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Dec 6, 2013|

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Seven nights a -- things up early I'm sorry wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf wolf. Wolf wolf wolf I hit the -- show what's that about those that recently reached. That is of course -- SP a CE SP CA all dog course every year. I get here early I work with some of the dogs as you can tell this year we have we have more -- the huge. A few Eagles in the mix but they do a great job as always it's always it's always good -- them. Now that you watch raindrops on kittens and the world reindeer were admittance -- on the music. -- it was thank. Julie Andrews is probably feeling pretty good about herself I'm -- -- First of all if you really do a classic like that it had Julie Andrews. As the -- I mean how idea how -- -- -- and do that it was somewhat sluggish. From a production standpoint. Couldn't over there. Hissing noise the sound was purple hills are alive with the sound of music that we're allied with. If there was this annoying and really the audience. No they were -- I tell you they didn't have an audience and that was one of the peculiar things about it because. They were acting as if there was an audience that somebody said something that was most beef they waited they waited for the whole. Oh yeah. How there -- and walk over theatrical and Carrie Underwood very sweet girl very talented at sing songs that she sings that. Her voice is not really suited for this sort of material. And she didn't have the acting -- that's what my understanding is there acting wasn't there she thought for a very young healthy woman yes. She got out of breath several times while sitting in and walking around with the kids who gave out. A nervous you know when you get nervous. Are you takes up more shallow breaths and if you're singing or something I very giving a speech you've got to take deep -- so why you're gonna BOR I mean that captain Von -- was played by believe vampire from true blonde so. They had. Cast was a mix of younger stars to bring in a younger audience and then you had some Broadway veterans in there as well. The Broadway veterans of course to us. -- asked a question all right hey they just didn't have it really showed that there's a reason why some people do what they do real talent. I hope it did well I mean they're great songs announcement -- I don't I don't think. The movie's going to be retired now meanwhile before the box office news. The sad news on the set of the fast and furious now. Now Paul Walker. Passed away. And I mean ironically. In a car crash. In a car similar. To the sort of vehicle they drove in those films bizarrely it wasn't even as we're getting more information about it. It wasn't even -- Y old high speed incident that he was involved they're still trying to piece together exactly what after seeing the picture you can't even tell it's a car yeah. Yeah. It and you've got to wonder how this is gonna effect the franchise it's it is hugely. Hugely successful film franchise they've made six films so far. So far the movies have made 2.4. Billion dollars at the box office this seventh film. Was scheduled to come out July 11 they've been filming at right now. And they've indefinitely postponed it they're not sure whether they're going to work his death -- -- story or whether scraping it and start over from scratch. The one big question for the franchise is. Is it gonna take some of the the fun away from the film when you see all those big dangerous ice -- you know it's fan artistically it's fantasy it is -- but knowing that one of the stars dead is dead in a car crash him. That may take just a lot of the escapist fun out of it. And it's and it also shows that did that danger in the real life if -- gonna emulate something like that it's out there and he was evident. A a Porsche Carrera GT eight which is highly capable cards so it's it's it's sad moments is why I drive the Kia optima and never. Taken above 32 on our our high speed chase in essence my big box office knows nobody got -- Bob. Now this is the Big Five day Thanksgiving edition huge weekend at the movies the Hunger Games catching fire. Did a 110. Million dollars in its second weekend. Enough about ten days it is now at 296. Million dollars just in North America. It's holding -- much better than the twilight films of Harry Potter films held up in their second week this was at noon Thanksgiving record at the box office. Overseas it's made about 300 million so far so -- enormous worldwide it. At number two. Disney has got to be thrilled frozen. -- 94 million dollars in its first big wide weekend it is the largest Thanksgiving cartoon opening ever beat out 1990 nine's Toy Story two. And audiences are unlikely that he gave -- a -- eight blocks in cinema scores are -- -- seeing it is raving about it. And there are no more animated films to come out until the middle of January so this as the field. All to itself through Christmas just going to be huge yet. At number three for the -- world to another fifteen million to 127. Million it is now surpassed. What the first film did. At number four. Dave do you go in the best man holidays coming up up up up up. Another eleven million dollars it is now at 63 billion and