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12-12 Michael Caputo Hour 1

Dec 12, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's one of the best guitarists ever played. One of the reasons I love that. Another is because he lets me sit in for him when he is away on. Education. This is Michael put him in for Tom Bauerle who is back on Monday. You'll be glad to hear you've got me for two more days today and tomorrow. So were happy Thursday what a trip getting here from east -- roar again and I swear I swear it's almost like yesterday. Was being re played kind of like Groundhog Day would I hit west Seneca. Everything was fine become a -- -- let me tell you was no picnic. No picnic I think it's moving north and I'm glad we're going to be here and -- updates on the weather traffic. Through the show. I think tomorrow I'm sorry I think today is going to be yes -- worse than yesterday -- -- fuels like it that it a break now it was like Groundhog Day. I swear ice are the same snowflake. Yesterday the -- are today on my windshield vary -- Ago but I -- counter it's actually Thursday so. And no it's not. Well ladies and gentlemen guess what -- chumps chumps that you your -- I mature on the world chumps you know -- -- but is right now. Right now as we speak. The Erie county legislature is cramming it through the Democrats by the -- -- lame ducks. Variant that the county -- of their residents of the categories -- he sent them packing told them we don't watch you in the majority anymore we want the Republicans to run. The Erie county legislature. But the Democrats before they'd go before the door hits him in the back side -- the majority offices they're cramming through a law. A bill and it's all if the county executive's -- highly recommend he doesn't. Caught at the mayor and -- Auburn along the bearcats are in the mirror and -- and Barbara and bill that's the bill is nonsensical based upon. Weird science delivered to the -- county legislature by the face tattoo but Harry. Legged. No it's -- crowd. -- but they want fracking banned in Erie county not just fracking on county and but you know they their laying out all this other crap about how fracking to. They're absolutely full of it they're full of it and they drive in this bill just because. Lindh -- Alley and legislator walker and feel like it. You know bit if this is what's this what's really bugging me I know there is opposition to fracking up there you're in the minority people. So maybe it's got some good with that base that too. You -- in the minority the people who oppose fracking used to protest in Washington but Barack Obama Obama told them that get out of he told them that go you know get pac -- because Barack Obama supports fracking. 32 states sit on the Marcellus Shale. 31 of them told these hairy legged tattooed freaks. -- they had to get out of town. But the only place they packed up the plays they had to go was New York you know where they resigned. -- -- nexus of buffalo Ithaca and New York City people. New York City. These opposition people -- just add water instant. Protest group that stands out there smell like -- -- in the year. Have convinced. Lynn Merritt -- and legislator -- and to put this anti fracking bill in and they didn't even send it to committee. Against all legislative rules they didn't even send it to committee. Not at all they're violating the rules because Lofgren and -- -- want this bill passed. It's absolutely a freak show freaks. I'm over it I'm absolutely -- I'm sick and tired of the Democrat majority temporary. Lame duck majority and the county legislature was sent home for a reason and here it is right here folks -- -- Lofgren. Passing this bill because they don't want the jobs. 232000. Jobs in Pennsylvania my friends all related fracking. And we don't need those jobs mean -- couple hundred jobs on. And casinos deep color it's about that time. They don't want to France and you know what Pittsburgh is released sitting. On the synonymous Scioscia but it's an urban area there's not a lot of frak and I -- going on the counties around directly. Contiguous to Pittsburgh but Pittsburgh has more than 101000 jobs Anderson certainly. Thousands of jobs related fracking you know what they are they're there at the headquarters of these the regional headquarters of these oil and gas companies who work. Were pumping so much money into the Pennsylvania economies they pump out the natural gas. Thousands of jobs in Pittsburgh. Without probably one well. And everybody in the fracking industry -- a couple of years ago said you know what. Pittsburgh and beat buffalo Buffalo's gonna be doing the the work that Pittsburgh does for consuming up will be -- -- talking about machine shops. You know equipment rental places sand bag