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12-16 Beach and Company Hour 1

Dec 16, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Palo hello it is -- governor and I'm sandy beach and I love today because I knew Andrew was coming in from the Salvation Army and Tony she's so happy to be fair -- are shaking her bells warming that's. I can hear very nice. She -- is a real -- she has about half. You can have a way to go very easy to carry around it as agent got the Dingell and you just. -- part as she has a real -- you see this as a real bell and then she has an app on her phone with a belt and she was shaking both bells in the opposite direction -- -- that is to do this town that's now on. -- -- Andrea AT&T I always loved. Christmas because I love the Salvation Army it's probably my. One of life certainly along with -- Roswell my favorite charities and you guys -- it's great work I always look forward balancing career first at all. Celebration army is usually in the news right around now when I heard a couple of days ago. Not locally but was somewhere nationally somebody dropped the gold coin in. Now would that be nice if that was a trend that is started near buffalo and tend to yeah you can't. What. I assume that mostly in those kettles are paper money and coins anything unusual ever been dropped in the that a value dropped -- ago. Yes and yet every year the carrier ring and wedding ring religion it -- brits don't rain wow hopefully and fire up your company. Now people are familiar. Because of the the bell ringers in the kennels or whatever and yeah they certainly million name it's always have been very highly regarded as Salvation Army is a great charity. But maybe they don't know the kind of -- once once you collect that money would it would that money used for him. -- Eagles used to all of our grass roots effort in buffalo on for example appear to -- two dollars and fifty cents in the cattle. That is a round trip bus ticket -- -- -- -- them once they get to and from work every day good point on we have various programs we've feed the homelands of me yet we have community meals we have afterschool programs for children. Camp in the summer. All of those -- toward anything in our community directly. Well idea I I'd love your charity for what I've learned about it but I told you this last year my father said to me when I first got into radio. If you can ever do anything from the Salvation Army do it because in world war true. He saw the kind of work for salvation -- -- was -- troops. And so on trying to continue his his goodwill and you have a lot of people that feel that way about Salvation Army how that's. You need more -- as you got enough what. Deal we can always use more about ringers we are out raining until Christmas Eve. Well and week it's about 5000 volunteers that we need to take on a two hour shift to make our entire campaign work. So -- we have a web site which are very high attack. It's registered to -- him. Dot com on cruel and you can all right -- website you can pick your location we have 75 locations or wow that is definitely one I -- And you can take your time frame we're out from 10 am until ninety and so we work with a lot of people's schedules as well. A rebel long missive -- would be a bill that tonight's ballot like Mike laboratory. They say anything that you bring. Let's assume. No -- in Christian unless you can't see how I want buyers who don't -- -- You scared. Off -- -- and. Are out -- is the heart warming stories that you just shared the -- you know I refrain quite a few times myself he hadn't. You'd be surprised how many people come up and really pour their heart out to you about how the Salvation Army has helped hammer family member. And I am a it just makes even a two hour timeframe they are out there feel -- by. Nobody ever questions Salvation Army every year they do. You know these charities X amount of dollars go towards the goal whatever but. Does Salvation Army has such a great reputation it started off people forget it's called a Salvation Army stars it started out its roots are in religion -- Steps EB our -- religious organization and part of the history of that is based on getting. Someone who doesn't have family and the community. So they can go to church they can go to service they can have a meal afterwards with people and have a sense of feeling and. How do you how do you get the people the benefit. From The Who do they come to you or do you seek them out through different lists or how how does that work how do you put the party put the benefactors in the -- and a benefactor or together. A little bulk we do have a lot of referrals from on department of social services and we have a lot of people that just know that we do good things and I'll just -- -- -- -- We do a lot of outreach ministry as well will -- out into the community and and talked to people and get them help. Edit in other is a perfect timing to of people are usually either going in to a retail establishment are smaller they're coming out. And there in the gift giving mood and they feel good and the kettles are good idea I think. Think you in the history of that actually came from a gentleman who wanted to serve a Christmas meal and four home less. And he had no money. So he put on a huge soup cattle out I was tired and had on you know people just put their money in as they -- -- and it was so successful at it just kind of spiraled. Remarkable well I I don't know of Christmas will be Christmas without saying the bell ringers