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12-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Dec 6, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So. This recurrence after about a fifteen minute training module from ever come about FaceBook and how to use it everything and that I get the FTC they realize that the laptop computers in economic Jesus. Are voting. With FaceBook because FaceBook is -- graphics intensive. So I'll wondering while wasted fifteen minutes of the -- FaceBook training module where the equipment I get to work cleared over the -- FaceBook. It seems to me like something that needed to be said that. And at this point I really don't care anymore anyway. It is while they -- live from the FB CA serving at. Gary county and you may hear from David Bell obvious -- after all. Anyway I -- GTDs. We -- with -- on the up Friday morning. Actually Friday afternoon Friday morning was won by that Friday afternoon this -- state through. Of two of the radio Thon to benefit the SP CA serving Erie county -- packets through another. Training module on you know why a short hair is better maybe -- you do that -- anyway. At this hour. Actually let's -- from two until well to mental sport at this hour. The this hour of of the show. Buffalo battle group my friends over their buffalo dental group. Will donate an additional 2000 dollars if we get 25 angels for the animals by 4 o'clock now to be an Angel for the animal and look I know this is tough because I don't. The economy. I don't exactly what's happening this year but do you have any idea what they could have helped here or how much more Obama is gonna screw yet. And you have no idea what your finest is going to be like I give that I understand that. A lot of people like him people were merely give security and right now obviously they're they're saying geez I mean Obama. But the stock market but the president has done for the stock market. And I'm glad rushed prejudice that they could have been mentioning it though it's phony. It's our fraud might 401K I should cash out knowledgeable the bullies that's got to do because they they inflated. 401K it's not based on reality it's based on quantitative easing it's based on the Fed pumping money in the Wall Street. And well all I can say folks is if a Republican white middle aged conservative tried playing this crap with the market like Obama's plan it. The media would be calling them out of fraud in two seconds flat because Jeter broke out when -- or. Torture Ronald Reagan where the White House and a Wall Street was actually public along those days of -- 5% unemployment while we're told heading into the Great Depression at what is it now. The gets about 8% at least minimum. Minimum more like 15% but we will go there for right now so anyway I look I know what it's like. -- -- And it it angers me as well because too many people I know are now forking over you know first of all the beginning of the year you lost out of a hundred dollars a month. Because of the politicians -- you all for Social Security because they know seniors vote so that's number one. So that's a hundred dollars less a month you've got to play with right off the get go you're making 50000 guess what. Every you know every year now -- make him you know roughly 12100 dollars less I hear you know that's that's money that could be used for local charities but the government -- we're just as soon have that money. And as far as -- gonna -- look at mr. that your statement from Wall Street. It. I think anybody with half a brain understands that that is used to inflated than non money you're just if it means nothing it's like it's like the fifty billion dollar bank note. I gave the -- his nephew. A few weeks ago to German Deutsche Mark from about 1927. Which is worth fifty new York and are active seek that you all of them on that. And if it mean if if it doesn't mean anything you like a 41 -- is worth -- -- -- -- -- money which is substantial but it means nothing. Because it's fraud it's just a forty dollar amount that's all and it's so bottom line is folks I feel your next point -- feel your -- I feel your pain. -- to go on disability and live off -- starting Monday the fifth sixteenth of December I'm going I've decided that it makes more sense for -- cinema arts at all. And and do nothing to be a productive taxpaying member of society that's where I'm at right now so anyway. I wanna emphasize. The SP CA still does great work. Yes BCA serving Erie county this phenomenal work but they can't do it without you without you what what he would you look at. I'm trying to figure out your your microphone situation Gina Browning say test 12. Once you okay Gina -- you're the director of public relations for ESP Caesar was so funny now I make you laugh at you as you -- an easy -- -- you do what my clown you know funny how no class funny how -- -- you. We found five straight at it like it throwers were still -- our -- by the thinking yesterday. All right. By the way never got a comeback for you spoiled -- Brett. Would leave it can take -- oh -- -- -- -- -- island