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Michael Caputo urging Trump to Run for Gov.

Dec 8, 2013|

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It's hard line who's ready on 930 WB and good morning this is debut though. I told you this is -- -- follow I want you to rushed to the phone 8030930s. Number -- -- Donald Trump run for governor against Andrew Cuomo. If you think you should give me a ring -- why 8030930. If you think he shouldn't give us a ring tell us -- 803 on 930. To join the discussion we've got Michael Capuano here. Political strategists sometimes even a WB and Dylan talk show host in -- later this week he's in port Tom Bauerle. Coming up beginning on Monday he is the guy that's part of his political work. That worked to set up a meeting earlier this week with some local assembly people most notably David DiPietro he's Tora. Bill no -- the Rochester area as well as part of it people from across the state got together met with Donald Trump and said hey Donald you gotta start look at it this at least. Michael thanks for stopping by -- -- had. Tell me how this went down what -- Donald say is he and is -- out. Well first of all it's it's important to note that DiPietro and build blue -- -- assemblyman. I guess and Robinson when the counties have yet that's not right. And it was. You know today. Who -- talking about this with DiPietro in the assembly and talked about we need somebody we need some but he badly. So -- they initially floated this about a month and a half ago. And -- trump came out on the radio show with him while I'm flattered and I do care about New York I'm not interested in running for our governor of New York. I -- I'm looking at something larger which means press residents are absolutely. Key. So we let that set and then Dave and bill notes it came to me I know both of the minority leader in on him and -- they came to me and they said look to meet you know we don't wanna take note through the media as an answer. We kind of feel it's our responsibility. As you know community leaders to cast that -- wider. And so we wanna have a meeting when things -- I gave meringue and -- we got it set up pretty quickly you've worked with him in the past I know you were close to the draft front movement. For president last time around now while I was I didn't work very much in the presidential cycle last time for that cycle to 2008. Arm he and I've -- myself and out of the trump kind of milieu for twenty years I help on a couple of his books. I did a lot of work in Atlantic City and and I and one that was with him so. Was this a meeting where were you and bill know. And Dave DiPietro sat down and said Donald we've really really really want you to run or was this a meeting. Where you probably came in I'm guessing with the briefing book or two -- on the table and said. Not only would we -- it -- run Donald but here's how. Right well. I know GP HO we're joined by another three assembly members and -- from downstate from Staten Island and and that area and you know I read in the near city boroughs and and also by senator -- on. -- who's from Saratoga area so we had a good Democrat they're kind of we didn't have a degree from way up north but the -- -- -- good mix and and and we came -- I know trump doesn't read long treatises and doesn't have. Any time for big binders and we put a lot of thought into things. And especially don't know -- who. Put on the paper and three pages which is really what an executive look at and and and laid out the case and it was a pretty strong case so make the case. Why should trump run well first of all arm if the Republican Party. Is playing Toulouse which you know most people think we are for the governor's race this year arm and I've said before I believe it's still today I mean. And state senator Jesus H Christ. You said that before on this program right he could not beat Andrew Cuomo I was gonna quote you bet that you report -- that -- -- -- -- but -- you know -- I think Cuomo is -- are I think trump. Is incredibly popular in and the way you -- There never has before in the history of New York State politics certainly since the advent of the Republican Party. Where -- Republican ran who was from New York. City but had an upstate base and because that's where his basis. And and and it will -- we showed him the long discussion is that in all in order to win the state you win upstate like Karl no doubt very galaxy. And end. And then hugged and played to block in New York City you have to win 353637. Maybe 38% of the vote at a New York City. And we think according to our announces that Donald Trump will be able to do that there are some naysayers that say that's about soccer but you think he could win. I do think he could well I do you think he could win it would really depend upon the kind of campaign he ran. And a couple of factors. All right we're gonna take a break on the other side Tommy how conservative he is Michael Caputo was here we're talking about trump for governor. And we'll go to your calls next 28030930. It's hard line and news radio 930 WB he had. It's hard -- on news radio 930 WB and this is Dave -- Michael Caputo is here political strategists sometimes even you might hear him on the station as a -- talk show -- in fact he's doing that