manufacturing places. All the different jobs all the different support apparatus. That's parents fracking. That supports the natural gas and it's going to be in buffalo. Buffalo. But you know what if they if they pass this bill on the -- can it legislature which they're cramming through because you -- -- chumps. You chumps they know but the TV news stations are going to be covering -- apocalypse. The casino if it bleeds it leads in television in nowlin on TV from Sunday's. I don't blame them it's whatever he wants with all the talk about how deep the snow is in front of our house and Lofgren and -- -- no. They know so they're cramming this through without following legislative rules there was no committee hearing they're lying about it. And they're cramming it through so that he get it done before they -- sent packing out of the majority -- merit LA what are you doing. What are you doing what is your major malfunction. Why do you why get a vote against jobs. Perhaps thousands of jobs many of them in your district. And your voting against it -- -- fuming over this. These people are and they don't deserve their -- that's what we win that's when we sent so many of them home. That's why we elected -- Republican majority Republicans and they're trying to stand their ground but there Italian -- Brent. They're making sure passes because if they vote for it. We don't get the jobs you know why because I know I know people on the gas oil and gas industry that I talk to them all the time. They say you know what start does set up our offices and things in places that are friendly to office. So if buffalo -- -- they're going somewhere else when. Cuomo does allow fracking -- that's common the Democrats in buffalo think fracking is evil. -- our Governor Cuomo doesn't. He's delaying it because he's politically motivated but he doesn't think it's evil he's gonna make it happen. Your leader in Washington new Democrats. President Obama he supports it. He even spoke about it in his in his State of the Union Address so about leadership of the Democrat party in the net in the nation the leader the Democrat party. In New York support fracking or at least they're considering it. But that based -- nose ring Hillary elected crowd has got the Erie county legislature. On strange just like puppets. You know they have had public hearings all public hearing nobody from the industry shoot -- leak that's what they -- care about it but you know what your public hearing was announced right before Thanksgiving and then held directly after Thanksgiving. The industry didn't even know about it and by the time they did they couldn't put -- executives before a crowd and I'm awake the whole room smoke my body order. I'm so sick of this and the lying the lying about fracking a lot -- you people are like -- years. Lighters. And you know WR. Birth of a check on your carpets there Harry. I am so tired of view I am tired of this is ridiculous -- your county legislature thinks you are chump because you watch the TV news. Talking about how many inches fell here and there and be able to our show -- keep up to date. On what's happening with the snow but in the meantime I'm gonna tell you this dork county legislature thinks you are eight strong. And if you don't believe it just watch how they pass this bill. While the snow falls -- round. And with that those thousands and thousands of jobs. They're nuts. You know they're beholden to I don't like I just don't get it -- mean they're the only people in the country who believe this you know horse. Hockey that's coming out of the mouths of these just -- water instant protest groups. The only ones nobody else does. Washington sent them out 31 other states that we don't believe you'll get lost so they moved to buffalo. In that nice they go to buffalo. And very few of them even work. You know if you it would win. The oil and gas industry was here for a beer. Our annual conference which by the way I can tell you the oil and gas -- he was thinking you know I. I don't have our conference here because the buffalo people they don't want fracking -- -- -- somewhere else. But they did and in -- they probably brought a 100000 dollars in the community a 100000. Watt. Have you done for buffalo no -- crowd what you've done nothing. Nothing. I just so sick of this. You know right now it's in the county legislature sit there -- look at each other in their say in how we gonna get this passed away you know what. We don't care they -- Watson's apocalypse. They'll wake up tomorrow and find out about this bill was wilkes-barre vary. -- important. Or fracking. It's -- -- in the streets nobody is gonna Franklin County land nobody is gonna -- spread lacking fruit on the streets. But you're sending a message to the industry we