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12-16 Beach and Company Hour 3

Dec 16, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward Beijing governor -- a -- that Anthony joy does having a fund raiser for Brian Higgins on. I can't quite figure that out I -- -- biblical is meant doesn't the lion lay down with the lamb in the Bible. I just can't figure out which ones Lyon which -- -- Brian Higgins is hardly -- alike. If I don't know anything enjoy a -- -- does seem a little unusual strange that they -- decent do you make of these subjects talk about not now. But there's some time maybe tomorrow should. Whether it's okay to give to a seat to many. It's about the person and not the party. But believe me I learned a long time ago. I'm not I'm not among idea the majority in that most people that's the way it is I don't care. -- if Hitler's in my party I'm not -- vote for him but no one else that I. Crazy it's not idle for the person is that the party book. Yet but supporting Brian Higgins is a little law on the ridiculous side -- especially when he did with it is. You. -- I don't. Oh yeah. -- -- in fact that's why there isn't in my major -- and Mabel the tomorrow whether it's okay to do that in fact I'm going to make a note. To look into that NC because the events tonight right I think -- tonight so we'll find out tomorrow. Would that what happened so that'll be interesting. Let's go to Allah all our friend Al Merry Christmas early -- from west Seneca. Mary Christmas. Do you like yours they -- and I hope you'll -- in the good healthy craft person who. Well the same to you well now what he would think about that sign of furnished wobbles is that comes up or down. Andy I have no problem with ease elegantly admit. That this was there for a long time. In. It was an accident. Careless driving and you know. However I do think it's time for elderly drivers to be tested. I mean there was an incident in my own failed late night daughter. And two employees. A woman came out there on. Push the ones always higher rates smacked into the other employees both kind of the total. Home -- 84 while. -- Oh yeah you know big a letter to the editor in the bubble and those of like Karl Colombo mentions that in Canada they have that starting at age eighty. I don't think it's the worst thing I mean it's a dual. I don't think it's you know insensitive to ask the future of proficiency is still there as a driver. But that is one of the most sensitive things a ball hard was it for you given up to a ten years ago. Well and I. Determined that I couldn't properly control the current more iPhone it's tend to get off that little. Well that's Smart that's a good decision. My husband and I think it is up a long time ago because of the issue. Now elderly people. They run a lot of medication. I mind doesn't function as well let's sit as we do I get to -- but let's face that. Between the mad at some of them and that hardening of the arteries or whatever we can't think quite as well as we used to. The disclaimer today and it's not all kinds of medicine and other things. Where it says. Do not operate heavy machinery after using it well there's nothing you don't operate that weighs more than a car can tell you that -- People don't pay attention that now another. Saying years. That went they have -- -- the drivers. It takes they eat off the children and make it mom and kids can. Good point that's an excellent point because of the government says that it's different than when your own kids as you know. It's hard to -- Can handle pure independent. That's exactly right I mean most people have been driving since there was sixteen years old and then suddenly there -- given up its it says that. I don't have that independents I have to ask somebody were right to take a bus system. Because I can't deliver that for a long time now this is not to make this thing when you have to deep and then other people to do things for you. And -- and when you feel you can do it ends up to a point. It can. It's frustrating. Well I'll tell you -- because you're such ago good person. If you ever need a ride to all I don't know all sins or chefs or someplace that has good food I'll be happy to not only drive there I'll take you there. Hit it right. -- I just. I just my eye exam last week because I'm diabetic and and those so yeah argued that we have a lot. I had quite a problem with the I I get more my -- -- upgraded down two years ago and it's still bothered. You can hit the other guy apparatus on I speak very highly of that you know. At least they didn't know -- -- gone their anyway but they -- Turk who keep problem. I first at all. You know I hit airline a coma and because it meant he couldn't get a good picture of the. Well you know what they say about if you have smile I show a big heart and you definitely do well. Iowa thank you for calling and once again Merry Christmas. And -- run a while though she's so great well the first call she ever made two hours. She used the term shiver my timbers. And -- -- at that I don't as a pirate or some I expected her to -- -- apparently on her shoulder. But she's such a doll she's she's and