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12-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Dec 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If -- and is ready at 930. A -- WBM if you look at the SP CA's FaceBook page and I think the WB Ian FaceBook page you'll you'll see some photos of me. Looking hotter than ever at 168. Freddie Mercury announced. It is six at WB and it you know I've got some bad news actually got the news and bad news -- -- -- first. You okay all -- bad news for a look at the bad news well first of all the -- is you know those black leather pants that I have. Guess who fit for. -- I fitted to the black lesson and iron so that it's. Yeah again around I bit into the black yeah yeah. Well the only people who should Wear black leather pants are people who are on stage who are saying. So that that is is time quitting his job and it's very own band. Again that works out well for every. Okay now ladies and gentlemen the -- get the speed on what we're doing here. Yesterday. If that failure and their excuses for failure. But I felt really bad yesterday because. The way my personality. Operates in the way I'm built. I don't do well trying to perform in a four -- chaotic situation. With a million people coming at me all at the same time one piece of -- on the same time trying to do radio show. And I I especially if I can't it's just I don't dwell on that situation. I literally have to be built a few times yesterday just to get like some quiet. I just think it's quiet and just like expert that you. So what they did today thank god they put in a quiet office so -- can actually focus on what I am doing. And and do agree radio show or at least mediocre. And like go -- and are the volunteers can actually talk as opposed to people saying I would Britain and -- -- ought witches. You know it might sound easy but believe it it's not -- -- having a Nazi music reviews easy I -- press -- button at like ten minutes hits you know I gotta be ten minutes to me and I can't I'm not I can't do it for four hours went everybody's coming at me from every direction and I get every time and always hands dropping the ball park. My hearings messed up and up anyway so it just becomes a giant cacophony to me. So just you know that. -- set the stage for there's no excuses but -- Malamud quiet rooms like feel much more like myself that I did yesterday were again I literally you -- -- -- she'll -- yesterday because I can't deal with nonstop chaos you know. Remind you of small children but anyway that's where walked in the basement. -- -- -- -- -- -- yet so ladies and gentlemen here's where this is all leading. Where this is all leading is live at the FB CA serving you recount. It's not a government organization it's not hide it with any government doesn't get any government contributions. To the cost therefore you don't get every town councilman saying -- mind if you need to job for -- -- when he. Because those things happen in the real world yes appreciate that operate that way the F appreciate that it's women that -- And has not for quite some time. There for the FB CA relies on people like you relies on people like me. But relies on people like -- entity. To make sure that that the budget on which to operate. Now if you want to become an Angel for the animals and that several of my neighbors have done this including. Mean I just kept Lima one neighbor who last -- that don't -- -- -- for me just give it to -- FB CA. I'm -- -- if I confessed to get away with elements buddies you were that. So that if she wishes to contribute GQ what you go to the office placing these tickets and -- there's -- you know that. You know. Is what you mean guys. It was Duchscherer went back for. But anyway she is here she's nodding and she's she's giving me the Harry Morgan Nazi like he liked and used your Friday in dragnet. Fuel lines but he hit that concerned I really hope resentment to yours soon look at his basement Friday was a question. So anyway long story short because of my incompetence in not making the case properly I screwed ES PC I got a twelve registered. I missed out of fifty angels for the animals I missed out of 2500 dollars and challenge money from seventy day. And folks that left a mark. I can't tell you -- it please don't think that uses it again folks I'm probably the most genuine man you'll ever meet. I don't like it -- -- like you felt like it you know I love. You know that's probably why I I like Carol Filipino -- they see some appellate you know -- and vice Versa you know you get to a certain point like you're really just don't don't care what people think if you. I -- me. I know that I'm not a -- -- or not the double on somewhere between. I'd just like most of you are by the way it's just that I have a public life. Growing more public -- about -- -- -- -- but anyway. 