audiences you know they're screaming they're shouting. More Dave do you goal and the number five homefront. The latest film from Jason's -- them ten you have a -- -- question for us please yes I do. There have been many. Canine movie stars in Hollywood over the years which of the following three. Starred in the largest number of feature films is that he -- Beat real intention or CE old -- OK give us a call only come back -- will only give you the answer to that meanwhile good news these Sampras than a company has donated 500. Dollars so thank you for your generosity. From a surface than company a 500 dollar contribution we're trying to get by the way angels of animals we get to a hundred. If we can do that by know on the Harrison family charitable foundation would give us 5000 dollars and number L -- 25 now. Seles who got 45 minutes we need 75 hits so it's going to be tough but I think we can do -- if we concentrate right now. And got -- call us at 873 SPC a will be back after this. Exclusive WB AccuWeather forecast first -- National Weather Service has posted a winter weather advisory for southern area. I am a southern tier 204 AM Saturday up to two inches of snow or sleet possible Friday. With a possibility of an additional -- before in the advisory area overnight for us snow at times during the evening accumulating according to an inch except. In ski country so that's that. Just a reminder -- 26. Angels having animals -- behind yesterday's pace because we're going to be on the air for another 27 minutes. And we got what those 74. V 74. In the 35 minutes that's about a little bit more than tool. Amid that we can do that we can do it if you're willing now but it's it's that it's going to be. -- rush to the finish line here give us a call at 873. SP CA and the Aaronson. Family found a charitable foundation will give us 5000 dollars if we have that goals though. We'd like to see that before we sign up yesterday we just made it after we signed up for you we are off the air either -- or maybe ten seconds. When they -- the numbers so let's get it now. If we camp meanwhile the movie -- Senator -- me sandy beach. There have been many canine movie stars and Hollywood over the years which of the following three start in the largest number of feature films in the answer would be. Ridden ginger and rigid and started 27 films last restart in fourteen films an -- Eller. Well spoiler alert really appeared at 14 reasons why I don't wanna get into our own dog baby cry. But you know it it doesn't surprise me the last chili dipped fourteen films how many times could Tammy be trapped in the well well that's it. She moved into television job and let -- see the last TV show in various incarnations. Was on for nineteen years -- right which is Lydia isn't. -- -- -- That's cool so what -- but there were fourteen films and then went those -- -- -- out there okay James from Grand Island James thank you very much for the 500. Dollar donation we are very good. And bush blurs the services donated 200 dollars thank you very much we appreciate that so people are very generous. Okay Bob what are we got to -- -- big movies hitting the big screen not a lot of them one out of the furnace is the first one. As the yes indeed this this is the movie does that once you take it very very. Very seriously. Those who like. There have been some critics who like to feel it's a very well acted portrayal of people going through tough times. But the majority the critics kind of felt the dark brooding mass. -- went went to New Jersey. I think of The Sopranos and sort of culture. But this film and apparently going to mean. This film delves into -- Multi racial hillbilly culture that exists in the hills. A bomb New Jersey which I did not even know existed. They've got a terrific. Gathered here Scott Cooper. Who directed to -- crazy heart was able to get a lot of people interest in this film Christian Bale plays. A guy who works at the factory. He had to go to jail for four years because he killed two people drunk driving. He's tried to take care of his brother. Played by Casey Affleck. Case -- makes most of his money getting involved in a bare knuckle fight kind of like every which way but loose now but really depressing you know monkey hooked up a many of the critics complain that it performances kind of meandered kind of odd. Sam Shepard plays on goal. Woody Harrelson is on hand as hillbilly meth dealer. Willem Dafoe was a sleazy book he Forest Whitaker the police chief and Zoe Saldana is an ex girlfriend's the film on. He's going for a great. 