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Are Vitamins Beneficial?

Dec 17, 2013|

Elizabeth Somer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's -- about these vitamins studies Elizabeth Summers with us she's a nutrition expert. Some tough words from a major medical journal about multi vitamins and that there basically a waste of money they do nothing to prevent heart disease dementia -- cancer. Elizabeth what's your reaction to that. Well -- I'm not surprised I mean you you can't just. Pop a pill and expect miracles but keep in mind that supplements and vitamins and minerals are -- essential nutrients your body can not live without them. -- are important from conceptual to the last state last breath. -- -- So if you look you know those nutrients from food or greater meaning little quicker we can nutrition credential shall go to -- to go to -- first. The reality. Every national nutrition surveys dating back to the 1960s. Repeated total -- -- That Americans are not meeting their optimal intake of numerous vitamins in them. I was so that they actually don't need politically. It's still mixed to hold no sense to be taking a moderate -- multiple vitamin and mineral. Elizabeth let's address some of these claims. Can vitamins actually help prevent cancer heart disease cognitive decline anything else. -- -- we don't know. Like -- the bottom line areas that you can't just pop the pill and expect miracles like this good before but it's. Hard -- healthy lifestyle. He moved really well. Exercising not smoking and getting little sleep and taking moderate dose multiples. Are are we don't care down there -- lowers the risk for all diseases helps you manage your weight. Reduces the risk for cognitive decline as -- age and so for. They're supplements they're not substitutes. You what the -- -- -- really well and and supplement responsibly. That was beyond multi vitamins because it sounds like your supporter of those. What about some of the other vitamins. While person fifteen -- are thirteen vitamin excuse me in your body can't making them except for vitamin. So. It you have to get from -- computer from supplements are minerals is about twenty of them that we need to be able to -- to critique. Again ultra thin iron and for women typically don't get enough iron so iron to teach is extremely common in women during the child -- years look. Most Americans don't get enough to be vitamin forecast said. Very important for making red blood cells making sure that yourself and your bodies -- -- divide correctly so possibly reduce the risk for things. Thank you abnormal cell growth. You know important for reducing birth defects but that's just the tip of the iceberg when it's that one vitamin a little guys actually get enough vitamin C. So just to be on the safe side -- know most telling him to take she urged doses available before but to take a moderate -- multi makes total sense. -- these doctors. The virtually indicted the vitamin industry there saying vitamins can actually cause harm. -- what are they referring to are they referring to like mega doses like you said. Well actually. -- -- -- -- There's very few reports of -- most people would supplement to it pretty well they take a multimedia he takes. A little bit of extra calcium may be a little extra vitamin -- or vitamin C. They're not what you. Reports. Harmful effects it's always where people are taking way too much. One nutrient or another but particular perspective I mean that's the side effects from prescription medications. Are far more. Common it and then decided -- exit are harmful kicking the supplements. So for the most part -- -- common for. Well supplement moderately in responsibly in -- It sounds like you're not affected at all by this studied this release of data so you'll continue to take your vitamins. Oh absolutely -- that the -- that they might supplements is like a bad day -- -- I'm expecting you know. Some some harm they happen no -- and then again I do it responsibly I take him. I make -- -- in particular they make a three THK I take a multi I'd take a little bit of extra calcium. And -- put extra vitamin. OK Elizabeth great talking with -- thank you. Oh or Elizabeth summer who's appeared on The Today Show and many network programs who's an expert on nutrition and --