8030930. Is the odd here a number but here's the deal. I figured that since you guys have been so awesome to that we hit every challenge we hit the buffalo dental group -- we hit that -- jail. I mean we -- I coached college with -- this error. So I thought you know what I would love to leave the SP CA today -- -- on next week. I would like to be it will leave knowing that I at least made up that money. That it least the 121000 dollars on which they were counting actually materialized. Right now already up to 4000. And -- got another 45 minutes to hear from. Now here's the deal the phone number to call the -- contributions to the SP CA and this SP CA is not ES PGA it was twenty years ago. It's not the FTC it was fifteen years ago this SP CA is even Bob Dole -- I'll be very fresh equity. Pledges to -- -- a couple pledges that I never would have supported. But what I saw what they were doing when I saw all of the improvements -- when I saw that actually doing what they were supposed to who. I got on board I think you know what. You guys are putting in an honest effort before G we're leaving France. By the first interview Regina I. Is very infamous in in our circle of friends. I basically asked what in the hell took the SP CA so long to do its job. She vowed she'd never again speak with me ever again so I mean that the vet but you know what actually that's a great metaphor for my relationship with the FTC in general. Because I used that no sport. Sir I tried but they just -- hold up their two. But now I'm happy to tell you probably for the last fifteen years the Erie county the SP CA serving Erie county. Has it has become seriously a shining star in the world of animal -- this is the place other places look to. When their problems at their place and they want they wanna get like they wanna be like everybody wants to be like the FB CA serving your recount that's what drives. And folks if if I did not personally give I would not ask you figure on the ask you to give this -- -- that I know personally give you would believe him on an Angel for the animals many times over. And I don't mind they have because. Because this is my charity this is -- organized charity to which -- here. Button. You. -- -- -- -- -- I also -- to a secret foundation to help young Asian female immigrants go to medical school by working massage to say. There -- to medical school just it's like and yeah. Anyway. 803 all right there he is via phone number -- WP you know once you put up with me I have no idea. But anyway yeah so. Regardless of my relationship with all her rotation each of which she's just kicked the current. I I I believe in this organization okay. If you that they'll be at 7 o'clock that I I would still believe it the FB CA serving Erie county just are on the same page and if you can be an Angel for the animals fifteen dollars a month for twelve months that's great. But I also know that there are so many out there for whom fifteen dollars a month that might it will be a million dollars a month like -- that I've been there Sean Hannity. Has been there I mean he's got nothing to do with this -- not to use his name to raise it from for its security but it does say that you know people think that certain people which is important stuff. And I wasn't at all -- -- -- You know what I mean those were lowered to eighty. You know the shot namely with all these connections or any thing you know I -- bio it world apparently don't you know and I'm pretty proud of most of what I. There's some things which never but -- happens you know it'll work from your mistakes that you use -- to gross human date. Now. I don't care if you give five dollars or two dollars our volunteers answering the phone you know they. That's a story here they get a piece of paper. And it's nice to be able to talk to the volunteers and a dash of the building to collect my thoughts because yesterday was just. But today it just so greatly and actually talk to volunteers opulent like about the lose my mind because the noise. Because my hearing folks are again you have to understand it in in with a lot of sounds -- focus on just one voice as it becomes like an ocean of sound to me. So Peter. It is. Peter. Donated ten dollars and a pocket of his last name because I don't want that in subways. You know embarrass him even though that's not -- that. Peter gave ten dollars in memory of -- -- Who -- the -- custodian at categories went and many others listening to me right now was a student and he wanted hourly and Elvis. Devices use that I use my own name of the third person. And that he wants to challenge. The group from forty and 81 World War II felony that was BA first world war reenactment group so. Also wants to also wants to challenge the 47 and 147. Guard units and Niagara street that Sony. Well you know what folks as far as the National Guard people for not concern you donated enough. I mean honest to god and time again please understand you know my feelings about veterans. If you can donate five dollars or ten dollars or twenty dollars one time it be done with it. That would be great because my goal by 7 o'clock tonight when I leave this building and as -- wrote Donald Wanda. And officer gets is waiting for this issue may have inspired expert inspections Victor. And I. I know or wouldn't you know me but look at it through so anyway. -- that here. Anyway -- click on to other people do in yeah so anyway. Body yet to understand. Occupants. So anyway what I'm gonna say here is