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Assy. Mickey Kearns- Change In Albany

Dec 8, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now as long as we're talking about change in Albany someone who has certainly brought that issue up on many an occasion. Is assemblyman Mickey Kearns of renegade democratic think we can safely call on that. Mickey thanks for joining us glad you're here. -- You had something interesting this week and op -- I believe in the Buffalo News all about Sheldon Silver the assembly speaker. The leader of the Democrats in the assembly. Recap that for me if you can. What great you know as though -- -- -- you were talking about the future will read a we have political crisis in -- -- comforter. It called on the -- commissions. And anti corruption panel America we now. Political arguing in other things and they are recently released their preliminary report. It is it's it's shocking. It's something we all know -- they are. That are being put on an Albany that are good and legal legal. In the one thing we do we know is. Sheldon Silver -- -- -- rule of Butte -- By hiding the a sexual predator -- Lopez. -- actual now it's an independent -- And we need to -- -- and you know I left the democratic -- because. I felt I hope that. You know my Democratic Party would not be representative and I'll -- But now we're I don't know ordered -- -- on the morally commission that our our legislators aren't there for the people that their program files. I haven't read the entire moral and commission report -- scanned through -- I read the executive summary -- last. To my mind it addressed something relevant to what people upset about silver more than Vito Lopez talked about the idea of legislators who. Have day jobs as it were as a legislator and night jobs as a war as attorneys and the potential for conflict there. That's certainly criticism in the report that I think people could -- to. Sheldon Silver. Did the report did the report make any mention of or even an offhand oblique reference to. The whole assemblyman Vito Lopez sex scandal. I cannot see that I recruit the report it did not need me but here here's the problem. Period too much power in Albany but it is a -- your public single person if you're going to be -- speaker you prepare workers who. Through lack of a typical for the war even -- that goat good a grip drawn up a paper an example I -- secret settlement. Police and secret elements in the created New York where the most cruel business speak in the union. Taxes. -- electrically through it and -- and they have one of the strongest economy in the United States. -- -- -- -- Glad we are in all -- -- incumbent or actual committee. Welcome to a point the rules committee held poker RE handpicked to other people. Collectible. Action would have done the destruction of secret settlement. And -- grabbed it and read it it. It's sold redistrict now tell them over has established power -- copy does not share. If you think about it we locked Nelson Mandela this weekend to recreate all commander -- actually said one member church. Extra majority note that they've been up for myself but -- stand up for all the people I represent that we hear about it -- -- -- -- matching the leadership. We could have had morally commission. But it -- what it confound you currently are here rules that route from the power in the hands of a few people that we don't go all paid. Don't look more like -- -- -- to compare -- nothing walking in Albany. Not talk to me a little bit about the the flag that Carl Paladino is -- and waving the idea that and I know that I'm talking about Republicans here and I know you are Democrat. But address what he'd like to see in terms of leadership change on the other side. Perhaps get rid of senate majority leader dean -- -- assembly minority leader Brian Cole. Well here let me give you an example I would not be in this week and I -- -- -- for the picnic for the community reinvestment act. And I had a Republican and I ran into him in the hallway and they are Republicans that are scattered all over. It's because they may represent one county and there aren't necessary built for them -- have within you and which ticket can't. So in a way in my mind. At least I'm speaking for myself and mr. Paladino. If you are supporting child over Mattingly that you're a part of the problem. And that the committee that if if you're not part of the heart of the problem. We need to change. And if you look at the effects are there I mean it's amazing it was in the world would initially talked about one legislator receive and -- million dollar -- And being quickly it -- -- and apparently it was the only company. What are you know there was one constant work there now. There are people who are disabled. And what -- article Bertrand Piccard -- and drug. We're gonna quote because it's mostly -- earlier. We had here disable its money. That's what Sheldon Silver would rather subtle art center who would cronies to make sure you do that one of the company Bible. That's what we're talking about these different period. It's almost like a criminal enterprise -- thing right underneath cardinal. All right -- stay with us we got get to a quick commercial break -- up pop back on the line right after that. Assemblyman Mickey Kearns is here. He is a registered Democrat he has left the Democratic Caucus in large part because of disputes that Diaz with the way assembly speaker Sheldon Silver runs things. Where -- -- talking to him for the rest of this hour if you have any questions about Albany or if you'd like to. Even comment on what he's saying the idea that Albany needs to change we would love -- have you aboard 8030930. Is the number of what kind of change would you want for Albany. Is it just the three actually four men in a room now. That need to be changed or is there something else going on there eagle three on 930 as long as we're talking we can also touch on budgetary matters. The Moreland commission looked at the idea of corruption here in New York State. The whole pay to play idea 8030930. All of it on the table for you to comment on -- would be back with more assemblyman Mickey current standing by -- this is Dave Bebo. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB yen its hardline on news radio 930 WB and good morning this is Dave -- 8030930s. Number that is the theme this kind of emerging and I didn't high nearly plan at this way. A lot of times I'll try to put items on the smorgasbord that are sort of related we got the salads over here in the -- trees over there. But physically what I'm saying years there's a theme emerging little bit earlier in the program Carl Paladino was on saying that. Republican leadership in the state legislature needs to change specifically. In the senate with. -- -- us specifically in the assembly with minority leader Brian called. At the same time we have assemblyman Mickey Kearns with us now. He's obviously continuing an effort to try and see if there can be some sort of change at the top of the assembly involving speaker Sheldon Silver so. Let's put a question on the table here 8030930s. The number. What kind of change do you see. Needed in Albany. Is it just a matter of the leadership -- there's something else going on there 803 on 930. Would just shifting the three or four man and a room at the top be enough change 803 on 930. All of this against the backdrop in this rice and I are partially planned this topics that to -- all of this against the backdrop. -- governor Cuomo's Moreland commission. It's a public corruption commission that came out what their recommendations earlier this week late on Monday. Basically saying among other things that we need to look at. Outside income coming into legislators and also said we need to look at the idea of public financing of campaigns. We'll go to the phone Edison's folks ring on and let's bring back in assemblyman -- Mickey looking at this -- commission report. Is there anything there that gives you or other legislators hope in regards to someday ousting speaker so -- Like -- tutored him had I not only lead that we -- -- speaker. But you know your career really have -- responsible speaker of -- and we're gonna record democratic reforms that you know to -- -- correction. And the pace appeared and the -- and it's quick -- culture on the trail. I'm talking about your -- really performed so it's not only it would shock or in the dark with new leadership. Are we need reform recommendations. And the burden on -- They have made recommendations. To -- him or troop complement their. -- -- Conference what they're saying is look here. But in order truck have a look at some of the government in Albany. Are you're gonna have to promote some responsibility come accountability. From represented that there. And let me that you know one side of the IO sort of bring all the -- before. I experience a good they'll and there are companies viable and -- should be very accurate and look look at past record -- a structured committee process. We do not fit in or you know rule. And exit tired puppy and the maturity. All -- Member of what guilt trip for the sport and -- when I'm talking about when you're talking about. -- poker on there is one person who controlled. All bills but can't -- that aren't good. When you put all their power from one person can't help elaborate open over Little -- tomorrow. We have the same thing we wouldn't have any change and that. That's what I'm talking about when you're looking at the -- tradition. -- -- -- a look at what is going on and I'm happy that they're doing their. But if we can map reform Albany by not implementing common current democratic report we're going to be talking about the think -- game. Link the two for me though that more -- commission call calls for an anticipated by or some sort of adjustment to this whole pay to play idea. The -- commission calls for public financing. Do either of those things make the same case that you are making. Not just changing the people at the top of what those changes. Be the kind of change you're talking about systemically. Well and I'll I'll give you a perfect example of it we talk about public financing for one of the highest taxed state senate and the country we talked about that every week on the show. We're trying to making your. Public financing is reported change there I'll give you one example a -- wrapped up a local who appeared sure would have a true poverty on. Sheldon over -- the third and truly rat hole that was her husband. -- have public financing of elections in New York City. What happened he -- -- early morning Amara Jewish proper proper tribute candidate. Will help him to do -- I think that we can all the -- You up front with public speakers helped -- over and ethically these -- came into these account. Why isn't it he's out and I'll. And these -- leadership. Are trying to squat to the -- -- by the world you can operate one reason why -- there is a week to get around public financing -- would be workable bit. Why should taxpayers. On election for crooked politicians. It back and I happened you're not gonna clean up Albany -- if it were gonna clean up Albany. They have a spirited. Where everyone had an opportunity to bring their idea for the betterment of the people it's that -- -- -- public financing wanting. -- have to be a fair democratic. And argued that the IR park electric later got a New York City. Who will not be political public financing because of the loophole could happen. Look at you can hire your -- brother in -- -- or your sister are to be your can't -- manager. In particular that independent elected and actually worked -- for the people. It's not gonna become a little electric -- -- -- state public