they rare group of people I call adults you and Susan rose. Who doesn't have a parent shall I look every day decision as this but it's a very small group selects to select group. Harsh wobbles now for the positive thing well well let's say what are people thinks wobbles those -- think. A Donald gave Ellis GA YDOS west Seneca lead. A letter to the editor in the Sunday paper. These headlines and show some compassion for driver injured in crash. The recent accident and I stress or accident by an elderly woman was unfortunate. Causing the accident to close the damage of the restaurant will no doubt be covered by insurance. And the injured driver will be facing a long healing process but amidst the ball list. Is the insensitivity. Show by the owner of the restaurant who put up a sign stating that his business was closed quote due to careless driving close -- This was an accident but the owner defending assign states I think I have a demo right to be insensitive I didn't ask for this. Well I don't think any of us asked for an accident to happen to -- I didn't see anything in the -- is being buffalo knows article. About the owner. Asking what the condition of the driver was only that his business will suffer in addition he questioned whether the driver because of her age should have been driving at all. The statement is going to go over great with the majority of his patrons who are elderly. The accidents in the car because the driver was elderly but because it was simply that an accident. Seems that whenever an accident involves an elderly driver cry goes out to get them off the road I wish the driver speedy recovery and hope that. In the. The in the spirit of the season in the restaurant owner finds it in his -- terrific year. So I'm Donald gave goes Ottawa Senators so a Donald takes the position that should put the sign up. And that's that and who knows. Whether he asked about the condition of the driver. Two people it could answer it. -- or not I don't know but that's that. So he figures that it's too insensitive but I think in this case you could be insensitive and and not be wrong. I know that seems like hypocritical but it really doesn't. You can understand you can put yourself in the shoes of the owner who had the close the restaurant during. The busiest time of the year probably. And the people who work from out of work definitely. So you can understand the frustration will be back after the. That's where Adam the last set their -- that they say those were country song writers and their playing eye of the tiger. Thoughts that I miss some thing. I'm I'm a country music nut. And I don't think I have the tiger would be classified that you oh by the way to -- Carrie Underwood -- and now. Now as far as I'm concerned. I have no thoughts either way about -- on the purchasing slides and it's another that's. A marketable. But the general criticism. Of votes on the music that she was just -- they did live was that her singing was fine. But her acting could use some help OK -- Understandable I didn't see it that's understandable. She is now said. That those who would criticize the production. I'm 'cause she can't make this up. Have a problem with Jesus. A thug among traps were weighing the Nazis. Video and other adored Jesus as far as I know but that's it. -- of -- them some strange. But that's that that's today's version of the country and were you know I was on my iPad the other day listen -- Some real country for about five hours and I I thought you know I have to get ahold of -- -- Because I wanna have -- with him and just -- country. Not on the air not on his station on on this -- just are because. He's the real deal. And I'd love the classic country artists and and I know that most of their stories and histories. At which your real not made up my publicist so I'm gonna do says they'll -- order apple pie which he's god does he really apple pie which program. I don't know although it was limits aideed apple pie anyway she wanted me to with cheese and apologies whipped cream. Spam I put anything. We -- Thank you yeah not -- move but an incredible simulation. You sound more like -- and he does. I -- available to fill -- for everything that's eight. What are these like when he's taking one of these two hours. Wherever he goes away and you could and you -- -- isn't as they remnant -- simulation. It is that that you can do as budget and trying to deceive the listeners into thinking you're -- limo now. And I can be dandy done. That's a good job for me now Chris -- things -- wobbles. The sign insensitive not insensitive thumbs up thumbs down what did you. This for Deborah she says the owner has a right to be -- that this type of accident in becoming the norm for elderly drivers may need some mandatory driver -- courses. Once you reach a certain days to prevent this type of thing yeah I don't think that's the worst idea ever heard in a letter to the editor Carl of Colombo on Hamburg said the same thing he says that it. In in Canada drivers eighty and older. Art are tested let's say our neighbors and Ontario have mandatory driving tests including one for vision. Every two years for drivers