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Slippery Conditions Early This Morning

Dec 17, 2013|

Bob Hamilton

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Straight to the airport weather station Allen the National Weather Service meteorologist Bob Hamilton hi Bob. She know just in time and also the morning drive what the -- and we're here we're just coming from. There is a little clipper system pushed across laurel lakes -- now and so -- will pick up the venture to a relates snowed this morning under an early afternoon and then we'll have a the risk foursome some more lake effect some steady or heavier snow. During the first part of tonight's. At this will be kind of putting a crimp in the morning drive on it. -- ensure well there will be a lot of snow out there were because it's so cold. This kind of snow. Is this kind of greasy -- tool when it's on the roadways that doesn't give much traction so it's going to be slick travel ago. Rundown live near lake snow advisory who's going to be affected one time. Well I -- said that the buffalo metro area currently doesn't have an advisory out does not have -- out. But it may be issued later on today once we look at new computer goings but it looks like we can pick up the nature to it snowed this morning like -- from that little clipper. And then maybe three to four inches tonight and that would be mainly during the first portion of the night. The current flags around the lake effect snow advisories are for areas south of Buffalo's southern part of accounting. Warsaw and Wyoming county down in the southern tier. -- -- part of a bigger northeast storm that we're hearing about. Now that like as a visit as a clipper moving through now and you get clear behind that to produce some of that lake effect. And then we get high pressure moving in during the day tomorrow and that's actually wanna warm temperatures back to a -- normal levels. Somewhere where we haven't been much over the past three weeks. So we are still on track for that warm up to the end of the week. We have temperatures are going got to climb up in the forties and -- while temperatures won't quite be warm enough. To produce ice jam flooding issues and and flooding issues what will be up a potential problem. We're regular front double federal over the area this weekend and more kids several. Storms will move up along that front and with temperatures generally in the upper thirties and forties. We're looking at one to two inches of rain and that could eventually lead to some some issues with -- -- -- flooding. Bob you are the man we're grateful for your time this morning as always thank you thank your National Weather Service meteorologist Bob panel.