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12-16 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Dec 16, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WD EN we interrupt this program to bring you a special message from the new. President of the world greetings unwashed masses I am now in total and absolute control as -- Rudolph I demand complete servitude at exactly three cookies of all net cash. They have something to say to me pretty damn sore arm and I have something to say and -- I am very basic let's get one thing straight this is my show and it's a serious intellectual our discussion and I wanna keep it that way excellent. I don't -- -- the problem is Thomas a wonderful man each local. How -- -- the best man. Undoubtedly he's obviously some sort of Superman I just need to know if he has any shortcomings it'll make me feel better news radio 930 WBT and the social voice. Plus. I was able to get through a vacation and flying without committing -- single homicide is really beyond me. Hey it is hourly on WB yen and a thanks to -- to put off were sitting in last week and I think I have now effectively burned. The -- -- if not all of my vacation days for 2013 and -- your metabolism and I choose to use them. And anyway it's I think that's gonna be back but given the choice between sitting here and sitting in 85 degrees with sunshine. I think you probably know the answer would be really and I think you would be very disingenuous of me to say. Don't pull me back. Because there really isn't that -- -- -- well for the next four hours. Al besides. Eleven a place anyway where it's ninety degrees and sunny and tropical and all of that stuff you know beautiful mountains rising in the background and Burton forest of green want you wouldn't want that no no no no no. But that one of the problems with getting to a place like that is the fact that you you have to travel with other people. A lecture -- rich enough to enjoy a private jet which I am not. And that I office open I might buy a ability to deal with humanity I find is getting less and less -- last. Less doable every single day a good bit of an airplane in the past month how have you been on a jet airliner a big old jet airliner. In the past month maybe another something about the inside the plane. Now I'm not talking about the small seats I'm not talking about the fact that that. Bet that activity people think that carry on means as much as they can carry on now I'm talking about the -- The past month. Or so I don't -- flight attendant to actually stay healthy enough to stay on the job because every single flight and I put on thousands of miles over the past month -- though. And I got there is something that this that the triple. Was the worst in terms of hacking I have ever heard on an airplane in my entire life. It was bad it was what it was like being a cigar shaped silver tuberculosis -- that's about the best way I can -- And then just the top things off. Just just as the ultimate flipping the bird to me at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport not only that they screw up the luggage. Got not only did take forever to get the luggage from the plane onto the luggage carousel and then screw that up but up. I also decided I had to get by this one guy in order to get my bag. And I'd just as I'm going by him he decides he's going to sneeze at that exact moment. -- literally walking by him at the minute I'm directly behind him he turns around and he sneezes and the spray went all over me. So even if I dodged a bullet on the plane and the tuberculosis ward at 40000 -- I still will probably end up getting sick. And does anybody -- -- anybody cover their mouth with their elbows anymore does anybody do that. It's kind of disgusting because we're talking about grown -- were talking about people who know better and I'm watching and nobody covers Collins. If if they do with their hands which is about the worst thing you can do in terms of other people because your hands Tutsi armrest that that's the magazine they -- this -- magazine. And that all this stuff looks really good in sky mall but I've heard people bitching about it's like I'm always tempted but I never quite a pull the trigger on it. But my goodness my goodness my goodness there are some sick people out there and I think to myself if you were that sick if -- that it'll. If -- that -- if you -- that feverish if you have that much why are you traveling. Why are you even outs you should be all you should be rest you should be relaxing. My goodness port is that drive secret but I'm used to drive me he stressed that crazy. Paperwork. I have gone down this road before ladies and gentlemen. The Internet was supposed to cure us of all paperwork you -- that the Internet was supposed to lead to the paperless society. You know what I have to say to that ball you know what the rest of the word it's. The Internet has added more paper to American society than any other single inventions since paper. I'm convinced of just give you one example if