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Free Buffalo's Jim Ostrowski

Dec 15, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time to talk politics it's hard line on news radio nine. And be here. And what a week it is to talk politics I think we've got the perfect jumping off point of your listening a little bit earlier. We're talking a lot about the things that from proposed by Governor Cuomo for property tax reform. Basically he has proposed a two year program of property tax rebates in those places that stay underneath the tax cap. One of the guys that's against that is EJ McMahon of the empire center they're pretty conservative group. The CA CA is also against it they say they'll be a loss of revenue in services there and I. I found it very interesting it's really weird when you have the CO CA and EJ McMahon together on the same page criticizing something. Let's go even a little step further now I want to bring in free Buffalo's Jim Ostrosky Jim is someone who is. Basically tried in recent years set up by a think tank on a lot of issues in and around the buffalo area. He's certainly a libertarian he's written for Lew Rockwell dot com. We talked earlier in the program minimum wage that is something that Jim has certainly touched on in the past we have talked a little earlier in the program about corporate welfare that is certainly something that Jim. Has written about and spoken aloud about a lot in the past. And I figure bringing him in to comment on this hold tax proposal. Would be the perfect jumping off point is that a lot of them on the program. We're gonna during the discussion here probably wander on to a lot of topics and we invite your calls as well 8030930s. The number an entire hour now with -- Jim -- thanks for being here. Thanks for having me David those -- Let's start with the -- property tax program here this year CA used and it was a favorite buzzword of yours corporate welfare a lot in their criticism of it. Have you seen -- the governor is proposing and do you see some of that going on here. Or do you have other reasons to perhaps dislike it. Well it's. I agree with PGA it's super complicated. It was a very long report on line and and it's it's ironic that -- Commissioner spoke to simplify everything there explanation of what they're doing. Is is you know you have to have a Ph.D. To even understand -- I certainly wouldn't oppose a tax caught. What it's not really clear what they're doing here I feel one of their chart and page. A number of -- tax increases. Themselves they're getting rid of the you know exemption for clothing and and footwear. In and numerous other they're reinstating the gift tax that the 150 million dollars. They're closing loopholes won't let you close a loophole that is that. It's anybody's. So it's not really clear what they're doing here and the worst thing would be. Two increased taxes in some ways not only text caught. Are temporary they end up wears off and a couple of years so and in general agreement with EJ McMahon position on that. All right we did just postage is commentary by the way if you want a follow up that some line at WB and a common our top stories sex and talk to me Jim about what what. Could be going on here the idea of passing out these tax -- cuts right before an election. Well. I think it's obvious. They they don't want to change the fundamental. Structure of government in New York State and we have the the biggest government I I looked up updated this morning hoping against hope. For the the freedom of the fifty states studied by Jason -- used to teach that you would be we're still believe free state. And the political class is firmly in charge is it like they'd like what's going on they could care less that we're we have artists so. -- for people moving out of the state. But they have to present. The home bread circuses for the masses so they do come up with these gimmicks -- every once in awhile -- add up any thing but they just hoped to. It'll -- over the whole of the next election and politicians. Contrary to popular belief. They they have a very short time for him and everything they think they care about the next election. And that's about yet so who it it it is gimmickry. He he should be is -- correct on there is no there's no fundamental change. And I don't see anywhere in this study. That talk about spending cuts it's it's it's kind of a third to talk about tax cut. Well not that you what what the US spending out how your -- -- it was with spending cuts. So that that's another major concern which indicate there's no real willingness to cut the Euro but -- with the big government and your state. I think the the justification this year for not doing the spending cuts and still doing this. Is he dips into surplus says that that would be a -- Well. That that's fine. What those surpluses into. But disappear very quickly and who you know you can never really trust what what this -- him and and Albany about numbers. They'd be very lied about surpluses then why have they did they'd probably life and more about deficits that may -- don't even exist. So who lose credibility factor there whitewash simply believe anything coming out of Albany based on the last fifty years of what their record is -- Part of the reason why -- wanted to have you on the program as I know you've disgust and written a lot about the idea of the political class and -- doing whatever they -- to stay in power. You're certainly. The author of is it political class dismissed is that that the name of the book. Yes. Local quest to move based on the one major effort in there about try