and hearing the bell and a making a donation to the Salvation Army. So got to give us the web site again if people wanna sign up and also what do they want to contribute on the website -- both of those. I'm register to rain -- content is our website eaten -- want to volunteer. -- you -- -- on to our regular web site which is Buffalo's Salvation Army at war on carrier ring the bell again. Thank you very much -- -- a Merry Christmas to you always good to see under from the Salvation Army always that the good part is they have such a great reputation it's nice because in this day and days when we questions so many things. Questions so vision exists understand -- work we do we'll take a -- we'll be back with more would be -- and company. Why that's -- it took a long time to get a lot of my driveway. And insurgents and got a problem especially that first pass all of where the snowblower there's no way to avoid at the snowblower gets a full. Why did a good you know gulp of snow. And you gotta get through that first pass after that you can use like three quarters of half amid the panic but took me a couple hours to get through -- about it but it was done. And I went to a party yesterday -- believe it or not party person sending out. -- vote out what am I I find they I know my immediate neighbors OK and notified our houses directly Rami. But I don't know the other ones okay I way and that way and it's nice and friendly but I don't know them and they don't know me. So a lot of my neighbors and having -- in neighborhood Christmas party for an ice so I decided I'll go. But because we don't all know each other they had. A name tags blank ones and you fill in the name tags so people would know who you are okay. Put Brad Pitt and mine. I hope they understand their brands not always and make up you know remain so as sometimes I have to I have to feel about more like media would be a bald head here. Be 300 pounds and and look like a pirate it result but it was it was it was a fun party got to meet. Almost all the neighbors and and it worked -- good good food good fun and all that stuff. Meanwhile I've the first part of the bills game before I had a jumping the -- get ready for the of the party. Matt we mistakenly joined now by apparently we we turned -- around because I missed the game because those of the party. So what happened we just suddenly had a reversal of fortune. I missed the begin into the game as nick was playing in the backyard in MS marginal I did in I came back here about two turnovers. I'll put that saw the bills kind of moving the ball but the difference look pretty good yeah camera don't you can't stop the everybody you play gets those long runs now that they kill. -- Chris so what turned aroused a spark. The running game was really good and it's not Sunday they had last week against the box and it really struggled Manuel wasn't good early he was dollars -- -- for you know and it wasn't like they were -- -- there was nobody on this hey he -- and apple one -- the ground as -- screen capacity -- and a group wants the running game got going it seemed to open things up and when the origin of our defense had this -- -- in -- run here and maybe backed off a little bit -- some more time. Then he completed a few passes got a rhythm going and man and then there was a much better game after that well the game. -- was a delightful -- in my did see I hate the cowboys and all of the Packers. Having spent five years in Milwaukee. But would Aaron Rodgers on -- -- has not larger chance and the first half I mean they just sort of the Packers were dominated by the cowboys. I thought it was all over and that and the biggest choke in the history of the Dallas Cowboys. They they went under and I couldn't be happier because for some reason I don't like Romo. And he's kind of like the goat again and instead of using the running game when middleware have you. He -- -- -- past I could not understand that they are in -- so much success with DiMarco -- especially in the first half in fact if I'm not mistaken Dallas at some sort of office of record for. Performance in the first half but that typical cowboy fashion the defense falls asleep late in the game in one way you have went away -- Packers painting and. You guys rooting for Robert eucharist -- for the Packers have -- the Packers and are played there and I mean you know why his theories they seem very likable they're grassroots. You know I love Favre and a -- Enron Aaron Rodgers and he's he's really good -- but he's still out that shoulder. I don't think he was -- -- shoveling driveway probably but I was glad to see the outcome of that as well. Now here's something that I love I love this kind of a story. It happened it says in the city of -- but I I don't as a below Texas but it does not give the state. Okay this card dealer named mark Drummond. You in his car lot but he's always displayed cars on the sidewalk as well right in front. Has never been a problem the city doesn't doesn't mind whatever but it came time. To resurface. The sidewalk. And so the construction crew -- We're gonna reseller servers you'll have to you'll have to move your cars off. -- Sonoma are going to. Why is because I've always this way the and they had one car in an area where they were going to resurface. So they said. That Drummond told them do not lay a finger on my car or there'll be problems cases I was being part of the reason I don't know about Macy's is back off. Or a cement -- -- and there but no we don't want to do that so the