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12-16 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Dec 16, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'll just another day and it has hourly. Thank you by the way to Michael Capuano and -- -- -- sitting in for me when I was on vacation idea I had to get down to -- Jamaica which is my favorite place to travel. Honest to goodness folks I honestly feel as -- I'm almost like an honorary Jamaican. And you know what's really bizarre I just I have to tell you this. Is that Tom. -- Davis. It's so it's strange to me to go thousands of miles away. And then to see people that I actually no because I've seen them before me in Jamaica it's just. It's just weird. And it's bizarre very very weird but I went up the good stuff -- -- a -- -- talk about -- talk about pitching. A lot of talk about the stuff that's driving you crazy and I started off the program -- just gonna run through some of the things it really tweet. Paperwork. Folks I know that have gone down this road before but it hasn't gotten any better. I am growing increasingly impatient with bureaucracy and paperwork especially when it comes to health care I mentioned that I bought a new C pap machine were sleep apnea about a month two months ago. And I just got a letter from the insurance companies saying this is the flex spending companies saying. We need additional documentation. Excuse me. Obviously bought the machine at an apnea place you approve the transaction. Now you're gonna make do additional paperwork this does not make sense to me. So that bothers. It also bothers me when you travel in an airplane and people are -- On the way back from Charlotte the buffalo on Saturday night I swear the plane sounded like a tuberculosis ward. And that actually sat next to a guy from Hamilton whose name is a Dennis and Dennis is a steelworker in Hamilton. And that Dennis was that it was a cool guy who's written a book about Johnny Cash. And anyway we got into this discussion and almost at the exact same moment we both said flying Petri dish. That is kind of the describes how bad it ones. Now also and also. The the other stuff that that is really does apply. -- -- I've missed out on the snowstorm. Yes I know what's lamentable but I've missed out on. And if you have something you wanna say about the snow plowing I mean the sober plow drivers. Feel free because I'm not in a position to comment. -- I'm not usually I am but this time I'm not. If the following in your hood gets a thumbs up or thumbs down and again we're talking here about the sober plow drivers. But basically folks. The bureaucracy and the paperwork a 2013 2014 I expected to only get worse. And I will openly admit to everybody that the paperwork in America today and the paperwork in my life and presumably yours. I'm convinced it's gonna kill. At some point because there's just there's too much. Everything you know you've got to -- paperwork. And we're not even talking about spam emails or register your product on line and that you do and you end up adding fifty more spam emails every day. Right back from vacation first thing I don't. I bulk erase every inbox email because 95% of them are -- I don't even bother. Not worth my time I cannot spend half our pick and through emails for the good ones. I'm sure the same -- -- pressed for time. That's -- road rage happens because people are pressed for time dealing with bureaucracy dealing with paperwork. But you know there are some good things to. And folks I hope you don't think -- of me for single handedly trying to elevate the class of air travel in America. Because as somebody at my FaceBook page said. I guess I just got sick of people looking like they rolled off of couch and and onto the airplane. And I decided. The last time I flew not not this past time but that -- when I went to the Dominican Republic I decided I was gonna do I was gonna be the anti traveler. I was gonna be that guy who dressed up and a nice -- And all I'm only gonna say this once kids. When you dress like you are successful. You have to believe me on this people remember you. Pete why do you think the guy at TSA in Charlotte remembered okay belong here OK yes but also the suit. He saw me I said you again he said I remember you and -- we got into a discussion. Now here's a guy I've met once in my life a few weeks ago and yet all the thousands of people these dealt with what -- -- TSA agent he remembered me. Now why. Because they didn't look like a typical traveler in 2013. All I'm saying is there's bad if you do want to be remembered. If you do want to elevate how you feel about yourself. There's something to be said for looking good on an airplane in an era when nobody bothers anymore. You see the movies from 1950s and everybody's -- to -- a nice dress was a -- your time. I don't claim class. There are certain aspects of my personality which are classy and others which are basically twelve year old barnyard. But at least when I fly -- elevated class of air travel and frankly I think you albeit that prevent. Here is. Lancaster. WB yen that -- you've got something you wanna complain about their first of all how is the snow plowing in Lancaster. It's great. We've got -- -- the southern part of it sounded very good and I can't complain. It Soledad that the United States but -- -- -- you know the last few months. I've heard so many people on your show once daily show. People I've encountered -- run into everybody's complaining horror stories about Obama care policies being canceled premiums going got another everybody's talking about it. Yet I guarantee