to figure out -- buffalo declined. And then go a long story short it's because there is this greedy self serving. Political class that uses the government of the cash machine and that's basically. The motive government throughout throughout New York State. And the rest of -- -- -- get -- -- -- marketplace to subsidize some and a lot of us who have left those stick it out. For one reason or another all but yes you have to understand that. You know throughout throughout recorded history. There's been a battle between the productive book class and the the quest to want to live up to productive class when I called on the political cola. They're in firm control. All they have all the money you know -- you know there's there's nobody working full time on behalf of the New York State taxpayer. That that really that I am aware of him in New York State there's some businesses groups and I I don't mind that. But when you look at the other side of the ledger how many people are working full time to maintain the power of the state. The county the city from the federal government over the average person what is the all over the -- falling all over to a Governor Cuomo has little. As -- -- -- -- -- you know like -- of these things and people can on the phone of them all the government workers show up there. So. We're outnumbered were outgunned. Here and it's it's it's it's common book it's difficult to figure out what to do I'm I'm always -- is trying to pick a new strategies would with a prior strategy does not work and don't make -- -- -- that -- Over and over again but we're new we're Big Apple here and there's no there's no wind soft little. 8030930s. The number of Jim Ostrosky is here from free buffalo. He's also the author of political class dismissed were speaking more broadly about some of the issues he raises there. Of course the jumping off point they're some of the things that Governor Cuomo has had a commission place on the table regarding property tax relief. Jim let let's put this in the context of something else that we've discussed very briefly -- programmer earlier today. The idea of hiking the minimum wage now New York is doing it as of the first of the year. The federal government is talking about it even more broadly. Is this also kind of thing you're saying about one class perhaps living off the other. Well. Absolutely because. It's a way to -- go it's a way to keep go to an issue and this is also true we've gone. Which maybe we'll talk about may be -- Yeah we'll get to vote for the programs I promise you. -- of the politicians are always. There policies fail and throughout the bite my fourth book is about progressive progressive of -- its policies always fail. So the question is how these scapegoat of the distract people's attention so a lot of the things we've been doing like minimum wage -- -- in the gun control both. They're trying to enter distract attention like -- shell game try to distract attention from their own policy failures after fifty years of allegedly -- Low income worker policies. Our low income workers in New York State are suffering. And so you know to try to is that the other way look the -- clauses like it doesn't cost them I mean at least when they. Has the subsidy or whatever corporate welfare. They have to pay for it somehow they're the reason why the minimum wage is just a horrible policy we can get into it more if so seductive. Is the confidence. That they they have to pay for the ink to sign it in the book signing ceremony maybe maybe some paper the principal. -- it's to complete. It is it is it that way it is complete disaster is not a move we lauded the -- so they can this all the time and -- it's like -- politician's wife with their wounds. From what we laws do what is the law actually do both law. But what makes it illegal to work. For certain. We -- Realistically. Using proper English and grammar and telling the truth. It's a mandatory on employment law if you understand the mandatory employment law on those sane person could actually support it. It doesn't require that anybody be harder. At a certain wage and overtime. People whose productivity is below that wobble. Will you know. Basically be terminated shortly golfer when they leave their job is is that position won't be replaced so. It causes on employment you see the unemployment particularly -- minority communities and instead of that there you know. Selling stolen car parts installed marijuana and street corner it's very that I would crumble before employers it all the time. The job that used to be there for four people the option in -- theater elevator operators whenever. Are being replaced by technology. -- you see them pop and basically with a minimum wage -- -- At that level the employer will. And who. Think the higher educated and maybe that the more experienced workers and more productive. They'll get them to work. A little bit more adult paying no more no eliminate the lower skilled jobs so as it has been said. Many many times but the politicians don't care because there to -- quite frankly. Would be good people at the bottom can never get in the appointment process. 8030930s. Are -- Jim we're late for our break on the other side we'll take couple phone calls. -- Strauss is here for free buffalo it to come hole sixteen minutes before he said the word. Corporate welfare will get to that on the other side of the break to answer it about -- Powell throw in some of the discussions some of the legal papers that he's filed. In terms of gun control in New York State. A lot of things to get to a lot of time left time to get in on the phone -- three -- 930 more after this it's hard line on news radio 930 WB yen. