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12-16 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Dec 16, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The nice things about being away and a out of television kind of parachute into a hole in the world of news and topics. When to get back in what goes I did the alternate when. The Republican big shot fund raiser Anthony -- is having a fund raiser for liberal Democrat member of congress Brian I will not all the public hearing Obama your -- And there is a protest is actually underway right now the buffalo hysterical society. And it is. Being spearheaded by Carl Paladino and -- Thompson we will hear from Ross thank you a couple of minutes. For a quick update on the protests that one of the things that I found out from rust is that I and it was -- Thompson who sent me the the text by and so now I know. But that the protest is not going to be at the joy to hold on meadow the protest is only going to be at the historical society. 803 on 930 to me this is emblematic. I'll be spasm. In the Republican Party which Republican big shot that caused by themselves. The Republican big shots have tried along with the media to marginalize and demonized the Tea Party people. When in fact at least. And my audience I feel very comfortable in saying most of you are fed up with the Republicans most of view. -- have considered other options like the Tea Party like the libertarians because we see an IC the Republicans as being -- -- so analyst lot of individuals who. Basically have become what the Democrats were twenty years ago. They're not even a loyal opposition anymore. There they've become certificates. They've become people who adhered to what they considered to be the main street because they're so insulated. In Washington. -- joining us right now with more on this protest from key New York is Ross Thompson Russ thanks very much for being here what was the Genesis. Of this evening's protest. All while about a month ago I got an email from -- with an indication that he had just received. Or joy. Tom Reynolds. And everybody else to hold fundraisers for Brian Higgins to go to what do you think about. I when I think it's kind of broke that you have I think I agree. So at that point. We looked fine tuning something we were trying to get other people involved which will remain -- remain nameless at this point. And that didn't really want to get involved all that was left up in the call and we started well no it was quite last week last Wednesday. -- -- -- via FaceBook let people know what was going on to try to get their attention to it and erupt and that we yet. Said the question of protest and it -- eagle Wednesday and Thursday. And for that about forty people at a protest I just put a picture MySpace or. Age stolen and -- assured Olerud. On the ballot. Expletive like it's recovery people but -- -- That's why are there public property at work. All didn't pretty -- but it -- emblematic about what's going on. What did you feel. About eight GOC. What what. Anybody that's quite the GOP. Is directly GO rebel Republican okay. But I like -- Reynolds and enjoy it you'll you'll yes. It's written to -- raising money from. A bad idea. It is it would be like you know some doesn't like Bill Ayers having a fund raiser for William F Buckley. I don't do it. -- to life and of course I don't know what's going we've been trying to figure out what's going on behind the seats. Really hit I mean we knew what did you see the invitation. I did not see the invite. I and I didn't receive one -- All right. Well I looked at it well I've got a behind the scenes but I I give -- bit and I took a picture that. And put it on my FaceBook page is actually on the event page right now and it would you everybody that's going to be there. And it's really -- always going to be there you mentioned. On the ball across who's going to be there. I think you've got to be kidding me -- I wouldn't go to that I can quickly get it. Sure. Sure because that's a nice thing about being away for awhile is being away -- because in prison not yet but. But that's I say about -- away is that all this is new and fresh to -- eleven and hopefully my audience as well -- Thompson is with this from team New -- are also going to be at this. Gala affair that you and I will not be attending. Here -- the court. And -- the review congressman Brian Higgins. Co chairs in the joy and mr. actor Peter -- up neatly with all the members of congress tired of people retire. That should get fired well -- yeah yeah people on the ball and we know. -- And will be no one Lundy and -- one being of longtime congressman James. Honorable. Win. And the honorable Tom Reynolds and. OK with the community. Some of these people are familiar -- bill. Was a pretty well actually calling the hero in. Is -- Richard joy yet. -- actually Cheryl -- world. And so we don't know that so many. All -- only writer. Michael Joseph McGuire and it -- outline whether. Norris element Howard and -- And then at an apple was more about that must speak. 