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12-16 Beach and Company Hour 2

Dec 16, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- gentlemen I'm sandy beach I open the buffalo -- on Sunday. And I go to everybody's column that's that letters from the these recall letters to the editor -- letters from readers. It would show people give their opinions on different things now I'm used to say when they go to their top five. A -- sitting. We hate George Bush George Bush is an idiot George Bush -- George Bush shouldn't be President George Bush had never been born that's usually the leader. And they went -- we love Obama Obama's well Obama has as -- future of our country. For -- Obama. Well I was totally shocked when guys are under we got -- on Sunday. The number one. Issue debated. Was whether the sign in front bush wobbles was insensitive troubles iconic roast beef restaurant world woman drove into it. And because of that during the busiest time of the season troubles is closed. So -- their losing a lot of business and not only are they losing auto business their employees are working. So I don't know if the guy who won't troubles paying some or not but they're not working and so he was obviously upset -- he put a sign conferences closed. Due to careless driving know what it's sign. But I understand the sign will be back as soon as possible says. And now. Because he put the sign out some people understand. Those he was angry but others find it totally insensitive. Because the new woman elderly woman at the restaurant. -- supposed mistresses -- former you know it was between two other restaurants and suddenly just do you know just move right Robert. But there are upset because they think it's insensitive. So of the guy who launch wobbles is quotas I think I have a damn right to be insensitive I didn't ask -- So we're asking a -- thumbs up or thumbs down. On this and also -- them a letter mandatory driving just to make roads safer. From a gentleman in Hamburg will talk about that too as to whether when you get to a certain age and the gonna have to just make at an age up. Where you have to take a driving test again and make sure your skills are still there. I think that's a very sensitive issue its political issue to a question about but let's so let's say if you they go to the Schwab bulls people have been insensitive. I can understand his -- I've been known to have a temper occasionally myself although it's got a lot better since I work with Tony interest. There there are calming influence is much like Billy Jack in -- -- Judges died by the way this this past weekend who's 820. You believe it was 820 wall was 82 yeah. But. He he passed away about Billy Jack -- a result of movies. It was a really good fighter but he never flawed unless of course you crossed the line then he became a killing machine okay. That's basically will look at myself although a number. And I'm willing to admit. One program character but that's another story let's go to reckon find out what Rick thanks Rick you're on WB yen. I have no problem. I think it's he just put up the site import pitcher of the lady next for the sang what they're -- I've got a problem I think he should be should be -- -- 27 employees those people should be upset you know thank god thank god nobody was hurt. This is you know I in this conversation or significant other last week and she is my opinion and fortunately patient and it hurt before. And that's a Smart man so she thought he was insensitive. If it was personal. If he put her name up there are signs are as you said her name or picture or anything like that. That would be totally out of bounds but I can understand his frustration since then he's -- assign them. Yeah I know I don't think you should -- taken it out but you know a little bit violated our affiliate got to make a decision but. Then again there's 47 people that are out of work this time of the year you know I'm yeah. -- they open your employer and are out of work in the middle of July. All it's great whether it's nice weather you know -- here we actually can't do not from the heat bills that Christmas presents I'm off for a exceed I think it was totally. Nothing wrong at all. Thank you -- appreciated to. Yeah I understand that he wasn't personal about it now let's look at logically okay logically. Says closed due to careless driving will be back as soon as possible. Will anyone dare say that it wasn't careless driving. Although I guess if you want to be Bill Clinton and Parse the words. You would say careless would be knowingly. Doing something that would cause the accident you know like if you were texting. That would be careless if you were reading a book that would be careless. If you are dropping cigarette in your crotch that would be pitiful but it would also be careless okay. I don't know what was going on in her head because as I think about where wobbles -- last that was there was only less outlets than a month ago. It's not an easy thing to hit it. But she did but whether she was prepared it was driving as best she could and maybe shouldn't be driving we don't know the answer to that. Maybe something distracted -- although to be honest we usually if something. Runs out in front of the road you don't like him an animal where you instinctively steer away you can understand that. But this does not know whether restaurant isn't whatever passing the -- one of those so I don't know. While her driving skills were when she hadn't. All I know is she's growing on the go somewhere else roast -- For awhile. Shall go to Anderson's instead. But let's go to left -- Joey and I don't want to frank you're on WB yen. The earlier -- the owner of that. Obviously it was short rates need to put forty separate people out of work. Got him out of business you know and just think now if there a particular decided -- Currently there are -- injury and possibly retaliate because. Of what they -- the -- from -- -- Literally went through the building. On an issue in the early operatives