eighty and older. And I'm I'm thinking vision isn't usually the problem because there are vision requirements. In in your driver's license test. But I think just driving skills. I think the big mistake people make when they when their skills start to road is to think if I drive slower it'll be safer. But it's not. Simply because. We are brain -- customs us to the flow of the traffic and that's how you're driving and of somebody's on the young man and they -- -- speed limits 55. And you're doing forty. It impedes the traffic it what it does is makes people don't pull out. And suddenly have a problem with somebody who's already in the lane their polling audience -- -- stuff like that. But they seem to think that our destruct slower and that will be better and it's not but as -- said. As stuff that's she ever is up ten years ago. A but I'm thinking that it did says the my independence is gone because one your sixteen and your getting your license way what is the reason you're getting it. Independence. You can go -- wanna go you don't have as mom and dad for a ride you just get in the car and go if you have a car of tomorrow car. But when you give that up this exact opposite so it's full cycle and you can understand why people reveal sensitive about it. Another please Chris this is from Cali she says I think it's a risk for them to put that sign up everybody has an opinion on elderly drivers which you risk losing your older patrons with Vista but in your face message. Well that's true except to an extent the sign itself. Has nothing to do with the says nothing about elderly driving is just says close. Due to careless driving will be back as soon as possible careless driving you don't have to be elderly you could have careless driving by running for pink slips and doing anything you wanna do -- with Sama some hot hot under the hood engineer having your car. It only says careless driving and I think careless driving is appropriate it was careless driving. -- here is a letter in the buffalo on those same kind of a deal this is Scott Selena. In Hamburg. Don't attack the owner for putting up the sign a recent letter writer sellout this the first letter writer. Complains about putting up the sign of second letter writers as. Tom put up that letter complaining about the lack of compassion for the -- troubles. Let's say the rest I was sitting there reminding its own business when a car made an awfully wide turn on the center road and hit it. In the home are -- ethics or lack of compassion. -- the the restaurant the restaurant. Did move but it had -- So that was that it you know -- the video flashing lights that restaurant in intersection so you gotta be careful of that and having. Are heard from a lady whose husband also ran into troubles years ago. I think did that are gonna have to -- but I think maybe more security barriers might be in order 8030930180616906. All right thirty. Are you okay with a sign that the owner of troubles split up. Most of people think it's a bit insensitive but they're okay well and and that's basically going field I think insensitivity in this case is not. Necessarily wrong also should all the drivers we tested a thing that's not the worst idea not enough for their eyes that they do that. So that's already handle I'm just thinking about their driving skills most of our skills erode. As we get older. Except the Viagra is available for some things were not driving in Normandy you know. Well it would be commute take heart right well we're back with more on nerves tonight thirty WBS. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB CN call us now an 80309. -- -- calls are free and started 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. How -- that. Sacks. We all of sacks only especially at Christmas time there's nothing like Christmas that. You can have Christmas acts while you're opening the gifts. You can have Christmas sacks after the hips have been open and efforts -- sex in the morning when you're enjoying a -- Just remember. Sacks and I don't show love sex owning the gift that keeps them you know juror members that know your number -- Actually I do like I don't Rosetta tenor -- I'm not a musician Arturo Perez who should. -- -- -- -- -- I used it there most coaches who have fresco cheese -- about his area that was the last thing. All right it's backed. Big -- they were talking about troubles sign. Yeah it's is it considered insensitive it says that it was careless driving so it doesn't say anything about elderly. It doesn't say anything about the person that did it it just says careless driving and I think we can all agree it was careless driving. There's been no indication that it was you know just absolutely -- black guys are. Anything like that so one would guess it was careless driving even if it was unintended acceleration where you're that the gases into the break that's careless driving I mean it's not the car's fault that the pedals are there. The steering wheels there of engines there. So it's a theater operated safely saw I I don't think it was personal I think it was frustration he's taken assigned down since. But I I don't think he's