you could relate cougars now recently I had to replace my seat that machine which was about ten years old. So I went through all the proper procedures all the proper channels and got my new -- machines. That's the -- machine that people with sleep -- the use of a continue to -- during the nights of the get a better night's sleep well that's replaced so I'm thinking everything is opposite a conflict and everything is cool everything is -- life is good. And not get all receive a letter from the company that administers our reflects spending account. You don't flex spending is right. Use you you put aside tax exempt dollars -- the use those tax exempt dollars to buy things like -- machines and medications that things like that right. So all of that his letter that says. Well our records indicate that you bloody -- that machine from such and such place on such and such date in the amount of such and such. We don't need verification that this purchased in fact was made. Excuse me verification. The purchase was made. I used your charge card I swipe it through everything was approved. If there was a problem with the approval why not bring it up at that exact moment. Why -- -- you need to call us now to verify this but new rule is either way. Paperwork meaningless bureaucratic paperwork. Liked having to get your new vehicle inspected every year. It's understand it would vehicles five years old older I don't understand it with five years old and -- vehicles literally don't I never had. Just a ten dollar -- money grab by New York State. Paperwork and bureaucracy. This is not a good a good to wait to couple. I will say that much. Because there is a mountain. Of envelopes papers solicitations advertisements and very very few have actually no personal letters a whole bunch of Beatles. To greet me in the mailbox and that was it. And most of it is just crap. Most of it is his junk mail and the post office hates to hear that but most of it is just that junk mail. Why oh why oh why oh why are we not the paperless society the Internet claimed it we would be and speak. Of bureaucracy. Okay this is a good one. I don't know how many view this is all going somewhere -- how many of you go to doctors. Everybody right okay now. This is my experience and I can't vouch for everybody but this is my experience one. This is -- really busy couple of months for a lot of reasons you know and and some you don't know it's been a very very busy month time has been at a premium. I've been in the country as much as I've been out of the country and vice -- Versa because of you know saving up the vacation every cell anyway. -- -- receive a letter in the mail from a doctor's office saying. Before we renew your medications. We need you to schedule an appointment okay that's a school. The other for one week I tried calling his doctor before I left on vacation for one week I would call this doctor and -- here here's what it would sound like. I called and you are currently call whatever six please continue to hold. Five minutes later you're currently caller number six please continue to hold. Five minutes later you are currently caller -- six. This went up for five days before. I headed over there this morning to set up an appointment. Guess what because my schedule happens to be as busy as that doctor's schedule. They're not get a renew my scripts. Because the -- liking it -- after the first of the year. Apparently they've never heard of something called Christmas or the holidays and the extra stuff that people have to do during the holidays. I was absolutely awe struck this is a doctor -- -- -- for twenty years. But the paperwork as I understand it that the doctors now have to do is extraordinary and burdens. -- But the patient care or just getting throat to make an appointment anymore block. Seriously. -- So anyway long story short -- walk out of there. Because I'm -- report lady up at the desk for ten minutes I say Portland. But. -- I'm standing right in front cover. And I obviously have made a good faith effort as a patient to get to the doctor as soon as I possibly camp which doesn't happen vehicles or. Because that I did you remember it is the holiday season and people can get really busy during the holiday season. So anyway go get a idea. To pick it -- but. Just weeks ago. I think about it you try calling for a week. You can't get through you -- -- in person and you're told that you can't -- your script for nude because you can't see the doctor until January. It's just on believable a bureaucracy. That happen to negotiate in today's society. It is time consume I don't know how you people -- I don't know how you've done it for fifty or sixty years have not lost your mind because it is starting to drive me absolutely crazy. And it is starting to become more that I can handle and more than it ought to handle anymore. It's gotten ridiculous. The forms the paperwork the verification that double perfect gauge of the trip over occasions. Yes I bought the -- -- machine yes I used the flex spending account now what