hi in a panic. Well the other one was. Room. I'm nervous and if -- But that doesn't -- when he -- I had a big dilemma if you. Got it well it was -- -- -- over three hours and -- so buffalo at the final group is donating an additional 2000 dollars to -- -- 25 angels for the animals by 4 o'clock that would be fifteen dollar month commitment for twelve months and you know I wanna emphasize something it's not like if -- is saying we all you're only -- up around that you get -- fifteen -- all month all my gosh absolutely not any amount of money. Five dollars right now ten dollars right now twenty dollars right now believe me they need it. They needed the FBC it is great work in the community. In the communicate. As well Latin. They now I decade leading to something that happened today I -- -- it -- -- well you don't attack me about your perfect yet and here every day. And something happened today in his pump -- men injured couple and kind of patent and some people may have seen -- -- well featured in nineteen newspaper. Protect and and they know the -- about which I'm speaking. And I can severely fractured make a little puppy. And -- program commenced on taking pictures to post and be spot you know I give to this organization company and that -- -- and don't. And I Santana and I went machinations going right now under after nine money's being spent to help it's -- I was thinking now. It's important if people -- now they can look at -- on here they can milk being helped make some of these aircraft and I think today and I ain't helping him. Well that's that's grit and it -- Not just the depictions on FaceBook page and belittled on an -- hoping that. I give my panel and some money -- Well I don't get monthly. It but -- make your contribution here in there to the SP CA Acer Erie county as you as you Romo. Gets under. So anyway I took so that's good. But if we can get folks from the buffalo to order these are my friends -- the buffalo that a group located -- longtime sponsors of the show. And they're great guys and ladies at the buffalo that group. And they're gonna donate an additional 2000 dollars but I've got to do my part on this you've got -- bigger part of this I'm gonna -- 25 angels for the animals by 4 o'clock and I and I -- -- they can -- you just said that you don't have to get fifteen dollars a -- of course you don't if you can't -- fifteen dollars a -- you can't -- fifteen dollars a -- don't -- yet to take a second mortgage stability security that doesn't make sense but -- -- and become an Angel for the animals in a -- you get 25 -- angels for the animals. That will guarantee us 2000 dollars from. Our friends at the buffalo dental group and we appreciate your phone call that you can do that is without charge card the volunteers need to phones ring and -- 87377228737720. Twos and number to call to give money. -- overall. You know -- I I think I might know the answer to this but I'm gonna ask -- anyway let's talk about -- -- let's talk about the let's if it's a beautiful place that movie theater I love Easter it's a beautiful place it would take -- -- drive through -- or in fact yes. Never saw the movie at the at the show but what that restaurant next door that's right that again the -- Winston. So getting better. Out of college. Room. And though it paper out pitino later. I'm. Well there is due to help which you know as Michael Corleone or as my -- in Dog Day Afternoon brain matter what devil's advocate now or any of the other characters -- which you know now plays which are the same guy in different roles and I hit his career -- that with heat by the way there is no new Michael there is Michael -- there has there can't. The other is no new -- which you know after heat with Robert pinheiro that was the last original character which he simply carry forward with every other movies Michael crawling down -- now. Well my father's side my fathers -- different than any other important man. That a senator -- president within the movement killed Michael. Are right. Are they were like job and other -- over here and now so. You don't want that there are paper flagrant okay now the next time I say you spoiled -- Brett you're gonna have to throw something at the Obama have to talk like Carlos that I got my other one -- well OK okay and then when I go out to the car you're gonna have to have you're gonna have -- Uncle chuck you're somebody sit behind me and then wrapped -- He's got to say hello Tom and I'm gonna look around kind of an on the court goes around my neck. Are we gonna take this that followed I think it's gonna be much more active -- -- much really. But if we're gonna keep violently. Here I mean you're really into an average evil -- much Mark Green -- him. All right very good very good give up by the way if if you are lies I'm an honorary -- and -- is like Jeremy each other percent -- -- On our Internet watch battle she's she's another person that she's a 100% actually as 75%. Calibration -- percent -- developers. And I'm basically she is now holding a stiletto if -- and she is hitting it plunged into my art