finance Pete told me. I'm very happy that the world commission had commitments are looking at corruption in Albany however -- won't -- -- we're gonna achieve your. Are working actor and through reforms to the Latin trade brilliant built the war. Sheldon Silver has received a tremendous amount of money and I'll try to become prominent law firm. It's amazing that there hasn't been any court reform in twenty years in Albany. Why is that. So interrupting but I have to look at these but I -- -- -- -- not to link it between public financing. And chief you'd think in Albany. All right very good -- stay with us again. I almost feel like we're driving down a street whether the street light -- she got to get going really fascinating got to stop you get going really -- got to stop. Time for another break we're gonna arrive touched base with the newsroom and see what's happening there Mickey Karen stay with us we'll take your calls for Mickey. This entire next half hour. If you'd like to address the idea of government reform or public financing and then there's the the three -- at the room the guys at the top you've certainly heard their names this morning. What time Bob Bryan couldn Sheldon Silver a -- in silver. That's a we'll get his name right for the hours and Sheldon Silver also while looking at some of the issues involving teens tell -- And even will throw Jeff Klein in their two talking a little bit about the senate and those renegade Democrats that are part of a group there. 8030930s. The number enough time to take up -- calls we have a couple of them coming in but it if you're quick you can certainly join them. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB yen. It's hard line on news radio 930 WVU and good morning this is Dave -- I say to each program but it really is true this time to what a week it is -- politics especially New York State politics this past week governor Cuomo's Moreland commission. Called for changes in the way Albany operates. At the same time as part of his run for governor -- possible run for governor. Carl Paladino was called for leadership change on the Republican side of things. And in the mix with all of that we have Democrat buffalo assemblyman Mickey Kearns he looks at the Moreland commission report. And argues that it needs to address systemic changes and tangentially leadership changes with the assembly was Sheldon Silver the speaker of the assembly. He's with -- still on the line ready to take your calls. And let's go to a few of those this segment 8030930. We're asking the question. What kind of change do you think needs to come to Albany. Is it just this whole idea of leadership change three men in the room is that something more systemic is that the kind of things that -- -- talking about. Mickey let's pick it up with you before we go to the calls. How does this move ahead what happens to -- commission report now what kind of things do you see its parking and actually advancing. Well look we have to wait for that final report that he would promote their recommendations are but. I do think that they're preliminary report which showed that there is corruption in Albany. And although they don't are meaning. There are perhaps between -- make public are going to be a reelection year 2000 important for the cup and -- I'm pretty assembly for the start a nuclear you're not -- -- I think the people I've been talking to in my district and he betrayal what you are. Are saying that considered side that we what reform in Albany and it has began. Next year not. And the other here on after the elections. They don't want comments and they want the elected officials who delivered the -- change. And that's what I'm looking to do when I go to all these are new attraction in January is we have to put some legislature looked forward. Could make these changes but I do think that the only commission recommendations. And now what they bring to the table is going to be very important you look at it you legislation for new leadership change. And again the changes -- years specifically advocating for our. Less power behind the leadership. Absolutely you know we have to be able vote on delivery good bills are lower taxes and see the New York. Once again. Secret element of people are dying every day because the secret settlements whether Bridgestone Firestone. Beltran shield. -- all these darker pieces of legislation. -- term limit for leadership. We don't -- people in their twenty years at the top leading our bodies. Aren't -- term limits for elected officials. He -- good karma because I think that if you grip -- -- -- number that you have a majority of them are looking to put good legislation forward and to be represented but the people. That should be voted out that upper -- right now we'll build pulpit before. We get to discuss how we really get to the Scott Brown will deliberate Arnold the liberation. Let's say discuss some of what people calling in again 8030930. If you're on hold stay right there. If you're trying to call and be patient we will get you let's kick it up with the gem hi you're on the air. Good morning and happy holidays to you all seem to use -- I am quite sure predicament right now at this stage I am very retired air national guardsman are served about -- one year national Eric. And I worked dropped the ball well. Isn't it. Or -- -- there are. RIR. Got -- -- points were I keep your retirement that state which would be the city of pop wall. It I want a fight -- our military and -- nature that it by this summer. While I don't -- it -- work and everything and then again there's that idol not just want. The ball despite the six tactic that the I mean everything there at four I present at. All right sure it and operation northern watch which was. Our airspace over -- whereas in Bosnia -- it and other country. It -- yet in this and praying I got a metal