next day he was due for surprised they didn't touch discard that and put a finger on it however. They poured cement all around it and here's a picture of it right here. The car is up up to the middle of the wheel and right down to the front spoiler. In cement it is it is encased. In some. That. That and I think the dealer would have by now but if this is Smart I don't know -- he has it doesn't sound too Smart from what I heard. He would never take that Cairo he would even trying -- out leave it in there to be between us attraction. You know here's one you can't put aside appears one can test drivers on like that. But there it is there's a picture of it he claims that he's been selling cars up that sidewalk for twenty years. As tempers rose the workers came up with a solution that left the car world was but they resurface as -- -- anyway. Meaning the vehicle is now permanent feature in the indictment. He's that I couldn't lay a finger -- congress added as Cecil Antonio the far out the owner of the cement company and you don't like to argue with somebody. He trust me I'm Italian. You don't argue with a -- and cement company you know. Because you won't have to go to shoes or anymore I'm just saying. But I do that and that's a great kindness -- apple which should happen around here we're dead after a bit more about but our dealers are too Smart for. Let's see what else is going on. A man in Sacramento a man whose car was stolen from a local cart launch. Is praising the vehicles return. The problem is when they stole the car he. He just the car but that is really why he won that he wanted the car back and hope to get it act because in the car. Was his wife actually not her actually her. Her ashes were in the car somebody stole the car with his wife's ashes. Casey are in Sacramento reported that -- port of Stockton police recovered. Of the car 78 -- Melvin Hayes. It was a Ford Fusion so -- he was glad to get his wife back. And the car the same time. Which about distracted driving all the time there's little survey in the USA today. What you're doing when you're nearly crashed while driving. A I was having actual wobbles. Who. Is added that in now. And there's people that 27%. Of them say they were applying makeup. Okay when you see that all the time -- made a 30% or using the phone to talk or text not thinking. That would have been -- higher percent of its 3031%. Or reading a book or newspaper insane. So -- able do it seemed able to answer or have seen him at a a small book and now with candles and stuff like that they probably do it the more they want to. And a 40% he knows my phone to be online. So online. On the phone -- even the biggest screens on the phone or smile when you're driving. So what that's it it's -- -- somebody doing either of their makeup. Or using the phone to talk or text reading a book or using the phone to be online I'm thinking. You better be giving them wide berth will be back with -- bar would be and company on his radio and I RW media. Take WB and wherever you go with a WB Ian on the phone powered by Roswell park. We can't let cancer win and that's why Roswell park will never stop fighting. Tobacco Beijing dominate today's deal of the day by the way from my -- -- is a twenty dollar certificate as the week -- pizza and catering and he spammers for just ten dollars. Enjoy delicious pizza and all your Italian papers. -- go with a huge menu and great portions to go to WBN dot com and click on my buffalo perks logo so that's certainly a different. I had a magic shopping moments on Saturday first of all. -- and it was a lousy -- to be driving there was ice accumulating on the windshield and it was twelve degrees just miserable. But I was tracking down this this one thing. But I couldn't find because it's it's a retro gift as they request. I'm not gonna get specific I don't think the person about a four listens the show but just in case. I'm not going to tell you exactly what it is but Danny never attracted down for me tell me where to find it. Talk to the guys that I would be -- and so I'm in -- Saturday and went through great hardship on the road to get there. Now the guy has already ago which is very nice 'cause it's a retro item it's a used item that's what this person wants okay. So it's all boxed up and here is the kitty it's taught there's two things -- be careful now when you buy -- like this. It's Paul. Okay well that's okay. Except that it's tall. And you can't -- It has to stay. At night -- judge has to stay there are actually move forwards will be -- and on the floor in 99. Carries some things straight up. No we're not talking about the liquor store on -- what we're talking about big has to be straight up you can't -- that edits ball. OK so -- I had an all packaged up. Fair game the money wish him Merry Christmas get outside in the in the ice in the rain and the snow. And it won't fit in my draw. Cut cut cut a a I opened the back 22 off the back. I'd check the backseat. Dudes on the backseat check the front -- -- top of the currency and I'm thinking. You know if it wasn't a freezing rain I could open this growth and put through this group now people would think I'm free because they don't know what's going on. So what I did as though I didn't do that I'm managed to -- the seat just right. It's it's it's listing a little bit it's it's not exactly. Straight up but. As -- -- I hadn't yet now when I give the gift I figured even if the gift is Roland I I spent enough time and money. That it should be gratefully appreciated