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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Carl Paladino on Trump for Gov.

Carl Paladino on Trump for Gov.

Dec 8, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But this past -- you probably heard we had Michael Caputo and studio he's one of those who is. Advancing the idea of Donald Trump for -- to run for governor Michael is still here and let's go right to the phones now Carl Paladino has called and -- I'm so glad you did so. I'm -- a couple of questions for you about this -- situation. Thanks for bringing us up -- here. I I just wanted to interject one thing I have never said that the candidate there should be represented a Republican conservative interest. Be -- conservative. That it could be married got to be a good person carrying Republican conservative values. I believe Donald Trump as well it is I just hope that Donald Trump recognizes the importance. Well the symbolism of taking down the treacherous leaders. Well and a Republican caucuses in the senate and the assembly. That -- Ellison minority leader Brian called. Yeah these guys and play and they implant what it would the other -- I'd. They provide no opposition government did in Albany. They don't say anything bad about Sheldon Silver and and big games that are played -- by the administration and silver. You know I -- it's time for some -- that the bill that we see. I will support group Republican candidate who is that it in golf. -- -- Republican. Rank and file in upstate and in long -- Those people expected be rugby and it acted this year impetus coming here they want real representation. And not a bunch of phonies. -- -- themselves out as and it's Republicans but it. But truly. In the game only further light on back into labor on -- To what degree called as a trump candidacy pull you out of the possibility of a conservative run for governor. I would be happy to be done properly yes but acts that they mean you've got to -- -- the other -- -- equation. -- raucous support children over and and write call to for me. And Puerto Rican island upstate New York he wants to encourage Republican Party in upstate New York and on. The people that they will be voting him into office. Yes be yes to do the right thing in the right symbol -- take down those two leaders immediately. -- it's Mike I'm still here you know and that is really wary of where your focus right there on the leadership change right. And end it not not nothing is nothing short of a of a commitment to leadership change the world earn your support right. Absolutely -- we need to -- what he's seeing change isn't that just popped the ball might gain. Can't get that were real and an illegal activity can go that these are real for me in my book about it too many police in my life. The only way he -- -- -- real there's spike is right about we take the two bombs now. Now we -- get a couple more bombs okay ER as well but the true there. We. And across the -- and you know record amounts they're not going to be did this treacherous -- does loyal to the party regulars. Well one quick question that Carl just the lieutenant governor's election plain -- your from your mark your perspective at all. And not focus on camera you know well. There might they might mollify a bit of it about the problem we averages all of us who won a seat change is that there -- very few people that are willing to stand up and they want change leadership. W -- they can talk all -- -- right. When you start don't I mean that's what I rapist in -- do any good don't like it did it. He said he wouldn't go out -- limb against Ellison called. Yeah. Yeah okay. Great -- -- -- Karl thanks for Chiming in good stuff we've got to move on but today it certainly helps us clarify the situation play glad you're here thanks. By now that's Carl Paladino Michael put things in particular.

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