1970s. He really. And really. Wants to be the deer -- nearly every review talked about how much this movie he wants to be the deer hunter and he keeps trying to get fairy. Dramatic as far as it'll it'll inner hot shots trying to act like him extra meaning like social scene of somebody getting beaten to a -- And they'll inner cut that with somebody got a Goodyear that the judge -- OK I'll show Steele being made the bill and undercut them with. Heroin being quote. What does this mean I don't know nobody knows. The director obviously -- very very important are they serving cup kicks at school parties I think that's why everybody ended up. Getting hooked on -- when they realized. No no object might as well half -- -- ago this is the kind of movie where everybody shares dirty everybody has bad -- And people either mobile. Or scream their lines what -- that you there's no no middle ground here. The cast is he's very. Very. Terrific the film looks like it has a lot to say. But the basic message is essentially like Sox and they -- died so -- touch upon. And lead lawyer for RB -- -- it is apparently last night they were thinking. Of doing a musical version of this lie with the Carrie Underwood. But they went with sound of music at the last minute yes I -- didn't. Like to remind you where we're trying to desperately to get to a hundred angels for the animals by noon today where 38. So that means we need seventy at about 32 minutes a little bit more than a tool a minute we can do what we have the capability of doing it if you have the inclination to help fifteen dollars a month for twelve months make you an Angel for the animals. Yesterday we had -- we had -- at a 103. For the behind foundation. It was a cheque for 5000 dollars and we've made it. We've made it with a 103 but they didn't post it to Wear off the ever would like to make this one too. I mean look look around your house -- can hear your friends and family so many people in this area have patches that they love that are such a huge part of their lives. That they've gotten from the SBC yeah I know Charlie yeah. How's he's been rescued dog that we got to from here. And you know. They do such terrific work here but they really need the support of people to help them out. Wanna aspect we're we're doing Christmas shopping we all have somebody that's hard to buy for you know I'm talking about like Gregory lecture I gave them a bus ticket to push it to the Moines Iowa. He didn't even need it you know a -- product probably catch it and for money but anyway. For the person that's hard to body before but this might be an ideal gift because they'll charge it to your charge card. The fifteen dollars a month for twelve months but the card thanking. That for the donation. The acceptance guard will go to the person to know who's getting that you have so they don't 30930. While for the -- show but we're we're looking at. 873 SBC today. Donate now and let's -- -- can hit that goal before know what we're back with more after this. Now -- back when this exhilarating -- It's going to be a tough Bobo and trying to get it done. I give us -- call at 873 SPC. Be in danger of having animals that we get a hundred that we get. From the Aaronson. Family charitable foundation 5000 bucks we would appreciate your help in trying to hit that number. Thanksgiving leftovers -- -- cinema Bob among many films that already started. And huge -- and people who have seen it seemed like it for. And yet this is the latest animated film from Disney now Disney owns Pixar. So -- are still putting out there. Animated films their computer generated films. Disney now though still has its own separate animation group and rather than doing the traditional cartoons that uncle -- Started out drawing in the -- days. They're not doing the computer generated films as well. Tangled wreck it Ralph. Planes all those moves from last for years have been from Disney's animation unit. This is from that unit and what we have here is a return to form. For Disney that animated musical. This is a long lines of a Little Mermaid Beauty and the Beast and -- Milan this is yes that's right on it and it's in new Disney princess this is the new doll that your little girl will need to have she'll need the bedspread the act and act on sneakers. This is this is the latest and the greatest here but this is a Disney princess. 2.0. I mean in in brave. Tangled these are now Smart. Talked princesses they don't sit around waiting to be rescued during practice work right they rescue themselves they rescue other people. When they have time offer coffee break ankle rescue somebody entering their car up -- not sitting around just looking pretty just so that is understood. The film has gotten just -- credible reviews and this is the songs have been pretty well received as well. They're done by Robert Lopez. Who I am familiar with he wrote all the songs for the book of Mormon. On Broadway as well as avenue Q. And I can say for both of those shows that the songs are are beautiful charming funny and really. Incredibly filthy so Imus. -- while Imus and Q yes very field and bookmark all you -- fewer than an -- -- Q I'm assuming. They stayed away from the filthy for frozen I I haven't heard any completely broke into an ice title that was good that that filthy for for a yes I would read that. But. Absolutely. Filled the people who raving about if you love the classic Disney animated flicks this is right. And it still people frozen doesn't to a four about -- people -- -- Well this is one. Two or your aunt rosy. This is it is. A bad way this is British bill. Starring Steve Coogan and Judy Dench Steve Coogan who's known mostly for comedy. Also -- the screen play this follows a true story. About a woman who. Has a chance encounter. And a fair ground and has to go away to a convent to take care of that past and how owner at higher ground. And she ends up at the convent -- house in the 1960s. She's working in the laundry. Today she has the the kids there and the kid is eventually