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Snowed Under

Dec 16, 2013|

Meteorologist Bob Hamilton

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Boy just what we thought to lake effect was going to be settling down here on the Western New York area especially in the south -- -- we got hit again on Sunday. Let's talk about it on the live line from the airport weather station is meteorologist Bob Hamilton Bob good morning morning. World's oldest coming from Missouri and London site. Will will -- more snow showers around the first part of this week but if you look further down the road looks like we Woolsey but noticeable trend towards. Warming as we head in the second part of the week it works we have some rain coming insult. There's no -- gradually let up and you know actually were were still behind normal. I mean that's where were not even at normal where we should be for the time -- help. We've we've really been spoiled rotten in the past two years we're getting less. Three inches of snow each of the past two years through this point this season. And right now or on the around the of Porter so in the buffalo metro area. That coming before yesterday we picked up anywhere from five to ten yesterday but we're still below normal so you know on the the past two years really spoiled -- Jackass I mean that's hard for allow people to believe. Now they the warm up that you mention in the rain that's coming later in the week -- -- anything to worry that they are with all this now. Probably not it takes over a longer period of warmer weather to kind of -- -- -- -- -- at that point where of the quarter is gonna be policed indignant and the basins. Looks like -- rain we do get it's going to be more showery probably under half French and a lot of like gets absorbed in the snowpack. Bob what are some of the official and unofficial snow totals you Metallica that they're here in Western New York. We have today and the buffalo mature area picked up well anywhere from five to ten inches. Part of that came Saturday night probably 60% that I came Saturday night. And then later on during today's Sunday we have another shot of one to 32 to four inches and and that was really lighten. Floppy but again the majority of the snow was still south of the area and ski country. Wondering about the lake what is the temperature right now it's. He allowed Hitler hoping that -- we'll freeze over quickly. But not too far from normal it's it's in the mid thirties right now which is just about word should be so. Were probably a month away from it. You know story to freeze over -- we got really cold. Bob good to talk group do you good to talk with -- -- this morning thanks very much. A meteorologist Bob Hamilton -- the National Weather Service buffalo report weather station.

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