you. That next November report 2014. Brian Higgins will be overwhelmingly reelected. People are complaining about Brian Higgins and congress and everything about obamacare but he will be reelected overwhelmingly and so a lot of other democratic. -- Of course you will be he's -- he's unbeatable it's Brian Higgins is world were all just -- leasing our little part of it from him. Now the US we answer that question but maybe not -- they have teamed up fund raiser for Brian Higgins desperate need of medical. He beat -- navigate in the last time around painfully. He doesn't need any money the money that they will race for him or go to fancy Nancy Pelosi to give to anybody that issue diners. I'm not sure about but I think politically when somebody gives you money you have to keep that money I don't know if you were allowed to funnel elsewhere but I am open to being corrected on. I was just wondering about that -- Yeah but but people are so -- no one has ever in my lifetime accused the American people of voting intelligently as hard right. Remember. And insult the people aren't sold on the it will provide. Even have the courtesy to have. A meeting. Like -- like it can't be vocal data -- about Obama. Well just because just because Brian didn't hand out donut holes to senior citizens now you're gonna grab onto woman and item. The picture -- local giving out donut holes I'm still laughing about them. I had a meeting a cut at the Lancaster village -- and -- you know everybody. Righted her out of that meeting because they were blowing her everything she left. Old is is that what she said that we didn't follow the constitution. -- the whole show on that the follow up with back with several very ardent Roman Catholics who were occurring here. Earlier and yes he's he's a man of god who does not think I'm going to hell and prevent I'm very grateful. All right I I appreciate what you're saying I agree with what to stand and unfortunately sir if Barack Obama were to run for a third term if he was constitutionally eligible. You know what the outcome would be. Absolutely positively. All right thank you which by the way is that what I think is gonna happen with Hillary Clinton I think Hillary Clinton is going to be elected overwhelmingly. And and -- should be over overwhelmingly elected if she runs because the Republicans have no. Cogent policy the Republicans are in over their heads when -- When they go up against well organized Democrats the Republicans do not have it in them to get involved in a street fight. The Democrats are street fighters the Republicans are pansies. For want of a better term -- pansies they caved. -- the party of -- used to be the party of the courageous now the Republican Party is a party of wimps as far as I'm concerned. The libertarians and the Tea Party people are where it's there. And I have a hard time explaining this to people but yes I am a conservative from the waist up. I mean that's the best way I can phrase it conservative -- Point by Rachel wells went by regular FaceBook contributors that is also a way to describe me. I can't stand Obama I can't stand equal ball I can't stand people try to take your freedoms -- constantly and enact a nanny state government I can't stand that. On the other hand I'm also very pro life. Just because of a sexual degenerate does not mean. Bet I look at defeatist and say oh well that's a potential human -- as I've explained you a million times to me conception is the beginning of human life nothing will shake me from that view because there is no logical alternative. So. I'm kind of hard to do that to define. Maybe that's that my own career mistake but I would rather be true to myself -- my principles that -- and try to be -- Which I as just not in here is a wreck on WBE and -- were all complaining baby what's up. Traveling. -- all like limit on an airplane. About the pick -- -- -- -- -- people to trust it then they started wearing their jacket it's hard work that you have a. Yes. -- -- -- How often now first of all I would not alive when people were wearing suits when they travel I'm just referring to movies I've seen from the 1950s. Why that why aren't the analysts are an airplane into religion and we all know better. It wasn't it in your chair -- All I got the solution for that you wanna talk about real world child psychology if I got a little kids sitting in back to me I always look at them and our first look at the parents and I awakened and a look at the kid might say hey if you -- my seat I'm -- the bugger on your feet. -- they don't do it travelling. And airplane they all look like bombs. Well. Do you think Rick bet that do you think it matters that people will tell you that I dressed this way for comfort. And I dressed the way I -- when -- fly which is always in a nice suit beautiful shoes and a tie because I honestly think you get better treatment. Yeah what it that it saw Eric just like it because they wanna be palpable if they -- like -- When -- go to the grocery store when it sort of fallen I want anywhere else. It what would you address when you when you fly how do you address. I'm sitting on K tortuous. The night machines clean -- Like bring a water bottle would end it all -- got out of my achievements or slippers. -- -- -- Admittedly I go to extremes. Well actually I have just because if you thought I'd they roll back to first class. If you trust the role. Well I'd rather you know what it's kind of funny because I would rather if I -- -- the first class in all honesty if there was a uniformed US service person on board they would get my first class I'd rather see them