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB and this is de depot. The National Weather Service does have a lake effect snow advisory that -- continues until four on Monday afternoon before it's all done. They say five to ten inches in the most persistent -- -- areas. And that is specifically should -- what -- -- southern Erie and Wyoming counties. More about that online at WBN dot com. More about taxes more about government more about the way things are and some shouldn't necessarily be Jim Ostrosky is here from free buffalo. All of them here -- from conservative voices you hear some liberal voices from time to time he is and that I don't think I am putting -- bad label on your forehead here. Jim is a voice you don't often hear from or at least a camp you don't often hear much from hardcore libertarian -- and safe to say. Yeah out the other. The funny thing is David and in my book I talk a lot about the word libertarian and -- it's -- it's it's kind of a regrettable perm because people think. What the libertarian and never heard you guys. The old fashioned word was liberal. Oddly enough -- talk a lot about that but it. We've been around for half 500 years and we're the ones that overthrew the kings. And there's -- you know that little thing called the American revolution that was liberals that was. What we would call no libertarians so it's the word because it is. It means maybe doesn't serve goes well what basically means supporting individual liberty at all fronts. 8030930. -- Strauss the author of political class dismissed let's bring in. Pete go ahead thanks for waiting -- Good morning. -- you're so right on the money which regarding your political class and are your are your other comments this matter of fact. I I love. People are remembered -- I know way back when you're very instrumental in actually kicked him out off the buffalo -- And then there was some divergence there then and largely I think cut. I I'm not sure how all the reasons but the Tea Party ideas I've actually we know it's not a real party but they're they're pretty closely aligned with your which you call libertarian ideas. And the whole idea of a political class in New York State. But here's my dilemma is that I did I believe that a lot of people are. Believe it's this sort of a common sense. Idea here but how do we get people to understand it and -- because I'm. It's obvious from the way the elections go around here. Yet people are more concerned with just going along with the status quo I mean this is that you don't have a serious message out there. The very serious and we are just not getting any support whatsoever from the media are so called media -- -- Leon newspapers the that there completely for the status quo and I know you used the term status in many -- stand. I think there's gotta be some kind of a program here where we can get this displays to the hurt bad but not to hurt but. More accepted. I think I don't know what he had to -- -- but you're -- right on the money. Jim how hard how much of an uphill battle hasn't -- a lot of these ideas you've been pushing for awhile. Devil's advocate would say if they were so great people would have embraced them by now. Well that's. That's who both have really good point except is the difference. If you took all the -- and western new York and put them into a school run by Jim Ostrosky in the truck. And ultimately exposed to who libertarian ideas -- -- and really the glorious history of a book classical liberals and libertarians who ending slavery. International free trade would help to believe is that hunger and Ireland the great heroes. Of the liberty movement over the last 500 years. They'd be a little different but you know. -- it in the incident Pete's question in its specifically about that the Tea Party movement today that that's and our show. When the Tea Party movement. Was co opted by the Republican Party I quit I got out. And locally a lot of the joke -- you know there was some of filtration into the movement by the Republican Party. Machine and -- that that was the you know that was basically the end of that what in the larger percentage point in my third book. Is acceptable government schools are bad for your kids. Really I didn't write that by accident I wrote that because I was frustrated. With the lack of progress around here and I began to realize is that as long -- the government control the education of 90% of our young people. Indeed engaged in systematic brainwashing of them which is what happens in government schools. -- took -- spokes. All -- there's not that much hope so I focused there around that issue. More recently Ron Paul little book about the same subject. -- be one bright spot. In the liberty of movement is home schooling is increasing rapidly in the -- infrastructure supporting it is also increasing threat is one of the bright spot. Are in the liberty movement more more people appointed to vote vote. Government schools and educating them at home and they're more likely to be exposed to ideas that are not favored by the by the establishment itself. All that that's one that's one. Bright spot and -- -- well if you are ideas that might be my fourth book go to. They've nobody -- government of the United States since Jefferson and eighteen hundred's so this is not an easy thing to do. I understand we've got our back up against a news break Stan -- sister -- if you stay right there will get to you after the break. It's hard line on news radio 930 WV again. It's hard line on news radio 930 double B and this is the Tivo. Are jumping off point today at least -- taxes in New York State with Governor Cuomo proposing some changes there. The discussion those come become a lot broader than that minimum wage corporate welfare all of that on the table today. Jim Ostrosky is here he's the author of political class dismissed. He's a local attorney that filed some briefs against New York's gun control law we will get to that in this segment and he's also the guy that rogue government schools are bad for your kids. Broadly speaking we're taking a look at government through his libertarian. -- today. 