has been yeah. Speaking of that'll play let me as well anyway but up. You know this is good because it showed people because the people that you know they think if you oh you're the SP CA girl I mean any time we're together I don't get any attention it's always -- the FTC hero there's always that. Little -- she's hanging out where. Nobody ever have really well you're out -- -- he wanted man everybody had. Such great stories about their pat let's face it and everyone's -- beautiful story about their animals week. Yes he's he really needed different since so many -- Your hunger -- animal stories your honor but I mean you know knocking on the bedroom or vacation -- about -- to do much to tell -- about the interior. Well you know our time anyway 8030930. Is the on air and number. You know that you are I get apparently that's it folks this is that he -- that I brought out today that you guys that you guys don't well okay. She is a wry yet. Now she's on eight she is she's spontaneous she's witty. And thank you not just the SP CA girl a machine he gives it to me I mean she just like every seriously she just QQQ just throws. Everything right back at me. -- and does it so I don't even know -- being -- until two hours later and I have the caller and I say I just got that -- So we're live we've got a lot of topics coming up today but where does have a little bit of fun right now because a radio fund should be fun at the FB -- or injury county. And that they want to just go to a quickie with the weather though I'm not gonna go they're unison just relax. Gee that was so dying to get in on the act but. It looks like guys we're gonna get some snow at times during this evening maybe according to an inch maybe two to four inches of snow country the overnight low. 25 degrees and a joy when it hit -- the studio right now. It is 31 degrees but the real -- was 27. It's a real. Because I'm psychic that's why yes. Are real feel a 27 degrees so. What approach that liturgy is we're in the 25 angels for the animals by 4 o'clock. This afternoon which gives us about 35 minutes or so to get the 25 additional angels for the animals who will commit to fifteen dollars a month. For twelve -- all right now by the way. And that's what my dad used to use an Angel for the animals -- he'd say look I don't feel -- -- -- of the credit -- they -- -- -- is building all right now and get that done so -- -- it says that -- recurring charge into -- -- now and that's fine if you get the -- India you know there are still people around here -- resources but there's a lot of people frankly I mean that the wealthy people are not the bread and -- of the -- serving your audio -- clear. -- the wealthy people are nice to have on your side but the bread and butter the organization. Are people make in twenty to 40000 dollars a year you guys are the bread and butter this group. And I mean I hate that have to be so blunt about it but you know when when you go back and you see the volunteers. Mum. They're a -- people who just have a genuine love for the animals that genuine love prettiest BCA. When you see the people sending in their five dollars are there two dollars. To help out the SP CA BC that speaks volumes never ever ever think that because you have a lot -- your two dollars are not appreciated by the SP CA's or your county police unit which you should get more out of me. Four the SP CA for yourself. But there of what people have to realize is like he senate begin to Dallas -- -- ten -- gimmick and questioned about it donating and giving such a small -- -- Italian. We can reality spread that amount out ten now is that a veterinary clinic is very different from ten dollars here at the SP CA or a hundred dollars is very different. When people give us -- trying to effect thirty gallons a week and we -- as long -- -- -- I think it's not enough to donate goes far. And folks are to be honest with and I always end. -- -- Well well now a game that was that I just want to get your attention certificate certificate to get people to prepared but why. Lot pocket now I'll be honest with you guys here yesterday -- Yesterday -- for me. Three uncles that. Because I'm look at over volunteers. Nobody was calling him. I had this great challenge and for those who did thank you very much but. The point is I did not live up to my own expectations. Of my audience and I've done that -- don't know long enough to portly run into the ground and totally -- city beaches listeners away. But more importantly might -- -- crew my -- crowd. Let me down yesterday. And well what you guys did I'm sorry we left 2500 dollars on the table from him at the bank I've never lets put it this way it wasn't even close and -- -- -- -- -- like five people and people thought about like forty people. Who did not become an Angel for the animals now I want effective a lot of -- the economy and the uncertainty. But I wanna make up for that I -- our coastal gang busters today. With raising money for the FTC -- -- county that we don't even have to do radio on next year like -- the week through stacks of million dollar