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"If I Had $550 Million?"

Dec 16, 2013|

Jill Schlesinger Might Buy A Real Fur Coat

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Chills less -- with us this morning host of Jill on money CBS news senior business analysts hey -- good morning good morning Mega Millions fever -- UN. Why not I mean. -- my conjure only. One in 259. Million. If that sounds so -- we'll wait a second. 100 you know I'm in it kind of that the National Weather Service says the chance of being struck by lightning over your eighty your lifetime is one in 101000 just. One and 259 Milli and am buying a ticket with -- Hey I mean it's at a sacred surpass. -- -- and I could surpass the record 656. Million dollar jackpot. Could be pretty -- a fun thing and it it's it's OK it's OK but either way. You know figure of actually getting here -- winning something does something right. It's what fifteen it's not that that you -- -- just get your dollar back to. That's terrible -- so. Going with your friends and it is buyer on tickets that I get a little worried when you go -- -- the friends and then there's a dispute as to who really put their money right grades and I want you wanna deal that I mean I buy a ticket now. John's gonna come on and hang on with us and we had to include him forget about it. I -- everything yeah I Odierno -- given that money every week. Right where you most of them just look at me and you could win you're going to be part owner of CBS -- Wednesday morning I could be and let me just tell you that if -- -- one of those people who won 559. Dollars and and and and I fiftieth pay tax on it you know an -- if -- took the cash lump sum option and you activate accent only 200 million. You're -- -- let's listen if we won. We could handle -- I could and never worried about the tax situation you know as a financial planner had a client who actually won the lottery. And it was quite an Odyssey to go through this with some and that is so it was really fascinating. And then then Heredia -- twelve years ago it was eighty million dollars and the lumps on after taxes I think with 23 million dollars. And it married schoolteachers. And in life changing right -- and so what you really need to do is in this just goes if you had cheneys and yet some sort of windfall would -- do. You really have to does it take a deep breath and say. I still need to get the game plan here -- mean it's all about putting this plan and actions that you you do get a lawyer and accountant he gets them and hope you manage your money. He project team together to figure out what you gonna do you figure out how to make this might last for the -- like -- don't give it away to. You're friends and neighbors -- -- gonna ask you alone and he really lock down. And you get to game plan and execute and that is the way to union any lump sum of money even if it's like. Hey you know even expecting him Graham I gave -- thousand bucks for Christmas he didn't expect that. What are you gonna do it at -- just gonna spend it. Think about it he really had claws and with any lump sum it's important to put put it together as part of your overall game plan. Thank you for the advice on that right now the Fed. Will they or won't -- this week pulled knows I think about even. Right now the right and the fit. Basically could say we're pulling back and our bond purchases because the employment situation has gotten better the economy starting to re accelerate and -- -- a deal Washington so he could make that case they are. Alternatively you could make it gazans say the labor market still very -- we've got. A problem with low inflation low and by the way let's -- -- -- do it next year so I think that there it really could be either way the good news is. You need to pay attention to the economy for one more power before the end of the year Wednesday from 23 330 the -- to think about. And and you don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll see you later. It's still flaws in your post of Jill on money CBS news senior business analysts.