later this week for Tom buy -- in the afternoons that at 3 o'clock. He's also a guy who in his political consulting has been working on behalf. Of a couple of state legislators and others who want to see Donald Trump run for. Governor make the case why should he run. Well first of all. From that the State's perspective I can go through litany of issues we have the same effect we have the economy of the fact that we're the fiftieth in the in the United States for. For business friendliness. We have. You know he would not fracking and we should be. All the things that are are holding our economy down. In addition to this huge debt the hidden debt all of those things are things that a businessman of of his stature could deal with with with -- pretty short shrift so he has the qualifications. To come in here and turn this state around which. Andrew Cuomo has failed to do is he conservative enough well he's he's -- very much and he's against the seat back very much so and I'm not sure are where he stands on it do whether he would repeal on day one or whatever that something will probably hear. Arm he's he's he's pro life. Arm but he's also our I believe from our discussions. He might be pro gay marriage. I don't know and I don't. Knowledge in this state downstate support going against a liberal Cuomo wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing he just wouldn't be. A true arch conservative campus. Right and I think you know he said this to me before and and I he says it was again he said. I said do you know you'd. Have to be somewhat American server probably said Michael launch on a tropical. The reason I'm asking about conservative ism is an obviously has a role and how all things play out regarding Carl Paladino and a potential candidacy there when asked about that a second but. We got some guys on hold don't wanna leave -- there too long let's kick it off with Stan in Rochester. Thanks for calling hi -- Good morning gentlemen. I think I don't think goes down -- will run out of the way the cookie typically conservatives. They're hurt you look at the winners somewhere. They weren't the wealthy people the leaders you know like colonies -- Corwin to pay more for their campaign. And he knows his classes and expose his personal life. They're gonna dig out like Rush Limbaugh and Hannity get got all the dirt they cannot -- -- keep paying your fair share of taxes in what's going on it's you know what you don't need -- out of it shouldn't run. It almost sounds -- like you're saying there's there's a Gingrich factor there. Absolutely all the guys even married a couple times who knows what he's doing but -- I'll tell you right now they'll dig it out. Well he's you're right Stan you're absolutely right in the end are we made that point in the meeting very briefly and and his for his own words -- us work. They've been up my backside for years if it is out there already. You know I'll survive it. Yeah here's the problem though that he's got to get across to the people. I keep hearing this Italian businessman. Who Romney who cared that the conservatives crushed them in a primary could beat them up on you know on -- radio they fired rightly -- -- people -- -- guy or what. And I go to tonight. Right right I I think it. Are you talk about like the Tea Party here in New York IEE saying that in general. Romney was clubbed by the fact he was a businessman -- all 98% thing. Would that be the same if -- ran here in the state. I think the state is in a certain kind of a quandary now word that that type of a candidate model will work week. We saw a lot of people search for Carl because he was Carl Paladino because he had that Canada model to a certain level. And I -- as the campaign went a little bit off the off the rails of people -- of a broken of the direction. John in Rochester hi you're on the air. They gave people like you know I I gotta say I'm. -- in favor of trump running in a tie up its first vote will be vehicles the media this soul left wing. In general especially New York State. That that trump is the only guy that his laundry is already being aired out. I don't think he has much fear there and again I think he's the only guy that I believe in -- being. Cuomo who would who was a fraud Coke or multiple fraud when I heard all wolf radio after. He was elected governor. He gave us featured team in college and I swear we're pretty -- if I just read the transcript in the -- who would. Speaking I would have thought of Carl Paladino who's this guy is so wolf in sheep's clothing and he's he's got to be found out and tried to guided to a. Natalia. Jump on it. Don't -- -- when I heard Andrew Cuomo moved to right right after his election. I actually his very first state of the state speech was one that perhaps you Michael could have written by and in fact I I've put out a letter to all of Paladino spores -- friends of mine saying look I'm gonna back this budget because it's conservative budget. And a lot of people told me you're wrong Michael he's -- and a -- and everybody in the back. I was wrong and they are right. Now let's put it all in the context of Carl Paladino Carl has said that in -- the Republicans pick. A conservative of his liking. That is a arch conservative Republican my words not his paraphrasing. That