you gave it the -- -- -- -- at home. These things come home. Because it has something in it that you can't -- That's the point it -- tip regulated economy -- no problem Hubert and something in there but not if it's average you beat him. I Obama. Now he. Straight up -- when it Tony -- Idea. I gave her a book at Christmas time. I can't you -- I could do whatever it was and now hard at it and now as salaries. And to have the religious holiday for a look at it. What state has the worst drivers. Luckily for us we're not on it okay. Now I've lived in eleven states elements if any of the states that have been on this list -- a lot of it measuring their measuring do you guys. See some places you guys some of these W side. Failure to Obey traffic laws fatality rates -- and the worst states to drive -- number ten North Dakota and now. And it worked there number nine a Montana -- were -- there. Seven North Carolina knows. Seven tied -- -- Missouri no Florida no. Alabama -- Texas yes I worked in Texas. Fourth number four on Mississippi. It I think that's my next yeah Mississippi. I'd do. Afternoon the -- in the afternoon at Biloxi. Number two South Carolina number one Louisiana so these are southern states. And the worst driving I've seen. Is here is -- New York. Simply because a lot of distracted driving whatever. Texas is fine a lot of open highways to but it's number four on the list. Well it's the -- I have a feeling that a few of those problems have been drinking. It's a failure to Obey traffic laws like any laws and that is getting -- and and other things insurance rates whenever. According to car insurance. Comparison dot com drivers. And Louisiana. Were propelled by a two number one by finishing in the top five for failure to bay. Traffic tickets speeding tickets careless driving and they want this distinction last year to. So down of course but the -- underwater anyway and so. Louisiana Alabama idol -- -- and there. Okay. That much into this but women there are there's no question that god for. Women because otherwise nobody get a Christmas do you mean -- and do almost all the shopping -- girls. -- Tony is that a good good. He goes along the shop. And and cooking and he men's socks to bury -- -- -- -- -- boxes -- -- well documented -- Sometimes he needs time one holiday shoppers are looking for okay. Other holiday shoppers one you know what shoppers looking for 35%. Order online and pick up at the store. And -- -- -- Buchanan. Maybe a couple of things I'd order a lot of stuff on Lima have delivered. Otherwise what's the point is okay 35% or on line picking up 36 extend hours. -- I mean does anybody believe that the stores are open long enough before. The holidays I mean there and but 36% that price matching now we're getting into the meat of the 44%. I'm looking for price -- fair you know is doing now while best -- Best -- is doing there are saying you know if you can find a better price will match attacks like -- 47 free returns. See this doesn't affect guys know we don't return anything supplies. -- -- don't we just don't women return. You know for any thing. Visit the red and it's not exactly right -- remember turning now much of a hassle. Specially if you got a package about -- -- in any guy put in a package. The way they they took it out of the package women and at that they not a full sleeves. Turn the -- the right -- -- get it nice and symmetrical guys destroyed in his lap bag exactly bring him back there. -- return much know about immigrants. I don't know if I've ever return any. I don't think I have here even if I forget some into the store sometimes I just think. Related brokerage victory -- just like a moment that there. Outlaw a hundred dollars yeah I don't know that it what it is exactly right and some people some people just assume that. It's just a trial run one they buy something because it's coming back that's authorised it. I don't care who sent me of the wrong color the wrong size it's not -- and I'm just not. That's why have a closet full of stuff and that my grandmother gave me when I was five that I haven't returned yet the one thing I can't get rid of all and I told it was before. It's like a superstition it just seems wrong. If you have any religious icons you know statues were photos or something. He can't throw home. Because I think that is definitely going to be a mark against you when your time is over -- his ears and bigger and then there's Johnson -- -- Kirk says. I noticed in 1980 true. There was a dog -- picture of the virgin Mary and it's just that now Chris you're gonna have to go to purgatory for awhile and you're going to the penalty box in the sky it. -- welcome you out but we don't know when. I know I mighty. I can't do that I have I have religious. Things my grandmother gave me. And I. I just can't do it bigamist -- they would never. Number -- number that's 47%. Free shipping now that's important at 71%. Because that's one thing just -- you know get the second one just pay shipping and -- of a look at the shipping sometime shipping expensive. It and there was some things like I was looking at one thing on line I'm not making this up if online and on time. The article -- 45 dollars that it -- so much the -- 65. Dollars all the now if you have a 45 dollar item. I don't think it makes much sense to spends 65 dollars to get it shipped. I'd just it seems that way over the top so I didn't get but that's the way it is going to be careful so that's the list. Order online and pick up the store extended hours