more do you want from me. I think you wanna come out of the -- machine and -- -- -- lot. This is getting ridiculous. Is anybody else out there if we come back here it is dump all this stuff when you guys but I wouldn't it if I didn't think it was relatable. Does anybody else have a similar story a similar tale of try to deal with nonsensical. Bureaucracies. And idiotic policies that cannot apparently be altered because you were written by god himself and then handed down on stone tablets to Moses. I'm pretty sure that that's how these doctors' offices are working and it's not just doctors' offices have you ever been involved -- a lot. And an appetite of the amount of paper -- Jerry. Where there are boxes and boxes and boxes of paperwork for just one single simple officer. Paperless society is a -- I can tell you and all honesty that the Internet. And bureaucracy. Is now generating more paper that I think has ever been generated before it's got the point I don't even bother recycling anymore I used to be a very very. -- recycler everything could be recycled wood in the recycling -- guess what I'm done with that. Because my little a contribution to recycling. In the face of bureaucracy and paperwork and nonsense is not even a drop of a drop in a bucket full of buckets it's not that. It's time consuming I don't have the time to rinse out everything and then put it in the green recycling bit -- recycling. Screw -- I don't have time. You wanna take the time -- Bjork -- bureaucratic paperwork guess what I'm done recycling can't do want to its second. Tried to be a good citizen and all I get is increasing paperwork just like you now for those who actually work in the doctor's office. I can't imagine what you could try to put myself in your shoes. I cannot imagine. The paperwork that has to be done. When you work for a position I don't hear that an MD IDC I don't hear -- is an Aussie open up here it's a chiropractor doctor but -- -- I can only imagine the paperwork you have to handle each and every day. For each and every patient how is even possible. Seriously when you really simple procedure done and you spend the next two months to a paperwork on their procedure now multiply that times a thousand. Gotta be a touch. About it. And then god forbid you actually get the see the doctor instead of a positions as I can only imagine what that is gonna do the doctors time. It is all this is going. We are ladies and gentlemen we are working ourselves today. I can't keep up anymore we are literally paperwork ourselves to death and it all started with the Internet. I'm convinced that if the giant conspiracy that is the Internet to make -- as busy as possible with idiotic stuff. That we can't ever be productive. How much time he's -- a -- paperwork. Of course that's all the time that you -- spent at home from work because of somebody coughing on plane or an elevator or work. Anything you wanna bitch about today get up I've got tons of bitches -- got tons or -- -- -- again assists started. But I know that Carl Paladino and his crew are gonna be protest. Via the rhino fund raiser for Brian -- -- that we may get into that later on today that's also an annoyance with me in an aggravation with me but then again that's also illustrative and educational it is illustrative of the point. That the national Republican Party and its acceptance locally. Do not care about you. They don't they make they couldn't care about the -- -- they have marginalized or attempt to marginalize the Tea Party and I got to tell you are doing so with their own Terrell. Because the Republican party of joy and Jack Quinn and Todd Reynolds it's dying. If it isn't dead already I will never vote for what are you people ever again from now on Tea Party people and conservatives get my vote. And libertarians get my vote. Tea Party and libertarians get my vote any conservative who thinks as I do conservative above the belt you also get my vote. Because the national Republicans and the local people who adhere to their philosophies of losing. Then losing is good it's pleases the soul I want nothing to do if you I want nothing to do with the Republican Party the party of losers. And that's something else aggravates me that could actually be a separate topic later or we get into it a little -- now it doesn't matter to me. I am I'm open for your bitches. Don't worry I mean they're also some good things in the world like a taxi driver who picked me up on Saturday night from the airport who apparently paid in Cologne. And I told him that either he was going to roll down the window I was going to break it. Kia ruled out the window. It was awful. He was a nice guy. Don't get me I gave him a very big hit as I usually do with taxi drivers because I'm a sucker for taxi drivers in people who work you know given other people rides because they know it's a miserable thankless job. None of us really have thank skilled jobs as opposed but being a taxi driver is especially I think -- You know with all the more -- you've got to deal with on