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New Rock & Roll Hall Class Named

Dec 17, 2013|

STAR 102.5's Roger Christian

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The rock and roll hall of fame nominees have been named. In the winner's car. Okay in order of appearance Peter Gabriel Cat Stevens a Linda Ronstadt Paula notes -- us. Banda Nirvana the induction ceremony is going to be next April in New York City here to talk about it and get his reaction. Is Roger Christian from our sister in law radio station right next story here. Start when -- -- like I -- -- -- it's a little radio -- -- -- we have signs in the -- excellent -- well we should have won here we're talking to -- -- goodness here's the Israeli units that go to jail or don't know what's -- -- -- and a real radio Ottawa after -- I've got to -- -- -- get -- response on this -- -- -- on -- here on my regular show -- -- always appreciate -- -- -- -- -- and these -- all great all genres of music and as I understand -- won the popular vote the only reason was because Gene Simmons threatened all the people that he would after -- watch reruns of his -- they didn't vote for him that's why he got him he has to go over the long time yes yes for sure how much -- Linda Ronstadt. Very wonderful and yes and a -- I mean I was gonna say she's going to tough time with parkinson's admirable but she's had a tremendous influence on music has an unbelievable career from a band with a stone ponies back in the sixties and she's in Spanish language you. Aficionado and just just an incredible talent. Now hall and notes when you think of these guys no one of these guys -- just at a magazine in the mail they're raising an alpaca llamas are mean like in their old age. But when you think of these guys -- don't think of them were. Will they were in that that pop music or in fact they're the biggest selling pop duel in rock pop history. So it's a well deserved induction for them as well -- -- Peter Gabriel is already he's a limited Genesis yes it's you know some some people -- you we just have too much. But he's he's very influential in on its own right after he left Genesis he had some. Great CD soul and sledge hammer things like that so very real well. That's me ringing I'm sorry. I've played well what I was important yet to vote no I don't have to go I might have to go but not that -- with a real -- -- -- -- -- in just incredible in the days in the early 70s his morning is broken and wonderful songs like that was just -- whole generation that was coming in at that time and it. He was right on the costs. What's he doing now do need change his name -- -- -- -- Lehman and he was on a no fly list -- and finally nearly it would have his recent music anymore yes he still does music and it pieces of London based in England and I think he may have to stay there. Well into those of -- back Gene Simmons right toward the popular group. But very few one maybe -- hit record right it was just that was just the fans but to. Their music didn't really translate to the mess mess image. Right Mecca accord it was for sure that was -- -- want to do the makeup in the actual costs are and how do you separate induction on oh I think so too yes. Well I was at their concert many years ago at -- what used to be called. The flawed memorial and I'm sure you will and all of your make up at the time well you know who opened for them no Cheap Trick while never I was at that country. That was great venue Roger thank you for stop and thank you guys for decorative and I have to put the money in the slot it's like going out. Okay. Roger Christian from our sister station on the all star one -- two point.