bills. Air every time -- come -- -- elect a lectures around that Hoskins house anyway. That was meat that was not that that was me because. What. It is 326. I'm just and I think it is tripped on a screw them 326 at the WB Ian. Are they have some fun today because I I all I know you guys fun. So I don't care who I -- salt today including myself or Gina or -- if they don't. I we're gonna have what she's a little market cobalt co workers who need who guy who let me uses office today. You know he's two Beers and many people and the Angolan shelter manager and me and shelter now he is in Miami Heat at -- Joseph is in relation to my first wife. Mean. Okay here's here's what really clients as well as well. Am not a course you do -- must be my efforts like we're really funny is. We're on the way to Vermont and we see this item mystic falls. For the Butler and routing medical clinic I'm like OK that is just too weird like -- -- content and yeah it was like right there event. All right you got to look it up online if you're so inclined but look we need money for the SP CA a vertical on my foot in diss your own -- means. A -- 68 pounds right now last time anybody that light went -- his -- -- it was Freddie Mercury what is happening here. Have you received the concert at Wembley he slid along the stage of his -- Gina and I was -- one day carry -- and and I love Freddie Mercury hit me. And in fact that the guy who did the imitation of Freddie Mercury who who is stage at the Riviera theatre I hope we felt a backup singers by now. Remember that correctly on your skin fees they are kind of thinking I don't mind the -- out of let up. I'm out of one need for a don't get all excited but Obama about. -- a month -- -- -- Sunnis here and I'm begging my audience are literally begging you guys if you get change that you talked away for years at a picture -- it accurately. Okay just make sure we're not look at the legislature here with my sunglasses announcement Tuesday Poland. Yes he's inside our it folks I am begging you. Here on -- this is me imploring all -- Okay okay I am begging you to make a contribution to the SP CA I don't care if you've got to coach your kids wars and wade through either we need to pull out you know silver dollars she gave him twenty years ago. We want that money for the ESP CA I don't hear you have to rate you're mad money we need that money for the SP CA. Are right. I don't care if you go to banker I would that I guess that would hear about but. A look I'm going longest segment folks because I think folks I gotta get these faltering and for the SP -- I cannot let these people out. And that you never let them down and I feel like I let them down yesterday. Because they get the phone answering -- -- -- yesterday for the volunteers of about the right now and basically folks. Here's the thing I'm randomly got a select the name from the phone book at the at The Today Show. If that person did not become an Angel for the animals today -- personally go to their house and shoot it up with a machine yeah. So it's not like dialing for dollars except in the in reverse what do you think candidate against -- -- -- -- -- maturity maybe stroke so I hope not ordered yesterday's committee a political occasion which never -- such a statement that I just made at the humane society we -- as an animal welfare society yes all right folks. Are a fun time is over for now we'll bring Gina back and that will try to go over your godfathers script again left to create certain scenes. All right so let the local anywhere we're gonna again we will have some topics that we're gonna arrive here speakers are having fun as a way to make money for he has BCA. That's serving -- recounting. Of course I -- I donate all year all year round. Then and then and then. And. A microphone you're just a little bit on the sensitive side and I just it just fitted in that sound like we got hit by an earthquake started they gang at the -- of the things up and anyway -- a great song I'm sorry but that's on Rebecca in the 1970s. And its goal. Holds water it's Theo use for -- All right -- hourly we're live from the BCA -- injury counties are just talking to the telephone volunteers from Norbert college. These these are the user of people actually all -- all young ladies who -- of the crime scene investigators. That's what they wanna do. So while I asked them a little bit about liquidity. And about what it was. And well. Rigor mortis I got the full lecture and rigor mortis. But that I kind of decided I was gonna take into the real world for them listed and you have seen a dead body. And a few memories and administered -- you have seen a dead body in a ban. After three weeks in July. And they are all looking at each other like. Well. Back to the 1980s. And the my buddies and the how to keep -- -- police department. I am wreck -- roll lieutenant Rick roll a ridiculous and and right Rick is the son of -- one of my very best friends of all time was no longer witnessed lieutenant Rick rule. Lieutenant Rick roll lieutenant Rick role of father and a son the son is on the job