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Jimmy Vielkind, Capitol New York.com

Dec 8, 2013|

On Gov. Cuomo's Moreland Commission and the possibility of Donald Trump running for Governor

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jimmy -- kind this year he's with. Capital of New York there -- blog of sorts reporting newspaper online that covers all things Albany Jimmie welcome went to this think about. Well we've we've capital New York which is a capital New York dot com within AL has been around for a couple years. -- was recently bought by the parent company that runs Politico. Which is a web based news out covering Washington DC and providing food pretty intense. Coverage of politics of government. Quote the media itself. Capital in New York. Who's going QB bringing that same focus in that same plan to New York City and state so I thought about bureau five reporters at the capitol I've been joined by colleagues covering city -- in politics. New York City mayor Mike. She's being pulled the -- you know as well as. -- coverage or media looking at the New York Times looking at the magazine world looking at TV networks who's up who's down so it's a really -- endeavor very excited. And I'm happy that he that we commodity -- Neat stuff tell me about the more on commission what is in that what did it say did it actually. Unveil crimes and say oh look here's some things we have to target or was it I asked rhetorically much more broad brush. Well and so I think that there was a little bit of -- but it was certainly more toward the latter I read the report and someone who has spent at the capitol for awhile I've read a lot of think that we we argue about things that good government groups have been talking about as problems. -- years and you've been decades. They talked about our our contribution limits without in New York State for example an individual can give a 100000 dollars twisty bike and whereas you'd be permitted to do something like. 161002. The president of the United States he talked about being called a little -- -- where people particularly people in business it's realistic interest. Are able to magnified they're giving power. By chilling contribution. To LLC. Limited liability corporations which are fairly uniform and which can be at -- Pretty untreatable you want to -- contribution anonymously that the pretty good way to do it. The report talked about how -- -- -- the ball when he. To each of the legislative parties conferences. That let them raise unlimited contributions. And there are in theory in law restrictions on that money is spent well in reality no it really enforces the rules and so as a result. The parties have just not. Followed those rules so you think it was it was armed. It was in the regard that -- -- Explicitly completely with lots of evidence all of these problems that we are concerned about. Would it did not Q is there were those. It didn't say. Senator do you go corrupt -- -- -- -- there were so bad yet. In the beginning of the report in which the investigators -- eat out. Ways could -- that they had found without naming. Sort of perhaps he had to work sort of control law. Going along. What's that wasn't a veiled threat payless Hugo and much to pass what the commission here is recommending. We will name the names we will out of the corrupt individuals. Well I think that that they're not not really -- it's just been a threat you know Governor Cuomo convened this commission in July. After legislators left Albany in June without a seat on any. Measure to respond to. They quote public corruption arrests so the commission was supposed to. Make -- so bad it was. Suppose you -- Cuomo's mind. Big legislators. Come around and and come to the table and better state -- with the opposite they've agreed to a negotiated package. That the report would -- -- And remember this is just the preliminary reports that came out this week. I would not -- it was actually after business hours on Monday apparently you know why. And the final report is going to be Q in several months so. You're still going to hang over the legislative session but. So far and they said that the opening. The opening. Reaction to the report was. Something of -- truck. I have to give credit to the Syracuse post standard for the analogy they compared it to a particular movie -- 1942. Casablanca let's listen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm shop shop. Find that gambling is going on in. You very much everybody out and runs. The post standard saying it's a lot like captain Louis -- from Casablanca shocked absolutely shocked that there's gambling. Was a lot of this sort of I don't know not necessarily sarcastic but. We've heard this before certainly. We have heard this before. We haven't heard -- explicitly. But I think that the danger -- that this notion is that we have heard this before we didn't learn much that was new here. And you know if they're true quote I was captain Renault. You know he essentially took it winnings the day after reports it up I was being impacted fund raiser. Where to get ranged up to 5000 dollars a call. So. Is it if it's -- you know the political system in Albany has. Not been eager at all. If you take any actions to report that. There's talk now and probably the biggest marquee recommending it from the more commission's report. Would that New York should establish a system of publicly supported campaign finance. Along the lines of the system that