in first class than myself they burned. -- -- in second place and there's a lot more people. It. Is a great -- okay. Don't know the -- about the way he wanted that maybe I'm just missing -- And seriously as far as first class is concerned. You know what if you wanna treat yourself go first class. I enjoy doing that if it's a flight that is about three hours or longer because I think it's worth it. You know you get the roomier seats sometimes all cook up a mule for you. And in general you know it's a tree -- I I don't believe that this month has been an anomaly I don't travel much I've got a budget set aside for travel. And if my budget is in line benefits a long flight I don't mind doing the first class and but I don't mind coaching there. Best conversation I had was with Dennis the steelworker from Hamilton. And we talked about iron or freighters. And he was surprised they knew about the fact tonight pellets. Are talking about bitching. And -- -- one of my pitches and I think when he yours as well is -- the fact that a lot of people when they travel when they fly. They they do what kind of -- And I'm trying to set a new standard single handedly by myself for air travel by wearing a suit even if I look like a total -- going to tropical place with a suit you are remembered and I swear you were treated better. Here is bill and one for -- -- bill hello. I am certain I anger you mentioned that you. Read their first -- go to a uniformed service member yes. I was flying back in 2000 -- -- I think. An -- that impact what airline to offer those ceased to target women and soldiers and now they just ask you for it to about. But -- I don't think they took -- away anymore to anybody but it is actually against military regulations uniformed soldier could be at first glance. What I found out the hard way. Me honestly did not know that that surprises me. Apparently create the perception of went into -- now -- it is a contributor regulation number but I know I -- chewed out for. Well I would really like like to know the Genesis event or the I'd like to know what exact code that would fall under. You know I never looked about that sort of a majority of the court. Well that's that's a -- quarter. IE I would like to look into that thank you very much that yeah. Well I just enemy I just naked if somebody -- offered me a bump the first class I would want to go to somebody in uniform instead of myself because I think again they've they've earned a doctor appeasement the military career -- Levin. Not as a prisoner but as -- guard. It's fine by me. Anyway for 24 at WBE and it is hourly don't forget. Don't forget that we there. We most certainly are gonna get into the Brian -- thing in just a little bit Carl Paladino angry at the local Republicans Carl Paladino is upset and sent -- protest about that fund raiser -- plays tonight. Given -- for work talks. Eric Clapton. And his version of it all the time. From way back when 434. At news radio 930 WBM hourly back in the saddle bag on litigation that has used up for a pretty darn close to -- so I'm I'm here here for the duration. Until 24 -- the one thing I'll never do again deliver bunch vacations together again. Because I think you need to take a break every few months and then take another break and there were just two. You know just to keep things on an even keel. But maybe that's maybe there's just might weird way of looking at life. We've been talking about the things that are just driving me absolutely crazy and I think my biggest single. Concern. That the thing that drives me crazy is a ball bureaucracy. And paperwork paperwork and bureaucracy. It just seems years ago. Everybody anytime you do any transaction. Wants. More documentation. I told you about the -- that machine I've bought. Well the business from which I bought it has the word apnea right and it's. It is obvious that I was there at an -- place so why any additional documentation. When there's a doctor's prescription. Is absolutely beyond me. Yet this is ten minutes of my life I will never get back. Now about you mean you must go through hell. Mean when you're working nine to five job. What is it like try to get a doctor's appointment at noon. Think about this -- how many have you been in this position your kid is sick you come home from work eat your lunch hour you got to try to call the doctor because what. The doctors -- hours noon to one. All speaking -- fly because I -- this is a bitch fest I have an idea. I think the airlines should stop charging for luggage that is gonna be put in the belly of the year plan I think they should start a charging for carry on luggage. Carry on luggage. People -- bring -- too much of it it's to having. And it's annoying. I travel with one little man purse that's it. It's got my drugs. Some extra undies -- passengers it was like different gender were accused -- -- gets rid -- some work deodorant. You know all the vitals. All the -- -- And I see some of these people with these gigantic. Countenance and here is Dan -- -- -- man purse. Yeah out its members there's no getting around it there's no way to make it nice it's a man -- And it would probably help with the fifth. -- west side. Maybe get a job with -- TV hi you're on W media. And I -- But I. I get one before and picked up a little -- you can beat the same problem. Well thought they earlier calling in Albany while they thought well. In the army and -- for those -- saying he wanted. And the representative and that it will that information and -- it -- that. Yes -- you give it to the machine once and now let's ask you again got you. Yeah I don't you know I