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Exploring Viral Videos

Dec 16, 2013|

Kevin Evanetski

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This morning we are focusing on YouTube videos that suddenly go viral which means. Just about everybody everybody around the world piles on them -- we'll see what -- that it was all about. We're gonna talk about viral videos Justin had with Kevin -- enough -- Kevin operates the website social -- it's based here in buffalo. No one of the most viral videos recently has been a posting by the folks at west jet a Toronto based airline. Here let's listen to. What are you looking for Christmas this year going. And -- wow wow -- -- classic. You'd like to call this. It would -- And legwork for Christmas Big Easy now they need. Things. Okay all these folks -- Christmas wish was given -- -- While they were waiting around of the luggage drama the -- -- ship terminal just like him on on the like Lidstrom. All these gifts that they were wishing for pretty. Gave -- giving whose poems when you were launching -- there was some people in tears. But I guess what we wanna ask heaven of an ASCII was on the WB and lifeline right now. Kevin was this an elaborately engineered. Commercial. Absolutely this system brilliant marketing. And the I don't think you can plan to do something like that especially Europe brand but everything kind of came together it was something that we've never seen before I think Eric optical player. In -- and that this was amazing. -- -- how it's this reach so many people that's the other thing. I'm not exactly sure what the trigger was put their -- some sort of I distribution -- that are tipping point. And a lot of times it is practically a traditional media with the radio with TV Ellen degenerate insurers YouTube video are certainly indexing now. And knowing you're going to abuse thing with Jimmy channel. Don't usually there is some sort of mainstream distribution helps the work helped you out. Among -- yeah sure in this situation. But I think the element of surprise and the whole miracle behind it. It treats were at -- to -- -- me feel bad for three years you before. So in the case of this west jet posting on YouTube all it took was a mention from someone like. Ellen DeGeneres Jamaica role. Jay Leno people like that right. A lot of time that is what helped videos go viral now of course it actually something that creates. An emotional connection and ended up the funny thing is -- -- actually tried this last year and depending what your. Who will what you call viral picnic and struck out biggest slash -- -- Europe could act. It was not it was a great big -- complex Italy at a Millie Hughes. Now some people might say loud and -- spiral believe compared to their current video this year of that reject -- failure if we are there extra seven million U. -- only a few days ago it had seventeen million. That's -- they can jump. So last year as a -- -- -- a million -- a lot so they're probably very happy lecture but one of the reasons. I think -- flash -- video 2012. -- in the legal Ireland because we've seen for. We've seen many many corporations and groups do slash -- Where we've never seen a hundred people get what they are extra trip at all within the time rats have a slight. Yeah he what viral video tool for our company. I didn't get a lot of my brain awareness out there people think about your brand is exactly going to. Sell your product person. I think you view -- -- a lot of people who watch there'll be using -- -- or other -- what they might be able to explain that -- -- in certain situations. Grant you really can't focus their product there. Ian Baker cards are likely inside the company name prepared Englander that supposedly glance -- Put anything in the splintered like -- to be all the time and they currently expect our. IPhone 5 -- It goes beyond its -- and use every time that you. I know they're under out their article Google -- and I need extra kind of blend anything in the world. Conscious of your -- situation back out by. Under the -- Period. Actually I -- I think that make people say you know all of them I'm gonna go buy their product in question situation perhaps now they are -- picture like it. So the million people. But of seventeen million log on seventeen makes it viral. You know it's it's really. To the person -- I think and local -- national western York if you could get it. -- -- -- and our 100000 people like you -- under which it will actually -- I think guarantee huge successful you're talking globally. Really the -- probably at a site and if ordinary. Okay Kevin good to talk with -- thank you. Thank you Cameron and -- that's the Kevin operates the website social yeah now. Each day we're putting up viral video on WB EN dot com for you to check out and today it is the west jet Christmas miracle. You won't be disappointed it is a longer video at about five minutes but it is worth that you'll find it near the top of WB EN dot com.

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