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Washington Politics At Christmastime

Dec 17, 2013|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Levin solace with us on WB and -- senior political reporter with the senate Republican tech pretty Dave good morning. A judge has found that the National Security Agency phone data collection to be unconstitutional. How is this likely to go over. This is going to set -- in nature by going forward and it really straight -- The core of this issue which has weathered the NSA whether the government in general should have the ability to spy. On Americans now of course they're gonna talk about this being absolutely necessary to fight -- and the like foreign threats. And something bad it it it would -- go away it would would be in -- major security threats. Who in the United States of America and certainly it's that sense. But at the same time you have civil libertarians here the average Americans were very concerned that things such as. They're cellphone interactions with their computer traffic is getting lap in these types of investigations and has of course not think the deal. Which terrorism or foreign affairs says it's just that their daily lives and at this as something that in their opinion is in violation of the Fourth Amendment. It legal fight coming up. -- now offering his services to Brazil -- David saying he'd be willing to help Brazil's government. Investigate US spying in Brazil as long as Brazil would ransom political asylum what's most likely to do do. American Brazilian relations. First -- it's not a surprise -- he's been shopping for countries that are going to be friendly to him for months now. Whether it was Russia Venezuela with in the mix now it's Brazil. So it's kind of dubious as to whether Brazil you know app itself is going to have. The ability to -- to really make major waves in terms the -- that investigation will go forward but. Started of course had a great deal of information in the other news stories coming up almost weekly with information that that was provided to various newspapers the Washington Post in the McCarty and in London that that's based on information that that works and was able to get so it'll be if I can make one prediction for the new year here that we're starting it would be. You're not expecting to go away and and go away any time since he is somebody who is definitely going to be in the next politically speaking and yet born in the US government's side -- sometime to come up. He Dave you've been investigating the federal election commission for the past nine months and your breaking a story about that this morning. Fill our listeners and. Well we're talking about international relations there's a major issue that came up with them. You know when the government shut down the Federal Election Commission actually had no people working it was one of the few government agencies and actually get all of its. Employees furloughed and that was some moment at Chinese hackers decided to take its systems stay out and for is actually where it laid. The Federal Election Commission IT systems. It's poured out its web site and got that down for awhile and that -- like the electric company -- not being able to provide power since this is an agency that really it's all about disclosure and transparency. But more basic level I like some major issues that the agency is having. Staffing and funding issues it's not the sexiest vacancy in the world but it's one that's such as every voting American if you ever cast a ballot if you ever support candidates. But -- election commission is supposed to exist. The -- a -- start to make sure that elections are fair and run well and brokering app. Point is interesting thanks Dave. That's Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.