now. But anyway richt got business to hurry. I did that I don't know why I'm laughing about it but let's just say that well you know what I actually don't know -- -- because misery makes sport the market itself. Anyway they came across shall we say an unattended death actually it was a suicide in a band in Cheektowaga about thirty years ago in July and nobody really realized it for three weeks. All I can say is I'll put this in a medical freeze. Win the attendance grabbed the body to get it out of their. That does the word -- articulated. It mean anything to you when -- -- on -- Richard you. And I I have never seen I had never seen until that moment I've never seen Rick roll almost ranch. I had never seen him almost puke I was not there but -- even telling the story. It was it was bad I hope these young ladies -- giving themselves and -- but anyway. I -- cigars and people -- become your new best friend. But I digress that they'll be eliciting a cigar Dave now yes I'd like something on the heavy side please. 8030930. Is the phone number we will get into topics coming up right now folks I I have to tell you don't let me down. Don't let me down you know what. The National Lampoon did. Many years ago back in the 1970s. They held the -- to guns had now I'm speaking this was a joke it was not intended as a serious thing -- would never -- -- -- to -- but. Unless I wanna be collect a lot of control officer for animals in minutes -- -- kittens to protect me move but you must do but. So. I'm tempted to say that you know if you don't become an Angel for the animals some bad things are gonna happen Gina. Because everybody loves Gina and I'm thinking about just making her the sacrificial lamb for the -- -- show I'm just I'm just put up their. I we need twenty more angels for the animals by 4 o'clock and I want these young ladies from Hilbert. To have a great idea. Of how much people care about animals in Western New York now look these kids from -- -- young ladies from Ottawa with salt and we're going. Our right to elect my daughter's agent battled. And today. You know what. This is a great chance for you as a potential donor to make a point with these people who eventually hope to become crime scene investigators. Are right. Now you can teach them right now. How much you care about animals and white -- should always be aware of suspected animal cruelty when they come across it as crime scene investigators as part of law enforcement. And you've got to commit to communicate to these young ladies that animals really are important. -- EU. So you can do that by becoming an Angel were animals fifteen dollars a month for twelve months if you cannot do that believe me I understand I've dinner. If you can't do fifteen dollars a month whatever you can do is very appreciated -- just that you can do the fifteen dollars a month for twelve months if I get twenty more -- commit to that. The Buffalo Bill group is gonna -- up with 2000 extra dollars which after my personal failure in -- coming after -- properly do the show. Improperly give up the phone number are. I'll put yesterday on me that's -- -- -- -- on me I look I don't wanna blame Obama and the economy that's chicken way out. It's on me that -- I did not reach my goals yesterday for the SP CA. And basically I'm doing what I usually do I'm asking others to bail me out of a problem of my own making. I'm sure you have somebody worker does that now on that guy 8737722. 8737720. To pay up market buffalo I don't claim to be an expert on voids but I can find out anything for you because I'm here at the SP CA serving Erie county I don't know but mentioned that enough Marc -- WB Ian welcome the -- help. Good -- I don't at a time. You know what this has been the best day of the week so far this -- has killed whatever was in my body at a -- flare up today but it seems to be going away yes. Wonderful I wanted to check with Gina how -- This piece here is where it's any type of Byrd Terrill -- rest. Extremely. All all mark. Mark I just for I don't even need -- here to answer -- question number one. Usually -- that shares her office with birds that are in need of homes she has shared her office with parakeets. With parrots with Quaker parents. With love birds she this year and basically they to a lot with birds and they have actually saved Eagles. Because one of our great listeners actually had an eagle I think fly right into his car was it and he killer was at an osprey or resident Powell I don't remember big a lot of stuff with birds. Really just tell us about the dog and the cats the -- I didn't know that they don't at all with the progress users. -- -- market -- mark absolutely. They do and I'm glad you mentioned that they also do reptiles a Guinea pigs and I don't know why mark but every time I come to the SBC serving Erie county they always put that your bulls -- -- away from me -- possible that they hide from me and I don't know why it just seems to be I'll ask you about that during the next segment. All right have fun every -- market you're listening to you kind of get the other side of -- up as