don't want you here. And you know what they're not common. Those thousands of jobs they'll be in Binghamton or worse across the border in Pennsylvania where they know how to treat industries that ring. 200. In 32000. Oh. Absolutely -- Alitalia. This is absolutely. Beyond the pale beyond the legislator Bachmann. -- -- -- If you vote for this bill. I promise you I myself will personally work against your reelection and inform the people in your district the -- didn't want the jobs. I'll work hard as a volunteer. Because I am over it. It's just ridiculous. -- they didn't even at that it the industry comes the public hearing and now when the industry's it will come and testify at a at a committee hearing not a as the public hearing was set ups of the couldn't get there. Mason oh we're not gonna have a committee hearing now even though it's against the rules -- not have a committee hearing. How ridiculous. The industry I talked to several -- they're just you know what buffalo. You know. We consider or office. In. The people who Binghamton benefit. Or better yet -- at the same thing happened -- but all in Pittsburgh. You know. Ridiculous. -- to -- You people need to be set home packed all you beat anybody who votes for this bill is a full. Your fool you for your held captive here in thrall perhaps you can't stop looking at an illusory. That's what it is or the smell the BO from the people who don't shower -- crowd in York you're county hall. -- that's -- you in talks. Is that the problem you're sickness -- wanna out of their seat -- -- vote for this your fools. Absolute fools. Who's your county legislator who is who -- Call them called right now and tell them if you vote for this your vote against jobs because that's exactly. Exactly. What is happening. Fools. Everyone of you and any act I swear I swear anyone have you come through me and there's talk about how people like the waterfront are your lions. Euro by year. The -- lot. And today coincidentally. Jeremy is -- the chief of staff. Of the county legislature majority too soon to be the minority. Is gonna you become -- Callan is a guest today I mean I didn't think we're gonna have a discussion about fracking. It's unfortunate I'd really like to talk about the things with Jeremy and perhaps we will. But it certainly can ask about this because he's the -- Japanese the one that's manipulating. The situation so that it can be voted on without a proper committee hearing he'll talk all we talk about all that's at their tone repugnant liars. -- -- -- You're breaking the rules of the legislature you were supposed to have a committee hearing you didn't because you do. The industry was gonna come in and tell you the truth. And because you know the industry is wearing a nose ring you don't wanna talk to a home. -- -- -- -- -- That's -- if you vote for these Democrat legislators who vote who actually cast the vote in favor of killing these jobs. Are never bring the jobs the buffalo if you vote for him again and you're unemployed -- got nobody to blame but yourself. Legislator -- Legislator Mary now. Listen up if you vote for this. You're not gonna get elected again not gonna happen because you voted against real honest to god good paying jobs you know how much those jobs pay people. And in Pennsylvania they say the average is 75000. Dollars. We're taught -- to -- Abdullah jobs for somebody who didn't go to college. You know they want associates degree maybe but people who were working hard work and brought back people who can who can move things around. That's big money my friends. -- him maybe it's 50000 that's big money to -- but the average is -- tired. Ridiculous. To come back and talk about this in a few minutes. I'm Michael Caputo I'm not happy. And I'm here for Tom hourly here on news radio 930 WPE Adam. And we're back. This is my -- -- hourly here about. 930 he and you know I got a bunch emails and texts in private messages on FaceBook and Twitter. But in my Twitter feed news at Michael our group Rio. And we have fun right idly with some friends left and some vying for an on right. But you know people were asking me why do you hate Christmas music I don't Christmas guys make -- joke I love Christmas music you know for years I lived overseas especially in Russia word Christmas was basically illegal. And I didn't get to here Christmas music. -- -- -- probably yes -- an event and I didn't wanna be cheered so my apologies to you Christmas music fans in -- I don't care Christmas. On the -- pro pro. I'm gonna find some Grateful Dead Christmas music about. I'm in -- says all we'll find it will find it will -- Jerry Garcia was incredibly. Confident in actually sang the best. Rendition of amazing grace ever seen so I'm sure visiting. We definitely grateful that