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12-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Dec 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our -- it is our lady under his radio and I'm thirty WB ENN that today. I decided basically today to go all out you know what to the wall because I'm not going to be here next week I'll be -- yeah I'll be on vacation. I'll be doing something next week that that is not Celek an awful lot of fun and I won't go into details but anyway I today I decided. I'm making it up. From my failure to perform properly yesterday during the radio -- I take this very seriously because I happen -- know what percentage B radio -- SP CA represent of the SP CA's annual. Operating budget and it's huge and a pilot -- FB CA down the FB CAA's gonna have to say the ups are guessing animals just gonna have to suffer because we can't take care anymore. More you really want -- pressured don't. But now that of -- that you cannot even begin to thank you for making 25 new angels for the animals. And the extra 2000 bucks we got. From the buffalo dental group guys I don't have the words thank you and on the continuum is warning you I'm gonna continue to -- it. And bay get them vague and beg for money even if he can't do fifteen bucks a month for twelve months. If you can send five dollars once that's great whatever you can afford whatever you feel comfortable where I mean we're not twist in Europe for fifteen dollars a month. I mean we might come by fire bug your -- but we were not twisting your car. You know we might pull random names from phone books and you know -- big men over to intimidate you but it would not -- -- back. No I'm I seriously am begging affected you go to the FB CA's your FaceBook page. You'll see a picture of me on my knees. Which and it lends itself to all kinds of comments to us right now to save me from my own indecency. We have from the of people with that gecko is we have mr. Carl cargo from my Geico but a longtime -- you're going. Oops I guess would ultimately turn to microphone -- -- that's better America might better go yeah we last time I -- you we're watching the sabres actually -- the game I don't believe in the idea missiles that are comes written down and that was one never forget that so now look you guys Geico locally and you play a lot of people I know that. You have any number of people who want -- goes corporate support for charities. Why Karl if you go on with -- bigger huge sponsor better comes by the way why. Did you guys go with the FB CA serving injury count is one of your key. Don't knees. We've got 2600 associates that work there and I can't tell you how many of those people have pets. And what pets mean to. Everybody who's. Works there their families. And this is not just about giving monies for animals is about. The family peace and economical point six and it's a pretty big family we'd like to take care of each other. And you know be it your right because when when we do this for animals says sometimes I have to point people oh or call me. You're doing this for animals and ultimately not doing it for human beings we do for human beings but. The animals in the animal well for society work done -- obvious BCA it's about animals and the people who loved them. And Carl if you will though because you're such great friends -- species or injury county. The FTC's -- Erie county just in the last year has done so much work in outreach to veterans. Guys coming back from Afghanistan any rock who have been so traumatize and so after up by what they experienced over here. That they have something to offer these dogs were also traumatized. And and it's a few of us are crimes that Michael went to girl because. This is a new program and it is it the FBCs -- reader county's first in the country. To do -- to bring traumatized dogs together with traumatized veterans. And and the two of them the love stories are now it's a liquor but did you dispense that they'll love stories that have been formed out of that group. Is absolutely. Mind boggling and without Geico and without our people call it even with a five dollar donations. That program could not happen. Every little bit counts as you said in -- and just Billy -- time was. That love that's there that makes for better people. Better families. Than they understand that the animal -- the -- it's it's another person that you have in there and that's why. When it comes that this this something like the veterans when it comes to something that affects people's lives. -- to be a part of this and we are very proud to support them. Did you know that my boss actually adopted a -- from the FB CA serving Erie county you're honored that you and other Muslims -- and our honor and well I told them that -- that. Neighborhood Samardo had I don't know that he actually came across with -- but. Now here's here's the deal are -- and I just wanted to verify all of the information which you. Now our people my people my crew up there in the audience. I let them down and pilot pilot the -- CA done