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Viral Video Fixation

Dec 16, 2013|

Bob Thompson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The warning part of our focus is on all those viral videos that folks are flocking to on sites like YouTube and other video site lets talk more about them. Our guest on the live line is doctor Bob Thompson with the Bleier center for TV and pop culture at Syracuse University -- doctor Bob. Area you know pop culture you know radio and TV Super Bowl commercials. And now with the Internet comes YouTube and all these videos that go viral. Where do these viral videos fit into the pop culture's -- to. Well you know in the beginning -- -- remembered that YouTube tropical have been around since 2005. Viral videos probably you know about 567 years. Before that because they were circulating via. -- mailed out. But in the beginning it was so exciting about YouTube was that this stuff was coming from. Not your usual suspects were coming from big companies and network. Think a couple of the very earliest spiral videos one was that does it called Star Wars kid it was that kid pretended to be a she had. And then there were things like David after dentist and leave Britney alone and Charlie bit my finger these with a huge viral videos that was what was so interesting about that was. That they were just another television series from HBO or whatever. Now however it seemed like so many of these viral videos. Have become professional. The big viral video of this week horses that. Christmas miracle fleeing from -- -- And that is they'd be fancy high budget professionally dumping by a company. It kind of makes one not Belichick or a little kid getting beaten by his brother. Well what's the definition of viral. Well exposed to whatever you or wanted to be usually viral means that like a virus it does spread very very quickly. You just have to reach a certain number of them like -- and have to get a million hits. Million which considered a big gut. A big one now holed a ten million mark is probably more what one computers they Cooper it's. By a little bit video this question that they -- and I was telling you about. It was put up on December 8. So just a few days ago and it's up almost twenty million by anybody's definition that's clearly viral. When it in a viral videos don't have to be entertaining you know we remember. The video a couple of years ago that showed an elderly woman. Remember that they do on -- Rochester area New York school bus being bullied by all those kids a she wound up being a fairly rich woman. With people donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to work. Yeah that was a really disturbing. Video and a lot of the viral things. Not I mean funny is one way to go. Yeah being in coaching and tear jerking his second. And are alarmingly disturbing is is one of the third. And it's true she did that elicited a lot of bomb. Donations and -- grow. Some people who do these viral videos can get millions and millions of its. And it does not turn them into rich. But let's remember for every one video that goes viral there are literally millions. That don't. You know is it FaceBook. Or how to how to they spread so fast. Well a lot of that would happen before basics Star Wars kid which many many consider one of the first real. By -- videos that was circulating before forget FaceBook they'll need to be used to those were going through. Somebody would see it. And they need to the link to somebody and email when they see it made into a wink to all their email list. And it doesn't take long with that and they told two friends that they told two friends. Kind of thing -- something can really go viral so that basically yet. How it happened. Social media sites like FaceBook and the other ones got MySpace before that. Of course just make it all the more beauty for a video once it starts to hit to. Go like crazy it also doesn't hurt he could get. Picked up by -- regular mainstream media some of the early viral videos. Got more viral because Leno would played him on the Tonight Show or Good Morning America would play them on. Of their program now there's posh point oh -- ridiculous this and all the shows that like America's funniest home video collect these things popular yeah. Don't you wish you were a passenger on that west jet flight. But really only a lot of them body I went big PP by being yeah yeah flat screen to. -- talked to -- it asked for sacks and underwear he got them. It -- careful what you wish make sure you recruit. They've got to Bob thanks for joining us have a holiday thank you just always a lot of phone to talk to a doctor Bob Thompson with the bloggers out of the TV and pop culture at Syracuse University.

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