found among learned you have to understand. That they're at support she'd get so Burton -- first straighter. What this paper is the only I think he has every right to be upset he expects separately -- are -- like it. For the three of this warming and try to power. Brokers and maybe for a that this person that you -- longer and -- are all. What you think of the people all of this bit it's and -- -- -- -- worker. Urban people inside -- he's somebody could bring Celtics are. Alter carelessness -- what or what which doctor and. Yeah that's exactly right and and I think that's a good logical thought process thank you Brian thank you very much. Plus I mean when your center -- which backers and as a fan belt and it. That's not good for business what we're back after this thanks to all of you were great support for -- chef's restaurant while. A record number. Of of deals of the day certificates for -- Because it was not only great deal but you know that when you get the panel of the food and we all got to bring stuff home they brought enough food of -- an army or the three of us. Whichever comes first and Howard Simon but -- a dainty eaters compared to us so it was a it was great and it's the gift that keeps on giving. Somebody gives somebody a -- certificate they're going to be happy I can hysteria and they know that you love that that's exactly true okay -- -- sign. It seems to be a big broad it it was a number one. Deal on the letters to the editor and everybody's column 153. Letters received that week. It was the number one topic of discussion we'll go on some of those lot of the first couple post things on our FaceBook so what are our Chris. This is from a joy and she's as it seems a little insensitive to me. It just an -- and I feel very bad for the cold lady who hit the store I'm sorry that the business will be heard during this holiday season but sometimes things haven't -- just out of our control. Well that's true I mean things do happen and I do feel sorry -- as injuries but you can also understand the frustration of the owner. And the employees who are not working. Not to mention the customers who our plan and make them part of errors shopping ritual or special treat for the family or whatever so I think you can go. On both sides of this and feel comfortable that's one of the few topics you ever discussed where you could feel comfortable arguing either way. Another please desist from Mikey says troubles has had this happen to them several times now it has to be tough for small business to deal with all the loss business especially this time here so I don't have a problem but the sign at all. If -- wobbles what I would do is this I'm not I'm not joking I'm trying to remember in my head now. They used to have a lot of a lot of people rob stores by doing this driving through the front door of the store. Throwing all the merchandise in the in the bed of the pickup truck and driving away it happened a -- happens the motorcycle shops or whatever. So far they realize at first you would think of these -- there to keep the shopping cards. From a disappearing but now a lot of it is anti theft they take these cement posts that are yellow. And they plan right in front of a vulnerable part where you might drive through to rob the place. We can use that same technology I don't recall if there's any Roush wobbles to have. I'm mark when I Mench wobbles -- bottom interest -- having a roast beef sandwich and that's my interest. But if they just determine where cars are hitting their stride. I have some of those -- women. I'm just that protect the restaurant and anybody else getting out of -- out of a car you know if she get restaurants -- -- gone through and hit somebody before she even hit the restaurant. So I guess I don't all things possible. It was it was the lesser of tool of two evils of actually hurting people. Business is tough enough. As paychecks are tough enough. But he of people is even worse so I'm thinking that could have been worse pulsing noses it's been a pretty -- -- past two years. People and build axles the buildings yeah I really is. I don't I don't know what the cause of it as. But it seems like it has to be either inattention or. Careless driving as it did say on the sign in to -- this is that are -- -- houses two houses that I know of in the past year. Near my house -- it well if you look there are some places like. If you Clarence. And you're driving now some of the rose to laden more world. There are corners that are you know kind of different dollar under certain conditions you can understandable cargo -- the house. But they care wish wobbles as. And one as a union center thing. I'm gonna get there are -- not a GPS. It did seem like could be easy to hit the restaurant but it has been hit before so apparently people are finding out that we can we tried you know. Meanwhile we're lucky somebody wasn't killed. Absolutely. Commerce is one thing human life prisoner let's go to a Kathy and so buffalo Kathy you're on WB again. Hi this is going to continue. Until such point. They had somebody -- the New York State out and as we need mandatory testing. -- Cindy Anthony's it. And every five years after the -- I 72. And no matter what I'd like to think my reflexes and at the same. And you you can't let people pick out there and because this man who lucked out that business put a hang out. A little -- had been a step. School about. Boy. -- and it might. They're good point and -- and you're making absolute sense. There's a letter in the Buffalo News that kind of backs what you say up and I think a lot of people would agree that there has to be an arbitrary if if it happens and arbitrary age they just pick an age. And then you baby have to figure protest again good point thank you there they have the -- test. If you go to when I doctor. That's that's fine they can submit its what your vision is or you haven't tested do when -- renew your license. But there is not another upgrade -- road test. Here's a letter from Karl Colombo in Hamburg. In the