25 people in the evening here on this indication and now the key thing is that a lot of people don't realize. Is that see -- Happening right now is that about what historical society. You can immediately thousand dollars and it. If you want to and you know what fine folks. 101000 dollars -- go to Julie have been. So I really have a feeling that most that money's gonna end up in the pockets of it. At what she's done that it would should have won the candidate to run against. So the more patient here besides trying to work out some kind of -- scenes because so many people obvious now. He's really on. Real. Yeah because Ross that was going to be my next question if if you are a big shot Republicans and and you major bread and butter in life as a Republican and and you do this one -- and you find yourself either holding or attending fund -- for liberal Democrat what are you expecting to get out of. Yeah it is -- It really makes my head spin and I mean we've seen a lot of crazy stuff going on at Washington DC. And Italy and in Albany would you know really don't -- was just it completely gotten in the bed. Gotten into bed almost literally looked at all. And now in Washington DC in this is that that was just done what probably what you want gone. I think it was Thursday. Supposed to leave Ryan and the Democrat. Came up with these grandiose budget deal that basically takes some of the budget cuts like the sequester are. That we got a couple of years ago and the 2000 if you let. -- budget. They they asked that then try to keep the budget and -- it through the -- well. It's a calculated that we went through this point out that two years ago and last year and now with this. Without that just asked how old's. It is -- mastermind of the seven now they're virtually -- all this stuff away and I would I thought it Chris Collins I said. I can better I don't walk approached. But just a quirky body so I'm more content so what you believe you've had a domestic. And -- the opposite at the opening up the talk us. So this thing that everything that's out the window again. That we've been questioned so art or in I guess Boehner and Arnold didn't do we evidence that they -- -- -- conservatives. All of congress yes there common their common -- well. If that happened with colon and so you know -- -- that he can't play no word yet well well very much alive and there are apparently very panicked about it. You know -- IE I don't claim to be inside the beltway but based on my audience and frankly the audience of a lot of other a talk show hosts to whom I am listening -- is not the Tea Party that is dead. Republican establishment that his -- they just don't realize that the decomposing yet. Exactly what went right on all this stuff always right on health care -- it light of these markets who want the Republicans work. The Republicans assigning the warm -- all this stuff. We've been telling everybody what's gonna happen will -- the the health care obamacare. And look at everything we -- that -- -- true. As to what they sow panic now that we were actually white -- The -- -- that we actually. Yes yes what we actually -- the pool is not an amazing concept. Not a novelty of nothing else. While we're talking with restaurants and from T New York Ross if we -- people were just looking for something to do this evening your time now all all one very important thing this was missed reported. In the Buffalo News you will not not be protesting and meadow road where mr. -- lips. Now I -- a sign you know we even when the unions will protest in some of the school board members and suffered what you know. Somebody posted their asphalt that's the only place we you can really don't get away things I would appreciate if anybody were protesting it might help. So why would I wanna do it on somebody else. But I feel that the old saying do what -- you wanna have -- -- -- certain now than other protests of the house it's just basically the historical. It and is that going to be going on throughout this sumptuous dinner this glorious gala affair. -- that they'll probably only -- about 7 o'clock they get that we've we've been hole. It was gonna kinda break up. And in the then that would animal walk but that is rarely that I would start to break up if you can't find out. We went inside these things I tell everybody that gold of these things. You know it sounded like out names or use cedar. Welcome -- event -- -- it went without a handful of other people and -- Cuomo fifty Gordon fox. It also they went down there and I get people. You know that would -- it -- take -- who's going to get these things and supporting these things -- matriarch was -- -- Well what does that tell you about -- -- -- New York delegation. That we don't really have any conservatives who are representing us in Albany or Washington. Yeah I think he I think. What is going on and I think what we need to do stop and -- you know I don't well he's dynamite -- -- up but I actually do I hardly ever do some like. I -- on the under the right on the side of their party and let somebody worthy of -- calling it. Conserve conserve Terry and I stole that from Rachel wells. I'd want that because it libertarians and -- it. We have the same -- -- we have to focus on. On this issue