today is Thursday Michael I don't know if you're -- Thursday's is bad news on Thursday I. Well no no no no Grateful -- that go along with the Christmas is also -- just you know we are traffic at the four so I. -- -- it's too bad. It was really I'm I'm I'm lit up today. I was trying to get some worked on some other work and I got a call from a friend in the legislature and they told me that this. Little gambit was going known. And and I know I know Beijing grant. Or who I I think I -- I admire a village green I don't like what she's doing with this. But some say it's because -- Ingraham wants to run north to get the nose -- -- pocket -- and then run against. Senator Kennedy again maybe that's true I don't know -- I respect Durbin I don't respect this move. Lynn -- -- I don't even our no matter. She seems like a good person to -- but voting against jobs is not a movement best interest -- legislator -- and I know he's an open minded guy he votes one way or the other depending upon. How key fields instead of voting party line on the times so I have a lot of respect for independents like that. The areas lined up to vote against jobs in buffalo. Interesting thing came out yesterday in fact I heard yesterday and I didn't realize that you're at the top of the rankings. Manpower you know me and manpower is the organization that gives helps you find temporary employment that's been around for many years actually for years I think -- or do they received. Federal assistance to help you find job they've been around for them since I was born. And they do an annual survey where the jobs are going to be they talked to employers are you gonna hire are you not gonna hire and. At the top of the list. They'll tone of Florida was number one where the jobs will be -- -- fourteen McAllen Texas. Austin in cape Austin, Texas in Cape Coral, Florida tied in Dallas Texas. That's a top four are from Florida and Texas what do they have in common. Sun for one thing. But also no state income tax and very very friendly business environment now where the jobs won't be in Tony fourteenth Kenya guests who. Leads that list. Buffalo, New York. Minus 3% we're gonna lose 3% of our jobs and fourteen according to me an -- you can believe polls camp. This is a survey of business leaders in buffalo in the actually measure their sentiment it's not just. Calls to the average person the easier job creators who talked. We're Lucy percent of our jobs and legislator -- and legislator -- -- And the Democrat. Majority in legislature thinks will be deal with says -- these fracking. -- -- I don't know. I'll tell you I I'm I'm over the moon about it may be a little excited about him a little animated I'm very sorry but I it's I've seen this what happens. When natural gas -- have been spent a lot of time in Pennsylvania. Last year and this year. You know 232000. Jobs and canceling 232. And we had and -- statewide referendum on casino gambling so we could create 3000 jobs none of them and buffalo. And it passed investment in our the proponents casino gambling spent over four million dollars the picture you voted yes. In buffalo you know what we voted no one voted no because we didn't believe it. We don't know we don't think that 3000 jobs outside of Western New York have any value to us and it doesn't. But also what doesn't have value to us is our county legislators voting against thousands of jobs. Thousands of jobs it just it it defines it defies logic here we are suffering where the number 160. In the country and that country. We don't we're no where we're gonna have the least amount of jobs created OPEC were to lose jobs where the number one plays were jobs won't be in -- fourteen you see them on Yahoo! finance some of immune powers. And they -- his options and vote against. Wanna. The log -- legislator -- now. He's really got to think twice about this. -- I doubt that a Japanese owners actually are on as we and it tells me that it's it's not the book the -- not movement won't talk a little bit about that comes and I hope it's movement it's a bad. Will be back right after traffic. Seventy degrees outside feels like negative -- that is different from yesterday. It was nothing like that that. The same snow has come on the scene in the areas it is no fun. So negative five if Natalia if you are. In the snow or fear in the traffic mussina moved wondered if it's moved in north -- the -- on the west Seneca area. Little bit around there on ninety give us a call if you're on your way home more -- -- -- UC did it's it's change in direction. And 80 threes -- thirty star 930 here in Israel 930 WB and I'm Michael Caputo. I'm in for Tom -- he'll be back on Monday -- you'll be glad to hear. I've got somebody here has been hang on for a little bit get to take a quick