a daily basis it was -- them well nice guy -- get the bag out of the car carried -- -- my side or -- -- of a man but do the Cologne. It was just it was when I say gagging. It's very seldom that I have a thought that I'm gonna end up in jail on a particular night but I think I had that thought going through my head on Saturday night. What and they give myself okay what are the pros and cons of breaking the window here. You know the pros are I can -- the cubs are I'll probably get arrested on some malicious mischief charge. Maybe I'll just ask you pick and roll it down and advise him that if he doesn't I won't break you he he he. Tell. It. Looked -- an airplane -- WB. And Bristol are WB here. Unlike me. Days. -- -- Your game. Me. Says maybe. But he doesn't drink and. Again. -- -- -- If you can name the band that did this song and -- and even other musical geek if you can tell you say female Harvard that's all. Are out the election -- don't scramble to the Internet at navy gritty dirt and that the song and the backup singer was that live around there. And unfortunately Linda has parkinson's now she cannot carry it. And and which is uber -- and all that stuff but I hate to see anybody. And up that way and is just it's no fun obviously and then my thoughts -- whether. You know you know somebody whose politics you don't agree with when they're down. New -- -- dead than you do all over the place OK let's let's get to some calls. On that WB EM hourly are right. What is actually could be back with you guys I just wish we all that little warmer place with him mountains -- green burden forests and quality of -- here is some. Don Don -- No other than others there's no marijuana in Jamaica. Left -- -- -- got in Lewiston on WB Ian Scott hello. Well. -- according you're talking about these medical. -- when you first came on and I had similar incident happened about three weeks ago and one in the edit mode of play it was originally scheduled war. And the woman told me at the front desk to normally. Appointment for tomorrow. So I'd go home might come back tomorrow when I was Smart enough to take the turn. That I at a -- rule out that board and the true that my diploma which really for the -- before. Well you get their hearts -- regularly on the second -- tell me no matter what it was yesterday ordered her my card. And bright legitimacy. Okay now this to me that's sounds like an innocent honest mistake but is there a reason why they couldn't see who the first -- you showed up which was when you were a regional appointment was scheduled. Yes she said that my name was not written in. Are putting. On the computer for that date where my employment that it was put in -- in the next day. And then also -- mysteriously go the next days and it was in -- debate before. Yeah well. I think somebody realized that they had screwed up but you know at a situation like that I think it might be tempted as the office managers in a big enough office to have one. It -- you -- I know it's like it's like a factory made it must have a hundred people working. Where -- -- were used ago was a factory and that was about a hundred people working there but. You know bureaucracy. And policy has a time and a place but. Some of these places when you cannot when you literally can not get through them on the phone is supposed to. I mean they're placed and I hope soon there's like maybe. Seven to ten doctors there in fortified position assistance. And we look toward nurse practitioner -- -- one -- you never know you're going to see some things you know. You don't even see what you're what you're collier your doctor doctor you might see a different -- or you might see. A physician assistant or -- -- Internet -- -- I don't like it because nobody node structure and better their New York primary doctor. Well even then think about how many patients a primary care doctor has of how much your primary care doctor real news about you and your specific case. Mean LSU or are there are so much that it's inescapable unavoidable. Well -- I can definitely relate with what you're going through now I have the unenviable task and 2013 of finding a new pain doctor that's going to be fun. All right thanks very much Rick 8030930. Start 93180616. WB. ENN. What else do you do when you've been a good faith effort this that's up if you're physician and listening. -- -- Some people on this planet believe it or not are as busy as you are even though we don't have MD after our names some of -- actually don't have that you don't put in a solid four -- day and a solid four hours show opera. Week we have vacations we have lives there are people coming in from out of town -- of people leaving to go out of town you know we have lives. And every now again things happen in life that make postponement an inevitable part of of of humanity. How come you guys get to cancel or postpone your appointments. And then when we try to do the same thing we're suddenly vilified and basically deemed persona non Grata. I've felt like such a freaking moron that. I did not