8030930s. A number of back to the phone stand in Rochester you've been patient thanks. In other good morning Jim I am firmly believe that don't. Money. Is supposed to both parties orchestrated. It -- to -- that playing musical chairs. We have one political party called the republic rich. That's when the Republicans and the Democrats. Joined forces. And it seems to like this -- budgets. We open a government raised the debt and then move on the -- around. It's ridiculous. There are even the conservative there are imploding dinosaurs you know hormone or -- typical thing. I agree totally I called. I called the money party. -- the the politicians around here are basically do the bidding of the big money people. You can look at and they don't even I mean look at the donations we we know the the big money people give them money than most people love. Get get whatever they want in the parties are really kind of for soccer rated to make people think you know -- have a choice. Well with. No policies that would change or there's a lot of cooperation between the the machine that runs that each party. All they have more in common with -- each other than they do with average people in fact I call it help people who. This -- outside these politicians think they hardly ever talk to real people they only talked -- other politicians. And people who are and you know special interest groups they've they've really have no idea. How much. Suffering they're -- among the rank and file average people working class people. The working poor Western New York to just completely out of touch they've got they're guaranteed sellers -- guaranteed pension and all of this stuff the health care and assume that they've. These people never lose their jobs is that in -- the pickup and all of what they don't know what it's like it does not have a state pitcher. So they're just they're just completely out such I completely agree agree with the call. Do you think that the the merging of Republican and Democrat into sort of off a moneyed class party in the middle do you think that's less of a factor. At the national level do you think there's more cleared delineated lines between the two there or is this a problem that you see pretty much everywhere. You. I think it's pretty much. Everywhere. I mean. I'm researching this now the history of them you know Vermont has the Republican Party I mean name a program that. One of the progressives put in Wilson FDR LBJ's. Name one of those programs that the Republicans ever got -- when they have the power. In fact in the war on drugs the irony is that that was the of course gradually and as a progressive. A program. Nixon became one bit ago drug wars and sort of Reagan and bush want. So. You know it's more for. To make the public think that they have a choice because -- -- not the basic programs and policies covered trees certainly not on foreign policy. None of the vision of a domestic programs ever change bush. Who gave us the you know push -- -- drug would benefit so. You know what is the real difference in parties moving the very removable. Coming up at twelve noon Republican congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and democratic senator Patty Murray will be on Meet the Press. Those are the two that basically came together earlier this week. With they compromise. Federal budget one that they save both sides can agree on. Are you making the case in a time when we've seen the horrors I use a little bit of air quotes there. You're making the case this time when people rebelled against government shut down. That each party should have been more hard line that Ryan and -- should not have gotten together. Federal budget. Well of I don't expect the Democrats to put the brakes on spending because that's their whole reason for being used to make government bigger. -- -- It was like I watched a little bit of that interview this morning. What it was like. Applicable law and a mean they're there almost holding hands. And that's basically what happens down there that the Tea Party movement which I don't really think this and more of the work. Is still used I don't know why the word is still used. But people like Boehner and so on all of that they're basically go along for the ride they're not gonna rock. Oh are there -- -- their own power perks they do they often end up as an extremely wealthy lobbyists think they like 'cause they're like these fees and in the fine Washington the -- -- place to live them. Down on the farm of these states are back on the farm so of now I don't see any difference at all between any any real difference at all and in the the differently -- it would -- -- -- Little bit more detailed than me and I've written about this one. Why did why there's such personal hatred for democratic figures starting with not starting with but give you example bill and Hillary and Obama. Well a lot of this is deliberate a lot of this and I don't I don't I don't like and of their policies but I am bothered by that that. Personal hatred in the but