yesterday I didn't have the phone's ringing at all yesterday for for for the FB CA I had a hard time sleeping last night because. I don't like failure failure is not acceptable -- pictures personally it is not acceptable. If we can get 100 angels for the animals by 6 o'clock you guys at Geico will donate an additional five. Thousand dollars to the FCC. What we don't want you to fail and we certainly want to do our part and and we hope that people out there would. Would look at this says it fifteen dollars a month for the year and to make yourself an Angel and you set any little bit helps but if we can get some people that step up. Where do little bit more here and can promise you make a nice 5000 dollar donation -- out there. Well again very very generous and you know it it's so nice that people. Who are -- like you who who don't forget this is you know this is a big Britain Watertown for -- and like a call anybody out there there are some very very very successful businesses in town hundreds of millions of dollars in sales every year who don't do squat. Not just for this security but for any charity locally on Lockett called about the you know the I'm not about what these socialist -- but it seems to me just as a guy who you know those are located at what point did you have enough money that you can start you know looking at the community it's okay this is what I'd like to make better. And I'm glad Geico and you and all of the people at Geico are making this happen thank you very much into their pleasure and now. Get those donations in place all right Carl -- from Geico thank you -- a pleasure that they'll be a picture of the bulk of us on line. And that maybe it'll prove to be the sabres cure because as I said the last time Carl and I were together the sabres actually wanna game -- you back to game our brother we'll see in the we'll see -- the luxury box. I might have to bring to kids that with -- this time. All right broke apart from Geico and here's the deal folks I'm not gonna apologize for this at all on the debate once again here's a picture of me. On my knees and you know much about over here to is Carl. The parts. If we can get 100 more angels for the animals by 6 o'clock tonight Carl -- the man you are the man. If we get 100 angels for the -- by 6 o'clock Geico is gonna donate an additional 5000 dollars to the SP CA fifteen dollars a month. For twelve months will make you an Angel for the animals yes Gina I'm doing it shut off. She's like looking at me like well how come on come up. Like ESP NCA. Give a little bit more -- -- give till it hurts mile an auction I watched it. -- -- -- 873707040. Through. It's 737. B 722. As the phone number to call to pick your contribution. From from watch Indians -- you know 50000 maybe but that's another start anyway. Or fifty that's five. Anyway. Would really be 50000 but the bills are. So anyway. Growers now that I'm totally distracted and it's my own fault you know my audience kicks ass just because I. I didn't know that. This is very -- before when he's dead early -- at -- -- again. I look at all like concerned no no it did and here yes it well no because they let me down because I let them down. I did not properly you know what I just assume. I've made the mistake of assuming that everybody knew with the SP CA did that everybody knew you guys -- a government agency that you don't receive government money so there's you know some assemblyman as a college they might have you need to summer job to be given no show job for seven dollars an hour or you don't have to worry about the -- And York. I can't hear you -- That's -- -- -- -- at 2 o'clock singing happy I was here at 2 o'clock sing it I -- -- in high paying new community of the content -- -- -- again now well basically what I'm saying now is if we don't get. 100 more angels for the animals by 6 o'clock tonight. You know I want to feel something it's very hard on me right now. It's right here down there -- do you feel that okay no idea -- -- I will use that in your life. If we don't get 100 angels for the animals by 6 o'clock tonight. Deal all right. Now what what what did she just I still -- -- we'll never know he'd hang myself only three years -- a second meeting at my encourage people to act known heats well. Being anything you found buried yeah outfit run now now it that you can hear more popular than the than The Beatles and mean. You go to airport your mob your life is like a hard day's night through -- actually my life is like a hard that are out here on the house anyway. All right so anyway Gina. We were talking about what you know people can't see your facial expressions of disgust directed at me -- -- an error when I'm doing TV segment I can't wrong Miami -- down here and I can only -- rolling your eyes you paying yesterday you kick things. Anti neither can do it and idea volume due to -- Catherine. Yeah -- Money. Her right doctor Foster parents are outside their. For it will matter personally ringgit for all we -- -- -- when you're going to -- well today. I think -- thing. But