which. You needed the -- director chart mistake. On them. In the mean time I'm trying to bide my eighth and on -- to politicians and stop like that. They're calibrated -- to be brought up on the table because. They parted. Are all one he had -- section two article or want any. -- it -- doesn't have yet calm on trillion there. Now -- I doubt the people that are -- and it into it and sit in the orchestra that's been bird colonies or whatever. God forbid they come back with an -- thoroughly or not a locker eager job. They have the -- retirement. While all -- countries that they serve then it's not in the legislation. And they can bite bit current three year. All right Jim -- make it relevant for us in terms of the discussion about overall Albany change are you saying that. This is a bill that you'd like to see Mickey or someone pick up. I would like that understanding. That I'm worried by state and in these countries and all the buttress -- competent Barack. Good to financial year it's not like the -- diplomatic thing they have a fight that yet. -- All right Micky I know it's a little far afield of the broad -- changes but. The Buick package him on the phone here he he is a great example. There's a committee. That look repair and basically the chairman of the -- remember talking to him very. Well so so are currently can't happen. It won't happen at the net but what I'm talking about could go to the tournament has served their country. -- the prime that's for our freedom and democracy. Which he conducted a democratic result. From -- -- this curtain at what he's saying he can hit a go -- a report in order to do that because of the -- -- for the built for the order. The speaker can apply -- too cool he -- you point Alterman of all committees being near total control. Got you 8030930. At in buffalo high. I've taken my problem Merry Christmas and you. -- I suggest you and gained -- following. We're talking about money is not subject for years. We're talking about corruption where it talks about -- in my room what's important. Bloomberg -- He's got money he's influential. Billionaire mayor city. Think there and he million votes down there and what we're suggesting. I have agro range jury. What are some people want to -- again depicted. On paper. Private conversations were missing and it can get Iraq. -- they get them. But you know Dick -- kind of investigation. Parliament -- -- grand -- that. Federal government gets involved here but not complete themselves. And you like Derek. In the beginning it didn't matter -- corruption and high powered money -- -- powerful or. States -- -- -- controlled the whole problem -- -- got sick and tired of it printed on the Interior Department. RM IQ what do you say is a criminal enough for grand jury or is it just wrong. And needing other kind of change. It absolutely criminal not look at we have rules there's one person is currently. Shelton brokered a legal advisor Bill -- Are you about our sexual harassment of one member who now is chairing the committee is -- he be corrected. It's people out there Roberts he would correct in his -- effort will be equal opportunity rancher. And and recently he's cultured correctly. Additional over immediately ordered -- Howland. I eat proper -- toll could get a golden parachute. And finish up your retirement -- that what -- he could create and people on all recent and well that's the way things are. And I can agree that. Great now we have so what this function. When I left the democratic carpet that was older. Morals of sexual harassment. We -- -- -- -- the speaker king or his legal bills give taxpayers -- is legal though. -- I couldn't even write this story if I wanted to fictional couple of what is going on if you're truly a leafy. We have dropped -- but not for profit. Kicking back money to politicians for re election. We weren't -- People aren't too graphic artist so -- So criminal and I'm not going to until there's change. And yet you I think are one of help me with the -- -- to assembly people so far on the democratic side. That have called for two only two called for the resignation of assembly speaker Sheldon Silver. Right after the right after the Lopez stuff it seemed as if there was may be some some boiling of the pot. Has that all cool to now where does that stand. -- at WW speaker rated one of my colleague. In it and meeting that he career -- -- we have a succession of the president of the credit he Twitter celebrated its going to be. Our fiftieth anniversary of -- assassination. Is pretty leadership for our country and when he guy immediately returned -- with more here in the United States. I thought what might have -- If you completely. Nick I don't think child over a strong leader but who are gonna lead the body we have -- -- America together. It's it's it's hypocrisy of what is going on people are worried about themselves. And a worried about people in content -- -- -- under politicians mean what -- it crummy little blanket. -- anything -- and the way I look at it is. Are -- going to be someone an eccentric from the beginning to represent people and that if you look at -- example -- mental 27 years ago. He went from jail for the president. A remarkable man -- they don't happen by accident you have to have a backbone. In there are so much going on speaker mean that people are oh. Leadership in Albany is probably -- -- the first thing we do but they are. Positive week here in the Mormon mission has it not an independent recommendation of the tree there and corruption. Hundred creative play third victory their culture but what -- and it looked like -- that you'll are very you're on the right way. And -- looked at it -- the they could -- make some changes. But Mickey you're one of two if they hold that vote and January. And it's gonna go down in flames won't let. Well it isn't it I argued that all of Arafat