it doesn't matter what you can -- I know like people I think about my maternal grandmother that all she ever given was five dollars so it's. But most ever could've given us would be and that's it. We appreciate that you think do you think -- look at this ten dollar donation Wednesday at ten dollars -- I'm did that mean. Means more to be a lot of cases and somebody you can write a twenty dollar check because proportionally that ten dollars is probably the same to that person is a 101000 dollar check would be that somebody with that fifty million dollars I mean I am on the map and that would get the point. Let's check -- with traffic our resident -- expert when Greg Reid is -- -- out is Alan Harris Alan. Say -- disabled semi permanent I -- your talking about me. Okay you. Just Internet fifties untouched. -- anyway. (%expletive) -- you guys are laughing because my goal is that he just up the new everywhere every week of the regular apple today even my own expense so anyway. I'm trying to put together twelve great total. Between now and 7 o'clock at night even if you hate my guts even if you voted for Obama. And I think it or below is the bomb. I get a lot. Forget about me think about the animals. Think about the animals and people -- like these animals whatever you can donate. Eight sevenths 87377228737722. 8737722. Where almost halfway there. Almost halfway -- I really want to leave this building tonight at least giving. It was a total 11800. At least hitting you know what. I'll be happy with 121000 the vikings get an extra were all were almost half. -- waited 121000 right now I really wanna make up for yesterday because I think I let the SP CA now. And if you think that I didn't lose sleep over last night you don't know me because I did. So so there. 623. 8737722. And you know I don't Gina Browning is the director of the public relations department one at the F species -- in -- county. She's everywhere just everywhere. -- the the the smaller donations. Are coming in fast and furious and I'm glad that people understand it is not just about the people who hand give fifteen dollars a month for twelve months we love them and we want them to keep calling of course it's the kind of but we don't want anybody to do something they can't afford -- regret it. You know I mean if you could -- great twenty bucks great. I'll -- and especially when you talked earlier about a snapping a snooty. It's not the organization at night you know even if he tried to be the -- cleaning can now. Gets you over the -- who really fast -- it is dark horse all yeah yeah an egg egg until the next -- snooty attitude real quick. Got exactly so we we do appreciate any. Donation and you know I know there -- areas about which show we have yet talked. -- with respect the SP CA and what you do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I said honey I -- technically. Act a law this is animal cruelty RAZR which are doing to this dog if she was very cool shoes very nice very sweet young lady I feel like -- educated her without embarrassing her. Any aware -- seeing students to inner city kids were working with children from Martin Luther King. Multi cultural institute in buffalo and aimed at that -- is going on right now as we're speaking in the other room and we're teaching these children about. Anti violence lessons well you know you don't know what these kids are going home to you. And that every six days every eight weeks to work with one group of children that we teach them lessons about respect compassion and -- islands. The percent of the -- for the lack of learning Latin different kinds of experiments that book learning. An agreement on indicates try to take on -- lesson they learned any IQ training that -- It is absolutely incredible I graduation -- these times on Monday and -- -- is I have to think we have allowed those talks need some extra training. There are still with them into the tree children incredible to see these bands formed he is fit those those vicious evil horrible it is the sole carriers and again. As horrible -- it's now there's going up right after it. The kids work with these dogs every game they take the lesson they learn and apply to training the animal. This is not cheap program as it expands and these people aren't donating. The ones making programs like this possible Nat don't we not only change -- -- he plans for changing cities can. -- folks this SP CA as I said earlier is like a model SP CA and it can't happen it cannot continue without your continued support. Even when times are our lead. That's why I say. Even if it's twenty dollars you think we don't appreciate twenty dollars we do understand that gives you the twenty bucks saying here put it in the kitty you know -- were not from that about right now. -- I expected to go use it for whatever. And I don't want first it is just one of those things where it's just. If you can contribute we really appreciated and and frankly these programs have got to continue. Because they do so much good for human beings and the phone number call is 87377228737722. We're at about 5000 dollars right now I'm hoping that in the next half hour or so. When I