break after this curiously just got a few moments in what you hang on any longer thanks for calling Gary. Traffic appeared to sit -- -- Hannity some are immersed then from its start about -- avenue. And I got up and or -- it I sent fifty miles an hours pretty solid. Really you know I came up 400 our panel. And that was a good drive. So you're you're caught it about fracking hearing. Yeah shoo op processes burst. Republican. Where it universe popped forward and engineering. You got. Yourself a little bit more educated than in just about the job though because. Like a -- liars. Auto industry trying to support shot a real surge in through shortly. About. -- true. Oprah. And try to that it that it wasn't anything to do what money. But up front property in and it is there was only gonna buy the oil industry. I don't doubt that. I don't -- and on and on -- you know the you gotta watch these guys like a hawk. It was sort of fire on the other side is. No no I'd I'd I'd you know if if if the oil and gas industry was doing some wrong I'd be all over and I'll tell you what they are doing something wrong. In. Bradford county Pennsylvania Chesapeake gas is actually written off the landowners now and it's a real big problem very pro fracking. Legislators are going after the industry because the people on the land -- in the morning they were promised so if you gotta watch anybody a lot to me articles. Opposite order create jobs create jobs for cold water because. I thought I'd settle for elegant water edge double branch where I think -- And their well. I don't believe that don't believe that no I don't. I have cold water right arm problem and remember well. I'm Lebanese law Matt -- and they're great. But you know nobody. Listen all I can go to this article there's been no a nonpartisan. Confirmation that any of this water has ever been affected directly by fracking. None the industry yet they can't find nobody will say that it's true -- -- -- it was say it's true the people or Salomon. It's not true. -- -- I think there should you know they should they should sponsor of the protesters not for razors to shave their legs. Instead they should spots of the protest because of the more those lies -- heard the more one of the goodness now I would love -- Either so. I mean they're pro wracking because. They -- shortstop that affects the world. The our case we got to go to a break. I don't I'm not hanging up on yeah I understand Republican I'd I'd dispute if you would just because I disagree with you. Doesn't mean you're wrong. We're going to be right back after this break this is Michael Caputo and were primarily. We're back. Tom -- -- -- Michael Thomas -- progress this week back on Monday. We'll talk about fracking talk about politics and though I've got a whole load calls Monaco to -- -- -- good breaker real quickly. For traffic and amended the Julie you're on the air. I am and it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So it's moving north and it's gone from west Seneca up to Cheektowaga now so where it's coming -- Yet at the outlook every act and but I. Really out there aren't very. -- very much thank you very much appreciate. On its regular one more caller in before we go to a traffic break Jim and Todd Wanda. Or don't like very good Jim thanks -- really appreciate. I'm not a big competitor and I just want to say you know you've made it questioned why he's. What an official why they would. And importantly job -- I got the answer what's the rush Rush Limbaugh are the -- Santa -- -- yet you can't beat Chicago elections. You don't jobs. They want jobs like a lot of. Rite -- I've heard divert actually I've haven't listened to rush lately and it really listen too much before. But I've been and -- -- back to buffalo and it's on WB and so -- listen to before listening to before. But I. Before sandy. Earlier. And I hear me talking about it's the north polls moved to Washington and. As it has I -- great -- with a lot of what you guys a lot and I really try to be informed and I -- they want jobs -- that you know they can do you know. Glee which you want but when the when they can give stuff away and in Barnett for both let that big banks stop right there. Yeah -- -- you know I -- I don't wanna believe that I I see the logic. And it might be true because people who. Are in the it in that. Let's say demographic are voting Democrat I don't wanna believe I don't wanna think anybody can say we do but I don't want to. Don't want activity here but it seemed like she you know didn't the and as well thanks for calling Jim we go to we have to go to traffic with Alan. We're back. Tom early show and I'm Michael prudhomme -- until Monday. I just heard you know I'm here with the Jeremy Zelnick chairman of the Democrat party and