and what they don't nation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And AccuWeather temperatures in the teens tonight we might get one to three inches of snow by tomorrow but no big deal the high twenty which will seem ball late nineteen degrees feels like eleven at WB yen. Russ we're talking about this idea of a new. Party and what my previous caller said well you know sooner or later the Republicans are going to turn the ship around and start heading back in the conservative waters. And I've been hearing that since the 1970s. I think it is never going to happen and I do believe. That now is the time for people. Who worked again libertarian and conservative to get together we're never going to agree 1% and everything but what I think we can agree on is the Republican party of Ronald Reagan is there. Well yeah -- you know one of these wide of the Titanic hit the of the the -- Got the water was too small. All right the Republican. That got very small. Rotor and they just can't seem to turn the ship. Get every and they are the turn at somebody helped line their pockets with more cash or get as a brown baggage that would make it pot pot. Now it is it's not gonna happen and you know I mean argue and I have known each other why -- decade at least I've always been against the third party bank. I'm convinced some more aboard now we have no choice we have no choice but for the sake of the country -- -- -- public. We have no choice but you -- with the rhino. We -- we. They're you know the thing is. Really what -- the easiest way to do. Is to take over there reform party that lost all wooded place which is the independent party here in New York State. The reform party is actually in all fifty states. That you run into problems with the independent I thought the members of the independent party Erie county Andrea Koppel what's going on in the state. All the story I once all want to read it. Everything goes through every single endorsement goes through that -- you've got a political party stepped via humanity. But nobody that Asian money and endorsements except the one -- in Albany. And. Heidi obviously -- stop all the what has been a couple a couple of times. Different groups that tried to take over well like -- -- with the support of the administration that they -- in the court and with the chairmanship or supplementing them. So -- you do you know so I think the I think one thing that we should do. -- Can't nobody running on the conservative line for our governor and I'm I'm with -- he's not a fact he called me up that very first. Right when it first started talk about it by the idea what's going up before you hear it elsewhere and -- we told me what was and it. And now -- in -- -- all the more seriously. We're trying to get the Republicans all the little right. In a week he would get the Republicans over the White House and stay on the ballot while he gains on the ballot on the conservative side. That we should create an -- I think that what's created. The conservatory of life and for the Tea Party line let them what went to the conservatory in line so now we've got. I Uruguay okay well basically -- ballot why and if we get 50000 votes in the governor's race we're legitimate -- And that quickly we could put GOP eat out of business and especially with Carl based on the conservative wine and good -- this second place. That I got a little bit -- -- got -- poppy in Mike Long and the conservatives. An -- level that I do on the local level because of the local level wages. Well I think what would org source that this Democrat that we got the working families party to mitigate the Conservative Party to it -- that amnesty discussed at all. RT well -- week. You know arrests I know that your short time and I ever break to get to but before I before I let you go -- when you hear -- this has been a repetitive line in the Republican. The elite Republicans heaped upon the Tea Party. That you really should be either court -- It's nauseating. Yeah yeah what did they are alienating. The entire ruling the war of the conservative Republican Party. It's a court in their alienating yet and it's not like we did not listening to now what we're not here. Jenna -- getting any that -- the edit the you ought to increase the only national group we've really associated with. Issues that she's at liberty that well McConnell actually fired. -- somebody in congress that would working directly with the party patriot. That was trying to get agendas going forward the idea actually -- getting that part of the party patriots and they are trying to almost. You know that the distorted that's doing is infuriating. That what he would get back into all the you know -- like this is time this coming election year is going to be huge -- -- well congress we got New York State Senate the assembly -- the governor's race. It's going to be it going to be huge election going to be pretty dead in the middle of it. I'm looking forward Stuart Ross yeah look I'm glad you're able to join us a good luck with the -- protest and again and and by the way thanks for all of your hard work with the protest against and -- safe because you