if you don't you know we talked about that yesterday and -- mention that with -- Margo and I just think this is so important because I know. You and sheer a lot of things including. A commitment to veterans in a genuine concern. For veterans here it's that look like a longer hippie. You know conservative area kind of guy to steal a phrase from Rachel wells. And I might not look like a cut the kind of guy who supports veterans but. I don't think anybody on the radio supports veterans more that I do as much yet but not more that I do and as we mentioned yesterday your grandfather. You never knew him a Richardson and Sony a buffalo. Died unbelievable -- Christmas Eve 1944. So you also mean you know when we travel we see veterans in what we always do. We especially you know. Always bella and -- -- I'm -- and maybe it's going to happen each and what do you usually come back doing. And I got to get Syria and the programs that you guys have instituted here I wanna talk about them because people have to understand this isn't just about animals it's like so to get this straight I'm gonna give a hundred odd dollars and it's gonna go to your -- We let's talk about that the veterans coming up and we have -- But first I got into traffic because Alan Harris is he's. The explosive AccuWeather forecast charges that you'd use that made. Basically folks were up to 33 degrees it's going to be a wintry weekend I mean we're not gonna have lizards or anything but it's not exactly going to be ethnic put on the peace in the backyard whether. I mean we're in that tweeters season right before. Right before Christmas 33 degrees right now. Folks the number to call to donate to the FB CA serving recount and you know what -- -- topics that wanna do that are related to this but. I gotta tell -- it's up and if I do not meet the goals that I set for myself to raise money for the SP CA today. I'm going to not have a very good time next week. Okay I'm not gonna have very -- time ever again for the rest of my life if I don't. Achieve the goals that I set for myself because I let the SP CA down yesterday and give the number enough. I didn't make it clear what they do. And I just figured that people would know and that's my bad I been in the communication business long enough to note that help people what you're doing and why you're doing it and I made it just stupid beginners mistake. Which are ought to make. But the ball number to call to make your donation 873287377228737722. And if we get. By 6 o'clock tonight 100 more angels for the animals Geico is gonna kick in an extra. 5000. Dollars that is huge that that 5000 dollars -- will stretch it to the mood here at the SP CA. -- the veterans programs -- alignment -- briefly but talk about why they are so important. We in this program. Became so much more relevant after we started it was an idea why not bring some veterans and some of the veterans are having trouble. Assimilating into society they're coming from some very traumatic experiences in most cases -- salute and it's very key is get I don't want to sound like end. I Adonis I at this is what I've learned working very hard getting into society after what we've seen -- market had to do. Working like animals. Gives them a whole different aspect of their lives there are some people who have trouble even just with basic communication pathetic human beings after returning from service. All of a sudden they're sitting trying to make a dog feel better about being sheltered and it's filled with strange noise estranged found other animals. After being in the home for so long now this animals in the shop environment the -- shaking. On the center's veteran who can really see his or her value after returning -- to see. Now on the senators and the value and contribution that he or she may. And I encourage. Guys that know look when Gina and I were in the Dominican we ran across this great American heroes colonel frank who is retired from Puerto Rico. Who is just arrived in his wife Carol and we -- -- to a gentlemen we will -- name who is in special ops in the a foreign country that he's the kind of guy. Who will probably not be taking part in the program because he was built for special -- excellent he was absolutely built for special ops and he has also become a friend. Am a that I mentioned that the got a special ops has become a friend yeah -- again become a very close personal friend actually and anyway. I just want to to say that if people out there are no a veteran. Who is having issues because look at everybody who signs up can deal with the psychological. Trauma of seeing. The various disfigurement and buddies getting killed. It's not easy on me it's it's not easy for anybody but for some people it is especially dramatic. And if you know a veteran who would be helped by. Working with animals that have gone through in the animal world. You know trauma as well folks the results are nothing short of miraculous. And if you know somebody who could be benefitted. Contact. If you can call answering -- ESP CAD with my contact Jack was a veteran himself that that's wonderful he said that the positive patriots program and he can relate. Exactly to what so many of them are going through so call us 87 science. 