leave this room. I will leave with a 121000 dollar total or is close to it as we possibly can to make up for what I failed to generate yesterday that's on -- and -- I'm asking you to help bail me out -- ever learned anything from me -- up ever -- you -- with one of my juvenile jokes or. -- references. Call you know it did give give give us a dollar for every time a major laughter the FB CA -- injury count 8737722. Gimme a dollar for every time you turn on the radio and listen to be at that scares a huge for it doesn't matter 8737722. At W media. Kennedy Friday saw that we always play. The last musical while the cities until we were also makes it easy on me. All right folks we have up about 5000. Dollars that we have raised in the -- And step 45 ministers of fifty minutes or so 50 minutes. Hold it. I'm hoping you know what if we get to like six or 7000 dollars more. You have no idea how appreciative they be at the FB CA serving you recount. And that the Genesis of my -- -- of these issues. I think I -- yesterday. I don't think that my job well yesterday for the FBC a -- defined radio optional. But as far as doing it to raise money for the SP CA I think I socks and it's on me. And I I think I take this very seriously I don't challenge. I I take it seriously if I -- challenged by fifty people. I take it very seriously. And so today I'm trying to make up for what they didn't do yesterday because today we have all the challenges and all the challenges like record time today. From the buffalo -- -- group and from our friends at Geico. So I just -- what you know. Now as far as that what you can give folks we are still accepting angels for the animals. Fifteen dollars a month for twelve months you can become an Angel for the animals at any time. I'd really like it though you're gonna do it to please do -- between now and 7 o'clock. It's like get this monkey off my back and know there's not a real figure that monkey in my back or a real literal one there is a figure of -- Yemen back. It says -- really -- the FBC yesterday didn't you. Effect that -- So the number called -- is 87377228737722. Now up any amount -- five and we might have somebody of means listening. And we might have some picture out of attorneys and big shot lawyer. Some doctor surgeon whatever. And if you care about the SP CA. And you want it or if you're looking for each charity but you don't -- to give to charity and then find out later the executive directors -- two million a year with a private helicopter. Please consider. Donating your 5000 dollars now to the SP CA serving -- recount. When you look at Charity Navigator it gives this. FTC's or injury county top grades -- it gets the top. Mark from Charity Navigator in other words costs are low performance is great. Very little administrative costs everything is in line everything is as it should be. And -- you're you're not gonna find a better surety. That will make better more efficient use of your money ban will be SP CA serving Erie county. So if you're somebody that means -- -- an extra 10050101000. We'd really appreciated if you could. Without the -- checkbook now. Excuse me when -- whip this out and call 8737722. That's the phone number until 7 o'clock tonight to make your donation. 87377228737722. Is via phone number to call. And again you'll you'll forget there have never taken any calls on the today at least not that I can remember because I have been so actively trying to generate money. For the SP CA serving you recount and it has been my showed today this has been my life and hope that it's been generally interesting to a number of U. But the the animals here at the SP CA serving Erie county you know it it's just it's a never ending situation. You will remember that early last year the SP CA. Raided the place in Wyoming county. And at the end of the day the adopt the -- animals be optimal cats we found Holmes for every one of those cats. I thought that was like a minor miracle that we're able hollows all of those cats. And yet as soon as you achieve a victory there. Then some other Porter gets. You know who is twenty cats were thirty cats it never ends. And I just want to imagine what if the SBC -- -- county wasn't there. What if it wasn't there what does Paulson patriots wasn't here for our returning veterans who were suffering from -- SB. And that the beautiful part about there. Is these veterans have a chance to hook up and network with other veterans who also have PT SB and they help each other. In addition to helping the animals we are now at about 6000 dollars. About 6000 dollars I would love it. To hit the goals that I have set. 44 my program by 7 o'clock tonight. Because I want to make sure that I've done my part prettiest BCA serving you're counting yesterday's failure on the I didn't get the ball Libre and it didn't make the case strongly enough. 