price matching three returns and free shipping so that's that. I didn't want to mention before the break -- likelihood. A red marks it's Hillary's name. A very active broadcaster. Used to work at WGR that's where I first met remarks when I was at WGR. And worked here WB and was at the end though and I after a short on -- came back and channel four. He worked at other radio stations in Jamestown block port wells bill. He has been diagnosed. Within India us okay is that diseases caused by progressive bone marrow failure. And he is going to get chemo. Followed by a bone marrow transplant let's hope he has a good match in ideally perfect match and so there's a fund raiser for him I'm going on. We want to tell you about assembly Saturday January 11. At a from one to six so goes -- a five RC airplane time we get there at The American Legion post 880. 2912. Legion drive in -- New York if -- like the -- tickets are twenty bucks for an adult ten dollars for children ten and under. And there's going to be lots of good stuff music special raffles food 5050. Chinese auction. Pop be her door prizes all kinds of good stuff donations -- can be made obviously. And if you like to purchase our tickets. Are you do is call 6754766. That's 6754766. Or. RO SN ER nine the eight. 98 at AOL dot com okay will be back. Right after that there's still big day you know little bit of men and down down down airedale feud going on. Regarding of the car that drove in Jewish wobbles roast beef restaurant. Now keep in mice wobbles is very iconic I mean it is very can you be very iconic I don't know its iconic I love troubles. I go there whenever I can now it's not anyone -- there weren't a lot of so I'm not all -- on their all the time but like in my last vacation. Made a point it troubles love -- -- great Greg business. It's it's been around for row what a 175. Years. However. Every once in awhile things happened. They're good people and restaurants turns out a driver. -- wobbles -- to a drive through. The troubles was not a drive thru before the the driver decided to drive throw it. And what happened is it's close. Wobbles is close and they don't I don't like this has happened a while back weaker soul back -- to. And so they had to close the restaurant while repairs -- made. This is a prime. Time for business at the restaurant at not a launch wobbles of virtually all the restaurants as people as people go out. And they you know they do some Christmas shopping. Then they stop at a restaurant gigabytes you know they get a bite to eat first and go shopping it's nice. And -- -- and has zone is such a great reputation as I think it's the best roast -- around. And when I came to town nobody even cared about wings it was all beef on black. And the -- on -- was king. Will people still -- -- -- -- on -- him if there lobby -- whack or any other kind of -- -- the -- -- this is the place ago. Not now it's close so the guys who owns troubles asides and. And -- and put a sign out in front of -- -- and and it is restaurant -- easy to hitch wobbles interviewed or is. It takes a direct takes a direct missile strike a Osama bin Laden would have to be sitting at the first table and we go after -- -- them so it -- to get biggest troubles because there's things around about. The driver drove into it. But anyways so the all our troubles posts assigned close. Due to careless driving. Will be back as soon as possible now you can certainly understand though one point of view -- from the owner was thing. I'm cause permanent restaurant. Now there's another side the other side is -- com. This woman has injuries. And she's elderly. And it's not fair it was an accident accidents happen so that's not very sensitive about view. However the sensitivity. Of the man who own troubles. Comes into view when he says quote. I think I have a damn right to be insensitive I didn't ask for this so now we've got. -- should he be have been more sensitive even though the businesses closed during his peak time probably. Or should he should he be more sensitive. The woman does have some injuries. And there's no need to have no need to make a spectacle -- it simply because it was an accident. Well I -- Jessie Davis. Not really sure what side it come down on this. But what -- what I he would Willard -- Is that in Texas pre surgical strike to hit Schwab holes and it's been hit his car. So I don't know maybe it's next to a target store and people thought there was was -- Florida something. But -- guard Tony what's it come on should be a bit more sense networking you'll understand his anger I understand both sides. Tokyo -- -- to about progress and violent and any didn't mention the woman's name or actors or anything like her face just -- -- it's. It was vague enough for me -- he was trying to bet he was trying to -- and I think I would vent to and he didn't attack her personally is it says due to careless driving. Well okay. Logical guy. Is that not careless driver. Sliding into there was an icy she enjoyed. So I think it you know whether she's elderly or whatever has nothing to do with the signs signs this careless driving. I don't again it -- a debate it's careless. But you know. Sure -- put it up there that -- asking you thumbs up or thumbs down on the trouble signs. Should we have more driving tests vision tests and the other continents for elderly drivers we've talked about that before. We come back we'll have both of them well here now that's. Two words back optimist.

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