7360. Ask for Jack. -- -- -- Yes just remember the name pause and patriots up pause and patriots and you will get hooked up with Jeff. And and you know if you are one of these guys are just or ladies I want you to know. Bet there is no shame in Davis. PT SD. -- I know a lot about PT SB and there is no shame in having it. Are quite the Cotchery. All of us. Appreciate. What you did we can never lived your life through your eyes and understand what you saw. And why it did what it did to you. But there is so there are people right here at the SP CA and animals that you can help your life has value. And it had to read this say something to go interview with the PTS the take it from me take it from the guys I have had a chance to speak with for -- And from the earlier days it and against well after rocker invaded Kuwait take it from me. It if it will and can get better the PT EST you're gonna have to work a little bit better. You're gonna have to explain some things to the people around you so they understand what -- -- going through. But nobody there is no shame in call on the guest BCA insane you know what I think of one of those guys that really needs to have. Something to do or one of these ladies to bring these dogs outer shells. Macs only is -- no Shane and at -- here at the kind of revered as some of the heroes yet the SP CA we Iraq to people. Face their challenges -- and we've not been -- those of us who had cancer we -- -- time what some of these veterans and going through and when I think done in all we Ollie treated here. But I'll tell you that we spoke about the film will be yesterday and porn on -- on the sudden there's surrounded by others who me. Had seen what they've seen me on Buick thing on officer and there's a different family here so it. Again -- we should bring it into the date until impassable because of our donors but I have to tell you in beneficial to our animals selfish thing at the same -- at our animals benefit. It just over and over and over again I have seen animals lies completely changed because of these veterans but I can say it is just as beneficial to the veterans. And again folks -- enough to you know not to exploit things here my dad served in Korea -- his grandfather died in World War II with the Leopold -- going down that we certainly played very his voice on many occasions on the show. So we have a built in fondness for veterans and the programs for veterans could not happen here without your donation that's why I'm emphatically I'm baking again I'm on my knees again. If you could possibly become an Angel for the animals fifteen dollars a month for twelve months will make you an Angel forty animals. If you can't -- fifteen dollars a month for twelve months you know -- a lot of guys who -- just back from Afghanistan and Iraq and I you know they -- fifteen dollars a month and eighteen hours a -- -- after the -- -- fifteen hours -- -- -- yes fifteen -- -- year yes but. Whatever you can give I mean I don't want I don't want the FTC to be some you know some snooty organize it well we ultimately accept donations of fifty dollars about it doesn't work that way a dollar two dollars five dollars whatever I mean we're just grateful that you can hear you kidding me. 8737722. We really wanna get that that money from Geico 5000 dollars so that's the number call to make your donation 8737722. I know that I'm late there will get a minute spots in and that will do with the news workers. Sorry but I actually like the The Rolling Stones back up locals I don't. There's just I know that there are not you know the knowledge that we're not talking about the Vienna boys' choir as -- perfect pitch but then decided. And they -- way up it is cowardly and yes there's a big difference between today show any after ratio. As far as my delivery I gotta confess that the folks I don't do well when there's a lot of commotion around me. And yesterday there's just too much commotion around -- I could not focus I couldn't concentrate I had too many people coming -- simultaneously from the same direction. And from different directions and I just I don't -- enough for about for four hours I can't do that for for several today. They hit me away. So when I'm on the here I can do my show and I can do it you know with that degree of concentration and solitude and being able to. Be able to do my thing. But when I'm outside in in the room where there are dozens were you know fifty people at any given time all of them talking in loud voices but forget about it I can't do not for four hours. So today they put in a room. So that's why it's not a lot better -- we have to -- Aminu can hang out here you meet. If you want to that why don't you because you need to know you you got to take a break here you've been working since 4:30 this morning. Anyway you know it's like and a weaker -- thirty anyway at some. I have