the SP CA public relations lady. Yeah I mean she she really has a riot and believe me she gives as well as she gets make no mistake about it. Okay that answers your question I appreciate throughout. Mark I'm glad for your interest thank you for much of it looked at them reptiles snakes. Turtles. You know in the hourly fairly true story. We have a box turtle that is probably a hundred years old. It was originally the property of the buffaloes who. When the buffaloes who went about disposing of some of it's turtles a friend of ours the new one of the guys at the zoo and ended up with this box -- That was fifty or so years ago. At the box journalists. And the box turtle -- all up my mom's house his name is Donald he's still a lot it. And the SP CA does turtles giving you pigs chickens. By the way there are some kittens desperately in need of adoption of had a chance to meet some of them in the -- adoption room and you are gonna love them. All right folks I'm trying to get money here for the SP CA I've got fifteen minutes please guys help me out and theirs because if you don't I don't think I'm gonna live this down ever. I'm serious I need twenty more. I'm sorry folks about the belting -- side effect from mother's stomach thing I don't have a gross but. It's it's been dealt with the buffalo or group if I can get where we announced that. Fifteen ID fifteen more. So I need ten more. OK guys can I just like just yield down and give -- a collective -- Q and you'll probably hear me cry on the year again. If I can get ten more people to commit to being angels for the animals for fifteen dollars a month for twelve months that will make you an Angel forty animals if you can't do fifteen dollars a month for twelve -- believe me. I did it I understand. What many -- you might not know is that the place in my life I've been like 20000 dollars in credit card that -- -- -- in the six figures I know what it's like not to have money to use that peel away here you know Pete gives that somebody else I I did it I know it's like. Took a long time. Two -- cover financially. But I believe me I know what it is like to do without. When I'm right before I was born my family lived in this year and projects right right across the street back to record. Sorrow don't ever think that some guy like Sean Hannity or. Like Sean Hannity. In a -- wasn't pork in anything he he made it the American way I'd like to -- up on the same thing. And -- on also knows what it's like the works and crap jobs and make that money as we've been there we heat we've done. So I look I know it's like don't feel bad if he can do is five dollars are you kidding me. That that means so much here -- can begin to tell has fifteen dollars a month for twelve months is a big commitment. I understand it you can do little ones if you can if you can't afford that. We yet we understand whatever you can afford to give to the SP CA is appreciated. -- -- That's it let's just say that the appreciate it by my my favorite organized charity and the other people. But I help I do so. Just on the QB in -- they are and I'm. My one vol is that. If I helps him but he they mustn't ever tell anybody about it. That's my bow to -- regard I hold them because. You know there's times that I know people through people who are really hurt like that help people -- really really hurting when I can do so. And it gives me a good feeling it makes me feel like maybe about a huge bag after. Then reality hits and realize that it really am joking back me up on. 348 its hourly -- being respected stationed along with Chelsea your calls straighter. And I want. I need I need -- -- angels for the animals so we give 2000 dollars from the buffalo dental group. The buffalo that group they're doing its teeth whitening special 199 dollars through the end of December in every penny of that goes to the FTC gays serving theory county. The buffalo group. Please -- folks they are great. Community citizens I can think of some large multimillion multi hundreds of millions of dollars in sales businesses in Western New York that don't do squat for the community. And yet the buffalo -- group. Does and I don't think of them going off the Obama cool late with. But I think -- some of the businesses that I know don't do anything. To support local fisheries. How many millions the Indy series. I get -- well what I am so I don't. Sorry bottle Ottawa author and lecturer now. I noticed like to be about the music. 