insulting. Who's you know his clientele at all let's go to Marriott Amherst -- on WB yen. And I love I did go -- because I had a friend 92 years ago. He was a very good Geithner okay. But that he hit her -- I had. Had a hard time. -- is devastated because it was just that they wouldn't have been there. It was not -- Good I don't say he was 94 years ago. I -- until the kind -- way. And anti tip that comes our way. He went in and and I intend. He had been driving can't -- and if he was left with her license to drive well that's. Because this you know you can always get into an accident it's not your fault or an animal to run across the road somebody else is not paying attention they hit you like you just the exploit. So I don't think there's any magic age where you lose your driving skills -- and so was different for everybody but as long as you can drive safely should be allowed to drive but. What do you think about some testing for older drivers to keep them as safe as we can. Well I think they had been tested I I really do. I think we should. All because -- especially when -- over a certain age but if you pay as -- hearings could help. You know the road now my friend always kept to the right I didn't exactly know what she meant because that was probably driven -- my -- So this is not in the passing lane most of the time she's on the driving right. And you know they can't get him to add to the right and he probably is about. Where she was going and he was gonna get there and it's good that he never -- now in effect can she is that will not. Cross an intersection. That he finally mapped out is they're very Smart women. Was she have to be if she had to get in some ways without crossing him and says Schneider -- stuff. Yet he always. Had seen well. And seeing this and we -- his senior in okay. Simply his week. As needy as in right or in up like. We we we. -- -- you have to go but yeah it's tough to get there without some intersection but. So you're saying that -- you know just because you're elderly and get into an accident doesn't mean it was your fault I totally understand that Mary I agree with you as long as you can drive safely should be able to -- thank you. Getting there without going through an intersection it that's it that's an interesting challenge I'm I'm just trying to think. Like when I come in from Pendleton it's only eleven miles. But I can't come up with a rule that I could get from my house to here without going through an intersection. I think I mean unless you're just going from one through way exits and the other. Can you can. It could. Well I mean there are ways around. Well maybe maybe it's really she said her friend was very bright maybe. Maybe she had you know ways to avoid by before you get to the in his section. You take a right or left in or around this year crossing a road but it's not a four lawyers on the alone is not wrong with a four way certainly now I'm Leicester -- Data can be problematic and you know one. Our -- if you -- date and time there are things worth savoring an army and 39301806. On six -- exits are 930 a we're also asking about whether. You think. That. That elderly. Drivers should be tested probably more for their driving skills the test scores are given. You have to be able seat probably and drive properly but what about their simple driving skills. -- or getting -- more help from our cars they have some for the -- speed avoidance of collisions. They have things that warn you that are crossing. In front of view and so you know that. They have things on the mirrors now that as somebody's passing you when they're in the blind spot. Something lights up when your mirrors. All kinds of things that help. But it's built the responsibility of the driver into -- it will be back after talking about the sign that was in front of troubles. I think it's fine it does not a name the woman who doesn't say anything about elderly driving says. Careless and the ones let's go to camel might have a good inside floors and -- bubble -- here on WBN. Hello Kim you have absolutely and tell us about that. I think the rest time I was fourteen. And not an accident happened. So your you're working at Schwab -- would tell you describe it wasn't aloud noise what happened. -- -- We didn't went out we didn't know what happens is now apparent done. We looked out into the Chinese girl thinking fifty -- lean over. And to -- in the heat follow -- glance broke can mean the places Charlie -- it -- -- let them know. And then found out that a woman can't keep developing. Now were you open at the time or -- preparing to open. So did you have many customers in there at the time. You know we can't. Gotten -- customers. So you'd you'd just started getting preparing the restaurant open heard this loud noise. You rushed outside was was the woman conscious when you went out there had she passed outer. Well she can't she go all out there on the and it should be. While did she say anything. I thought I -- -- right to be terrific player I don't know -- but she says there she's being -- Wonder how much delayed and many. That was I was just curious. You're not open yet and so does