one suggestion and I'm not that. Anyway that inspectorate has to. I can -- you -- -- anyway. What we were doing is talking about. You know the difference between the nation on yesterday's show and I've folks -- always going to be out of where I can deal with a lot of commotion around me when I'm on the year it it drives me crazy. I can't -- -- I can't focus and concentrate so they moved into this room today which. Is great technology and focus on what I'm doing and I don't have a million people -- to show coming up in the bathroom news. You know not realizing that I'm on the year at auction so anyway yes there is a difference and a bank renders him you know we don't ever work things and that's mine. Just camp and his can't do we show when birdies. And the dog park are Barack. And I had to go outside my mind. So that event. If they let you smoke -- here but it -- relaxed. -- I'm kidding that's that's that's what we did as a topic yesterday. The phone number to call we need angels 40 my gosh you guys are you guys are kicking some butt today. All right folks I thank you for understanding thank you because we are now are -- guards what did you guys just not want to sleep last night. You guys we have 48 more needs. 48 more needs for angels for the animals so weakened get the the 5000 dollars from Geico for the SP CA serving Erie county and let me tell you folks Geico does a lot of stuff for the community. I mean it's an it's an international elect company and they do a lot for our community. And you know this will be the last demonstrators but I can think of a couple of businesses off the top might have been generate. Hundreds of millions of dollars in sales every year -- buffalo owned businesses and they don't do it Richard. For anybody. Not the SBC nobody. In Western New York it's like OK dude how many Porsche is exactly you want to all at what point is enough and enough. I mean seriously if I can make donations. They certainly can make donations. It's their money they can do -- as they please don't get me wrong. But all I know is that you have a certain point in life and you realized the world outside of yourself. And you know all that all the money in the world you know sooner or later world that world equals. In everybody dies that's going to be -- -- of my children's book if it's a big article along with the everybody who series I'm gonna read a book on vacation called everybody dies. Ought to be a big seller or do you think. You -- surge unit Opel manager Mike got so the Geico challenged our guys you know what guys if I can personally kiss each and every one if you -- -- wanted me to I would. Because we now need. -- to some quick math here. 4242. More angels for the animals to get that 5000 dollars from Geico. I let the SP CA -- after I -- yesterday I didn't give the ball number out enough I didn't make clear up why we were here and I'm gonna make it up today. Because. It will work for the SP CA. Am I gonna -- it is this this community would be a lot worse off. Mean you know you. Really want people bringing animals in the basement and shooting them I mean outside elect a wanna. 8030930. Get you on the year if you got a story development animal like you've adopted from the SP CA. All of my parents -- came from the FB CA well all the caps came from the FDC Mike yet. Got from the FBC my cats found me. That's the out of the -- -- clinic Glen park and Williams electric all the 2003 after. My guess is she had at litter of kittens and the people who own glove that didn't -- -- to ever sprayed so if she was stolen lactic. And I took her home majors she wasn't fact that sprayed and that she's been the perfect cat for ten years. Perfect attitude perfect play perfect and love it. If she's everything. You I want in the -- and I just happened to stumble upon her -- park. And then Haley captive terrorists the evil terrorist cat was she loves me. That's the -- she loves me I ever human. But it's it's like she's evil I mean but evil in a way that I get in the and and actually. Folks. Bigger. One that you may want to write an article about how a deal with hey leave the kind of spiral cat that I take care. I mean she can not live -- house. Sheep -- over everything I don't. Not a we have -- Joseph we have that -- on the phone that I have to call. Joseph hello. Anybody to we have that lady on the call on the on the ball. She didn't wanna go on the year. OK that makes a lot of sense she's very well okay thank you. She she's. So she's been five minutes telling them wait your story -- where does your numbers in which one yours is a talker and Q1 year. Yeah I'm sorry got stage right man because those kind of get a base the show on that but you know that's the way the cookie crumbles like yes. So if they have to use the ninety dollars today because you don't wanna go in the year I guess that's -- Melanie. 