he would certainly move ahead. And tried to press on with a conservative run for governor the idea being that he would have enough support that he could possibly get more votes than Republicans. Move the Conservative Party up on the ballot line. Increase their stature and at the same time send this message to the Republicans. Good darn conservative. He's quoted in the Buffalo News this morning suggesting. That he might not run from where the candidates. How much of your efforts how much of David the -- efforts were designed to perhaps forestall. The damage that Carl Paladino quote possibly due to the Republican Party with a run. I don't know that it was the damage that inspired this but certainly he's gambit inspired Dennis. In many ways I think it wasn't just Dave and and and a seven -- -- it was there at the other people who came along and we had county chairs there I mean. They're people who came along. Word I think most of wrote we have to cast the wondered what it was Karl the gasoline on an amber that was already let. I think there's general Hispanics dissatisfaction among -- in the Republican Party here in New York you can't be. So far behind in registration and not feel a little bit beleaguered. But I think it's always been there was there during -- run against Rick Lazio and then we managed to steal away from. Do you think they run by Carl Paladino would hurt the Republicans I think are run by Carl Paladino would destroy the Republican Party. It would be to talk about Amber's it would be embers and and I think that you know Carl's. Gambit right now he -- His state we used to be it's got to be well funded candidates going to be conservative candidate right on all the issues. And they have to be also against -- ghosts and the rest of leadership Brian called the assembly minority leader all those folks it's all boiled down debt car for Harlem are talking it's he's looking at the leadership when he wants a leadership change and nobody's gonna help them do that. He -- Iran but would trump shake that leadership up. Appropriately enough to keep -- a lot of the race well I don't know Karl told me that he thinks that that mr. trump is close to our deeds careless and and he may be right I I haven't heard mr. -- say anything to races certainly about the leadership so. It's something that we would have to look into -- -- in the Carl would have to look into and I'm sure he has are less bad do back to the phones now enough time squeeze in one more Michael Capuano was here. Sam hi you're on a cellphone it's your turn. Yeah I want to bring appeal voter fraud factor. Although all ball. And trump collection. You know that's one thing that's been swept under the -- Ever since the consumption consumption -- I'll watch chronic voting metres and I -- personally there's been a lot of -- flaw. Taking place what we're loser and. I think voter fraud is taking place rapidly across the country and if you -- do you know John fund of the Ryder. I want to journals. On voter fraud and there are tremendous instances of this wide ranging voter fraud but it's never prosecuted rarely even reported how was an alleged to be happening people dickering with the computers are people messed with absentee ballots first and foremost. I secondarily we you'll see our ballot counts be off or or abnormally high seas seas of people being vote and somebody's voting on Serbia now Sam bring it -- bring it to us in terms in this current discussion. Are you saying Cuomo has used us. Com I'm not -- -- comes -- -- I feel that the that the that the -- a lot of these calls racers. That we've been seeing you have possibilities. Of voter fraud. And I think -- have a lot to do with this electronic voting. It does it also has something to do expect that we don't have to present ID and it and it basically an error that. It is but you know the Republicans are out there mess with election laws almost as much as Democrats we gotta we -- impart them both. The same -- where do you see this on going Mike will he run what kind of timetable is about. I mentioned earlier in the program. That you'd be filling in for Tom -- this coming week you actually chose to do that rather than go to a second meeting with Donald Trump -- you know I don't I really enjoyed doing the -- -- night when I was working and the price of borrowing and mr. beach. I got up in the morning before my alarm and -- jump my shoes and you can't walk away from -- like that I will tell you this about. He has played him he's very sensitive effect he's played Hamlet more than Richard Burton went you know working with different races he's very sensitive about that. He thinks he's done a little bit too much about that of that if you -- that if you put it out of my head and said. But a hundred dollars on yes or no I put a hundred dollars one note today but we moved him from no to maybe and he's considering it to the holidays -- we're gonna meet again. Are right after the new year and do you think he could do you think the funding is there you think the ideas that the funding is there the idea is are there and most certainly. Are there is a strategy of clear path to victory. But it would be the most brutal battle you ever seen an electoral politics in your life so statement it would be fun Mike thanks -- good.