here and -- accounting and he's telling me. That Adam. The. -- measure passed anti franking anti jobs has passed with only two abstentions in fact all the Republicans voted for except for -- Ed wrath. And Joseph garrido I'm I'm apoplectic. Meet Jeremy. Is it true. He I'm. We're here I'm here I'm not I'm not there I'm here -- I'm hearing that there were only two votes in the negative that was -- the jewelry go and at rest. We're so -- we arsenal. Were being represented by boobs. I want insulted -- every -- as the man who is chief of staff of the group caucus. I just can't believe. I can't believe well I think it shows that you know this isn't cut and -- issues a lot of people who wanted to discuss this -- and continue discussing it in. I think would rather err on the side of caution given that we -- next largest freshwater resource in the whole world and so I think that's -- are well you know I was gonna ask you talk to you about the politics of this and all that stuff and and so -- I can't -- you. I can't blame you anymore I can't. I can't blame the Democrats can't blame America can't -- Auburn I. What happen -- of when I'm hearing is it's a nine to vote oh my guy. All my catcher until Rico if you're out there please call and tell us what what -- the Republican caucus please. Mills. The minority leader John Mills and by who by the way this morning city's gotten constituent calls about people waiting there water on fire in the house. That's the number one line that's the number one -- no one has ever prove that any listen. Mike my family in an Ohio it was like in the water on fire. It in the sixties are right. Methane occurs. Naturally. And as sometimes Anderson to a a well it occurs naturally and it occurs in places where fracking has never taken place ever. And the one place where. This is reported that ghastly and movie which is all propaganda. Nonpartisan. Academic studies found that it was not do different. So OK I get that I mean people. Are responding to analyze. Point -- -- and educate. She's while doing this and I I'm I'm Uma. I'm just shocked. That Jeremy let's talk about some miles on my heart slows down. You know. I know I -- listen I I I feel for you know I know the what your job is extremely hard it's very hard. And even more difficult when you when you're taken fire from both sides. I came back to buffalo in 2000 and I have no clue that there is a wrist in the in the Democrat party. And then that -- -- clothes and and there their final match from both sides and you get the Republicans you're stronger probably part of course we got some from. Pigeon faction doing you know I I know Steve page and your wife -- -- -- I'm not missing in the battle between but it's a tough. But Michael this is nothing doing this has been going on for a hundred years I mean we have. Proclamations that things are opposite talk about the big fight between there are literally two parties and organized in the county in the thirties and forties and so look and I we're always gonna have the small group of people with in our party that wanna Terre or down vote that you know those days are gone. A move in the party forward we were successful this year in many areas and that's what we're gonna -- enactment well on the negativity. There's things we can do better and we're gonna do that I'd take. Full. -- communication with all of our party leaders all of our elected officials and I've had. Many pats on the back for the things we did in the towns this year. You know. We had a record breaking news a very. Precedent setting Republican takeover. Democrat of the -- legislatures and have been since I think. I don't know how old you are but I think before you were born while technically technically it wasn't you know and technically now it's still -- -- mean that they're still an independent and in big quotes with Glen Dickson and jewelry was a conservative so. Technically it's not a solid Republican majority. And there has been Republican majorities when people of left aside. To give the Republicans the leadership there are quite well we're talk about caucusing and all that stuff straight up front this is the first time since 1970s and yet I won't what you reborn. 78 and -- some jewelry go what born. And -- -- -- wasn't born it's -- -- world a whole new world and it's in you know you wanna. You -- actually. League leading the legislature and going full time with the party I wanna talk to you about that we come back from this break. We've got to pay the bills here will be right back in and Germany's Davis for a little while also. Jeremy as -- chairman of the Erie county Democrat party this is Michael who -- in for Tom Barrett will be right back different pay the bills.

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