exists in New York City which is to say that any contribution to a legislator or to a statewide candidate. Under 175. Dollars is matched six toward a public funds. And the proponents of this kind of assistance saying that this is going to remove the focus. Of our elected political figures from the great human -- Mercury and raising money. Of course put opponents of this systems say where it all we've got to oh -- -- Rich is better on the part will lay off teachers you want you to stand by tax dollars on politicians. So they can run for all the I'm into really the biggest carriers is that something mentions the posting -- that -- -- Republican. Particularly in these states senate and the state assembly so I don't know if that kind of provision is going to com. In Q whatever final bill is negotiated or might be negotiated. And it really puts. Governor Andrew Cuomo between Iraq and our place. On the one hand and due to -- the governor has -- for. Years that on the record and support public kept it on. For those of what we're watching them closely on the inside. So if he's pushing for it's not something he's going into the match for. And what we know about what was always deal he always negotiate he always comes up with some sort of compromise. And he could clear example that are the closest analogy that would legislative redistricting -- -- not and to on line the -- and drop alliance. -- -- In exchange for some good measures and some reforms are present fiscal thing that he wanted to do but I don't. I don't see of now any reason why he won't. Take a similar course with regard to this public financing provision -- -- -- think -- should note I am so tired to talk on that's okay. That recommendation was not -- -- and we buried everywhere so remember Governor Cuomo -- -- a proponent of this appointed this commission. And you put Republicans and Democrats on the commission but to open them up to 25 members. Signed on to -- cents. Which basically was concluded -- commission report that we did that we do not agree public financing for me to you know that -- -- recommendation. Was somewhat muddled. It was -- model of a problem or anybody I think perhaps. There is a colleague of mine and mother from the daily news coolest feature is that Governor Cuomo himself rounded up this thing. So hopefully you. A little bit more wiggle room in the ensuing negotiations. Among the -- as I understand was our local represented on this commission. Erie county district attorney -- city. That's correct. That's correct and the other ones I think what most group club and district attorney -- go get up in Warren county direction or opinion. -- in Essex -- Franklin and I didn't know that that's reflective. Of the partisan ideology that we see. Talk about the legislators reaction the Buffalo News earlier this week quoted in the local assembly -- Robinson injure the Democrat from Ken -- basically saying man and this is a and not exact -- an awfully close. If this was a fishing expeditions show us the fish. Evidently a lot of legislators offended by the broad brush. Allegations that Albany all of Albany is corrupt. They kind of responded by saying well -- if you're saying were corrupt so who corruption is rather than tiring assault with a broad brush. Brake and -- -- -- that was not the way of witnesses. Keep in mind that. Both lawyers for bulky Democrat to dominate its assembly Republicans. -- -- Republican led coalition that controlled the state senate are are -- we litigating against the commission's subpoena. Or some of the record. You know they're cute things that they're -- side this argument on the one hand. People say and people like Governor Cuomo sir you know this is try to correct it. You can have an outside job he can be a legislative by day and by -- you can be a lawyer and your client could include I don't know corporation -- And all of a sudden you're telling me that corporation actually your client. Might benefit from a -- that you introduce sort of boat that you takes that. That is as the report says that that caddie this culture of corruption added that they bet that people say that's not right that should change. And a solution vendors correctly he's a political I don't -- and my corrupt in my part of this culture of corruption should I beat Auburn without. And so I think what we've seen as a result of this report and he's he's resistance. I think that we've seen legislators who he can remember your listeners can remember about 2011 when Governor Cuomo first took office. Legislators who were eager who would trip -- over themselves to aligned with the governor's -- What we're now seeing is Morse fuel resistance our legislators. We're seeing some resentment. Toward the governor. Because. Didn't see the governor -- and they don't think what we and I don't think they're worried about it especially in an election year. And you've hinted that it already really briefly before remove the next segment. What's your prediction how does this all play out what happens next. I think that there's going to be a little bit more escalation in the rhetoric featured in achieving governor knocking on the legislator I think you can achieve legislators saying. Well we have subpoena power -- we have committees that investigate. Executive branch. I know that they're prepared to do that I don't know if they will actually -- but I think at the end of the day. Governor Cuomo doesn't want conflict here which you want to as a result