In -- in -- and messed it up. Well one thing that really concerns me Karl is we can't afford. Two -- are splintered party and I understand. Your concerns are are are very logical as far as I can understand. You think you'll ever reconcile -- Anthony joined ours is going to be it's a permanent split. I think I think what's happening in the Republican Party -- national and -- level is that is that it is -- -- Hillary. The record Republicans should not negotiate themselves what would not comment on Albany or -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- The worst possible candidate why. It was I think with -- 1% investment 99%. -- -- would billionaires. Who cares about the billionaires. And yet. It's what we needed -- Who could who could debate. Could. Under article two Nobel -- country. And -- of people. The country. OK in the right thing. And and national level they did a net on the state level we get skulls. We got called leaders Republican caucuses in the senate and then leave them there are terrible people. All you government and Albany. These people the Democrats are all outfitted and getting indicted alternate because all opposition call them out and watching got what she security. -- -- over. What they -- you know they ever say anything against. It is called into that -- that. Is caught up and bad about -- over bet. They're Foley does say that they they -- -- for. Well I hear you Carl. We share out -- -- shared our viewers our listeners or share the same kind of passion you have a muzzle the fire continues to burn in -- because we always know get the straight story from you thank you for calling having clarifying some of that Karl. Our Merry Christmas but like well. You say Karl thinks further along the road tonight and I was just thinking okay if he's just judging Brian Higgins for what he did in the waterfront last -- has just posted okay. But Carl brings up the fact that the because -- behind the scenes thing about bass pro. So -- -- contention is the Brian Higgins. When he wrote that letter his arm a little letter that he wrote it's best -- hosting -- you know water get off the pot and then they say hey we don't -- -- Dubai. So he feels that that's a payback. Problem Brian Higgins to others who supported him who didn't want the best Perot thing so let's say. That's the thing and usher in on that inside and see all of these strings being poll. You often wonder why certain groups and certain people end up as allies. Is so much going on behind the scenes well luckily. Carl was our behind the scenes reporter. And we're always are grateful when he calls and simpler vice thanks thank you -- We'll be back -- -- would be and company and morning.

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