buffalo and goes on Sunday. In responsible letter regarding troubles owner of the insensitive. Behavior for his -- and I'm compelled to offer viable alternative. Our neighbors and Ontario have mandatory driving tests showed the way -- growth including one for vision every two years for drivers eighty and older. Every day there are countless accidents. In this country caused by elderly drivers who go the wrong way. Make -- about mistake with a gas pedal. Well the break or simply lack the reflexes to react to unexpected circumstances. How much more damage -- injuries and death do we need to experience before this is enacted. Driving is a privilege it's not a right after several accidents causing damages wobbles over the years I understand the owner frustration. Of those seemingly somewhat insensitive so it might be insensitive but you understand. Yeah insensitivity is not a be all and -- doll. You could be logically right NB insensitive. And maybe that's where this owner is. But you know you you lose all that revenue over a very important time for all the restaurants. And your people and I don't people -- mentioning 27 employees I don't know where that number came from but however as the number of employees that are getting a paycheck I assume. Because they're not working and and let's face it it was it was careless driving. What do you feel sorry for the person that did it whether it would you know insensitive or -- it was careless. We're back Lamar would be in company. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WBA and that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 and are told free car. 1806169236. -- -- -- -- That's its only tease me but rockers as have been close the right across the street from our broadcast complex and sometimes we'd love -- rockers and when they close we're sad we're hoping. Another franchisee would would go put up another five -- But we don't know who it is but they're starting work or remodeling. Yes somebody is doing in fact the EC at least over the sign in front and one of our our sales guys. When in their Friday to try to find out bullet couldn't union now if you had a choice if you don't magically just picked. Who would like to see -- that occasion. Well I would I would love Carl's junior or parties parties started that's too big I think professor -- -- quite large. But if it were fast food joint I definitely -- parties no question about that but whatever war. I don't know I don't know what -- kind where another chain will forcible what does that verbiage and has -- and I I'd like to see an angle and that's -- arms around. -- for the reason that's a good location -- -- not only the Q home big a number of people would abide and it's close to UB. But you can answer it for me this week no more maple right and in going one way out the other sets it's really good location. I don't know why it took so long to release it once it's expensive. While I -- would like to see who voters come back to the area -- errors. Sort of fine food. Whereas -- about these -- wobbles sign seems like it's a big furor in the buffalo goes with the letter writers and number one issue this past Sunday. Somebody drove into Schwab bulls and that was not designed for a drive through and so there was a lot of damage as disclosed. Closed during the holiday. Shopping period. The employees are not working I don't know if they're being -- but they're not working. And trouble is not generating any revenue but the woman has injuries so there's a certain sensitivity that but the owner troubles put a sign out. Said closed due to careless driving will be back as soon as possible and some people got their undies in a knot over the signs saying it's insensitive. I can understand is there anything it's insensitive but I can also understand troubles position. Because it's a very difficult position -- let's -- to -- in -- -- on WB again. I'm find out as what you have got to was that you're okay -- that sign or not. You know what it's opened it changed or is it is. Available older. Had an accident right. -- -- -- -- at a ball calls McChrystal. This is 38 years. I airing liability insurance. Just for their purposes saw what happened but nobody. Is somebody drove it to a mountain. I would be compensated. -- 5%. About in itself. Oh really wow so that that would that would be take a big edge government okay and are you think sure all the troubles edit them. That would be helpful to them. I need to -- it's not cheap I think it has exposed so. What -- -- and others. I haven't ordered it worked for me. 413 eighteen years. You know what their paychecks but first before -- page. Well it's good to hear in the restaurant business. Is is a restaurant is a business a lot of people like to get into but it's all it's a hard business so you've been doing it for 38 years how to how you survived all these years -- Dennis. You know I want to option doubts well you know what -- it -- what it used to be that is all what you don't want. You are to make new ethnic but they -- sometimes in the epic but that it's -- employees' hours. And hopefully that that is but expect that if they're -- -- I know that there are weighty and buffalo are very blessed to have a great selection of restaurants. A great quality of restaurants that worked in some very big cities and I think buffalo doesn't have to take a backseat to anybody when it comes to restaurants. It. All right well thank you so you can understand the sensitivity to it. But you also have the kind of insurance that have squabbles as it it won't make things perfect but it'll make you better thank you. Yeah the whole point is them. There was an elderly woman who was -- accidents. Anything that you don't deliberately is called an accident. Okay. That's your children and named I know it's everything has not been deliberately as an accident. But I'm sure the driver didn't do it deliberately but I think a case could be made that it was careless. It wasn't slippery road conditions -- not like she was at the corner -- a