8030930. Start -- it's -- about all the punches that. I'm I'm done everything I can't get money for the SP CA I lol I mean you know. Now bucket -- say that don't say that Tom don't go there -- don't go there I will do almost anything to get money for the FB CA surgery county today. Now what if you have a preference by the -- dogs cats let you know -- you know we got -- -- earlier calling him about. Birds and you know that and I told the guys can disable these guys do anything with merchandise that like I'm not with the -- -- -- -- can certainly -- -- that usually -- -- your office with -- parents -- -- -- all -- appear at all kinds of feathered friends and I think the birds you give your office or -- and boot. Hey I usually had an amount is to get to know them and make -- -- personalities -- like John McCain that was the biggest surprise of my life that birds have their own. British are well I was just. It's it's -- into the Barrett had become quite used to working out and come and from. Scary and situations some of them while cop when he elders -- going their own stress or maybe it's that's like on the so I try to work and oppressed and tickets now. Well albeit by trigger while completely trigger an -- We know about the animal before and it is up for adoption -- and we have to play the experienced profound because the birds then it's going and taps and and -- -- place them. Is it true that after spending about a month -- your office every bird before it is allowed to be adopted must be able to repeat the phrase Michael early on he says hello yes and it's okay. I just -- -- major market. Kick in are you gonna start teaching you spoil any breath is doing now I'm going to start teaching need to kind. And -- and -- at -- -- that's right now Mary I think now. -- members Norton that was one member math skills. I had quicker here our roster remember brass Roscoe was -- -- okay go ahead in the playoffs throughout still the only charismatic personable. Quicker -- like him out it's about two without incident -- Barrett. The bird would think stepped up nicely with him I desks and national -- it was great expert -- expert. -- seat -- these starts swinging. And they had stressed I'll film and a. S itself in different ways because the bird was very stern test and he adapts to mine it is a lot of activity here in the birds started. Every conceivable. Swear word mutation permutations. And compound swear -- you can think of Roscoe the -- -- reached through the lobby so we -- owner for any owner said it was actually the reason she had to surrender Rasmussen with details on and she did. A lot of phone call back. What is. And while she was at home the dog can't -- into the room and was Strasser and Bernard and she was -- one for sales call for expert with facts pairing in the crown an -- and sales. Oh I see it -- -- with the depend Fannie and just I guess it works for -- -- -- basis -- all -- clients and I guess there are some phone call industries that where I would come in handy increased sales there might have been an -- -- basis with my clients that a lot of his client Nebraska without -- he says swing. Just about everybody I knew it was a -- and especially children knocking beauty that old I am on. So that was one of the birds that can't you meet place now he handled nine to bring about I hero and you need a Smart birds so he voted Obama. He heat helps -- with the conservative and it's very quick like. And yet. Wade. Just goal maybe 23 point eight or two weeks in my account if you when hearing anything in on the economy he recall there were experts are incredible Hulk. They are answer to the guys who called in before about birds absolutely and reptiles but as I explained before Gina has an answer for this to -- icon to the FT CU guys put your bulls are away from him I knew I -- I had no answer. -- All right. I'm missing three -- you are right now stay with us on the news radio 930 WB -- Folks I told you I will stoop to any level. I climbed -- any mountain. I doubled this -- any purpose to make money for the SP CA today because I all of these guys you have to understand I had all these guys I sucked so bad yesterday. Given -- the number and tell me why we were here. Basically I'm here to generate revenue for the SP CA to the SP CA can continue his great work in our community and they said yesterday folks this SP CA in which I am parked right now. Is a model SP CA around the world not just in the US people actually book under the website for every country on the globe. Well almost every country I mean they've got other things to worry about Ethiopia. I mean you know. They might look at here -- serial killer but. Different cultures have different I mean we chicken wings for anyway. The people of different the ideas of what's food -- -- -- -- normal natural human stuff but in any event folks it's a model SBC. It is this isn't just some run of the mill group if you think it but the executive director making 500000 dollars a year with a helicopter and a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce no wrong charity. Has that this charity the SP CA's serving you recount the is the eight top rated surety bio what is it that guy egging him Charity Navigator. Operated. There's not waste here they used efficiently every single dollar date yet. All right I mean you know work for less than minimum wage. I'm pretty sure if you if you compute the hours from August -- love it I mean that. Now there's a woman and seriously I always say this that image of rallies that I I know what seems six figure job offers and she said I'm not leaving the SP CA. But people are people of private industry want -- -- Gina for big -- Jesus no I'm staying with the -- -- so does that tell you anything about her. And it hurt feelings toward her job. I mean I think that speaks volumes so now I'm begging you for money. On behalf of -- FB CA. I need 39 more angels for the animals by 6 o'clock so we get that additional. 