adopted at age three. She eventually leaves the the work out she Mary's. Has another child. And really doesn't know anything. About what happened to -- baby -- she gave up. As the child is reaching its fiftieth birthday she she kind of becomes obsessed with the idea I really wanna know the kids okay and -- -- list a political journalist. Who thinks he's above such -- -- sentimental stories and kind of pestered them and helping her find. The child and eating it is a sweet. Old fashioned story in many ways but I think that really. In a good way I mean Steve Coogan and Judi -- your wonderful performances and it is pretty much. 82 person show. Very charming film very dramatic ring -- sixty. Minutes did a story years ago those those were Irish -- that the -- the -- the phone -- and -- I hope I don't hear the phone over union that's ringing off the hook. Be sure to give us a call 873 SP CA we wanna make -- hundred numbers can be toughest time -- many yesterday with a 103 provide foundation. We'd like to make your 404 of the parents and family charitable foundation. Keep the phones ringing we wanna hit that number by noon if we can. Let's let's go going talk about the book they've now I think I've seen a lot of movies since idea championships. Now I can go to the movies -- other people and I've seen the previews or the trailers. For the book Steve. Many times yes and here's my my reactions. -- home well what's your attitude. Well if this movie seems to be obvious Oscar thing. I mean unity it's important it's very important it's it's a story about World War II Germany and young girls whose. She -- books that are being burned in the town square just during the say whatever book she -- to read. And you're friends that have taken away to concentration camps in this sort of thing and it follows that. That story. The review and it's based on young adult novel. That it was very well received. But the film not so much a lot of people felt the book was somewhat on film mobile because of to some of the structure of here's one of the problems the book is narrated. By death. Yeah yeah at -- Erica the voice of death narrowed -- -- and also narrates the film. Which most critics is that really does not work particularly well. Many people have found it is just wait too pretentious art too simplistic and it is just too willing to dive into our cliches. Here's a clue. As to how that the studio. Kind of knew things weren't working out for give us -- book the movie poster. Has at the top of I think saying the critics say. Astounding. Important. Eventful. Dramatic all the land the wonderful superlatives. But when you look closer. You can see that they're saying critics of the book sent the book her -- Super early that -- why all they used lines from what people are saying about the move away there's really nothing that they would wanna put I'll posters doll that's the biggest politically. OK 73 SP CA we got about fifteen minutes left network or even means we need -- it's getting tougher and tougher but do give us a call we'd like -- -- that number probably a 5000 dollar donation donation 873. As BCA let's take a break we will return after the break. What I have here the National Weather Service has posted a winter weather advisory for southern -- counting in the southern here until 4 AM Saturday. To two inches of snow sleet possible Friday with a possibility of an additional two before. In the advisory area overnight. Mostly cloudy and colder with some snow this afternoon sun times during the evening accumulating according to image until. Except to -- ski country of 25. Where the has -- radio on our time is -- running short but Tom borrowing will be here this afternoon and you can contribute by the way during Rush Limbaugh. Just because we're not physically on the air from here during rush we still fully men on the phone banks and you can call us that but the number to call now is 8737. 722. I'm going over the Thanksgiving leftovers Bob. Only one fresh offering today out of the furnace the Thanksgiving leftovers are frozen filming and the book they've about killed your darlings. Peculiar college that. Basically. The that was the generation. Films follows Allen Ginsberg. And William Burroughs and that whole gang. It's interesting that -- have been more books. Plays and move on them. About the new beat generation authors that there were books of poetry by them industrial people -- -- -- this. Daniel Radcliffe plays young Allen Ginsberg but really in this Harry Potter playing Allen Ginsberg. The red group play is it a handsome. Man yeah. Ginsburg was not even as a young man was balding -- -- yeah but. Yes my offer balding and going really you should try if you ever has been through and no problem there -- and in my personal fitness -- But Michael C. Hall Dexter is on hand as an older man who's murdered. And there are all kind of involved in the the complications of the murder here. Just one warning for parents warning. Where Robinson Daniel Radcliffe. Harry Potter is in -- And he made handsome young kids who want to see everything that he's had his they're big fans witnesses they -- Very adult role. Four Daniel Radcliffe here there's a good amount of drug use as well as sex scenes featuring both men and women. So this is not Harry Potter