center in union put the brakes on and skidded two blocks on the issue wobbles. That did not happen. So whatever it was and there's no indication that an animal ran -- in front cover something like that. So there is no indication that any of that happen. So I think we could. Realistically. And morally and went into the moral high ground sales was careless driving but he didn't put her name up there. He didn't put a picture ever he didn't does nothing personal about it it was just the event was caused by careless driving. So having said that I can understand. If I -- a relative of hers qualified get angry. Because he didn't point -- the only people I know she as I assume are her family and friends and and media whoever street -- the hospital. That's basically but nobody else knows it's not like. When she's back on the road again people are going to flee for their lives nobody nobody knows -- as. So I I I don't think it's it's harmful in that regard and because it didn't -- I I think it was just frustration he's taken -- sign down. But I'm thinking that though like the last restaurant tour. Talked about it being expensive if anything happens in the building. And somebody drives -- -- I think those cement post that's why you see them everywhere. I recently just think they were for the shopping -- have you ever noticed that once you once you notice that you'll notice that everywhere and -- -- they would like you for the shopping cars as well you know happen to a friend of mine who sells a motorcycles. It says somebody drove through his front door. With a pickup truck through three motorcycles in the bin -- drove away. After that there were cement posts. Good luck trying to drive through -- he stepped up you can do at the National Guard barred tank I think to get through agrees. Assessment right now -- Chris a couple of Maher on FaceBook that are about the results. This is from Janet. She says it's a business trying to keep people working and are forced to shut down how would you -- if your income came to an abrupt end of the descent was a very big deal. Yeah I understand what Janice says I really don't I think it's only a big deal to her relatives or friends. Because they know. But keep in mind nobody else knows. So it's it's and it's not like she was besmirched on the front page -- one knows she was increasingly. Actually I don't think she's ever appeared willow assured on the front page of the buffalo and goes I -- I feel confident in saying that. -- But the bottom line it was careless or another police cars misses from Nicky says that offend by this time but it was my business I -- to put it up it doesn't say about a good public relations move was an accident after all he should a cup deal woman some slack and put off funds sign out there or not he wasn't a fun mood. From his quote. I think I have a damn right to hit a conservative I'd and as many as. I I would have Singapore may I say this I don't know bottom I would like to think that it for me I put a -- says. If she wanted a better tables she should would you access. -- -- something. Understand that there was a problem we're gonna get over it. Or rather than you know get people's undies and I'm not I don't think it would matter to me I'd still bullish wobbles I just ask for table in the back. Policy let's go through. Whose next Tuesday -- on a cellphone Kathy here on WB again. -- good morning good morning I'm sitting out part follows right now going against somebody who is not for the liberian idea. They're good at it -- coffee union hurled the first sort of an oil change place right on the intersection itself. It's like -- 120 by Peter sell at least from the intersection. And where he can get is. I don't see I got a pretty big trapped like a -- it will only get maybe fifty feet off the road its worst hit loan. So it's like almost halfway around the building. It's you know I didn't know our -- coming from the intersection are coming the other way on senator words which way and where she hit the building but either way. From the senate. It wasn't easy to do as you pointed out. No it's not in fact I can even see maybe there might have better outside the electric speed limits -- -- -- turn off the union starter heading east. They might about a speed limit her in the air but it's hard -- -- to tell if there was ready to knowledge about it's hard for me that I what is it up Poehler anything forsee got that far. You know what my guess would be I'm not an accident investigator I think this is unintended acceleration where she probably saw she was going the wrong way or something was happening. And went to stop on the break instead stop on the accelerator for hurting -- that kind of forced the issue probably wasn't doing that that much of a speed on center street itself. I didn't see the other side of the building but I heard initially that there was actually. Damaged the foundation on the other side of the build. Incredible it's incredible but it would take a real big for us of for something like that to have a while thanks for Europe thanks for your eyeball report on this. -- -- -- -- -- At. The belfry is a Prius. And there are a couple of weeks and they pulled out here well and that Obama at the very front of the building they have like a little -- Glad entryway. Into of that -- that's around what is the on air conditioning unit not OK -- pulled up next to me I couldn't. I usually I usually -- government side entrance on center street. That's the easiest one for me I don't think it's the main entrance but as -- -- -- and thank heavens nobody in the parking lot was in the way. -- or nobody dining or working in the restaurant was in the way either thank you thanks for your your on this Odyssey report thanks -- -- -- that's my guess -- think about it. If you are driving and suddenly you your brain registered that day I'm not on the road or I'm about to go over the curb or something. The natural reaction. Would be used to hit the -- Yeah and what would happen this is during the unintended