president -- and one merely maturity lump on her signature. I represent a 135. The people. An appointee -- a lot of people upward reelection. It every legislator. Got their people. -- column into the governor's office in and out and the make achieved through the -- commission I think we could he change. Someone here to step up it's probably a higher degree than were around editor and your -- accompaniment. But I can represent a 130 cart people. Immediate impact we we look at people looked change. You know quirk of history with one person. And then not whether it would open up whole weird weather you know it was one person standing up. We got here at LeRoy I'm only one -- two people however. I represent a 135000. People if we get each one of those people I think what you're gonna pay this. What the result for the more like mission throughout the eight people are that they are not good enough for the more. All right enough time to squeeze a couple more phone calls 8030930. After the break. By the hardline on news radio 930 double B and broadly speaking we are talking about change in Albany right now. Assemblyman Mickey Kearns is here Democrat from south buffalo enough time to squeeze in one more call let's go off to fill in -- Wanda thanks for waiting high. Yell what are actually real quick you got to remember this you're gonna take on something they can corrupt Sheldon Silver no good deed goes unpunished. And even donate a Nelson Mandela imprisoned for 27 years. There are hundreds of people who actually it's for fighting for that cause this freedom. So. In -- after -- member of the different branches of government are in -- related. But it's gonna get to -- an investigation. And sometimes and that usually only take place its stake in -- Point -- point to point. Situation where they can actually -- these things. If you're -- get people gather. Well it's a grassroots effort or people in in committee or something you have to remember. That this is that they organization. And some people are gonna get bird trying to get things done. But it if you can make that commitment and willing to make a commitment and -- know. Output harassment threats and all that against -- yourself some of your best friend here committee met. Take a cheap illegal sport but you've got to get. The people behind you and you've got to get quite a bit of money to fight these people to just like the -- -- and get things done. You have to eat it -- money this way. The voters. And some people. It's not all political against this system is and you tap the you're you're in you can't like you've been sitting on its true at the end corrupt. We got to do something -- about it. We cannot let New York City run the whole state and treat the rest that they like minions. All right so. Thanks for calling -- not a lot there that I think you disagree with have you been burned by your opposition to Sheldon Silver. There are absolutely. We bear creek spill. -- -- ordered -- would recommend it. By independent people as one of about spilled this action. We're and ethnic or political we had over 300 pound Billiton the municipality drop in New York. Are these certain part resolution to support though. Well that stopping it for the fourth time in April or the first year -- passed overwhelmingly. A but it could make that report card so. Yeah I mean you're here you have representative government -- 300 villages around. Democrat Republican according to bill. How quick or voters went to the our national problem -- not be used in problem with the local problem especially in buffalo. In that building -- support so you know I understand what the reputed. I can get into politics. -- have a long career could -- great not local back to the private sector but. Are eager to retract it's gonna hate in their property not one person. We're gonna need to get people EP in the ball he's eager to correct these are very typical people with Hewlett. We've been doing this for a long time that's why all the crumble our enterprise. In the from the top now. We can go look at -- and I think people wanna be involved. But in order to me there are going to be something that happened here and I'm I'm realizing. I have been shunned by how he. People have not talked me -- go to Albany to make prime but not frontier of awful so. I'm willing to do that in -- way I'm located if you know if people wanna join the cause. I would be happy -- them you know current techniques and what started it off their this year. If if there if we're talking about grass roots and I realize there's some night heavily in this question am I'm asking is somewhat rhetorically here. But if we're talking about grassroots. Why target silver's leadership. Why not target he is election in his district a smaller district in the whole state. An area where perhaps. A lot of money could be thrown in and make the change there. MIA. We thought I think. No I think with the -- the Smart thing I think that's been looked at. There have been people who try to challenge and I think parallel effort more begun expects one of them one cup or the tactical -- will regret. You're absolutely correct I think there's different -- can -- And you know but the the problem is that you stated. If we get rid of Shelton over you'd still have a monster -- Albany. And what we do something to change their eating -- in the rules. In the future are built to report -- caller we can we serve their country that they pick it up built for the poor. Such long. All right thank -- That's all we have time for thanks so very much perfect. David aforementioned. Quite a guy with a lot we -- -- what kind of Olympic great admirer of -- short of the -- I'll mention him for a lot. All right -- thanks a very much for that to Mickey -- democratic assemblyman from. South buffalo that's all we have time for.

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