it all whipped up by Republican consultant. To distract the Republican rank and file. From realizing. That their own party is quite useful. It doesn't do what they say so it's always like you know we have to hate bill and Hillary yet and we have to hate Obama personally. Well yeah. Because then we won't be thinking about how terrible the Republican record is that the Republicans have that power many times news. Talk about -- and the new book. You know they've had they've controlled the congress that they pushed and which to control everything for brief span of time. What are you -- give us the prescription drug benefit so. Camera wouldn't give us the this Supreme Court justice who give Obama got it that was pushed too. The name escapes me but that that this so called conservative who who gave us Obama carry huge expense. So the Republican Party. Has had power over the period of -- forty isn't completely failed to roll back government and any meaningful way. A lot of the analysis that I've heard and I want you to tilted this a little bit is that there is a big moderate middle and that politics these days is driven. By the extremists on either side kind of pulling in opposite directions the the argument that we certainly saw during the government shut down. Are you saying that each side needs to be more hard line and that that metal doesn't exist -- Or should they just ignore that middle -- had for the sake of advancing ideology. Well. That's a good question but it's the only way I can answer Davis phase that is my view. All you can properly understand what would progressive issues. Well we have to progressive party's war. Leaving aside some of the social issues which which are used to look confused and then divide people. And get the Republicans -- but more importantly than they might otherwise Korea there's two partners to big government parties and Washington -- the Republicans absolute. You know the Democrats. What I -- driving headed make government bigger and about sixty miles an hour and the Republicans only want to make government bigger the rate of thirty miles an hour and that's the range of acceptable. Debate in Washington. Of the Tea Party movement tried to change that debate but really. Unfortunately it was not successful so well what I would. Is be nice to have party. That is. As an alternative view all -- libertarian classical liberal -- Jeffersonian what everyone has called but there is not a party. Two days that -- -- Bible was the -- the Libertarian Party but they've never been able to. Get more of them I have to facility of 1% of the vote. So there's not a viable party a lot of that is not their fault it is -- -- That -- -- -- the two party system but I don't really see that we have a two party system that we have a one party system. Along those lines tomorrow night longtime local Republican fund -- Anthony joy yeah. Is holding up quite a large fund raiser for Democrat Brian Higgins a congressman. He says that sure I'm philosophical issues there is certainly some disagreement but when it comes to individual progress on the local scene for Western New York. That there are times when Republicans like Kim terminals also on the committee helping put together. Industrialist -- strictly. There are times he says when people who are in favor of local progress need to look beyond the difference between Republican and Democrat your reaction. Oh boy. Do you have an hour. I mean it is it is a guy and it has nothing personal against them -- is because it would have because the local questions within the hole was. You may enjoy our -- Higgins he's been an eventful life. He used part part of what all the polls that have dragged down buffalo. And yet. It's goals impossible to defeat over the opponent against them because of the public money would -- to run for congress but. Look I mean of the Brian in takes a lot of special interest money. And he does the bidding of the wealthy and powerful people who run buffalo. In fact when I tried to get a candidate. To run against some of these wonderful opportunity -- 2000 and first there was the fall false rumor that Fred Lewis was gonna run. And then people -- out of the way to get the candidate I had mine out of the race in the slaughter rates. I never -- such field operation in my life to make sure that Brian didn't have a viable candidate. And in this was within the Republican Party. So -- lose this -- back and what we've been talking about we don't have to parties we have we have one party the money party but it does the bidding of the wealthy and powerful from buffalo -- got a subsidy for a vote for the subsidy for MT bank. On the and in their 40 you know what what you what a shock is that. But then you can do business with this guy he's our guy. And therefore both parties come together sport you know that basically a perfect example of everything we've been talking about that the one party. Money money party in the in buffalo organized by a wealthy. Small lead that uses the government as the cash machine while the rest of that are suffering. 