acceleration hearings the same thing happened. You whose stock down but instead of a break you hit the accelerator which can happen it depends on the on the layout of the vehicle she was driving. But if she did that that would give you a lot of force to hit a building. Because if she was actually breaking. She probably wouldn't have enough force to move a building up its foundation. So my guess is that's probably was when -- -- that theory. Think it sounds stroke or eucharist yeah it's it's. It's just a goofy situation I'm confused and how these things keep happening I'm not sure and possibly to have trouble seems like it's in a good location to not get it now. And I would think it would have to go through these measures to -- to improve their. Our ability to -- -- guys insults our strategy can understand them because they're part of a huge parking lot you know. And then they might have a little barrier before. You would hit a building so habits for parking assistance you can understand -- which wobbles is hard to understand because it is. By itself basically as she said and you mentioned there is an oil change place next to but it's if you beat scorecard there at that. And especially to knock ovens foundation as she said it was -- Prius. Because I don't they don't have that kind of run in it a little more torque than that. It's tore talks here on Beijing government -- back after this it is though Beijing company and were asking are -- with. Giving thumbs up or thumbs downs of that sign that said closed due to careless driving will be back as soon as possible I wish wobbles roast beef. It's certainly an iconic. A restaurant. We we love troubles -- -- there one ever can I don't get down -- lot but it's really good and the -- OK I can understand the frustration. Of -- losing your restaurant being closed at a time like this this is a real profit. Time for restaurants were people -- incorporated into their shopping experience and plus the employees some people mentioning the number 27 night. I'll take that at their at their word but those people out of work until this -- against rebel. I assume we know rebuild it -- -- those extra safety precautions maybe I'm thinking Gatling gun. Cannons would be nice -- those tanks yeah you know they -- always as a World War II tank. Posted at the VFW post I think bush whose troubles ownership should. Submit. Applications or bring your tank and market there would be most welcome thanks known note thanks. Let's go to I am clips met them turning into -- Smith knowing that let's go to Barbara and -- Barbara you. And -- bottom personal story which troubles. And Mary -- -- I have men of distinction again and my makeup but -- used to go to apple. Well. And we got -- -- this one lately I -- yeah. So and to eat they're out there and -- enough and we know. -- called for. Him come out. -- -- Like come from tree that grows toward -- -- Attack and the people at. Except but it opened up. In the front of the building. And Bentley. -- thought you had health problems. He hit yet may be struck out blacked out and yeah. You know. He. Said he'd like to eat properly and Leo. Was scared -- -- -- In there -- Hit today on home and gently. He was telling and as well enough. That it didn't do a lot of the image but he did society. And. 80. It was. Very -- Was -- -- first one they had troubles because it's been have more than one. He may have and that he didn't say anything about anybody else ever -- a net. I don't know that the -- can imagine these. While. So are you don't -- got up close and personal well. Pop ups are about his brakes did did he come in and have a rose to -- -- If you and I some my husband hit -- a building it's a check please. Well thank you Barbara than regular mud and -- realize. While imagine seeing your husband hit the building NATO known known known well that's why you know. When not specific enough when we do commercials. Like I do for -- -- -- it is in the parking just outside the door. They don't want -- to -- inside the door OK but if you like you never have to mention that I don't have to say the for -- people would prefer if you park in the lot. Item that's why it's just outside the disclaimers -- -- exactly Chris and other FaceBook please. This is from Dennis he says this sounds a little better but. -- might beats -- by business disclosed during the busiest time of the year. So easy to mention the woman's name and assigned which he didn't IS MOK you know I think the question is were making an assumption that isn't necessarily true. The assumption is. That if -- insensitive. You can't understand why they would do it now I can understand why would do it it is insensitive by simply putting it there but I don't think it's wrong. -- that you can work both sides of the street on this you rarely really can he would because he didn't mention her name or face or anything like that. Oh lord went on some tirade I think it was pretty mild. Closed due to careless driving. Is anybody out there going to challenge that it was careless driving. I mean we don't have any idea you know black box to take out of there and say that some system failed on the car. Or that some phantom. Hit the accelerator by guests strictly as an amateur is it was a unintended acceleration. I bet that the woman who was driving a car saw that something was wrong she was going over curb or. Or was you know didn't go in the right driveway or something was going the wrong way and stay -- -- hitting the brake -- -- the accelerator. That happens a lot of mean remember during idea. During the sixty minutes scare when they said I'm not gonna mention the name of about it. In overseas car company which has a fine reputation as a great car. Almost went out of business because of unintended acceleration in later years later. They they found that that's exactly what it wasn't wasn't the cards falls the -- -- Okay it would come back we'll talk to you -- Austria and Montreal 1806 on 692 -- -- -- and -- there.

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