8737722. Is the number to call. And I look I know that this is the time of the year when people get a little faster. I know. But a lot of real story here. Which speaks volumes. For the people of western new York and we are and where they are. The other day. Gina Browning the executive director -- -- on Wednesday. She's the Apollo public relations director -- art is the executive director. Beth Schapiro is the assistant executive director I think those -- the proper titles like Nokia is director public relations. But you know over eastern hills we have it. And she looked down and the walk. Outside the dips in theaters you know the outside and currency struggle between Gibson and the SP CA. Off site location. She sees a so she picks up the wallet she opens it up there's money in there. There's a hundred dollar bill along with identification. So you get a break the all Holmes she wasn't gonna leave the store -- She brings all at home and she made contact with the guy whose wall -- what's. Needless to say -- but the funny thing is where was the guy who dropped the wall. He was that the rates. He was at rates in the eastern hills. Now here's where the story kind of gets really interest. She called him at that serve I won't give his. I want it though but I found her wallet. I did find money inside the wallet. And I have it it's in safekeeping. And I did call American Express to see if they can notify you that I it to wall but I -- that number in that directory assistance and got your phone number. This guy. This guy. You know what. He was shot. That somebody. Not only picked up the wall but told them that the hundred dollars was still. He was just. He won't want that G that the take the hundred dollars. If she said -- -- doing. Well to make a -- Story short as far as the back and forth is concerned. This guy ended up showing up here at the SP CA serving Erie county yesterday. And made a donation -- and tell you the amount. You might be able -- yes but he made a donation to the SP CA serving -- -- that was a couple of things number one it speaks volumes about the people who work here. I mean that you is just if you know -- and you know that she's just not like that I mean it could have been a million dollars and it would competitor. She would have taken -- -- -- belong to her and she knew to whom the money -- law that's that's just the way she operates. So. There's that. And there's also once this guy realized that he was coming to the SP CA serving Erie county to pick up the wallet he kind of put two and two together. And he made a very nice donation to the SP CA serving -- county. Now. You might think that at some kind of a made up BS story on the optic lines I can't just make this stuff up. And the irony of ironies is are you ready for this. The guy's birthday. That you know geno story and -- is again the director PR at this species are -- count. And you know this -- -- grandfather was killed in the World War II. And many of you will remember that America's involvement in World War II began with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941. That's what America entered the war shortly thereafter Hitler declared war on America. Which made his generals absolutely thrilled not. And this guy's birthday I kid -- not. December 7. 1932. He was a young boy. When Pearl Harbor took place he remembers when Pearl Harbor reports. So you know being -- Natalie it was -- back but gave him a birthday card. -- I won't bore you with the rest of the story but. It just it just goes -- Sharia. About the people here here's a guy lost his -- ends up giving that money. At a certain amount of money to the SP CA serving Erie county and I -- when the birthday is December 7 knowing about her family tree. It was like one of those cosmic moon moments true story absolutely 101 1000000% true. And I just. Have about what maybe fifteen more minutes or so in order apparent the FB CA serving your recount. And hopefully that story was of interest to you. And whatever you can give if you can become an Angel for the animals fifteen dollars a month for twelve months that would be awesome if you can do. If you can give twenty dollars one time that's fine. Maybe you've got a thousand dollars in taxes the other years coming up and you itemize and that might help you at some point. Even if it doesn't help you tax why it'll certainly do wonders for the FCC history Erie county if you could write a four or five figure check. And you think that that's gonna be turned away elbow for the worship the ground to walk. Then again they'll do the same thing for twenty bucks and you know what you can afford to quietly what -- give you know -- to report you know what you feel comfortable with. I'm just gonna tell everything it's appreciated. Whether it's the attorney with the millions that doctor with the millions horror. A lottery winner with the millions whatever doesn't matter if it's a construction worker with five bucks if it's the window watcher. With twenty bucks is better everything is appreciated. And you have my personal assurances that everything is used wisely. At the SP CA don't just take my work fourteen year old research which at a Charity Navigator. So when you get here you know that it's not going to be -- -- there and charities I've donated to over the years that I stopped. Giving too when they realize that the executive directors were making more money the ones that will probably -- them. We'll -- SP CA serve Erie county. Receives top. Security