look -- late night be. Here. I was looking at newspaper. And look -- and well. Souter will linger or are out there especially. That one. Well suburban or rural school. Suck you. In all Auckland school I don't let you know you don't get you -- Google or -- -- all -- which are really but what. -- The language. This really really really -- People -- paper people in better grammar Wednesday so might actually -- like well they know they've. -- -- but I don't manipulative. And if you're -- -- YE. Where you know it's interesting because that would be like saying schoolchildren. Let's -- cars. -- schoolchildren were killed by cars in 200 cases in the past couple months. Yeah yeah and LID and it. -- -- Alt com I don't want it would be politically and accidently because on. They -- -- and when you are. All are illegal guns would it be illegal loans that are being. So the way it does -- on. Well you know. Here here's here's what you have to remember and by the way a brilliant observation and I commend you for being a skeptical consumer of media. Thank you very much for paying attention to words but but let legal line. There is an essay you need to read it's available on line it will cost you think it was written by a guy named George Orwell the same guy who wrote 1984. Double it or not George Orwell was far to the left of UN and NB. But. It was called politics and the English language and he talks about this very phenomenon. I'm using language to control fought and the subtle differences between killed by guns killed with guns. Difference. Well. Here loudly and early Easter. The left. Or 01. If you and while. It. -- you want not an. Awful lot of why aren't you wearing -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our. Correspondent there -- Democratic. Well you know. The public or. At all like multiply. And and -- that. -- all our people. People like or well you know I mean yeah. We're all well all. Well the you know. Well what. I'm I expect that it. And that is what -- -- -- oh really want to be a regret. Buying the so what -- This thing where where it all out there. They'll say please -- Troutman. Well more. It's sort of like. Go -- the moment. Well they. And I understand I understand what you're saying Dan and I I do thank you for the call. You know when you -- ignored by media I hope you're not counting your humble host your knickers -- I've done more programming. In the past year on and -- say it but I think any single bit of legislation I've ever covered in thirty years and I've been at the forefront. Of fighting analyze it and I'm glad that I have been and the presence and Rus Thompson and sandy beach I don't claim to be alone in Paris. David develop via the a lot of us who feel exactly the way you and I feel about -- say in fact. I was so moved the last time we had this -- -- -- in which scope shooters committee on political education that I became a life member of scope so I put my money where my mouth is to become a life member. And I believe until the end of this -- it's a 300 bucks instead of 600 becoming -- member of skull. Just pass that on their little plug for my buddy Steve but it's really a plug for the constitution and for that I shall never make an apology. It is a 442 WB and I need the break when we come back more via telephone calls you know what we're we're kind of -- -- about a whole bunch of different things. Today. This afternoon and our last caller was awesome end. Identifying. Noticing and identifying. Bad writing. -- in newspaper and writing that is designed to influence the way you think as opposed to simply reporting on an event. It's similar to the suvs stories we had years ago about the run -- SUVs that were running over baby strollers. Wasn't the runway SUV. It was a dumb ass behind the week. In fact you know what let me give an example. Of how we cover things the snowplow driver in buffalo. Now if -- hurt somebody with a gun the gun would have been responsible. But he hurt somebody with a plow so huge response to the guy you see the difference. Why is it that drunk drivers are always personally held responsible for misusing a tool. But gun owners it's always think that it's held responsible. About that Furman. And you know what right. Usually stay with us on now the cocky and this is not -- that's still better. The rations. Brag about your still. On news radio 930 WBE. Well gated afternoon Merry Christmas to you on WB and almost Christmas Day were coming down the -- is now every little kid -- in a frantic frenzy of anticipation. Let's I get back to the calls we are bitching together about stuff that is driving us crazy my single biggest head. And headache in life right now paperwork and the over abundance of paperwork and forms and having to verify what you bought through health care and flex spending. Really enough is enough. That the paper that is generated every day in this country is mountainous and for the most case unnecessary. Here's -- Dirk in Cheektowaga Dirk -- WB and hello. It but it there thank you. That there and look at -- that are. -- and what have you found. Well. And doing it because my auto insurance here because our panel of ten days old the cart a year ago. And refuted before but other important. -- -- Insurance company. But apparently because -- -- -- cupboard for all of these years we can go back city. I don't get accident forgiveness one and a minor little scrape against somebody. No tickets parking ticket or not they went for 39634. -- But they're willing to they're willing to write the policy but you're going to pay more. Right. And they say they have all this stuff about you