8030930. Start -- 31806. Once it WB -- it's -- radio -- Bauerle here. At the FB CA serving your audience and -- road they put me in a private office because. Because I can't hear -- crap anymore when there's a lot of noise around me so on the blog talk to call people right now after you. Publisher. Other stuff -- the Amish last. And that we'll check of traffic or that it didn't have him here during. We will. Returning to early winter and that maybe a couple of inches of snow around -- -- no big deal were buffalo audience I mean seriously were illegal freak out over a couple of inches of snow likely dot. Where we are we still thirty degrees with a real feel a 27 my friend. Yeah bad joke neighbors that master Ctrl+Alt by the -- John -- to see -- later on today so we do my on here I love your -- you stay safe when I'm on. Thing to -- beamer we do every Friday I think a bullet for Joseph Joseph take a bullet for me. And that's good because when I get back I mean asked Joseph to -- -- or at least act this date. Anyway -- You -- big Decourt. Okay good. Anyway. Gonna be some -- -- Right so now. We are -- 24. I need. Our First -- who will beat. Who will have -- are there activities Gettysburg general Armstead Pickett's charge really long streets charge. -- -- I'll say right now I'm figuratively putting my hat. Under my sword and I am marching over the wall at the federal lions I am -- -- -- and I'm looking back that you will come up with. Maybe we need one more Angel for the animals to get that 25 number which will secure an extra two. Thousand dollars fortieth BCA serving Erie county thanks to the buffalo dental group. The phone number to call is 873. 772287377228737722. I hope we make it -- because seriously. I know that I need to give them the topics today and I believe that's my job. But you have to understand I think -- radio done really really really seriously and even before -- and I worked. Special friend. I took the radio -- reaper users' sleep because I know how important it is to to the SBC it is a big part of their annual budget folks. And I felt horrible yesterday because I was looking at the volunteers nobody was calling. A lot of people were milling around and making noise and distracting me but nobody was -- so they put me in my own little office now at the FB CA. So I can actually focus on what I'm doing instead of wondering why the person in front of -- is talking like you're addressing large problem on the radio because like here when multiple voices are coming at me I can't differentiate between the voices I've seriously I've explained that before you guys. Like if you -- me out. I might not here. It's not going to be -- you know what it's just like I might not hear -- -- has the same problem she's deaf in one. So she might not -- you think she's -- a stuck up yachts and she's not cute is cute here. So that happens to me. So you know that that I cannot differentiate voices one from the other one I've got a whole bunch of voices coming at me that's the situation I was in yesterday that's led the movement in this role. I mean it's it's it's nice to be popular the downside of that is it's very difficult to concentrate and give everybody the time that you really wanna give. Especially when -- in the middle to a talk radio show but I really feel like I let the SP CA down yesterday and I wanna make up for today by being twice as obnoxious as it -- yesterday. The number that we do it back we did it. All am and FG. A lot effect. Mirror well you know Maryland for buffalo -- you want to hold a news probably about Maryland from buffalo thank you so much we have now achieved. Not only fifteen -- 25 new angels for the animals thanks to Maryland and everybody who called -- -- begin to thank you. Sexual favors drugs and I think now I'm kidding I'm kidding I'm trying to make you guys laughed. I don't know how I can thank you I'm gonna continue to bag until 7 o'clock tonight because I think I let the FB CA down yesterday it's on me if I'm nobody else is not the Obama economy it's on nobody but me. And I'm asking you to help -- the make it up to the SP CA serving Erie county today. And even if I didn't even know -- or she didn't work here I feel the same way as I do now. I've got to make this work for them otherwise some great programs might ethical way. Its hourly for Amish collections. You know postcards that you either -- or send it show those beautiful Norman Rockwell like scenes holiday scenes here which you can experience that you can't you have to do is go to go one -- Don't want to die because they are so many family events taking place in Wanda and it really is a nice place I would in the village William bill which I love and -- -- is kind of like Williams BellSouth insult anyway I love the small villages we have here. Anyway while you're there you can stop and to Amish collections say hello Ryan Lori and Horry and Lori and Laurie yes and -- -- upholstered furniture made in any which species are staying with over 300 fabrics from which to choose and what furniture that is great even design your own. I'm still working on some additional designs for the -- line creativity takes time and I'm a perfectionist which is really getting in the way of life these days but you're not gonna get that option -- the big box stores and remember. How about how about a ride that we've -- -- that went the last -- at the Tokyo for a -- Well limited supplies available for the ride with Santa Claus you've got a call honest elections for all the information and the maker reservation you want a reservation for this. That's going to be what Saturday December 14. Call 2417302417300. Call on much collections right now.

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