know we need a cadre of people like yourself and sandy beach and Olivia and Carl to keep the pressure on the totalitarian state. Pat thanks for the kudos I was glad to see you've got an award and then when you turn around and gave kudos to all but again you warm Fuzzy feel. Wells -- it wasn't tingle up your leg. -- like Chris Matthews. Our area but rest that yeah. Tell me about it hey hey Ross I'm glad that we're able to touch base thanks very much for joining us Rus Thompson with key new York and got this -- and you know a lot -- it's easy. Outs but. Folks via the Republican Party. I really don't think I can ever vote for anybody again who is a Republican. You know with the national group it's. Their interest or not my interests on WB. -- -- -- -- -- -- Fixed birdied three that is so awesome and it argues. I would -- act is Joseph and I we're like sail along at a good time I mean we don't care it's in the teens about week honesty. You know project cat dies tomorrow the high end. A -- -- cents right now. -- sunset at about the high sun -- of course 634. WBM thanks to Ross Thompson for joining us from key new York and a folks. So here's the thing. We are never going to agree 100%. On every single issue. But the conservatives. And the libertarians. The first offer what you think you know about being conservative as portrayed in the media conservatives come in a whole bunch of different shapes and sizes and forms. But we agree. On the freedom. We agree on a limited role of government we agree that government has gone too far. And libertarians. They're they're really put us up and a lot of the libertarian philosophies are also conservative philosophies not fall. But I really like the idea in this. I wish I could claim credit recording this on my own but I can't. The term conservative Terry and actually originated with one of my regular FaceBook contributors Rachel wells she is the one who put it together and you know Rachel and I I find that we agree. And so many things and she has a way of expressing herself. That is that it's fresh. It's knew who. And it's innovative and she makes points that I wish I would have made first so when she said conservative area and I said bingo I think it just -- of them but I believe it. I don't believe in this ever growing ever consuming government that we have right now is over reaching. Nettlesome -- -- called government. That is getting in to every single aspect of our lives I wanna take care of me. I'll take care of my family just as I'm sure you wanna take your view and York. IE. I can't. And work and you just keep on carrying the burden. Of government witness because government is comprised of politicians in their first job is to get reelected their second job -- once they leave office to make real money being a lobbyist trying to influence other politicians who come up. And then the cycle repeats itself. And I just I find it I'd -- unconscionable that. I find it offensive I find it is our -- the word planet bizarre. That a guy who spent so much of his time raising money for Republicans. Is having a gala fund raiser for one of the more liberal members of congress Brian Higgins. These would seem to be at cross purposes. It's it would be it would be like me having a fund raiser for -- -- but it what's the point. Out that I dislike those guys I don't. Let's go to -- -- borrowers are calling in from up primary challenge I believe when. Area that are. Prepared and I'm well are you with the protest at the hysterical society. Leaving work actually you work with that like. All right so -- give us your take on the the fund raiser and what it means and frankly what it says about the Republican Party establishment. Well -- you know I think you've hit it the nail right on the head I mean it really says there's not a whole lot of difference if any difference at all between. The leadership of the Republican Party. And the in a Democratic Party. -- you know we've been saying for years that -- in this one of the most liberal people in congress. And now we have -- GOP having a hundred or 40. What message does that send in the taxpayers. Remember the party. I must confess when -- the message it sends to me is I made the right decision in 2008 when I set up yours Republicans -- with. Yeah. Yeah I wish I wish there was an alternative site you know I'd listen for some time with what reference therein. Saying any help for although work and effort that he put -- and into this whole thing I mean it just to have been great but. You know I've crossed a bridge so many times people talking about third party in new York and they. Missed the point in New York as a system. Which is rigged against a third party would -- -- independence party and the Conservative Party because people's I'm sick and tired of the two. Parties acting as a single party. And what happens is that it because of this process called fusion which we are not gonna change without a constitutional convention. -- the two major parties registered they are people in the newly created party and simply take it over and -- endorse to the major party candidates. -- Not as much as I would agree in principle do we need