know loyalty and all this crap which is what it is. And apparently. Because of that and they laughed and I got their assurances that they got another car. They told me a note on on -- You were supposed to keep the policy going and that what you picked up another card then they later put it back IMAP pop in Hillary rotor network I would have had been. And you cover them. Can be attributed to me that now. Yeah well you know -- to continue this after the break for traffic and weather. And it was similar situation where they set I had not had continuous coverage when in fact I did. Finally it got so frustrating I said you know what you people handle it and apparently -- said the secret password so the management at my insurance company was able hook up with New York State supercomputer and resolve the issue but obviously your situation is a different kettle of fish. I don't even eat fish. Its hourly and I just back from vacation and it -- started off the show talking about a number of things it's simply annoyed -- -- automate over the past -- 4872. Hours or even longer and one of them of course the people hacking their lungs out on an airplane if I don't end up getting sick this week it will be something of a minor miracle because the entire aircraft was like a giant tuberculosis -- I felt like a holiday at the end of my tombstone. Basically. Is live sort of listening to now let's expected European that Cheektowaga Dirk how many different automobile insurance companies have you tried to do business with the do they all say the same thing about the continuous coverage and you didn't have a. Are we had felt that well you know they're right you should there featured that I'm like well why didn't didn't doubt that. Insurance carrier didn't tell me that. And to be out pretty -- yet look back on their record -- you know the computer's got everything that there aren't looking for but -- -- -- -- right -- They know damn well that I had been their customer. For at least 67 years continuously yeah it's a little Sunday. Well. Did you ask to speak with a supervisor. I spent or at our last Monday which the company on the ball and I went through eight different people trying to get somebody out there who actually -- -- -- I actually got one manager out in camp but tell me. There maybe instead of view being -- that -- our agent maybe you should have your agent shopped around. And she can find somebody won't charge you that much for that at all. Quite -- like per month on the way to their. You're actually telling me go to another insurance company -- sure I'm not saying. I agree. Well you know what first of all doesn't -- your insurance agent is very good number two I would use another agent to -- basically set the parameters of the policy in which you were interested and let your agent find the best price that you may find that your agent can't get a better price than you can but at least you'll know that you've exhausted every option. And they tried not to get -- even if you end up being ball. If there aren't that or different independent feature editor art for you call me. And hopefully to get back in the back there well at something reasonable well. A lot and I'm willing to spend more money go to different insurance company -- that -- that. Well good luck -- and I hope something works -- worry about I again I would my suggestion would be you try an agent who has competence and as connections and once the business and is willing to pull the strings with the company said that -- -- -- policy. The year. All right -- thank you I appreciate the call really do or how about the company's long were you in with a low beginners rate. And then every time the renewal comes it gets jacked up because they know that shopping for insurance is a pain in the ass and most people don't wanna switch all the time so if you've -- the same insurance company for more than two years my suggestion is shop around before you renew again. Because companies that want your business are gonna give you better price the companies that already had your business because they're counting on you to be lazy and not look around because you're so comfortable with their -- with their company in their policy trust me on this. Here's Ed -- were on WB -- Ed hello. OK the daily. Journal -- from on the radio. They've bumped into a Canadian talk shall. Or Toronto. And -- they were they are taken that they effect one step crazier than what -- god mental. They actually because they're so acute that Erica we overnight by placing traps because it was basically. Human and gone and subway station. Portable want you know what you got to live for gulf. And governor because it just blew away. What you call -- happy I I've not seen -- the cctv video of not I don't know particulars of the case. I get there whether -- things -- -- you know the -- and witnesses and so what anyway. There's a group -- catapult joke question right up there and trial. -- let. -- appear to have such. Yeah and demanding that are trapped the real. -- And I. Guess that contention. Or whatever -- optional channel where I don't like holy -- stick in the senate that would step. Well you know what if it seems to me that all the facts I'm just looking at the story right now knowledge back -- after the news at 5 o'clock but seems to me that all the facts have yet to -- and thank you very much and I'm glad you called usually most police shootings at the end are found to be justified. Police officers go through a lot more training than you do -- I do -- -- have a -- stay with us on WB.

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