5000 dollars or -- Geico the number to call is 873772287377. 22 now we need angels for the animals that's fifteen dollars a month for twelve months and every time we get one of those. Goes a number of people we need to get that by -- thousand dollars from Geico goes down. But please understand. We're not snobs the FTC is not a -- organization. Even if you can only do five dollars or two dollars you think we don't welcome that you can of course we. Outlook to a minute break and then back to traffic with Alan on WB. Main street today. Our thanks Alan -- does a great job for sure WB -- I got as somebody who is just changing schedules. Has kind of thrown off my life I don't know how Allen those mornings and afternoons I will never figure out how he desert. But he does that and that the important thing are we are now up to 72 new. Angels for the animals to get Howard Geico challenge up 5000 dollars so I need 28 more. Angels for the animals and folks when I say. Fifteen dollars a month for twelve months if you cannot do that don't think that the SP CA. It can't be helped by you it can be helped by U. Just you know different people are able to do the fifteen dollars a month for twelve months you can put at all in your car right now if you want. Different people can't do that however. The bread and butter this group. Probably are not the angels for the animals -- -- as much as I hate to say that the bread and -- people of the SP CA if I get the gas are probably earning between 25000. And maybe 45000. Dollars a year individually that's the bread and butter this group it's not the six figure folks as much as we'd love and adore them and they're great contributions. -- security with contributions without any dedication from volunteers were real people and boots on the ground that's what you need. Gina is going to agree your -- which like you vehemently disagree we will. I mean this is this is the Erie county this is western new York and -- yet again we are so thankful for our. Donors who make. Large figures we and we are very thankful for that. -- thankful for the people who give us in a percentage wise they're giving us the same percentage of the donation when they're giving it twenty pay thirty calories. Why is a -- of weekly paycheck you're -- A lot of people we talked about that stuff like pause for patriots they're doing for better Clinton a lot of the guys and no we're back over there again we can't do fifteen dollars a month right now they can't do that -- it's just it's too much money for them right now wizard getting back on their feet. But I'm sure every time they come in they're -- quarters in change and a little hoppers and they're giving you the five in the ten dollars. In fact -- funny little story here. My neighbor with whom I was speaking last night is an attorney and she teaches over UB law. And we got into the conversation about a different matter and she said well I got to go to the office place now and I -- really I sit. Picking up some ink for targeted by credit card she set top. I look at you the -- just instead of paying me back give it to the SP CA -- she became an Angel for the animals yesterday and it was -- now can't yes seriously that's a kind of dedication you guys. They think she -- don't we're not the only nonprofit. Now degree -- -- well claim against conference -- one of hundreds of other nonprofits and mean it can and I brought that up and you know Karl said it's because of the 2800 people the -- they all have or many of them at patents that are important to them. Our folks we need the break and that of last year when we come back and a -- can make this gene and Tom show although. Believe me if I took that if I can't -- that may be shot a line. I think the show would take a turn for the surreal. In a big hurry and it would be much more entertaining. And after glass of wine may be a martini in fact that it buffalo broke up right now I'm an editor there we go. If your -- up debris over chart that -- bring over chocolate martini right now let's have some -- -- -- on the year. Well ever doing strip poker before the end of the program 8030 my thirties. -- -- whatever it takes I'm widget for the animals 8030932. On the year and the number call to donate is 8737722. But -- just one question remains -- that is now. -- -- --

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