8030930s. Are number -- in buffalo thanks for waiting so long you're on there. Okay thanks Dave and Tim had Merry Christmas simple dinner and a real bloody attacks in view Kim I know you're an attorney. And did you have your lap people in the world when it comes to politics is still manipulation. Some effects -- true integrity. You know lady from the execution but I got this correct Elizabeth Warren sure yet I don't eat she is -- woman's. That I really admire a lot. And that's something that we lack a Protestant country number worn. Do you admire her ideas or the fact that she's not distorting the facts you're talking about. People started to act. That's what I like about her wearing an -- and then she it's and let David and Goliath chi -- David -- One thing I want to bring it to your attention is this. Won't -- -- practiced. They have a secret federal grand purely. To go after somebody across this country -- and liberal government. Make them example. Drivers to begin to ride so hey somebody. -- began. Will we have to be careful about what they -- whom do we make black bra bra and an international corporation. Or in this country. -- -- in China Vietnam -- a practice that's what what what I'm in this country. I would end up talking upper -- and you're promising guys. Thank you let Jim first let's get your reaction we set about Elizabeth Warren I don't picture you being in the same philosophical campus her. On an -- -- whatsoever. I think she's pretty but it seems pretty far left and I really don't know. All that much -- but I I doubt we'd be in agreement. These economic issues may be. Maybe some civil liberties issues maybe some foreign policy issues but as far as the as far as the line. Of I'd just and would look at not a massive muscles beneath them and it in the he's basically his point I could possibly stated that the way he did. Is that. When you have violence you're gonna have lying and and a lot of appeal almost everything the government -- coercive and violence -- often that the court should use hidden. But ultimately if you don't go along there will be very dealt with a -- Richard door or stuffing your car so. When you have violence the lives are gonna come in shortly thereafter in order to rationalize and justify the violence because violence is not good for people. Other founding fathers wanted to very limited government -- There were done differently to the government. It is well which is why we we have the right to bear arms. But they wanted to very small because they realize that government as Washington said his forces since forces whether -- food. It is only useful for countering -- force and otherwise people should be allowed as Jefferson said the go about their business. Peacefully so. These policies the progressive as a both parties by the way and -- -- well this is a group of progressive Republicans they involve forcing people. Into doing things they don't wanna do. These things never work is no example of them working that I am aware of in modern history and there are for the what -- in the rationalizations. The conventional politics really severity. Is -- the big tackle was. All right now -- -- something that I've heard before my my late father in law would say around Thanksgiving table almost every year. That when you look at politicians and you look at the amount of influence that corporations and money have. That that there is the grounds there for some sort of federal racketeering grand jury that Rico trial would you agree. All of you know I have to see what the you know and the lawyer and they had have to see what particular of violation was occurring unfortunately the grand jury system. Which you know many many mechanisms to restrain the power of the government have been turned around him and really preferred to make the government stronger. Grand jury is it was supposed to be a check on the government but everybody knows now that just the school of the prosecutor whether locally -- -- And you know who who -- those who took the prosecutors with the who -- these law enforcement officials it's very often. There's some political influence and again. All the people who donate large amounts of money to local parties or all of these some of those congressmen. In the as the case may be have a huge say -- that so well. He had the average person doesn't have the illegal political juice that these big corporations do which is weather's been so few indictments are rising about. The F financial collapse of the recent years. Jim -- I squeeze in one more call here well on the program early and leave enough time to squeeze and the latest weather information before -- go off to Meet the Press so let's bring in Bob in buffalo go ahead to your -- Good morning and I hope that the the two of you sort of your article and time magazine and the fact over. -- -- article about -- to represent a couple of book numbers very short. To put tip of the state and local. I didn't. For dear -- eleven that's the question that you for New York was 7500 dollars. The pro tip of the state and local tickets for tax -- 500 dollars. Then there's not a big statistics. The net change in population. Again for 2011 that's the year they hit for New York minus 90000. -- for Texas who was appalled a 1101000. Been -- what that means is that more people. Our leading New York State -- -- -- through it more people are moving to protect the release that are don't get fooled by which put on in -- -- tall broad. I I I hear what you're saying we've got about thirty seconds for a quick comment before wrap up Jim go ahead. It absolutely right but even if you look at -- -- states like Pennsylvania and Ohio the span of about 65 cents to our dollar which means that you can you can actually feel when your driver on those states. There's a lot more wealth flowing around you don't even have to go as far as taxes to point out how bad your status. All right Jim. Great -- glad you were able to do this thanks very much -- that's Jim Ostrosky from free buffalo dot org he's also the author of political class dismissed. And why government schools are bad for your kids.

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