drop the F -- the closest I came to losing it was when I left and I said all right we're through child. That's the closest I came so that's improvement in myself as a -- as as a human being because Joseph you know me well enough to know probably the two years ago I would have dropped an F bomb before leaving. I didn't do that this time. Got a regretting that I didn't here's bill and Clarence on WBM hello bill. They my you know bill on drugs you. Oh well I am my drug courier went have to buy -- -- -- -- -- do now that. -- -- a better. And well yeah I like it restrict it and there was applause my insurance companies that we allow others. Your primary focus is to see a specialist. And thinking well this doesn't make. Limit time out time out time out time -- you got a prescription. I went to the pharmacy. Well I. I did it for -- You're not answering question you went to a pharmacy and they wouldn't fill it. All know that they -- All right the next time. I got a letter from my insurance company in between Phil okay. That should I hit it can no longer at my primary actor so you know make a prescription out. Why I mean did the guys and medical doctor live. Did they give your reason. They you go to a specialist. Well I got a referral from my primary. Went to the specialist. Against -- believe I needed it and he doubles. So. -- -- did double a prescription. Their papers specialist every time I need this -- It's one of those. Calling it notes indicate -- EG a mile or whatever so. I don't understand why the extra extension -- exactly deciding that. I don't get this site well I -- you're either so -- so I can write this out. I -- it is but what are they won't happen. So I. They're paper specialist forming. Okay -- with your health insurance company on the back of the card when it says for customer assistance please call did you try that. I would definitely wanna know directly from the insurance company why they refused to have my primary doctor fill a prescription because that makes no sense. Yeah I figured call -- once and they said oh well this is just trying to -- a terrible holes weary nation that. Well we just that's procedure and you know we want to make sure that all your prescriptions that are necessary obviously very. They actually want the extra money first specialist when they really don't think -- because people look at the same blood work. Well you know bill the good news is that eventually. You can look at all those young people who voted for Obama and laugh at them knowing that you. That their money is going to pay for your stuff right. And let's have every once a young people realized how badly do they were they'll take it out out of Obama they'll take it out and people are due to see him. Three errors it is -- anyone. Actually. -- You know they actually could be that small to vote for I don't speak nice looking. On somebody once said never overestimate the intelligence of the American people. And -- -- 208 and a 2012 kind of rebalance read validated that it needed any further validation. But anyway go I just want you know one thing like to let you keep plant elected doctor doctor. -- play aggressive about it. Yeah I wouldn't tolerate that car dealership -- a wouldn't tolerate from the leader of the guests allegedly free world which it is not thank you bill and I'm glad you called. 342. You know I think it's up about that is something that I really. I feel very strongly about not to get off the topic but you know what if my bitch desk is open this is one of -- bitches. We are so -- in the United States of America we know we lied -- kids and say where the land of the free not. -- not. You are freer in Jamaica and you are in the United States you are freer in the Dominican Republic than you are in the United States were freer and Amsterdam and you are in the United States. That -- talk about a Merck giving the land of the free that's like the great lie. The big lie. Folks we are soul overly regulated. And have laws enacted for our own good and we tolerate. And I know be fraud in the hot water thing has been used until it's old but it does remain ballot. We are not the land of the free. That is justice saying that means absolutely Richard. 8030930. It's we used to it but we're not anymore you still think that the land of the free -- other nations on the face of the year I would suggest you travel more. Because you realize how much for your other countries are. Competent wanna live in the Dominican Republic. I would lose weight very quickly but that's another story I call the diary republic. -- what what is grinding your gears what is aggravating you this morning made up our run the gamut here so far everything from people who were torched and perfume or Cologne. They're really ought to be a law about that. I mean I'm trying to think she might light a match should light a cigar should I fire up some Jamaican agricultural products and what and I don't. Yes that's a Jamaican agricultural products what do you do to combat. Of the dealership to race and he paid in the