that mean that the employees are are out of a job until until the restaurant opens again. Now while that's very different at all not only the owner losing revenue -- plenty of people working their losing their paycheck. Well any any idea when it'll be reopened they -- target dates. Well maybe February 1 one call home. Yes that a lot in the current. While that that sounds like a well. Obviously our sympathies go way to wish there was something more we could do because those wobbles as one of our favorite places. To -- especially during the holidays and go shopping and things like that I was -- couple weeks ago. So I wish you all the best -- come on let's hope that that gets open though before the beginning of February thank you for calling. Obama wow. That's at target date you know about target -- usually it's after the target date where you hit the target. While better be that that's brutal. It's it's terrible yeah it really is. So you're asking if you're okay with a sign you can and as you can certainly understand. The frustration. Of of the of -- gentleman that owns troubles. I think any of us would be that frustrated for it to happen and any time would be bad enough. But to happen at the Christmas shopping time when a lot of people do that combination you might be around the corner of the Southgate plaza. And -- go there you might be down on center street to Filene's and get something there and then you go and have lunch or whatever but there's there's them. That's going to be regard quite a hardship for them that via a couple months. Of work. Think about it then do you try and find another job. You have to give -- part time work somewhere. Because a lot of people you know I have bills today -- back almost everybody. So let's hope that it gets done earlier than later let's go to Elaine. -- you're on WB Iran and. I'm I'd like the public so I hit eight tests that offered by EC MC. To try. I feel like we actually act OK. I'll. I came across the tests following my exit with the tow truck he may set a record or current. And that at the test tests -- -- and that started saying it's not three point -- net. What is in the simulator type of anger problems or. No you'd get somebody was strong enough to get -- I was feeling you'd drive around. Around the city streets all -- our -- EC. Also if it's almost like going to the motor vehicle department initially to get your license they they tell you waited journal whatever and then they watched to see your driving skills. OK I was pretty good how do you how do you get that you just sign up for. I don't know why you're blind neurosurgeon. Suggested that calling my accident oh okay yeah I yeah I just I'll probably get it. While that must have been serious accident than if you neurosurgeon was about how you're feeling you feeling better. I'm feeling great gray long glad glad it was 2010. -- well leisure here mean and you kind of look at. -- Our thanks Alexander very much. I remember. When it was like when you got your driver's license -- excited juror. That was pretty cool I remember that day I also remember that it -- motorcycle. Which was even which was even more are all my god I hope this goes well because. First of all when I took the written test for motorcycles. I -- OK -- seven and it isn't it man I'm Bret Cindy said. Maybe you shouldn't talk about your actual driving says for the motorcycles because what happens if you don't -- I didn't think of so why didn't say anything. So I got to know Orchard Park. And keep in mind you keep your feet up on the bags and whatever I took my test on a full dress are hardly woody takes their -- an awful dress Charlie nobody. Okay. Taking your test them a tractor trailer instead of you know should be gross. And so are good Democrats and even going out Orchard Park. And there's a side road and there's several people ahead of me most of them cars I'm on motorcycles Cindy's will make his. I did have a licensed driver would mean she was that okay. Somebody. Standing around. I think that's sending each -- it. Because Wendy -- you take your side realizes. The instructor says. OK take a second left in the third right now and stop and then make a figure right he is hoping that because he's following when a car he's not with the motorcycle. I was I was never so apprehensive in my life not that. Now that I that was dangerous because I know how to drive. It's as if I don't make this I'm going to be mortified but luckily. I did and I haven't and that's a good thing I remember when you took yours Tony was that there and it was part of the part that class yes that's good -- -- was 250s like you imagine. Would have been like -- -- pulled right out. Yeah body hundred pounds were now you know we defeat government exhorted doing a figure eight K I went to a party -- did that one is really. -- today at a -- that I'm not going to hopefully drive and knock on wood into a building today. We'll see tomorrow maybe maybe we'll talk to our Brian Higgins. And that fundraisers possible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You wish they never -- to music these.

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