playing with his -- this is Harry Potter. Involved with old ones and things of all sorts so a lot of parents be warned if this is one bird prepare. OK you know -- -- -- shelf I have a mall on dvd but this is some -- right. Breaking bad the complete thirty. Yes this is. Pretty much the big gifts that the holiday season here this this came out just last week. If you're fan of the show you're you're very familiar. With the barrels that. Audio they both. Hit the math and when they would which ship about they would put in the better from almost all of her -- ticket. They would all Walt also use the drones to areas Mon money out of your card in this are absolutely so the entire series of breaking bad. Comes -- collector's edition replica Errol that's cool a barrel opens up. And you not only get all of the the blu rays in crystal clear picture perfection. But you can't. -- led fifty hours. Worth of Baxter is from the various seasons a new two hour documentary. About the final season. And of course. Just in case you wanna crooks on most polls from on those chicken for yourself you know an apron from the fast food restaurant I don't know where that. Here is that they go that I found fascinating. About this. It's priced retail. Was 299. Dollars. In this in this aero thing here. For Black Friday week the week that it came out there. Most places including Amazon had -- on sale for 199. Dollars you get for 200 box. But they sold out pretty much immediately. You can find if you still on Amazon but the sense now are going for 500. 600 dollars yeah ours that yeah yeah they become wildly. Wildly collectible but of course. Justice as a service that I'd like to offer our listeners yes. If you wanna get some of a bomb a Christmas present wouldn't it be worth. 600 dollars to see the smile on the only -- so it opens up his breaking bad -- -- our military guys yes while -- if you bought one for 200 bucks. That's why he's the best good investment club over in math and on the revision of this it was the latest from Hugh Jackman X-Men character he's going to be on hand and the latest action movie coming out this summer this one took place in Japan. It was another worldwide hit fox has done a terrific job with -- this dvd blu repaired as well all sorts of extras commentary scenes about me and special effects. This series. This is just growing growing as far as the accident we themselves and the spin off films featuring. Individual here next is. We admire we probably have some of his handiwork among our possessions jobs. Yet Steve Jobs. Just about everybody. Thought to themselves now if I was gonna make a movie about Steve Jobs. Who would be the best person to play action Kushner. Eve and but there is Ashton Kutcher as. Just the brilliant inventor and entrepreneur or Steve Jobs and you know. I'm in the great believer. And movie magic I -- special effects. The craft of the people involved in making movies can make just about anything believable. I really doubt. That they can pull off Ashton Kutcher and Steve Jobs I've got to make much I haven't seen it yet and I don't seem so seeing it that close a lot if -- read -- with Bruce Willis yes this was the sequel there really was excited about. Until they -- Pretty rough reviews -- Via the follow up to a film that likable. Everybody's back this time around Allan -- and can proceed Jones Mary Louise Parker and John Malcolm. And I think he just about everybody over the holy season is probably either going to have to rent that's. War downloaded online or something like that get the whole family together watches and then look at each other degree. Well now that wasn't very good ones. All right and now of people always have a wanna give that number again now for the SEC 8873. -- SP CA. Be an Angel for the animals and that will be fifteen dollars a month for twelve months makes a great Christmas gift they'll charge you have a charger to charge card. I'm not yours bobbled as people were calling him. And the the the thank you note -- whatever the X what's what's the word I'm looking for. Except the acceptance letter yes we'll go to the person giving gifts to. So that's very very effective it is a very go well thought out and well planned gift and something that -- Oh yeah not really. So if you would like to do that we will most appreciated remember you can call during Rush Limbaugh's show the phones still open. So you might wanna do that. And Tom to mobile this afternoon at 3 o'clock this and those a lot of things still going on with the SP -- you thanks for your help Bob and thanks to Catherine for bringing -- What about Sergio number 44 -- ninth. Tough stuff let's see if we instructional -- little Rush Limbaugh yes will trying to that but and thanks to Catherine for bringing me. A new way past I really appreciate it it's a replica of my sisters that's hearses cement and this is. I ceramic what you golf it's a ceramic ass and you that you needed a new ask who's considered Euro one crack that's true. Thank you and bill we will put that on the sandy beach FaceBook page because class defined show on the Andy thank you always dignity thank you will see you Monday or I'll be at north town Volvo. And -- flexibly what may have been the top of the show talking cars. Will be back then until then have a good week.