rankings according to Charity Navigator you don't get a better mark than what the F species are accurate count it receives a PH. The phone ever call for your donation which will be welcomed and appreciated and used well. 87377228737722. We're doing well I want when I walked out during this break I would love to see every volunteer on every phone talking to whether that dollar a thousand dollars a million dollars twenty dollars fifty dollars it doesn't matter whatever you can afford is appreciated 8737722. Well now this is interest saying I just received. -- that well the FB CA serving Erie county just received a 1000. Dollar donation. Now I don't want to give out the name other than to say. -- other states here answers that we -- a common friend who happens to be Mike -- Just so you know so thank you very much appreciate that might -- from a channel seven. Who really could go to Broadway and make billions of dollars being -- Charles Dickens or mark -- Now we are and who also by the way -- Mike does a lot of work your fortieth species are accurate -- it's his favorite places to so I want to know bet so so far. And I've got well I've got about five minutes left of him. 7763. Dollars. 7763. Dollars just in one hour. After we hit our other challenges I'm starting to feel so much better. And this'll probably be the last opportunity I have to mention this before I have to say by by four final break. That I wanna thank everybody who is already donated. Because what you gave a dollar a thousand dollars or 5000 dollars. I assure you that whatever it is going to be well used. Promise you it will be well used they don't take it for granted they don't take your reputation for grip. At the FB CA serving -- recount. But I'm gonna sell likened to and a public here broadcasting here but honestly got folks they can do without you. Because it'll take government money and then have to rely on dictates of government to get -- We don't do that they don't you know they're not part of their not a government agency is try to -- Not a government agency. That's why the public and this radio are so important. To the annual budgetary needs obvious BCA serving your recount. And obviously some recent events that increased expenditures that this could not have been forecast. So. Whatever you can afford to do like letter to the house but still can't believe we have a thousand dollar check this way thank you so much. Boy if there's a multi gazillion -- -- and read a 5000 dollar check right now I would go home with the giant. Smile on my face. But the phone numbers to call the volunteers will be on those phones talking to you no matter what you can give. The phone number to call to make your donations 87377228737722. There are so many people to thank. Who have been our sponsors on this and who provided the challenge money M&T bank. Very well I screwed that one up but they they have the money on the table. Who else did we have here we had on my program the buffalo double. With 2000 dollars as a match we got we had Geico insurance. With a 5000 dollar match and we got it. And then after we hit those challenges I decided that I was gonna try to make up for my incompetence yesterday. And as -- here is gonna get me the total as of right now 7009. Almost 8000 dollars. Almost 8000 dollars how to play even thank you for this ha ha I mean I'd I'd come over but that there's a lot of -- and -- run out of time. Thank you. But if you've been thinking about it. And you were waiting until the last minute. Please do it now because the volunteers there. There are volunteers free to speak with you right now to take your donation -- twenty dollars for 20000 dollars you'll take your donation and you you're not can be laughed if you call it answer five dollars. You're you're the bread and butter. -- the bread and butter you need people. You know you. -- people real people who. Really hear about it organization and are so many volunteers here folks. There are so many people who just freely give of their time to this organization. It's almost like a second to him for a lot of the I've heard stories. I know what goes on here and all smiles and walked years. And it's really -- pretty amazing place. If you can donate we certainly appreciate -- -- the last that presentation of the phone numbers 82737722. 8737722. A lot of Mecca. Thank Joseph Butler for letting me use his office today so -- can actually do a radio show. Thank you Joseph I appreciate that what -- QB Rebecca station Chelsea back at the station who had nothing to do today. Fortunately our call -- I wanna thank you to rally for many appearances on the program. What effect here Sam Jackson are on site and Jeter everybody connected that with the broadcast and everybody here at the SP CA serving Erie county for the continued. Hospitality. And their courtesies. In the meantime. 8737722. Thank you for making this final hour a real special one for me but more importantly previous BCA serving your account -- believe view. -- -- -- Very simple words that I think are most important in the English language of philosophy. Those words go. --

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