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Bills Beat the Jags

Dec 16, 2013|

John Murphy & Mark Kelso

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're prejudice one by value homes senators want speed experience and a winning team. Shop fast shop Smart shock value home senators John Murphy and mark Kelso the bills radio broadcasting with us this morning. Analyze -- after the end game in Jacksonville. Hey John -- the first let me ask you this when did you become aware that Stevie Johnson was playing yesterday knowing that his -- -- just passed away. -- at some point early in the game we heard reports and everything that's and it. Confirm her talk about it really but I guess early in the game yesterday. It -- -- -- an awful burden that he hand while it was playing. We're gonna John a Johnny. And a touchdown run what impressed you most about this guy yesterday. You know I think what impressed me most was already hung in there after a bad start and -- -- there's a pattern I think if you look at his start teaching Serbia. Sort of a slow starter in the course of the game she doesn't really got to get -- great start but. I don't want to regain that goes along and it impressed me that. Coming up you know pretty bad performance that we -- forward in Tampa Bay and then get -- up to a bad start I think -- This is for sides have to see sort of pulled himself together and that sort of making -- I think that's what impressed me most this. To -- -- bitten in the air and sort of way to make a true it was and win the game. Mark buffaloes running game was big yesterday Fred Jackson CJ Spiller combined for a 147 yards on thirty carries how to boost was that for EJ -- on the offense. Yeah it's a huge who's going to run -- ball effectively it opens up the entire offense and that they needed something to simplify it for. -- is well and and it just to protect them give an opportunity to sit back there and let plate development extend themselves that -- but. When the running game goes it is you know particularly against team like that. The play a lot of zone and -- -- running games go it's another step up yet some play action opportunities and and -- and the big plate it's Chris great debt net. I don't know we're on the right -- that the bill's not president with a big play and play actual situation which was I think a result of the -- -- -- running it. John the bills' offense had several long scoring drives one of 94 yards one for AD and another for 76 EJ Manuel. So that's a sign of a young offense maturing do you agree with that assessment. I do agree they've got to learn whether you know a lot of their issues to Europe also involvement consistency issues and to put the other along gradually indicates that you are getting more consistent they were able to convert some third downs. Mark just talk about some of the plays on the one not scoring drive. But I think you know they they they're becoming more consistently sit. They were yesterday. They ran the ball well at least a couple of those drivers which is really what they wanna do offensively and it's the key to what they wanted to offensively and so are. And ago pencil line -- a quietly had a very very good game and I think that goes along way towards a success yesterday and into the future. Mark the bills' defense made some really big plays yesterday. Anybody on. I meant to give the team effort but there's no question I got to care or at that -- when it is that states you know the oldest continues to play a really strong. They quarterback certainly that it is that is this year -- -- in defense of backyard and don't think she goes well he still all healed but. When a guy like that when it when Keiko make it almost plays he got a yep it's say that the defense line as do their job because all the things that they're doing inside Turkey and offensive linemen from climbing battlefield in it and put the shorter on on -- and and that enables him to run free and make plays so they. I mean I really -- it might just -- straight people it's clearing of their few targets they -- we haven't gotten. There's pretty impressive young man from a I think they're the first or UConn but not me it's acceleration couple that is announced and scenes but. But you know bill's been able to keep wrapped up most of the time an image simply plates on the field and he got to keep playing and you said the keep pouring -- agree with. The assessment which I mentioned about he had matured as a built up this because. You have to keep playing -- virtually immediately because support when Gwen and I firmly ensconced at all the -- -- is -- line up every single play need try to make big plays make things happen and that was one that that will result in the bills' victory. Well guys it's going to be a big game Sunday with Miami coming to the Ralph. And we'll talk to -- on Friday morning thanks. Okay thank you greatly Caroline. And so John Murphy mark Kelso the bills radio broadcasting from WGR Sports Radio -- fifty.

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