which is always his life. He believes that function. And getting something done -- and and that is the best possible well copper and even if the product. Of whatever deal he takes. Is less than perfect. I think you're going to see I think you're gonna see some sort of deal comes together it just a question of how long it will. That's -- -- Jimmy -- kind this year from capitol only your -- the Albany bureau chief their longtime Albany reporting program on the show before. Coming up next -- we're gonna talk a little bit about Donald Trump there was movement this week. To suggest maybe that he might possibly more I don't know someday. Run for governor -- more on that straight ahead it's hard line on news radio 930 WB -- Taking your calls coming up the next segment I'm Donald Trump let's talk more about that with Jimmy -- kind he's the Albany bureau chief of capital new Yorker that he is saying they used to be the army times union but now this new publication a web publication capitol New York dot com. Jimmie talk to me a little bit about this entire. Donald -- situation what happened this week how did it all gets started. Well it. Arnold trump again for earth so -- from the political prior week. He sort of rule our guys -- really wary when we hear news that Donald Trump and as -- name. But so. What happened this week was trump had a meeting. In New York City waited several officials including assemblyman David DiPietro Easter or and some hundred don't know which comes from the southern suburbs Rochester. Who urgent -- and hearing about who were trying to push trump to run for governor who we hurt the ones were missed that first. Loaded to the circus. In October when no OJ. And trapped in a memo that he was talking about to smooth -- -- and legislative colleagues saying. A tribute to DR Esteban -- -- and -- -- put some of his own money up and it was campaign a lot of name recognition. He's got I name recognition in upstate areas you repeat in Syria and there there should take a look at the central Cuba probably in that he has no interest in doing. Now this meeting happens and eve potentially went from a note to looked -- camera about it I'm immediately. But again the question for for party leader and a there was a column in today's Coughlin -- about this very idea is. You know it is cultural actually serious about that and what are the various players in the various parts. -- Republican led by the state chairman -- fox. Are pushing Westchester County executive rob actually you know we started -- the move around the state talk about and who I believe will be traveling to buffalo next week right yes. And so I think we she received that we see -- chairman Cox essentially he and Donald Trump -- a carnival barker. Thinking these guys wasting my arms in other people's time and he might hurt me because it's up there talking about -- doing around. These are never do it'll hurt the ability to -- around to make its case to get injured -- -- to raise money for and so. But how much it is is a ploy to perhaps -- the potential. Of Carl Paladino on the conservative line is this just got pushed back to keep -- at bay and therefore I give Cox a chance to run up the middle with -- -- Well that's exactly the other point. Of course we all know that Carl Paladino has talked about running -- here not as a Republican that the conservative. And he got so he would hope to somersault. Or group Republican candidates and give the conservatives that coveted number two slot on the ballot in all be attended each -- the wit. But I don't see it as -- she trumpet moving. Parallel to Paladino I don't see them related even though we should note that. The person who has been talking about trumpeted now involved in the operative Michael Capuano. Who would the these -- native who -- Paladino was 2010 gubernatorial campaign. Coincidentally who coincidentally is our very next guest here in studio take some phone calls. On this show. -- of what we needed you know Paladino did not says that she could not be persuaded to sit on the sidelines of upstream -- round. I'm Paladino in to take up to a -- I believe was quoted as saying he would not run -- truck with the GOP candidate. So what he was going on a compromise -- of things Carl Paladino I think if you want. He has demands and they think he's holding up the prospect of the gubernatorial run as something of a negotiating tactic. I think at some point the party elders are going to have to come to Paladino. And come to some sort of understand. I don't think -- -- open Dahmer comic he mentioned here not this year and perhaps some wrong and you're so realistic as you call and how well. But and I think that we're going to see. This trump things strewn along. That often does with problem trump because. She leg he attention Hewitt detention of more heat in the newspaper the more -- truck hit the more it allowed him chew. Sort of monetize it brands remember he ran for president -- the didn't actually run president last year. But even actually got a lot of headlines across and so I think there are a lot of people see that as what's going on here. I think most people are very. Skeptical of trump going for Iran even the biggest reported for the trump runs say yeah we don't know fees that they would think about it you know. At that even maybe right now so. It's certainly had about the potential to shake up the race but -- I think -- liquid and not.

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