another party. It's not going to happen in New York State -- even if you get another -- you're gonna get more of the same. But let me Roberta why do both the left and the Republican Party Iowa said the right but the Republican Party why do. Why is almost everybody the media. The Democrats in congress the liberals and the Republicans why does everybody -- the Tea Party so much. It. It's easy to use words like everybody always never. It is not all always remember everybody. But it's a huge huge percent. But when you've got we've got people like John Boehner. Okay the speaker of the House of Representatives who allegedly is a Republican when you've got him -- basically calling out the Tea Party. That's a pretty important guy to be talking to be dissing quite frankly. What should be a group of people that is being courted by a party that needs all the votes can. You know that the Tea Party represents a threat to the status quo. And they are speaking on behalf in my opinion of them -- majority of people who are registered Republican. And people like John Boehner. See the clock ticking down on his ability to control. Things going on in congress. I would. Not I think I would venture yesterday after the next election at that point fourteen election John Boehner will no longer see the the speaker of the house. Who would be Nancy Pelosi. Albright and now a I'm hoping it will still be a member of the -- people at a Tea Party member of the GOP competitors not an ideal control. The oh four for the chairmanship in the GOP. -- let you know Larry -- credibility with too many people. But you know letting here's here's here's what gets me forgive my interruption but -- talk show host it's what I do yet I get angry when people interrupt me. Up but forgive me for asked for saying this but it it seems to me as though. This show represents reality. -- I don't know what other talk show hosts around the country are -- But on my program and I think. I frankly think buffalo is a lot like Peoria. The you know the mythical Peoria of which everybody speaks and when they say will -- play in Peoria. I think that you're seeing a lot of people. Who would have identified themselves as Republicans ten or twelve years ago. Feeling is I do. -- the Republican Party is no longer to be trusted and no longer if it ever was the party of conservatism and Ronald Reagan that it has morphed into. Democrat like. Well you know I can't. I'm not gonna say that I don't agree with the Republican Party. In its platform and principles I do agree with their their platform and principles where I don't agree with is that practice. We just can't have people like. Like John Boehner at the federal level caving in every time the Democrats say we're gonna compromise. You know -- What happened my inner -- right off the court. And that we got -- about doing -- in New York we have the new York state assembly and. And the S senate and we we we compromised ourselves right out of the majority in the senate. So you know the people no longer believe that the -- -- -- at the principles. And that's the problem we eat we have to get back to the principles. Of the Republican Party which. Are very clearly. -- limited government. And respect for -- A respect for the Second Amendment constitutional. Based government I mean those principles are the conservative principles that. That Yunus -- often in nine and others. And the problem that we -- people keep electing people that -- fossils principles that we keep calling them Republicans like. Which he's not a Republican. Is his. Is voting record clearly shows but he's still hearing that larger cities Republican senator from New York but he. Well let me it's like people. Are Republicans. To the assembly into the senate and to the congress with a simple. Let me it is good to speak with you again I mean it departments a little bit disheartened by which is -- about a third party and it's never gonna happen in -- New York State must confess. It well I I don't like reality sometimes. That's -- choose to escape and watch old movies. All right thank. You are right thank you very much jet port lastly and real Stevie. Which I realized they got a person's Time Warner readjusted the of the cable lineup they had a Clint Eastwood extravaganza. It was I was in heaven now after all that was sleep. Folks I got up ice snow bloat in the -- -- -- the slate because an epidemic has vacation -- like to enjoy every single second of vacation that's me. But. They had -- Clint Eastwood marathon with dirty Harry. Followed by on forgiven. Followed by a smoke. Others pick up pale rider dirty Harry on forgiven I was in heaven absolute Ecstasy. They show one more but I was sweetened. Anyway and -- it's 644. At news radio 930 WB -- it is hourly with you on a Monday some left a phone charger and year. And you know I think if it's my phone. Joseph is this Michael put roses it wingers it would is sandy beaches. There's gonna put it right up here during the break. In attempted to -- -- but that would be wrong. It goes in my -- anyway 644 at WB -- so folks I have to ask -- the question and I really hadn't planned on going here today. But with