stuff. I mean the people as it all up to now. I brought up some great pitches to. And I hope you'll join me and -- it's a bit stressed. It's kind of like your Christmas family reunion except hopefully you're not drunk and I know on the and AccuWeather for tonight just some snow showers in ski country this evening a little slow times later tonight the overnight low in the teams right now ninety -- the real feel is eleven so. COLT would be a -- work. By the way up my neighbors now say some nice things about humanity here my neighbors -- -- -- it washed my cats while I was while I was away and school. Actually put. A -- those can he lose out work my outside cat which is live outside but I don't feel like going in the details of that are special little house outside. Long story short period of let me borrow the igloo for the cat and she catches loves the -- like you wouldn't believe. It's looked like a shelter it looks like -- shaped like an igloo. And it -- generates about forty -- the electorate. And or uses about and the cap stays nice and toasty war. So great neighbors that if you got a great neighbors that's something for which to be thankful and grateful at no matter what I say about people hacking in airplanes. Air travel to me if you lost that your child like wonder at air travel but when you think about the fact that you wake up. 9 o'clock in the morning and it's ninety degrees and the sun is shining -- -- palm trees blow in a few hours later you're going into a snowstorm. That is still something at which to marvel. Mean I ice it never fails to impress me. I'm fifty years old and -- still like -- kid thinking about how things used to be vs the way things are today. And how our grandparents. Would've been absolutely astonished. That you can be from here to better instantly hours what used to be a several weeks or months mortgage I'm still amazed. And up by the way kudos to my -- US air pilot. I've I definitely would you travel a lot you start to know these guys one crew members -- that was stalking them I said yes I am stalking you. All right growth and again I am kind of easy to pick up because it's me and the black guys on the plane were the only people who Wear suits and ties when we fly. -- -- it's mean and the older black guys except the older black I had a Fedora I left mine at all. Folks if you wanna stand out. Wear a suit and tie or -- nice dress when you travel. I'm telling you I'm single handedly tried to elevate the class of air travel in America in 2013 2014. Everytime I fly it to suit and a tie. You -- think that that does not leave an impression it most certainly does the impression is. -- -- -- and read more here's Debian middle port WB and I Debbie. Todd fact kinda good to be back Howard you. Good two point that I wanna complain about that so called informed and cracked. It's now. And real number 1 obviously obamacare I am Mac and health insurance for a general and near. So I feel bad for all four million people who used to. And don't anymore. And meant to them shall let -- nightmare for the and and it's my first grade my second grade and for a smaller line here in New York State. They might. Of people who I was so -- had a light that -- -- lights. Coming and that normal headlights you know any. There we let them like -- what what does one step above halogen. Somebody would is it seen I don't. I think I know what you're talking about the headlights and are super super bright like you're driving into no exploding star. Exactly. So why don't we do like make a lot. Of blue got so many lives in New York State. Why can't we stand them because I know everybody I talk too late Friday. I can't Gamal has -- coming at me they're below their green. And it really distract people it might try and make clear the warrior -- -- so don't have my two biggest complaint and I against. The. Okay I I thank you very much you know what the they're that bright headlights don't bother me as much because you can just look off to the right hand side of the road to try to avoid the winner. And a lot of it also has to do with the height of their vehicle as opposed to yours. Because sometimes if sometimes the headlights are directly at your eye level. And that's when they're really a problem but when their hitting you bleak lead it's not that big of a deal. I sometime it will Alter my course just a little bit just to get out of the director impact of the beam. But a monocle trick nautical terms that today you can learn asked -- -- sailing is a metaphor for life. Boating steam ships metaphors for life. When things are going as you want you simply adjust the sale you might have to attack. You might have to ride with the storm for awhile but eventually you can get yourself turned around and not hit the rocks the shoals or long points. Long point yes ran across the lake from us ran across the lake from a bunker currently alright it's hourly work pitching today and on the queen bit. The sound and I'm the queen pitch man on WB Ian.

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