this protest at the hysterical society I know -- -- it is -- -- But with the protest. Is it. Really mind boggling. That a guy whose rays sold much money so all many dollars for Republican candidates over the years. Now finds himself. And many other influential so called Republicans. And by the way a whole bunch of Democrats. Having a fund raiser for one of the most liberal members of congress Brian Higgins. And you know this is not personal against Brian. Com. It's strictly you know it's strictly business is not personal. I just don't understand. The thinking. Of the Republicans it would to -- with the -- all a -- holding a fund raiser for Richard Nixon back in the day that's how much sense it makes I don't get it. It would be like. It would like Allen did they go adding a fund raiser for me I mean it just wouldn't happen. No I mean I suppose if I was down and -- something you might do it and I do it for a blitz well but there are some things that you just don't expect this week. That what I got back at a town and I realized that it let -- what is having a fund raiser for Brian Higgins. A year. I I'm just a little startled but that doesn't make sense. There's only one reason why people are willing to pay a thousand dollars to go to hysterical society and 101000 dollars to have -- macaroni at the joy -- That is because they think they're going to get something up. And the target. We do have the best politicians money can buy. I don't like -- game. I don't respect that I don't like get unfortunately it's reality but if there was a memo out that said we have to respect. Reality. Eight I was out of the loop on that stay with a -- news radio 930 WBE. -- told him that I can no longer listen to this song for pleasure now it's become work song. Ran you know we should chose a song I didn't like to that we should have chosen. Hey lady. By Charlene -- we can that is surely there's charming Charlie. He made. -- OK Joe's already get it down for any looking it up more of a beginning and on -- anyway I'd better they got a dollar. Why not have picked a song gel as the team for the program over ten years ago that really -- Because then it wouldn't bother me I can't listen to recreational. He. Yeah. It's. No name teams and it. And I mean -- This is the musical equivalent to the diarrhea republic. Otherwise known as the Dominican Republic. All that's enough of it I can see we should've done that as a theme song hey lady we can just change that -- -- -- were all good here's a real Amherst on WB and still I apologize for not being able to get the year before and I'm glad to call back -- -- what's on your mind. You become charging in -- out -- -- as well as a you know -- the new American politics of the past. Politicians money can buy it through lobbyists. And I think that's happening tonight in the baptism Brian Higgins. Internet believe this group of politicians. I don't know if you go blue dog Democrat or is coming out plug in -- Republican now but that the only thing I wanted here at the dinner tonight. If you eat spaghetti all covered with cheap hold on -- meatball whenever you -- Nice -- well played serve very well played you know I fight of interest. That essentially you have compared Brian Higgins meeting with the elite about the Democrats and Republicans in Western New York. Almost like he's being made into the mafia. You're right it's -- what a baptism ritual or something like this. But here's the question will we have. Have to hold the -- the car of a saint that is lit on fire will they take a little prick out of his finger. Will they also all here's one from The Sopranos will a black. -- -- -- -- At the window as he is being me. -- you know looking through the window because I think this is done to stick -- to Carl and prevent the Western New York Tea Party from business anymore power. It's sort of like you know -- you're not going anywhere anymore which taken Bryant. You know. -- you know what it would make more sense if there wasn't a pre existing animosity between Brian Higgins and Carl Paladino they just don't like each year. Yeah. It -- thicker -- water you know. Well look it's a very. Interesting point and now I'm gonna have this vision of one of two scenes either Christopher wolf a sunny being made a made member of the crew by Tony Soprano in the basement or Joseph Pesci as Tommy di Simone. Walking into the room from which he would not emerge alive in good -- what are the two. Oh well. He's going to be introduced the other out you know. Well. Children anymore. I think thank you I appreciate appreciate the call Eddie he's allowed in -- anybody. Very very very interesting period not jealous that I was invited. -- -- and grants to pilot Brian Higgins he going to be showing -- and this that would maybe. That's my philosophy. You know -- with you for 101000 bucks. Else sleep with you pretend alien. All right anyway -- Anyway thanks to Joseph Bieber thanks to that Chelsea -- call screener. And thanks to you guys for listening thanks for Greg welcome back show I really enjoyed it and only -- two words are important words and tell yourself.

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